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Platform 93/4 Arrive, and depart. Platform carries numerous dreams and wishes.


College is just like the platform from which we depart.


We might be immature and innocent when we arrive while we are determined and passionate when we depart. Professors are the captains, trying their best to help










Issue NO 2.

Spring 2015

P. 3 Farewell Time to Say GoodBye Fins or Wings / Fly or Swim P. 4-5

P. 6 Never Say Never Pic-yure Book P. 7-8 Thematic Study: Homosexuality

Liberate Your Love P. 9

Thematic Study: Homosexuality

Fight for Same-Sex Marriage

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Contents Speak Now P. 13 P. 14 Charity Express P. 15 Searching 老闆您好!這是我的履歷表 P. 16 考試資訊 P. 17

P. 18 更多關於我們

Farewell Time to Say GoodBye

By 李宇晴 涂元嫚 廖玟雯

The new semester began; we needed to pack our luggage. It was time to leave our hometown for school. On the platform, we parted our dearest family. Not only was it tough to say goodbye to our beloved ones, but the missing piece of heart was also hard to mend. It is the same with our life, in different life stages we may need to say farewell to something or someone who is really important for us. Just likes we bid farewell to our lovely family on the platform, tough to say and hard to bear. Ting, a 19-years old girl, has experienced such an extreme grief. Her grandfather, who had suffered from Alzheimer's disease for more than 10 years, passed away last year. Alzheimer is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that makes people lose memories quickly. ‘’He went so soon. After he passed away, every night when I write my diary, I always want to bring back the time I spent with my grandpa and record it with words. However, those precious memories are fading away as time go by. I remember I really loved to play the piano for him and he would give me applause and hugs afterwards. I remember he loved to watch the National Geography Channel. Once a while, I still can hear his voice calling out my name. I still remember all the stories he told me. Yes, I still remember everything about him, and every memory I shared with him”, Ting recalled. Yet lots of memories become blurry by age. So did her grandfather. His memories were mixed up as his condition got worse. However, unlike other patients of Alzheimer's disease, he never forgot his adorable families. He could still remember all of their names and faces. Though the disease took his memory, he never forgot to love and gave his deepest love to his family. ‘’Before being drowned by the tides of sorrow, I wanted to bring him back to my mind again. He was a man everyone admired. He went to remote villages to help those who were unable to pay for the doctor. He brought my grandma to travel around the world. He was always willing to give a hand to others,’’ Ting said. After he was gone, not even a day Ting doesn’t miss him. Yet Ting knows that she needs to stop the tears, keeping the faith and be strong. ‘’Although saying goodbye is indeed a hard process, I believe that God has lightened a way for me. Though I felt painful when my grandpa passed away, I know one day we will meet again in heaven. No matter what your belief is, God’s way will make courageous enough to face the truth,’’ said Ting. Here approached the train, and Ting’s grandpa had gotten on the train. It was time to bid farewell. The train was heading for heaven, the place where they will meet each other again, someday. All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.


? ? ? Ally

? ? ? Ruby

? ? ? Jessica ? ? ? Tina

Never dull your shine for somebody else! --by Tyra Banks Unlike general aquatic animals, flying fish are unwilling to swim in the sea only. They use their fins as wings for the birds when scraping through the water surface. Like a flying fish, Ching Feng Wu (? ? ? ) refuses to surrender to the reality and instead pursuing his dream bravely. Ching Feng, the leading singer of Band Sodagreen (? ? ? ), is a combination of passion, sensitiveness and desire. It was his desire to win the world that pushed him to get up on the stage. As a singer and a creator, his lyrics are unique and poetic. Just like his life philosophy, he always wears T-shirts instead of over-decorated costumes on the stage.


The symbol of Ching Feng is his tender, delicate and feminine voice. Although some people consider it girly and mocking never stops since his childhood, Ching Feng never feels inferior to others. ?I don?t think those who slander maliciously surpass me. Those who waste their time on meaningless abuse and tease in anonymous cyber space instead of confronting their own life are weak to me.? Ching Feng replied to those numerous critics. ?My voice is indeed feminine, but I really appreciate that my parents gifted me such remarkable voice.? His tenderness, bravery and confidence make him conquer the world Picture from ? ? ? 's Facebook

2 From All rights lyrics reserved. of the band Some Sodagreen illustrations <? ? are >


sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

Born in a family with unstable incomes, Ching Feng had once dreamed of being a teacher. He was well-prepared for the teaching internship after finishing the educational programs. However, he suddenly realized that this career doesn?t fit him despite of a stable income. But he chose to step out his comfort zone. He let us know ?We only live once, but if we do it right, once is enough. Moreover, it is never too late to dream another dream.?



