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Vol I. Issue 8

October 11, 2012

Inside this Issue Alcohol at starbucks? Is starbucks going to start serving alcohol? Pg. 2 Presidential Debates Romney vs Obama, all you need to to know about the debates. Pg. 2

Today in History Want to know what happened on October 11th in years past?

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Staff spotlight Learn more about Kelly Nichols. Pg. 3

CCU rezoning approved Rezoning for CCU approved. Pg. 3

Music Corner Find upcoming concerts in Denver. Pg. 5 Sports Report Inside scoop on all the latest sports action at CCU. Pg. 8 Caffeine Fiend Local place to grab some coffee with a friend. Pg. 5

Danya Granado


By the end of April 2013, with the brand new RTD West Rail (W) Line, students will be able zoom from campus to downtown Denver faster than ever-on one train. “The West Rail Line, part of the regional FasTracks plan, will improve connectivity between downtown Denver, Lakewood, and Golden with frequent, high quality transit service seven days a week,” says the Proposed West Corridor Service Plan 2013 released by

RTD in April of last year. RTD promises it will be “the smoothest commute you’ve ever had between Denver, Lakewood, and Golden.” Currently, a trip from CCU to downtown (around the Denver Art Museum) takes about an hour to an hour and a half and requires one to two bus transfers and some walking. The new W line will provide service at eleven new stations, with two of those stops being on Garrison and Wadsworth, about five to seven minutes away from the CCU campus, respectively. From either of the two stops, the ride to downtown (around Union Sta-

tion) by public transport will be much more direct and will only take about twenty minutes. Good news for those who commute to campus, RTD’s website says, “The W [West Rail] line will connect with the existing C and E lines at Auraria West Station, providing you with additional service to Downtown Denver, Lodo, Englewood, Littleton, Aurora, Greenwood Village, Centennial and Lone Tree.” Why here and now? Denver, Lakewood, and Golden--areas that have swelled in employment and population density-are considered “significant trip generators” that re-

quire better transit. Other factors in the decision to build the line include considering the size of the college-aged population in the area, which indicate a need for better transit. Environmental factors contributed to the launch of the project, too; the completion of the West Rail line may eliminate some bus route services and redirect existing ones to the train, perhaps decreasing RTDs environmental impact. To learn more about the exciting project, be sure to check out WestRailLine.shtml


The choice 2012

October 11, 2012

The University of Denver where the debate was held.


With the election of the decade less than a month away, the whole CCU campus, the media, and the candidates themselves are all buzzing with anticipation and their own ideas about who the President will be come January 2013. The first presidential election held October 4th, was close to CCU community as it was held about 10 miles away at the University of Denver. The debate also impacted the community because a Fox news focus group was held on campus and was broadcast on Fox news. The debate itself answers many questions but left many unanswered as well. All major news outlets were in town for the event and the majority of those media programs drew the conclusion that Governor Mitt Romney won the debate. The liberal commentators while they did not think the debate was a game changer, did admit

that President Barrack Obama seemed off his game and on the defense all night. While Presidential debates do not have a declared winner, a CCN poll of undecided voters, 67 percent of the voters said Romney won the debate over the 25 percent that favored Obama. This consensus was widely accurate to the debate as Romney seemed energized, passion and focused, often arguing that Obama had not lived up to his promises from four years ago. Obama seemed flat and according to Democrat and Obama supporter Bill Maher, “Obama needs his teleprompter.” The main jab Obama made at Romney was that Romney had gone back on things he had said and was not giving detailed plans to the American people. Obama coolly defended his record and health care bill and blamed previous administrations for what he had inherited. The issues that were discussed the most included the economy, health care, and the deficit. Obama claimed that he

had begun the job of fixing the economy and getting Americans back to work but needed four more years to do the job. “Obama seemed to avoid many of the questions,” Lexi Talley commented on the debate, which was a recurring observation in the media as well. It was clear that both candidates continued to interrupt the moderator, Jim Leher, and were often unconcerned with the time limits put on each

