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Clear Channel Outdoor Shaping a more sustainable future

Clear Channel Outdoor As the UK’s market leader in outdoor advertising, providing more than 70,000 outdoor advertising opportunities across its portfolio, Clear Channel Outdoor UK considers the impact on the environment in all aspects of its activities and recognises that our corporate responsibility is to minimise the potential for causing harm to the environment. In 2008, Clear Channel Outdoor was named one of the UK’s Greenest Companies by The Sunday Times. According to Richard Caseby, Managing Editor of The Sunday Times: “The 50 Best Green Campanies demonstrate that you must have a link between the environmental aims and policies emanating from the boardroom and the people who will largely put them into practise on the shop floor. The 50 Companies listed are all pioneers – enterprising, enlightened and fizzing with new ideas”.

Street Furniture

Clear Channel Adshel recycles as much waste as possible. New products are designed with whole life costs and end of life re-use in mind. We recycle 95% of all 6-sheet posters

Clear Channel’s central depot

– more than 375 tonnes per annum.

reclaims and refurbishes materials from

Any money raised is used to support

dismantled sites. Any metals beyond

local community projects such as

use are recycled.

Darenth Wood Nature Reserve in Dartford.

Clear Channel recycles glass for re-use as aggregate.

Clear Channel’s 6-sheets are lit using electricity generated from renewable

100% of fluorescent tubes and lamps are

sources, controlled by a photo electric

fully recycled.100% of Waste Electrical

cell which automatically turns the lights

Equipment is recycled.

off from dawn to dusk.


Clear Channel Outdoor is continuously testing new materials with lower environmental impacts for its posters and advertising structures. Each year 500 tonnes of posters are recycled rather than put into landfill.

Our billboard structures contain

Clear Channel Outdoor has developed

significant recycled content and are

the next generation of dry-posting

designed to be fully recyclable at the

which increases the speed and quality

end of their design life.

of posting. The non-glue process also means the new HD (High Definition Print)

95% of backlit skins are returned to

product, can be re-posted three times

printers for re-use and reprocessing.

over a 12 month period.

On the Road

Following on from its Fleet of the Year award in 2005, Clear Channel Outdoor has maintained its commitment to progressively ‘greening’ its fleet of 535 vans and cars and was named Fleet Hero of the Year in 2007 by the Energy Saving Trust. As a result of switching three-quarters of its fleet

Clear Channel Outdoor was named Fleet Hero

to LPG, hybrid or electric power, Clear Channel

of the Year (Fleet size 500+) at the Energy

has saved, on its cars alone, 74 tonnes of carbon

Saving Trust Fleet Heroes Awards in November

a year for the last two years, reduced average

2007. Clear Channel’s Fleet Manager Glenn

annual mileage from 20,000 to 16,500 and

Ewen, (pictured above, right), commented: “We

saved itself at least £100,000 on fuel and

believe air quality is the issue. We’ve achieved

£30,000 on vehicle lease costs. Clear Channel

a cleaner profile with our LPG light commercials

also has 20 Hybrid Vehicles for sales teams and

and reduced our CO2 output significantly with

will shortly be trialling electric vehicles for city

our LPG and hybrid electric cars. We are also

centre work. Careful route planning and driver

investigating the use of alternative fuels such as

training ensures that necessary vehicle mileage is

biodiesel or ethanol.”

kept to a minimum.

Research & Development

Our R&D team is working to develop a portfolio of new products and ways of working using the latest technology across our business. From digital billboards to solar powered shelters, Clear Channel Outdoor is leading the market in introducing the latest sustainable products. Clear Channel has introduced a network of

Clear Channel’s Piccadilly Lite site, (pictured top,

Roadside digital LED billboards (above, right) in

carrying 'Wicked' campaign) which measures

London which are broadband linked, allowing

23m by 2m, can display static or animated

creative to be uploaded remotely and removing

content, allowing complete creative flexibility.

the need for crews to be transported to static sites for every new campaign. We have also entered

Advertisers are able to create targeted campaigns,

into partnership with Vision Media Group to sell

change messages at different times of the day, use

advertising on digital screens in shopping malls

multiple copy and change creative in minutes.

across the UK and will soon be launching portrait digital screens in pubs and bars.

Solar power Solar powered bus shelters have been introduced in London, Runnymede and Edinburgh.

Renewable energy We are also investigating other renewable energy systems, including wind turbines and connections to the national grid.