As time passed, his band members were about to start graduate schools or study abroad. They then decided that Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival(? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ) was their last performance. However, Wei Che Lin (? ? ? ), the manager of Sodagreen, saw their potential and had a strong urge to sign a contact with them. ?What if they can?t live on music? Is it worth giving up their stable careers??, it took them several months to think over such a hard decision. The result was in accordance with the lyrics Ching Feng had once written. Sodagreen broke the pre-existing stereotype of the society: A blooming flower was doomed to bear fruits; a swimming fish was born to wave fins. Does it really matter if they do not follow the rules?

MUSIC VIDEO Picture from ? ?

Above all, what is the connection between Ching Feng?s stories and our lives? Success is not guaranteed during the process of making our choices. Would it still worth the efforts, if Sodagreen was not successful nowadays? Without fame and achievements, would they become losers? What we want to emphasize is their success depended on not only their musical talents or fortune, but their determination of choosing their own way. Imagine we are at a train station, wondering among different platforms like various directions in life. None of our choices will be considered as a mistake, because it is just like each train arrives its own destination. Just be yourself, everyone else is already taken.2 Don?t let anyone deny you of your existence; the only person who can define your life is yourself. Choosing is not that difficult, it just needs a little courage to face ourselves honestly.


Fings or Wings; Fly or Swing?

1 From

lyrics of the band Sodagreen <? ? > 2 From Oscar Wilde

All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

Never Say Never By ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Have you ever encountered some problems that you just couldn?t solve and want to escape? Have you ever felt hopeless about something and didn?t know how to do? These all sound quite common in our daily life. When life knocks us down, we can choose to remain on the ground or get back up! But what can keep us going?

- ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 20? ? ? - ?????????? - ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 14? ? ? ? ? ? ?

We are honoured to have Mr. Lee (? ? ? ) as our interviewee. He generously shares his problemsolving skills with us. During the interview, I felt Mr. Lee was a very self-confident person, and his speech was in orderliness. He shared his story generously, and I really learned a lot from this interview. He said when he was a sophomore; he was elected to be the president of the club. The senior had high expectation which they hoped he could lead the club better than them, so he suffered much stress from them. To make every event hold better, he needed to participate to supervise many details. What?s worse, the school work became more difficult, but he spent his most time

operating the club, he had less time to study hard and no time to rest. He asked himself why he did such many things to wear him out. Gradually, he felt tired of everything and lost the passion to the club. Fortunately, his club coworkers noticed his abnormality, and gave a hand to him. He communicated with them and they suggested that he could allocate works to them to lighten his burden. At that moment, he felt that he was not alone; he had many partners to strive together. He knew that he couldn?t be defeated here, so he changed his mind and recalled his initial passion. He also found the serious problem on his time management. Due to the meeting he needed to hold almost every night, he felt he had no time to study. In fact, after he calculated the break time between the classes, he found he still had about four hours to use freely. He learned the importance of making good use of his time. By

improving his time management, he found the balance between club and school and he also dealt with the problems with positive attitude. In the end of the interview, he shared a sentence with me: Many things sound difficult initially but they are truly possible. His story really inspires me a lot. We can?t regret the decision we made. What can change is our attitude to everything; we can think back the original motivation to let our will much stronger. As long as we make up our minds, any excuse will disappear in a flash. The key was whether you want to do, not whether you can do. Every problem could be solved if we choose to face them positively. When you encounter adversity, try not to give in easily and be tough. We hope you will have a different thinking in your life after being inspired by their stories! When lives knock us down, we can choose to get back up! Therefore, ?Never Say Never!?

All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

Pic-yure Book

Pict ure books are of t en seen as l it erary baby f ood, t he st uf f we f eed chil dren unt il t hey have t he t eet h t o eat real f ood (Sambuchino, 2013).

