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[ You won’t find the same college experience anywhere else.]

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BEYOND boundaries.

LOCATION The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.- Psalm 19:1

DENVER AND THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS: Denver enjoys mild weather and over 300 days of sunshine each year, while the nearby mountains accumulate an average 300 inches of snow. World class skiing, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking. Eight professional sports teams. One of the country’s top art museums, zoos, and botanic gardens. A lively performing arts community. The famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, 53 fourteeners (14,000+ foot mountains) and Rocky Mountain National Park. Over 100 evangelical Christian organizations are headquartered in Colorado. 4 | Viewbook


Fifteen minutes—that’s how long it takes to get from campus into the heart of Denver or to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Volunteer at a crisis center on Wednesday, intern downtown on Thursday, ski on Friday, and attend the symphony on Saturday. Come, live where adventure and opportunity intersect.


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BEYOND books.

ACADEMICS And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. - Luke 2:52

Academics at CCU are not just about increasing knowledge, but changing your whole life. Professors—who know you—challenge and prepare you to become a leader in your field and offer a wealth of hands-on opportunities along the way. Plus, you’ll integrate dynamic learning with rock solid faith, and see God’s plan for your life in ways you haven't even imagined.

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Katie Miller Degree: Accounting Currently working with a top-10 accounting firm

“My accounting professors were so helpful when I was recruiting with the big accounting firms. Their recommendations—and knowing me well enough to write good recommendations—and their constant encouragement were instrumental.” Viewbook | 7


Majors and Related Emphases

Our business majors get an education like none other, from our annual Values-Aligned Leadership Conference, which lets you network with top business execs, to the fact that all our professors are working professionals who know the current business landscape.

□ Accounting


□ Computer Information Systems □ Education*


Study at a top education school—known for its cuttingedge curriculum—with a strong reputation among local principals and teachers. You'll learn to open doors for others through teaching.

Global Studies:

Looking to get an edge in the global economy? Study other cultures—their values and habits—and you’ll be prepared to work in international business, worldwide aid, or missionary and pastoral roles.


Music majors perform and record locally, tour the United States, and have gone on to compose, conduct, record, and lead churches throughout the country.


Take a holistic approach to the discipline—while getting handson experience with up to 135 internship hours in a field of your choice. Why not study at a place where you see yourself, others, and God in a new light?

(Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, Pre-Law)

□ Biology □ Business Administration (Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, Pre-Law)

□ Communication (Interpersonal Communication, Journalism/Mass Media, Organizational Communication, Public Speaking)

Elementary: Liberal Arts; Music (K-12): Choral, General, or Instrumental; Secondary: English, General Science, or History; Special Education: Liberal Arts

□ English

(Creative Writing, Literary Studies)

□ Global Studies □ Health Sciences □ History □ Liberal Arts

(Communication, English, Global Studies, History, Political Science, Psychology)

□ Music

(Performance, Sound Recording Technology)

□ Music Education (see Education)

□ Political Science □ Pre-Medical Profession □ Psychology □ Science □ Social Science (Global Studies, History, Political Science, Psychology)

□ Theology □ Worship Arts □ Youth Ministry

Associate Degree □ Associate of Arts

Honors Emphasis □ General Studies

To view the Academic Catalog visit

To view the Academic Catalog visit 8 | Viewbook

Minors ( 18 credits) and General Emphases (12 credits) □ Accounting □ Applied Music Studies ‡ □ Biblical Studies □ Biology □ Business □ Camp Management □ Chemistry □ Church History □ Communication □ Education □ English □ Finance □ Global Studies □ History □ Intercultural Ministry □ International Business □ Interpersonal Communication ‡ □ Journalism and Mass Media ‡ □ Leadership Studies □ Management † □ Marketing □ Music □ Music Theatre

□ Music Theory and Songwriting‡ □ Organizational Communication‡ □ Outdoor Leadership □ Political Science □ Pre-Law † □ Psychology □ Public Speaking ‡ □ Reading Education □ Reading Literacy ‡ □ Theatre † □ Theology □ Wilderness Leadership □ Young Life Leadership □ Youth Ministry (For all students, but some majors may conflict—ask your enrollment counselor.) †Minor and General Emphasis offered ‡General Emphasis only *Depending on your program of study, upon graduation you’ll receive recommendation for a Colorado teaching license for grades K-6, 7-12, or K-12.