questions. Republicans left the debate encouraged as Sarah Palin told Fox news, “It was so encouraging. It was a great night.” The debate, coming in on four weeks till the election, will be a major part in influencing undecided voters and the next debates are sure to do the same. Democrats are not hanging their heads however, and were excited to hear that Obama was leading Romney in recent polls by a few points. Looking forward, it can be deduced that Obama will work on upping his game and Romney will continue his preparations for the next presidential debate, which will be held town meeting style on October 16th in Kentucky. As this debate was focused solely on domestic policy, the next three debates (vice presidential and two presidential), will be focused on foreign policy and will also revisit the subject of domestic policy. This election will in no means be a landslide for either candidate, it is a horse race and the coming weeks are as important as ever.

Today in history Vannessa Jackson EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

In America 1968 Apollo 7 was launched from the Cape Canaveral. This was NASA’s first ever three man space mission. 1984 Kathy Sullivan became the first American woman to walk in space 1890 John Owens ran the first 100 yard dash under 10 seconds,

he ran it in 9.45 seconds . 1864 Slavery is abolished in Maryland

Across the Globe 1987 A three day hunting expedition to find the loch ness monster, that cost 1.6 million dollars, ended today. No scientific proof was found the “Nessie” exists. 1945 The Chinese Civil War began

1990 Octavio Paz won the Nobel prize for literature Birthdays Eleanor Roosevelt (18841962) U.S. First Lady Emily Deschanel 35 Actress famously known for her role as Dr. Temperance Brennan on the FOX show Bones. Joe Nash 51 Was a Pro-Football player for the Seattle Seahawks


Vote, vote, vote! Erin Amsberry


Since the CCU Symposium, students around campus continue to talk about the upcoming presidential election. For many students, this will be the first Presidential election where they will be able to vote. Several Symposium speakers emphasized the importance of voting but some out-of-state students wondered just how they could vote, as they would not be present in their state of residence during the election. What is necessary for a citizen to vote when away from their residential state during an election is a special voting ballot called an absentee ballot. Following these steps will allow students to register to vote for the election even though they are not in their home state. 1. Log on to longdistancevoter. org or an equivalent voting registration site and register to vote if you have not done so already. To do this you must

have a valid State issued identification number. 2. After you have registered, you can apply for the absentee ballot, which for most states needs to be completed and mailed by the second or third week in October. 3. A voting will then be mailed the indicated address such as your address at CCU. 4. VOTE! Once you receive your ballot, you must fill out all of the required identification information and cast your vote for the various elections this November. 5. Mail back your ballot as indicated. 6. Your ballot will be counted for your state of residence. That’s it! Absentee voting is not as complicated as it sounds and is something that is essential to making our Nation function. Voting is a great privilege and all citizens should taking advantage of it. So get out to the polls. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

Has Starbucks crossed the line?

The coffee-chain is adding alcohol to their menu in several shops Laura Hargadine VERITAS STAFF WRITER

Photo by Laura Hargadine

Starbucks is planning on adding beer, wine, and premium food to some of their Southern California coffee shops as soon as January 2013. These drinks will not be out in their front displays, but will be available for those who want to drink them or add alcohol to coffee drinks. The coffee-chain believes this will boost their revenue during slower parts of the afternoon, and evening hours. Already Starbucks is selling beer and wine in their Seattle coffee-shops, and plans on expanding that to possibly half of their shops across the country. Store owners are worried that their liquor businesses will be shut down when this begins, and they will be out of jobs. Starbucks’ employees have also expressed their concerns

about losing their jobs because of the law’s age restriction on alcoholic purchases. While increasing business by adding alcohol, Starbucks may lose some of its more conservative consumers however. Parents have complained that this will change their decision to bring their kids to the shops. Starbucks has reported that customers under 21 will still be allowed inside their businesses. Drunken customers would not be a positive influence for children, parents believe. For those who enjoy happy hour along with coffee and computers, this could be great news. With Starbucks chains filling virtually every major city in America it’s hard not to wonder however, if this is really necessary. How far does Starbucks have to go to make more money? Has America’s consumerist lifestyles reached the breaking point? We have to start wondering when customer concerns about atmosphere and family friendliness cannot be heard above the clamor of momentary indulgence.