While most people would think picture books are for kids when we mention about picture books, we are changing this stereotyping by introducing two fabulous picture books: The Library and The Lit t l e House. Picture books are not only for kids but also for adults: They comfort you and help you pass the difficult times. Hopefully everyone can become a lifelong picture books readers--like us.

The L ibr ar y

Missa Wang(? ? ? )

Are you an absolute bibliophile? Is your house overwhelmed by the walls of books? Elizabeth Brown, the main character of the story, doesn?t like to play with dolls, and she doesn?t like to skate like normal kids. She is a skinny, near-sighted and shy girl with red hair and thick glasses. What she likes to do is reading books--lots of them, all the time. Her nose is always in the book. Over the years her collection has grown to such an enormous proportion that there is not any room in Elizabeth?s house for Elizabeth. Eventually she has to face the dilemma as many book lovers; however, the way she solves the problem would warm the hearts of book lovers, young and old. Picture from ? ? ?

The story was written in memory of a

Some book reviews said that the

real librarian name Mary Elizabeth Brown which makes this book a little bit more special. The Library is the teamwork between a wife Sarah Stewart and a husband David Small. Stewart did the writing and her husband, Small, illustration. The story has a witty rhyme: words are like the river flows smoothly. The cozy, old fashioned hand-painted illustration of the book is very different from those crispy-lined, computer-generated illustrations. Small?s soothing pastel hues, airy and soft illustrations conquer and warm our hearts. Stewart and David made a remarkable team together.

book portrays a negative stereotype of bookish female such as: big hair, thick glasses, shy loner, socially withdrawn and is a cat lady. The character is typical; nevertheless, the book was written 20 years ago. Some stereotypes have gradually faded now. We believed that Elizabeth Brown was so happy with reading and also had a colorful world in the sea of books. She read early in life and continued to feed her love more and more books and she eventually donated her books to the library. Just like the ending sentence of the story ?And turned page? after page? after page.? Her dedication of the book seems to last forever.

Picture from ? ? ?

All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

The Little House

Ivon Tu (? ? ? ) Have you ever felt lonely or empty especially the hustle and bustle of city life? What if everything changes with time but you are the only one remaining the same? ?The Little House? was a pretty, strong building in countryside. In the beginning, the little house stays in a lovely place with rivers, mountains and daisies. She doesn?t desire to move to the big city; however, she is curious about what it would be like to live there. Everything around her has changed year after year, and she had no choice but to stay at the same place and watch. Her situation reminds us that we tend to miss the water till the well runs dry.

The Little House, which was written and illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton in 1942

Picture from Pinterest

and won the Caldecott in the same year. The words and the illustrations that Virginia used are full of life. When Virginia was a child, her father gave her some fancy picture books instead of giving her toys. He would also read to her. Those memories cultivated her great interests in picture books. Furthermore, they affected the tone she spoke for ?The Little House? to be more emotional. In this book, Virginia tried to use ?she?, the Little House, rather than ?it? to lead us to experience the lifetime with her and leave us a more vivid impression.

This book has attracted extensive book reviewers. Some book reviewers pointed out the stereotype of the city life like busy, noisy and dull while the advantage of the city such as convenient, modern and lively were not mentioned at all in the book. However, some may praise the Little House for her courage to conquer the hard time and find her inner peace and pure countryside. There is no standard answer to which is the best choice to live in a city or the countryside. During our upbringing, there must be many different stages which we may encounter similar dilemma. There are different kinds of hard time just like what the Little House had gone through. Between the end and the beginning of each life stage infers a platform. What we have experienced helps us accumulate wisdom that leads us to find our own Shangrila. At the end of the story, there is a happy ending. It is the desire to pursue a happy ending that drives us to move from one platform to another. Have you found your own happy ending or are you still waiting on the platform for a train to take you there?

Picture from Pinterest

Welcome to the ?Picture book Station " Picture books often raise issues that demand maturity and life experience. They always have something important to say, to give, to all ages, all generations. Today we only mention two of them which are just a tip of the iceberg. Life consists of many decisions, big or small. Sometime we have favorable winds in our life sails, but sometimes we may get stuck by the storm. Friends and families may be a good company, so does picture books. Here comes the train upon the track, are you ready for the next step? Can?t tell yet? How about search for the answer from one of your favorite picture books?