Hope Hite Rome, GA Global Studies Major On Location in Costa Rica

“The classes were great! I was able to see a humpback whale and go scuba diving…I learned so much by being able to experience the things I was learning about…I was also able to establish a core group of Christian friends to keep my faith strong over the three months.”


College should be about exploring the world, right? What better way to do that than studying abroad? CCU’s partnership with bestsemester. com opens doors to 14 regional and international academic programs. With, you’ll experience new cultures while bonding with friends from other Christian colleges—or, you can apply academic credit from any other accredited study-abroad program. Our students have studied in:

American Studies Program

Los Angeles Film Studies Center

Australia Studies Centre China Studies Program


Oxford Summer Programme

Contemporary Music Center

Scholars' Semester in Oxford

India Studies Program

Uganda Studies Program

Latin American Studies Program

Washington Journalism Center Viewbook | 9



LEADING YOU? Sure, it can seem like everybody and their brother knows what they want to do after college, but the statistics say otherwise. Actually, four out of five people enter college undecided or end up changing their majors. So, if you have questions about where God is really leading, you’ve come to the right place. CCU sets you up with mentors, classes, and the space to figure out what makes you really come alive.


You won't simply be meeting with your counselor once a semester to sign up for classes at CCU. Rather, our LDC is specifically designed to give you the one-on-one attention you deserve—to figure out what you want to major in, what opportunities are out there, and what your college experience should entail. You have someone to talk over whether to study in Costa Rica or Spain, whether to take organic chemistry or an extra internship, and someone who won’t just advise you, but invest in you—spending time talking and connecting. 10 | Viewbook

FRESHMAN YEAR INTEGRATION (FYI) We know. Every school has an intro to college class. You learn about MLA or APA style papers and…well, things like that. But at CCU, your FYI class is tailored to you—your interests and passions. You get to choose from 15 different themes. And, while you get the basics of how to succeed at CCU—like when to use MLA or APA— we go deeper. A lot deeper.

D-Group (discipleship group) to discuss what you’re learning and apply it to your life.

You’ll explore your spiritual gifts, your individual strengths, and where God might be calling you—developing your own personal mission statement. But, you’ll do all this in community with others, meeting weekly with your

We think it’s the personal relationships that really make a difference in your college career—and the FYI classes at CCU plug you into a community as soon as you step onto campus.

But that’s not all. FYI classes are a great way to begin a personal connection with staff and faculty members—and a lot of CCU students end up developing relationships with their FYI instructors that last for their entire lives.

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Okay, we admit it: the name is a little dry, but the outcomes aren’t at all. EMS has partnered with over 135 local businesses to get students jobs­—with a 98% placement rate. Not internships, but jobs—jobs that pay well, and jobs that can double as college credit. It’s another way we want to help make college more affordable while also getting you the connections and experience you’ll need once you’ve graduated. With EMS, you’ll get professional coaching, résumé and interview training—and reduced competition—so a top job in a field you’re interested in can become a reality. While making lattés is nice, EMS ensures you’ll gain the experience you need to be competitive in the job market after graduation. We’re not your everyday job placement service. “I was offered a position as a scribe at the University of Colorado Hospital… this was exactly what I needed to build my experience in the medical field!” Amy Polson Stop by the Employment Management Services office and learn how you can get academic credit by working your way through college—call 303.963.3153 for more information!

12 | Viewbook

Cassidy Burke Class of 2013 Worked at Metal Treatment Technologies and Janus Capital

OUR STORIES I would not be where I am today without the support and guidance of the EMS staff. They were real with me and facilitated in the development of an outstanding résumé. I then participated in a mock interview. This helped because the environment was real but also allowed me to ‘stop the camera’ and ask ‘what should I say in this position?’ After being hired, I participated with some of the most respected individuals in my firm, was mentored by a fixed income trader, and was offered to stay on after my placement ended! I love what I am doing and am so grateful for the opportunity.