Paperless technology Clear Channel has introduced pioneering WAVe technology across its entire portfolio. This results in paperless work scheduling, instant proof of posting and damage reporting. Every advertising panel is fitted with a unique 2D barcode label which can then by scanned by Nokia N70 mobile phones and analysed by Clear Channel’s bespoke software.

Back At Headquarters Clear Channel Outdoor is working with The Carbon Trust to identify opportunities to improve our energy-efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. The Carbon Trust has reported that it is highly impressed with the company’s environmental commitment.

Clear Channel manages its Environmental Impacts through an Environmental Management System, accredited to BS8555, at selected locations. We aim to roll the accredited system out to all our locations over the next few months. Clear Channel has been awarded Climate Change Commitment certificates from E-on and EDF Energy in recognition of its commitment to the environment and climate change by purchasing electricity generated by using renewable sources. Clear Channel has worked with Evans Cycles to introduce a bike to work scheme, as part of the Government’s Green Transport Plan.


Clear Channel Outdoor launched the first ever public bike programme in France 10 years ago and has since worked in partnership with cities such as Stockholm, Oslo, Barcelona and Washington DC to develop bespoke bike sharing solutions around the world. Ten years ago Clear Channel Outdoor deployed

All of the bike programmes operated by Clear

the first ever public bike programme in Rennes,

Channel have proven to be a success. Nearly

France. In 2001, Oslo chose Clear Channel

4.5 million trips have been taken on the bikes by

Outdoor to install and operate a 1,200 bike

a combination of some 160,000 subscribers and

programme for the Norwegian capital, and

thousands of tourists. It is estimated that in total

in 2006 Clear Channel Outdoor was also

over 14 million kilometres have been travelled on

selected by Stockholm to provide 1,000 bikes for

public bikes operated by Clear Channel Outdoor.

the Swedish capital. Drammen and Trondheim in Norway, Gothenburg in Sweden and Washington and San Francisco also have selected Clear Channel Outdoor to provide bike programmes for their cities.  

Testimonial The Stockholm City Bikes programme is a strong complement to our public transit system and for many people the quickest

Following unprecedented demand, Clear Channel

mode of transport in the city centre.

Outdoor was contracted by the City of Barcelona

Additionally, it is beneficial for health

to increase the number of bikes available under its

and the environment.

Smartbike programme from 1,500 to 6,000 in March 2008.

Mikael Söderlund Vice Mayor, City of Stockholm.

On The Street In conjunction with our award-winning design partners, we have created unique solutions to the way-finding needs of cities such as Bristol and Glasgow, combining clean, modern design with the practical needs of each local authority. Clear Channel Outdoor has built on the success of the Bristol Legible City initiative to propose a unique solution to the way-finding needs of Glasgow, which will now be developed in partnership with the City Council. The contract includes tourist signs and finger posts as well as free-standing units with scrolling advertising panels.   Clear Channel ensures that all of its street furniture products combine clean, modern design with the bespoke, practical needs of each local authority. New initiatives in development embrace technologies such as CCTV, solar power, real-time information and safe haven paving.  Our market-leading Adshel brand is recognised worldwide, and our long heritage ensures we are trusted by advertisers and local authorities as the first choice for street furniture. Clear Channel in total holds more than 350 municipal contracts in the UK including the largest street furniture advertising contract with Transport for London.

Working With Communities

Clear Channel Outdoor works closely with charities such as the Prince’s Trust, Cancer Research UK, ChildLine, Macmillan Cancer Support, NSPCC and Barnados, offering opportunities for these organisations to raise their profile and drive fundraising across the UK. Activities include offering media space across the company’s extensive inventory, sponsorship of charity auctions and internal fundraising events. Clear Channel has also partnered with the Department for Children, Schools and Families, and the National Youth Orchestra, as well as offering slots on its digital billboard

Testimonial Already the response to the bus shelter ads for our ‘Toddle’ campaign has resulted in a big surge of registrations from participating

network to help find Missing Persons and

children’s groups which proves the power

provide public information such as city alerts

of poster advertising!

and traffic reports.

Spokesperson from Barnados

A selection of charities and organisations we support:

Clear Channel Outdoor 33 Golden Square London W1F 9JT Tel: 020 7478 2200

For more information about Clear Channel Outdoor and our Environmental initiatives, please contact: Zoe Jones


PR Manager 020 7478 2946

CC Green Brochure 2008  

Clear Channel green credentials

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