Picture from Macmillan

Picture from Macmillan

All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

Th em e St o r y : Ho m o sex u al i t y PA RT 1

LIBERATE YOUR LOVE By ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

The train comes in and stops at the Station of LOVE. Travelers stand around, waiting for their beloved for a long time. Just as there are various types of trains, so love comes in all forms and directions. Regardless of these differences, everyone has the right to aboard the train they wish. Eric (aliases), a college student and a direct marketing salesman, faces some challenges regarding his relationships. His family is the source of pressure because they have negative opinions against homosexual relationships. Eric perceives himself more as a girl than a boy, and does what girls do. Unfortunately, his family considers LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people psychopaths. He can only resort to famine outfits when he goes out but still remains men?s at home. Besides, he has troubles getting along with other people, such as classmate and his co-workers, because everyone regards him as an abnormal person. Due to many vicious remarks gnawing away at his heart, he once tried to commit suicide. Amanda, a young woman, had a boyfriend in her junior high school. As time passed by, she found her love for girls surpassing her affection for boys. When she entered a girls?high school, she confirmed that she was a lesbian. Amanda came out of the closet in front of intimate friends but never her parents.

Her parents once expressed that they don?t despise gay people as long as they are not family. However, Eric and Amanda find a way out eventually. Eric?s friends encouraged and told him, ?People should not cater to others?tastes. Be brave to be yourself.? Afterwards, Eric doesn?t fear other?s comments anymore; he stays truthful to himself. Today, after he opens his mind, he can pursue his love. As for Amanda, her parents can?t approve her sexual orientation, but she still loves them deeply. She keeps trying to find a chance to unveil the secret. Fortunately, she also falls in love with her soul mate last year. They both wish they could break this wall between them and their parents. The society is full of prejudice. Our values are influenced by family, education and mass media. A film on the YouTube which interviewed some children found that they don?t think homosexuality is different from heterosexuality. In addition, they view homosexuality as normal and natural

thing. However, when they grow up and get in touch with stereotypes, they may change the way they thought before. At last, some of them become anti-homosexuality. Even though we might not be able to agree with homosexuality in the beginning, we don?t have the right to prohibit somebody from living their lives as they like. Nowadays, many countries have passed the law legalizing same-sex marriage such as Canada and some states of America. ?No matter gay, straight, bisexual, or lesbian, transgendered, I'm on the right track, baby. I was born to survive? This hit single sung by Lady Gaga does not only encourage these people but demonstrate the freedom of love to us. Since it is an ever-changing world now, we ought to break the chains of the conventional notions. Let?s open the cage for homosexual people. Liberate their love from the hostile bias and prejudice, and set it free like a flying mocking jay!

All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

Theme Story: PART 2

Homosexuality By Abelard Bertrand, Joan Luo, Lara Wu

Fight for Same-Sex Marriage People are standing on one platform, heading toward different life directions. Hence, no matter who one is, where he/she was born, what his/her gender is, or what his/her sexual preference is, everyone should have the same human rights. No one can deprive rights of love and being loved from the others. Therefore, heterosexual or homosexual, he/she should be able to hold the lover’s hand and walk down the aisle to lead a happy married life.

Are people born gay or straight? How one’s homosexual orientation is formed has been widely commented in the press, with the general impression that homosexuality is genetic, rather than environmental factors. Nonetheless, scientists found the evidence indistinct based on the scientific literature. The early studies that reported the brains of homosexuals were different, later were proven to be influenced by HIV virus. Other studies reported that one hormone determines homosexual orientation. However, those conclusions were often contradictory without precise measurements of hormone levels, but just attributed proxies to hormone. Homosexuality was also associated with early childhood abuse, but statistically only 10% of those who were bullied had homosexual orientation. Researchers were devoted to the "gay gene", e.g., region Xq28 on the X chromosome, but there has not been any gene or gene product actually linking to homosexual orientation. People have no accurate answer to the question “we are born gay or straight.” Therefore, if we really have no choice on biologically-determined characteristic, equal protection under the law should be guaranteed to all.