My job through EMS allowed me to take theory I learned in the classroom and apply it in the workforce—while learning so many life lessons… The staff at EMS cares about their students’ well-being and pushes students to new limits. They really open the door to opportunities that students wouldn’t otherwise have access to. My advice for any student attending CCU would be to take advantage of the great services offered by EMS. No matter what major you are, these skills will come in handy for the rest of your life.

Jon Vander Hoek

Class of 2013 Worked at Staples, Primerica, and Northwestern Mutual Fund Network Viewbook | 13

UNIQUE PROGRAMS Political Science Politics is really the study of people—how people relate to each other and think about themselves. And, there’s no better place to study politics than CCU. You’ll get an understanding of how to apply your faith to politics along with the opportunity to do so. CCU’s Centennial Institute—our own political think tank—hosts nationally-known names for talks and debates. And, every year, students travel to Washington to get a firsthand look at how politics happens. Plus, CCU students are plugged in—and you will be too. You might intern in Washington at The Heritage Foundation or the American Enterprise Institute. Students have represented Colorado at political conventions, worked in state senate offices, and been interviewed on national radio shows. You’ll not only study politics, but learn to speak your mind and engage in action. 14 | Viewbook

Outdoor Leadership Whether you get a full outdoor leadership minor or just take some classes, you’ll create deeper friendships, push yourself harder, and rise to new heights—literally. With the Rocky Mountains minutes from campus, you have access to North America’s biggest playground. It’s a place to deepen your spiritual walk, develop as a leader, build community, grow as a person, and learn some specialized outdoor skills. You’ll have the chance to do almost whatever you want outdoors—from fly fishing to white-water rafting, from rock climbing to hiking 14ers, from winter camping to even trekking Mount Kilimanjaro. Along the way, you’ll grasp hard skills, biblical foundations for outdoor leadership, and the basics of managing an outdoor program.

Pre-Med/Health Sciences At CCU, you’ll learn from faculty who have researched E. coli, written college textbooks, and served as senior scientists in laboratory settings—while discovering how all your research and learning ties in with God’s creation. Plus, you’ll study in an intimate department where you’ll know your professors—men and women whose desire to invest in students led them to CCU. Those close relationships will reap rewards come graduation time, when you’re looking for that recommendation. With CCU’s program closely matching the areas stressed by the American Medical Association, you’ll enjoy a top-notch curriculum that specifically prepares you for further study—whether in medical school, as a physician’s assistant, or wherever you want to go.

Youth Ministry Study youth ministry at a school that helped pioneer the coursework—and serves as a model for other schools’ programs. But, don’t worry: although our program is venerable, our curriculum remains cutting edge. We continually look for the best ways to lead, counsel, and communicate the gospel. Plus, a youth ministry major at CCU allows you some unique opportunities. You can pair this major with a Young Life leadership minor—a joint endeavor with Young Life and the first program of its kind in the country—and get credit for ministering to youth. Or, take the outdoor leadership minor route, and learn how your new backyard (the Rocky Mountains) can help students experience truth and God’s presence while outside.

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BEYOND religion.


FORMATION Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, and overflowing with gratitude. - Colossians 2:6-7

Our shared faith is the defining center of all that happens here at CCU. We discover God’s kingdom together through praise and lament, and by going hard after God. We experience authentic faith at every level of our lives. Twice weekly, we gather as one to deepen our faith in chapel, worshipping and learning about God. On a more intimate level, D-Groups (discipleship groups) meet once a week throughout the semester to foster close, tight connections and create space for support. While each group looks a little different, all focus on glorifying God and realizing His kingdom in our midst. 16 | Viewbook

Kyle Romberg Major: Communication Hometown: Seattle, WA

“I grew up in a Christian home, but it wasn’t until college that I really began to make my faith my own. CCU provided the space for that—for me to ask questions, to explore big ideas— but it also provided the framework of living out my faith within a Christian community. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Colorado Christian University.”

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BEYOND obscurity.

COMMUNITY Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. - 1 John 4:11

While the dictionary defines community as a group of people living in one place, we go beyond that definition. CCU students are intentional about experiencing life together and digging deep into one another’s lives, supporting each other in their passions and their dynamic pursuit of Christ—whether it’s in a classroom or in a downtown coffee shop. It’s something you feel the minute you walk onto this campus. 18 | Viewbook

CCU students congratulate each other after mid-terms in the quad.