local CCU approved for October 11, 2012

Staff spotlight: Kelly Nichols




This year CCU has had the privilege to welcome the new Director of Student Missions and Outreach, Kelly Nichols. Fluent in Russia and German, Nichols has three children, two girls and one boy, with his wife Missy. He was born and raised in Texas, and before CCU, he and his family were living overseas as missionaries. He has served in Russia, Germany, and Central Asia, over a period of about 14 years. After talking with him, it is easy to see his passion for evangelism. Something that many may not know about Nichols is that he has a heart for persecuted Christians. He knew a man that used to be beaten because of his faith by his two brothers at their father’s command. It is men like this

that Nichols admires and remembers that even in life’s most inconvenient times, people around the world are going through so much more. Kelly’s hope for CCU2theWorld is to have a Great Commission focus. He strongly believes in the importance of going to previously visited countries and building on those relationships. However, he also wants CCU to pursue trips to different countries in order to reach those who have never heard about Jesus. To avoid being complacent, Kelly desires for CCU students to be intentional about sharing their faith in Christ. CCU2theWorld is hosting a promotional event at Jump-Street from 10pm to midnight on Thursday, October 11. This is a free

event to any CCU student. If you are interested in going on a mission trip, come to the event to learn about the different trips. The team leaders will be there to talk about their vision of the trip and what they will be doing in that country. If you would like to attend one of the mission trips through CCU2theWorld, you can go online to to apply. Under the Student Life tab, click on the CCU2theWorld Missions option, and that will take you to the page where you can click to apply online. The deadline for the application is October 21. Team leaders will give interviews from October 22-26, and on November 2, applicants will be notified about the team leaders’ decisions.

Colorado Christian University’s request for rezoning our Lakewood campus was approved by City Council on Monday October 8th, 2012. After two hours of questions and discussions, it was voted upon unanimously to allow for the increase campus size of 24 to 35 acres. Within the next 45 days the decision is going to be subject to court review and or petition from the citizens to have a special election to overturn this decision. The faculty, staff, and students should be praying that everything goes smoothly and nothing of this sort will occur. Some of you may still not be convinced of why CCU campus development is beneficial to students, Ron Benton stated, “The new construction will help CCU fulfill its strategic objectives by providing an appropriate academic and learning environment, which will foster inquiry and enhance learning collaboration between faculty and students. While we have done a good

job with the facilities we currently have, I believe that the teacher is the key to the classroom and as we give the faculty the right tools to teach, learning will be unleashed at a new level and there will be no limits to the levels of learning that can take place in the lives of our students.” For those of you that are unaware of the process it has taken to get this decision to where it stands today, it was not a simple overnight process. This has been going on for many years, and it has been a long road to get here. A lot of dedicated individuals have been working hard to make sure that we are able to rezone, and make this campus the best it can possibly be for any students that cross CCU’s path. The new campus will mean many opportunities not only for current students, but for Alumni as well. We may not all be here as students when this campus is finally finished, but the better your school looks, the better your degree looks.

A still shot of president Bill Armstrong at the city council meeting


a&e October 11, 2012

Denver times for tunes

Anne Perry



Crocodiles at Bluebird Gold Fields at Marquis Theater

Turnpike Troubadors at Grizzly Rose Katey Laurel at Hard Rock Café Mouse on Mars at Summit Music Hall

The Tannahill Weavers at Swallow Music Hall Caroline Herring at Tuft Theater

Jovanotti at Bluebird Taking Back Sunday at Ogden

Switchfoot at Summit Music Hall Dinosaur Jr. at Bluebird

12th 13th 14th 15th 16th

Free Things To Do in Denver Anne Perry

Rebecca Tarantino


Lets be honest, college students do not have a lot of money to spend all the time. Sometimes, even ramen for dinner may seem like a stretch. With our three-day weekends and Denver near by, the urge to go out and do something fun is too much to ignore. There are, of course, many free things to do in Denver. For example, there are many parks surrounding Denver, including Washington Park, City Park, or

