EliteGen《星尚》 2016 TORONTO July-August Luxury Magazine (Chinese/English)

Page 94

Elite Life 電影《翡冷翠之戀》( A Room With a View)及《好想有嫁期》(Under the Tuscan Sun ) 將佛羅倫斯的華麗與浪漫呈現於大銀幕,讓這個城市成為意 大利的旅遊熱點。但早於電影面世之先,梅迪奇家族 (the Medici family)已 經把佛羅倫斯及其周邊地區變成貴族們的遊樂宮。 Long before E.M. Forster’s A Room With a View and Frances Mayes’ Under the Tuscan Sun made this part of Italy all the rage, the Medici family was fashioning Florence and the surrounding area into a playground for gilded aristocrats. text | Leslie Yip photo | Simon Boucher-Harris, SMNovella

梅迪奇家族贊助的Cosimo de’Medici,贊 助了文藝復興時期建築師Brunelleschi興 建聖母百花大教堂的著名大圓拱頂。 The famous dome of the cathedral was erected by Renaissance architect Brunelleschi, who was sponsored by Cosimo de’ Medici.