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2014 FLLD Drama Performance Every year, senior students from FLLD would present the Annual Drama Performance free of charge to everyone in National Chung Cheng University. It is one of the most eye-catching and endeavoring student activities in our department and on campus. By giving English drama performance, we can demonstrate our English proficiency, literature knowledge as well as project planning ability. Come join us and give us feedback. We need your attention and support to sustain this tradition. Your feedback also helps us improve ourselves.

The Matchmaker Adapted from Thornton Wilder's comedy, The Matchmaker is about Dolly Levi, who works to keep young lovers together. Dolly always solves all kinds of relationship problems, but this time it’s a little complicated... On one hand, Dolly needs to find a suitable wife for a bossy store owner, Horace Vandergelder. On the other hand, she has to convince Horace to let his niece marry the poor artist she loves. During the adventure, she finds that Horace's chief clerk falls in love with Irene Molloy, who Horace intends to marry... What should she do? Come to our drama to find out what happens. Is there going to be a happy ending for everyone?



Poster Designed by SzuYun


The Matchmaker

1st Play (December 18th) : 18:30 enter 19:00 start 2nd Play (December 20th) : 12:30 enter 13:00 start

Issue NO.1 · Winter 2014


Newsletter Issue NO.1 Winter 2014  
Newsletter Issue NO.1 Winter 2014