running trails like the Cherry Creek trail. Then of course, there is the 16th Street Mall. It’s really hard to go to a mall and not shop, but the 16th Street Mall is fun to just hang around, especially in the winter time. Many places in the downtown area also have free days. For instance, the Denver Zoo has many free days a year. There are three free days coming up for the Denver Zoo, including November 5th, November 16th,

and November 28th. These tickets are usually twelve or fifteen dollars. The Denver Art Museum downtown also has free admission on the first Saturday of every month. The Denver Botanic Gardens offer random free days, the most recent coming up on November 2nd. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science also has random free days, including October 14th, November 19th, and December 9th.

Motion City Soundtrack at Summit Music Hall Crystal Castles & Health at Ogden Neil Halstead at The Walnut Room

Madonna at Pepsi Center Elephant Revival at The Walnut Room

Alesana at Summit Music Hall Ty Herndon at Grizzly Rose Trevor Hall & Groundation at Ogden

The Steel Wheels at Swallow Hill Greensky Bluegrass at Bluebird

18th 19th 20th

Movie review: Sleepwalk with me

Danya Granado


If you’re into indie movies and stand-up comedy, Sleepwalk With Me is the movie for you. Sleepwalk With Me, the winner of Sundance Film Festival’s Audience Award for Best of Next!, serves as an extended supplement to comedian Mike Birbiglia’s standup comedy bit and his stint on NPR’s This American Life. In this semi-autobiographical flick based on actual events in his life, Birbiglia plays Matt Pandamiglio, a

burgeoning (read: struggling) stand-up comic troubled with a fear of commitment to his longtime girlfriend Abby, ridiculous dreams, and a possibly life-threatening behavior disorder that causes him to sleepwalk-both of which are spurred by that fear. The storytelling is in turns poignant and honest, and Birbiglia’s engaging, nasally, one-onone narration sprinkled throughout the film also makes it riotously funny. The film is currently playing at Denver’s Landmark Mayan Theater.


On a roll: Bryan Erickson, duct tape star Danya Granado

belts, bags, raincoats, rings, necklaces, flowers, animals...” he counts them off on his fingers. “Where would you even wear the pants?” I ask. “You can just slip ‘em on when it rains,” he replies gleefully. “They’re waterproof.”


Circa Survive & Touche Armore at Summit Music Hall The Deep Dark Woods at Marquis Theater Two Door Cinema Club at Ogden


That’s how a dance is done: A review of the Fall Dance

Actual picture of Brian’s duct taped car

A few weeks ago, I passed an old Hyundai Elantra in the parking lot in front of Waite hall. Understandably, it’s no extraordinary thing to encounter a car in a parking lot. But this car was nearly covered in duct tape. Eleven different styles and patterns of duct tape, including pink zebra stripes, to be exact. Tastefully so, I might add. Now, I myself have made several of repairs with the silver fix-it-all, and seen several wallets, roses and even photos of prom dresses contrived from its colored counterparts, but I have never seen a car. I decided that I had to shake the hand of the kid that owned it. I asked around, and got the owner’s name: Bryan Erickson, a freshman residing in the “Ghetto”. I ran into him a week or so later and inquisitively (read: creepily) approached him about his unique car. When asked if there is any particular vibe he’s going for in terms of design, Erickson replied, “At this point the theme is just to be as colorful

and bizarre as possible, with each door being different.” As of yet, the business major has used about ten full rolls to decorate the car. Duct tape is expensive, but Erickson has managed to spend only about twenty dollars on it for his car by receiving tape donations from friends and family (In fact, he’s accepting donations now, readers, and prefers funky designs over solid colors). He just recently received a roll to add to the driver’s side door. Naturally, the first question I asked was how and when the taping started. At the time the idea hit, Bryan had just finished fashioning something else out of duct tape: “This started when I had some extra green and blue duct tape after making duct tape pants,” says Erickson. “In an effort to decide what to do with it, some friends suggested that covering the car hood was a good idea.” Wait, wait. Did I miss something? He made pants out of duct tape? “Yeah, I make duct tape anything,” says Erickson, unphased by my bewilderment. “I’ve made pants, wallets, shoes,

