EliteGen《星尚》 2016 TORONTO Jan/Feb Luxury Magazine (Chinese/English)

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Taste 坐於暖笠笠的火爐旁,品嚐一件件精緻得如藝術品般的茶

There are few finer ways to escape the downtown buzz than a

點,The Ritz-Carlton的DEQ Terrace and Lounge肯定可以讓你

seat next to DeQ’s warm crackling fire, except with an immaculate


display of the ritz-carlton’s elegant tea sandwiches. Join the fashion-


forward glitterati, ladies who lunch and canadian opera company


ticketholders who’ve found refuge in the cozy room on a saturday or


sunday afternoon.


Refined Elegance

DeQ TerrACe AnD Lounge 供應時間 / Available 周六及周日,下午2時 – 4時 建議事先預約 Sat & Sun, 2 p.m.–4 p.m.

To eat A warm and flakey two-bite quiche that’s followed by a neat and tidy trio of open-face sandwiches, flaky croissants stuffed with silky smoked salmon and a curried chicken salad roll. Freshly baked raisin scones are short and tender, and accompanied by jars of Graves jam and a generous pot of fresh clotted cream. For sweets, look forward to pretty handmade confections, including a fresh raspberry filled macaron, dainty Opera cake, lemon meringue tartlet and the ethereal choux craquelin. 茶點






鹹點種類非常多,包括香暖鬆化的餡餅、開面三文治三重奏、煙三 文魚牛角包及咖哩沙律雞卷等。當然不少得熱辣辣的葡萄乾英式鬆 餅,可配以Graves果醬或每日新鮮製造的奶油醬。甜點方面全部均 是餐廳自家精製烘焙,如新鮮紅莓馬卡龍、小巧的Opera cake、檸 檬meringue撻及朱古力craquelin蛋糕等。 提供多倫多Sloane Fine Tea Merchants的一系列茶,包括茶如其 名、口感香濃圓渾的Heavenly Cream及其獨家供應的大吉嶺茶。其 他選擇包括Ritz獨家的My Blend茶(於其水療中心提供)或茶香雞尾 酒。 茶點精緻出色,服務水準一流 DEQ Terrace and Lounge (The Ritz-Carlton), 181 Wellington St W, 416-585-2500, http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/Toronto/ Dining/Afternoon_Tea/Default.htm. $44; $56(可選擇 Blush Tea系列的茶,另配以一杯Henry of Pelham 的“Cuvée Catherine” 汽酒); $69 (可選擇Royal Tea系列的茶另配以 一杯Piper-Heidsieck Brut 香檳)



To drink A stunning collection from Toronto’s Sloane Fine Tea Merchants, including the true-to-its-name, full-bodied Heavenly Cream, or the company’s exclusive Darjeeling. Other options included the Ritz’s unique My Blend Tea (developed for its spa) or tea-infused cocktails. Reason to visit An excellent, contemporary menu and friendly service. DEQ Terrace and Lounge (The Ritz-Carlton), 181 Wellington St. W., 416585-2500 ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/Toronto/Dining/Afternoon_Tea/ Default.htm. Cost $44; $56 for the Blush Tea, with a glass of Henry of Pelham’s Cuvée Catherine; $69 for the Royal Tea, with a glass of Piper-Heidsieck Brut Champagne.