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A huge part of college is about building relationships. We think

Our Learning Communities are designed to let you learn

it’s easier to do that in a place that feels like home. So, on-campus

and live with like-minded people, as you explore how to “do

housing is a fully furnished apartment (with a patio or balcony)

life” together. Available to all first-year students, you can get

that is wired for high-speed internet, cable TV, and telephones.

involved in communities such as Faith and Film, To Narnia and

Plus, each residence hall stairwell forms its own mini-community;

Beyond, or Women Walking with Jesus. For more on any aspect

no matter where you live on campus, you’ll enter a community

of community at CCU, visit

and close relationships from the moment you arrive.

20 | Viewbook

WHERE DO YOU BEST OF COLORADO TRIPS CAMPUS TRADITIONS CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS Try out some new outdoor activi» 3rd Tuesday Coffeehouses » Associated Student Body – ties with CCU. Past BOC trips student government organization have included: » All-Campus Communion » Bella Joy Campaign – » Backpacking » Clash of the Classes working to end human trafficking

» Caving » Cross-country skiing » Dog Sledding » Fly Fishing » Hiking » Horseback Riding » Ice Climbing » Jeeping/ATVs » Kayaking » Mountain Biking » Natural Hot Springs » Rock Climbing » Sand Dunes » Skiing/Snowboarding » Snowmobiling » Snowshoeing » Whitewater Rafting » Winter Camping

» Christmas Stairwell Decorating Contest

» Christmas Tree Lighting » Finals Breakfast » King Cougar – male beauty pageant

» New Student Retreat » O’Malley’s Alley – lip syncing contest

» Senior Banquet » Spring Retreat » Talent Show

» Disc Golfers » Film Club » Hockey Club » In His Service » Inkwells – literary club

» International Action Club » Lamplight Prayer Team » Music Educators Club » Omicron Delta Kappa –


» 3v3 Basketball » 5v5 Basketball » Dodgeball » Flag Football » Floor Hockey » Indoor Soccer » Moonlight Volleyball » Sand Volleyball » Tigerball » Ultimate Frisbee ®

national leadership honor society

» Outdoor Adventurers » Paragon – literary magazine

» Pre-Health Club » Residence Hall Association » Sixth Man – supporters of CCU athletics

» Student Athletic Advisory Committee

» Sigma Tau Delta –

honor society for English students

» Trash Club » Veritas –

student newspaper

» XPRESS Club –

Alternative Worship Viewbook | 21

BEYOND competition.

ATHLETICS For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes. - Romans 1:16

CCU is an NCAA Division-II school in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, one of the largest and most competitive conferences in the nation. The University is also a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA). In recent news, the Cougars advanced to the NCAA basketball national tournament, NCAA golf super regionals, and the NCCAA basketball and baseball national championships. CCU is also a four-time winner of the RMAC Sportsmanship Cup since the award was established in 2006. 22 | Viewbook

Tony Black Communication and Political Science Major 4.0 GPA

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RACING ON Regan Mullen Runs with Team USA


egan Mullen tells of running a cross country race in thirds. The first third, she says, you run with your mind. During the second third, you run with your training. And the last third? You run with your heart. “That’s when you remember you can shine. When you’re exhausted, it’s humbling because you’re giving it your all.” Mullen, named the RMAC (Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference) Freshman of the Year, given First-Team All-Conference honors, has run not only in last year's National Cross Country meet, but 24 | Viewbook

ran for Team USA in Jamaica against international competition. Her ninth place finish helped propel the U.S. to a silver medal—despite the jolt of humidity she encountered, being from Colorado and running in the Caribbean. Yet, as a runner at CCU, it’s not Regan’s impressive speed that everyone finds most endearing—it’s her humility and focus on the larger picture—God’s picture. “Gazing up at the sky, knowing the God of the universe still loves me, no matter where I am, makes every painful second a pure joy. His words were definitely running through my blood.” At CCU, Regan runs for her audience of One.•


BUT PLAY MOS T OF ALL TO HONOR GOD, OUR AUDIENCE OF ONE. WOMEN’S SPORTS *Basketball Cross Country Golf Soccer *Softball Tennis *Volleyball

MEN’S SPORTS Baseball Basketball* Cross Country Golf Soccer Tennis *Varsity and JV

ACCOLADES In the inaugural year of women’s softball, CCU’s team reached the championship game of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference tournament and earned an invite to compete in the NCAAs. They scored a regional victory before bowing out. CCU’s women’s basketball team defeated Cedarville to win the National Christian College Athletic Association championship in 2012, after a Cinderella-run as the eighth and lowest seed.