At that, I give him a look. Driving around in a car covered in duct tape, he’s accustomed to them. “I always get comments and looks about the car,” he says with a smile. “My favorite looks are from other drivers when I stop at a red light.” “But the strangest thing by far has been being asked for an interview,” he laughs. Tragically, the super sticking power of the tape has ruined the already-chipping burgundy paint job on the car, making it look “really bad underneath” according to Erickson. Parting with it, though, isn’t really an option for him: “I would never consider removing the tape because my car is worth more money with it than without it...a guy at a car shop once offered me $100 for the car as is ‘cause it has about three hundred thousand miles on it. It’s dying really fast and I’m not really driving it around as much.” Why keep it, then, I wonder. “Duck® Tape is always looking for people that have done crazy-cool things with their tape, “ says Erickson. “They offer scholarships and other prizes for the best things duct tape. Whether or not my car qualifies I have no idea. But I’m going for that full-car award look.” Even if it doesn’t qualify, at least it’s made campus a little more...colorful.

Some summit girls and Cave guys snap a quick picture together before they head to the dance.

Last Thursday night at the Curtis Hotel in downtown Denver, CCU students put on their 70’s gear and got their groove on at the That 70’s Dance. From the music to the refreshments, the dance was a success. From what I could tell, everyone that went had a stellar time The venue for the

dance was perfect. Not only was it a beautiful hotel, but the reserved room for the dance was very spacious. One thing that I noticed was the lack of decorations, which actually turned out to be a positive. Too many decorations would have been a waste of time and money. The colorful lights along the walls added just

Sarah Lundie and Rachel Johns show off their cool 70’s outfits.

enough light to stimulate a fun atmosphere. The DJ played a great selection of music, and although I’m not a fan of Justin Bieber’s song Boyfriend, the songs were fun and easy to dance to. Other details of the dance such as the photo booth and refreshments were a perfect addition to the dance. After

all, there are times where you need a break from dancing, and it is great having the option to take a few goofy pictures with your friends or grab a drink and a snack to rejuvenate you. UPC gets an A+ in my book for putting on a groovy dance. I have nothing but good things to say about the night. Thanks

Just around the river bend Vannessa Jackson


If you are looking for get fresh coffee grounds, for somewhere off campus to those of you who enjoy making do your homework or chat coffee in the comfort of your with a friend, look no further own apartment. This widely than right around the corner. known coffee shop is a great Village Roaster is a gourway to have fun in our very met coffee shop located on own Lakewood, and it is right the corner of Garrison and around the corner from us. So Cedar. It is convenient and grab a friend and go experience close enough to campus to all that Village Roaster has to walk, so you don’t have to offer. worry about spending gas money. You can grab a quick cup of coffee or sit and talk with someone, but either way it is a great place to get away from the busyness of campus life. The coffee is fantastic and the service is phenomenal, you may even see a couple of familiar faces since many CCU students are employed there. This shop provides customers with more than just coffee. You may want to browse their wide array of coffee mugs with funny Photo courtesy of sayings, quotes, and pictures on them. You can also

Photo’s by Joanna Hillman

to UPC for all the hard work and time you put into the dance! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the spring dance! For those who didn’t go to the fall dance this year, don’t miss out on the one in the spring. I have a feeling it’s going to be just as good if not better than this one.

opinion October 11, 2012

Do politics have an affect on our lives? To vote or not to vote? Laura Hargadine


It’s hard to imagine that politics actually have a direct affect on everyday life. Our country feels so free, so independent, that sometimes I forget to remember what our country’s forefathers went through to make it that way in the beginning. After watching the news it feels like all the conflict is in a different country. Is it just me or is the media painting it this way in an effort to give the impression that everything is great in America all the time? What’s wrong with knowing the truth and being a little bit uncomfortable? I think our country is addicted to comfort to such an extent that we refuse to believe bad news really does exist and/or any politician should be held accountable for the way they have impacted our everyday life. There must be a reason why so many young Ameri-