The Stability of Same-Sex Cohabitation Fan (2011) conducted a survey online and at Ximending to collect the cohabitation rate data in Taipei. The final sample included 5887 respondents—2240 heterosexuals (38.05%), 2893 homosexuals (49.14%), and 687 bisexuals (11.67%). Among those who were involved in a serious relationship, 59.5% were lesbians, 39.6% gays. Additionally homosexuals have higher percentage of cohabitation than the counterpart. Cohabitation among same-sex groups, which are far higher than otherwise, implies that the law in Taiwan DOES NOT guarantee same-sex marriage right—forcing same-sex couples to stay cohabitant through which they to look after each other. All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

Fight for Same-Sex Marriage The Legal Rights of Gay Marriage A study conducted in 2011 by Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights indicates that several same-sex couples choose to cohabit with their lovers since they don’t have the right to get married in Taiwan. Moreover, when they go out together, they can’t call the significant partner husband or wife. And that is truly a deprivation for the same-sex couples. Before Taiwan government passes the law of gay marriage, same-sex couples still strive to pursue the right for the happiness. Try to imagine that a same-sex couple lives together for more than 10 years in a stable relationship. One day, one of them needs to have an emergency surgical operation, but his/her closest person would not be authorized to sign the consent form for operation, it is really a depressing situation. In addition to that, several legal rights exclude gay couples; for example, property rights, dwellings, medical treatments, children adoption, and assisted reproduction. Getting married to the loved one is meant for a lifetime. That is unfair for same-sex couples to call each other roommates.

The Voice of Gay Friends Here’s a voice of a gay friend on gay marriage issue: As a homosexual male, from the early stage of my life, it took a quite long time for me to search for identity. So, before I could really face myself, I would rather not be a gay, not to say fight for gay marriage. I know that on the surface this statement reeks of the denial, self-loathing and internalized homophobia commonly associated with accepting and integrating one’s gayness. Nevertheless, I could say I was lucky that I started to feel the kindness and friendliness from teachers and friends in my post-adolescence. I began to search for information and ponded on its real value. At times, I couldn’t find anyone being able to answer me: “As a gay, who do I do harm to?” I get to know that no matter what my sexual orientation is, and how my gender identity and temperament tend to; there shouldn’t be any chance to deny my value as a human being. Therefore, I decided to turn to accept myself and take actions to defend the rights we deserve! I would like to state here how I think the “gay marriage” debate should be settled. Get government out of the business of deciding who should be married (and who should not) and government’s decision about who may enjoy the privileges of “civilians.” Any two people with a serious commitment should have rights on important matters like property sharing and privileges of making decisions for the partner when he or she is disabled, etc. After all, I don’t have a suggested proposal for this issue, but surely it can be worked out. Apparently governments wrestling with this issue have not yet even attempted to work it out. As usual, the dilemma is being treated as a simple matter of “either-or.”

All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

Fight for Same-Sex Marriage Conclusion If two people love each other, they should be allowed to legalize and confirm that love, regardless of homosexuality. Everyone deserves the right to love and to have an open ceremony to show it. Therefore, same-sex couples should have just as much of the right to marry as heterosexual couples do. Not allowing same-sex couples to do as the straight people do is a form of discrimination that should never be in our lives. If getting married personal, why does it matter to anyone else? Love is love. No one should be denied of their right to marry the one they love, boy or girl. The main purpose of this article is to raise people’s awareness of the issue “same-sex marriage”. Sometimes, we pay little attention to the issue that doesn’t matter much to the majority and take everything for granted. The minority group is overlooked and marginalized. Now, you can be the one to fight for yourself, your friends or family and the one to stand up for the rights you know everyone should have been sharing.

References Fan, Y. (2011). 同居問卷分析報告. Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights. Retrieved from

Deem, R. (2013). Genetics and Homosexuality: Are People Born Gay? The Biological Basis for Sexual Orientation. Evidence For God. Retrieved from

All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

By 陳可樺 陳毓婷 蕭云婷 潘宛庭 王韻茹 葉祖伃

Life is like a platform. We meet different kinds of people and develop different stories among them every day. Among these stories, we think that love is a necessary element in our college lives. Love is such a thing that everyone is desired of but no one actually good at it. Many guys think that girls are always attracted by good looking guys, and their devotions are not seen. However, girls are actually aware of their efforts. As a result, they should build up the courage to speak out.

Roger/ 鍾昀倫 飾 Roger is a sincere and considerate guy. He likes to help friends, especially Stacy who has won his heart at the first sight. However, he never has the guts to express his love and just accompany her quietly.