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BEYOND borders.

MINISTRY Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. - Matthew 28:19-20

God has a bold and unique calling for each CCU student—maybe in business, or teaching or medicine—but first, He boldly calls every student to serve. Part of earning your degree at CCU includes completing 180 ministry hours. Service is not an afterthought, but an intentional and vibrant act of worship to the Lord. 26 | Viewbook

How can you use your


& strengths


CCU students log a combined total of over 45,000 volunteer hours each year, mostly through ministries & mission trips. To make a difference in someone’s life you need to get your hands dirty and see life on their terms: to serve them as Christ did. From reaching the homeless downtown to evangelizing around the world, we are serious about spreading the gospel through word and deed. 28 | Viewbook

Where are your passions and strengths leading you to change the world? At CCU, you get to create and design a trip wherever you want to go. Working with CCU staff, you’ll learn how to build partnerships with existing ministries in the area and then co-lead the trip with a staff or faculty member. OVER THE PAST 12 YEARS, WE’VE SENT ALMOST 200 TRIPS TO OVER 50 COUNTRIES AND 12 STATES.


ON-CAMPUS & LOCAL MINISTRIES • Chapel Services • Connections (handicapped children) • Discipleship Small Groups • Freedom Ministry (at-risk youth) • Hopeline (suicide prevention ministry) • Snappers (nursing homes) • Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ • Sojourners (homeless ministry) • Refugee Ministry • Westside (inner-city youth) • Young Life

Alaska Costa Rica Estonia India Ghana Guatemala Haiti Mexico Moldova New Mexico Poland Russia Scotland Thailand Uganda Utah Wyoming


BEYOND expectations.

ALUMNI Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. - Ephesians 3:20

Want to know the impact of a college? Look at its alumni. From educators to entrepreneurs to evangelists, CCU is a place where our alumni grew as whole people, while gaining direction and purpose from God’s dynamic call. Where is God leading you? 30 | Viewbook

Scott Miller, ‘91

President and CEO of Interstate Batteries B.S. in Business Management Greg Stier, B.A. in Youth Ministry, 1988 Greg grew up in one of Denver’s toughest

Scott Miller knows batteries. He’s been working at Interstate since he was 14, whenneighborhoods, his father started him out at living in fear in a family of hard the warehouse. And after receiving a B.S. in business management from CCU, Scott applied what he had partiers and prison inmates. learned Now he’s president and founder of Dare 2 Share, one of the nation’s about batteries, and what he had learned about business and God, to his career at Interstate. boldest teen-outreach organizations.

The first lesson? It’s not about batteries. “We are about glorifying God, enriching lives, and serving others,” says Scott. The lessons Miller learned at CCU continue to relate to whatever Miller is doing—including running a billion dollar corporation. Viewbook | 31

Charity Box

Louellen Lowe


Major: Global Studies Minor: Leadership Studies


Louellen currently serves as the east Texas regional director for U.S. Senator John Cornyn. She completed a master’s degree in international affairs at the George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University in May 2010.

How did CCU prepare you for your graduate studies?

The classes in CCU’s global studies program are unique, suited to all interests, and have excellent instructors. Because we explored the effect of religion on international affairs, my education gave me an advantage in a secular environment, where some of my classmates overlook the impact that religion has on our field.

What advice would you give to students considering careers in international affairs?

You are going to encounter different ideas in the world, so learn about them now. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to fail—making mistakes now will help you be ready when it counts. Study abroad even if only for a short time, but the Denver area also offers many opportunities to get involved with international organizations.


Major: Liberal Arts Minor: Elementary Education Licensure Charity now teaches at the same school where she student-taught, South Lakewood Elementary School. She was recently honored with the Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year Award in honor of her influence in the lives of students.

What advice do you have for someone considering a teaching career? Charity Box

CCU’s program places you into a local classroom to gain valuable field experience—maybe even during your first semester. With 800 hours of field experience to log before you graduate, start as soon as possible. Your professors are there to help you, so ask questions, participate in class, and have fun learning.

Do you feel like CCU prepared you for your job?

Yes, I had wonderful professors who were knowledgeable and up-to-date in teaching strategies. We did a lot of hands-on learning that prepared us for the classroom in realistic ways—going through lesson plans, sharing ideas, preparing evaluation rubrics, and more. My student teaching even led to a great job! 32 | Viewbook

Michael Cleveland Major: Business Administration Minor: Finance

Michael is a financial analyst for IBM Global Business Services, where he consults alongside experts to make customers more profitable and competitive. His work is project-based and includes frequent travel.

How did CCU prepare you for your career? CCU prepared me intellectually and as a disciple of Christ to the corporate world. I developed critical thinking skills, was trained to be an effective public speaker, and had a wealth of real-world experience. CCU is a small school, but that didn’t prevent me from getting into a Fortune 500 company. We need more Christian leaders in the corporate world, and this is a great place to start that journey.

"Set high goals and don’t sell yourself short. Learn to take initiative, become a strong communicator, and adapt quickly to new and changing environments."

What advice would you give to a student considering this career? Commit to each of your classes and take advantage of every learning opportunity. Set high goals and don’t sell yourself short. Learn to take initiative, become a strong communicator, and adapt quickly to new and changing environments.

Viewbook | 33

CCU’s Life Directions Center (LDC) is a one-ofa-kind student resource. You’ll be assigned an LDC advisor who will walk beside you during your four years here. Your advisor will help you explore your talents and passions, and which majors and careers are a good match. Most importantly, they’ll help you understand the spiritual side to all of it. It’s not just about finding the right major—it’s about discerning where God is taking your life, and equipping you for it.

Campus Security

CCU enjoys a very low crime rate and is monitored 24/7 by a staff of security officers who patrol campus, man a call center, and respond to student needs. The campus is also located just a few blocks from the Lakewood Police Department and West Metro Fire and Rescue. For a look at CCU’s crime stats, visit:

Counseling Services

The Counseling Center offers Christ-centered services to encourage health and wellness among students, and to assist in problem resolution and crisis intervention. Services are free to students and are directed by full-time, licensed professionals.

Health Services

A licensed, registered nurse practitioner is available to diagnose and treat minor illnesses and make medical referrals. Some lab tests, blood samples, shots, and vaccinations can also be administered at the campus clinic. A KaiserPermanente medical facility is also located just two blocks from campus.

Information Systems & Technology Services CCU provides students with a variety of network, phone, computing, and printing services that include: • 100% wireless, high-speed network coverage • Technology-enabled classrooms • Computer labs and public workstations • E-mail • Secure file storage on CCU's online, worldwide network • Live technical support 34 | Viewbook

FACTS & STATS ABOUT CCU Over 5,000 undergrad and graduate students attend CCU, including over 1,100 traditional undergraduate students. Over 60% of traditional undergrad students live on campus. The average composite ACT score of CCU freshmen is 24.4. The average SAT score (math, reading, and writing) of CCU freshmen is 1641. The average high school GPA of CCU freshmen is 3.61. CCU has five Fulbright Scholars on staff. The University and its think tank, the Centennial Institute, have hosted the likes of Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Cal Thomas, Hugh Hewitt, Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker, KT McFarland, and many more. All classes at CCU are taught by faculty members, not graduate assistants. The first new building of the campus redevelopment project, underway now, will be finished in the fall of 2014—and it will dramatically increase teaching space and common seats—places where students can study, hang out, and simply be together. Every student completes 180 service hours for graduation, many of them on mission trips. CCU is a community engaged with the world. Our athletes have won the coveted RMAC Sportsmanship trophy four out of the last six years—and never finished lower than second.



Life Directions Center



Colorado Christian University's 2013 Viewbook for the College of Undergraduate Studies

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