Alex/ 敬皓威 飾 Alex is a charming and energetic young guy. He has great passion in performing magic although no one can understand his tricks. His great popularity among girls brings him confidence and makes him bold in taking challenges.

Stacy/ 林忻慧 飾 Stacy is a lovely girl with a kind heart. She never rejects people’s requests since she is afraid of hurting friend’s heart. When it comes to love, Stacy is a little bit slow and cannot tell pursuer from friend.

Roger’s friend/ 陳可樺 飾 A girl, who thinks highly of friends, is willing to give advice when her friends need help. All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

Charity Express Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice. -Jeff Bzeos By 魏祺 周欣宜 宋時宇 謝旻達

Are you sick of your routine life? How much effort will you make to change it? If there is a chance that you can go to an unfamiliar place, dare you take it? The Charity Express is about to depart. Jump in or stay, you have got to make your choice! "Everyone we meet in the world is telling us how big the world is." Sally, a student from FLLD, firmly believes in this saying and wants to see the world with her own eyes. During her winter vacation, she participated in an international work camp held by the non-profit organization, VYA. She had experienced what the real Cambodia was and shared this unforgettable memory with us. Hopefully her journey will bring you a simple but meaningful motivation. It’s a simple thing but rather meaningful. During our interview, she recalled that the local NGOs have employed residents to improve their lives gradually. She also recalled having taught in local school for two weeks, she would never forget the innocence and happiness on students’ faces. She thought that she just did some simple things but rather meaningful to those students. “Take me to your heart, take me to your soul.” During Sally's volunteering journey, her most memorable part was that Taiwan volunteers went to local market with local teachers to prepare for "Taiwan Food Festival". They made some Taiwanese traditional food like three-cup chicken, spice bag with meat. In the cross-culture feast, they sang, danced, and chat with each other as if they were family lying under the sky full of stars. The lyric “Take me to your heart, take me to your soul” reminded Sally’s deep memory there. We thought we were giving much to them, but we actually received much more than we have owned. "I think I had changed my definition of volunteerism.” Sally said in the interview. In fact, they prepared a lot of programs and activities for the kids because they believed that they were going to deliver something. "Many people think that being volunteering equals to give, but what we actually did are accompanying and receive." It was not until the last moment did Sally finally realize the meaning of volunteerism when she received a big hug from the children. “Farewell, Sally, never forget us and wish we could meet in the future soon.” You can be amazing! We believe that you have learned a lot from Sally’s story, and we hope the belief of volunteerism will pass on. “Don’t be afraid, just enjoy the process of volunteering with a sincere heart. You can be amazing! All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

Round and round and round and round we g o, tr ying t o hide b ut failing t o see also; We str ug g le b et ween m ind and hear t , reaching for som et hing p reciously b oug ht We hold on som et hing t oo hard t o b ear, t he p r ice is b ig , b ut we d on?t care; For a shred of hope is enoug h t o clot he us, a d rop of enlig htenm ent is enoug h t o feed us. Com e, let us not b e afraid t o fall, b ut end ure and accep t it b ecause we shall see our ideals sp rout and g row strong er, wit h ever y fig m ent we once p ut under. -----By Nat ural

Searching All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

By ? ? ?

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LINE ? ? ? ?

Figure 1. SWOT? ? ? All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

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104 年

2015 May – 2015 Jul

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(詳情請上 IELTS 官網查詢)

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Next Issu e On th e W ay Th e Col l ab orati on b etw een CCU TEFL & Bei -h uei El ementary Sch ool Teaching at Bei-huei elementary school is such a good chance for students to practice teaching and do a reality check. In the next issue, we will share some stories and experiences of teaching English at the rural area school. Please look forward to it!

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5/ 09

??? ? /??? ??? ??? ??? Sing Love Out Loud Move Your Body

???? /??? ??? ??? ??? ???? /??? ???? /??? ?

5/ 16 Dawn and Twil ight Recharge Your Heart 5/ 23 Oasis

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??? ?? ? ??? ??? ??? ?

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??? ??? ??? ??? Love ABC

5/ 30 Out and Proud Song of Formosa

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6/ 06 Comf ort and Cheer Up

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All rights reserved. Some illustrations are sourced from the Internet and used in this issue for non-commercial educational purposes.

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Newsletter Issue NO.2 Spring 2015  

Newsletter Issue NO.2 Spring 2015  

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