cans have not registered to vote. The ones who have registered to vote have not been informed enough to know exactly who and what they are voting for, or have simply chosen to forego their rights as American citizens. We all know the news says the truth all the time right? I hope you can hear the irony in that question. Seriously though, the news does not always tell us exactly what’s going on around us. That’s why it is important, I think, for each of us to keep informed by listening to a varied mix of news reports. After attending the symposium this year I didn’t feel like talking about politics or news for a few days. I made all kinds of promises to myself while going to those meetings. Things like, “I will stay informed about everything that is going on in politics and news this year,” or “I will write a letter to the editor of local newspapers.”

Lead with love Zach Hunter


How do we (Christians) think that we can afford to lead with subjective political opinions, minor points of theology, and the idea of “being right”? How do we think that we can afford to lead with polarizing statements with the goal of being right or proving our point? During this political season, speaking the truth in love seems to have taken a back seat to argument (something I’m guilty of). I’m not suggesting we don’t have opinions or that we don’t express them. I’m asking – what do we use as a starting point in a conversation, especially with people we don’t know well? What do we begin our conversation with? I believe in Truth. I do not believe that knowing what a “dispensation” is, in relation to the nature of God, makes you a better person or brings you closer to God than does a supernatural Love. I believe in voting and citizenship – but I don’t believe

shooting down someone’s political views as you first get to know them will enable them to understand your great love for Jesus. It might even close the door to further conversations that could be eternally helpful. We are not right if we think we are better than anyone else. Better because of our doctrinal stance, because of our political views or affiliation, or because we can win an argument. Knowing what you believe is important. Having well-formed political views and being a deep thinker is important. And there are even a few things worth dying for. But mere opinion is not one of them. Lead with love, and people just might give you the opportunity to share your opinion; and you’d definitely have more credibility when that time comes. “If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.”

After a few days I came to realize that I had not fulfilled those promises to myself. That’s when I knew I needed to be accountable and to be reminded of the importance of our country’s leaders more often. It’s so easy to forget they matter. It’s easy to forget that my vote matters. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in the mood for “beating a dead horse” with repeated reminders to participate in politics, however, for some reason, I think our generation needs those reminders, and often. Let’s help keep each other informed about our nation’s politics, and pray for the leaders of our government. They need our prayers, and our involvement. We can keep each other accountable and keep our government accountable for their actions. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s” (Luke 20:25).

Kelsey Watson


This is the first presidential election that I get to finally participate in. I had waited for this day most of my life. I dreamed about voting and contributing to our society. Yet, this year, I do not have any urge or reason to vote. I grew up in a very republican household. My dad is a politician himself, and I have enough experience helping and watching his campaigns that I could possibly be a campaign manager someday myself. I’ve grown up with a father who made politics very important in my life. Although I’m undecided which party I want to affiliate myself with, I still knew that being involved with politics was important. So why don’t I have any urge to vote? I don’t personally like any of the candidates. Everyone tells me “Kelsey, you need to vote, it’s part of your duty as an American citi-

zen.” Although I agree with this, it is really hard for me to pick the lesser of two evils. I have no idea where I stand. Maybe my mind will change. I definitely hope my mind will change. However, as far as I’m concerned I do not want anything to do with this presidential election right now. I know many people, on CCU’s campus and off, are struggling with this decision as well. I hope that this feeling will pass and that every American will vote. For all those who are undecided on whether to vote or not, you are not alone. Currently, I’m in the process of researching each of the candidates and the issues on which they stand. I may not agree with either side, but I know that research cannot hurt. I am hoping through studying Romney and Obama that I will decide who to cast my vote for.

Write for veritas ion pieces, editorials, investigative reportMany students ing, etc. So if you here at CCU have love to write or have expressed interest something you would in writing for verilike to tell the world, tas. However many then don’t hesitate to people do not know contact veritas how to go about that We have a class process. Well it is that meets every pretty simple: find Monday at 4:30pm, something to write but you do not have about, write an arto be registered to ticle, and submit that participate in the article to ccuveritas@ class, and you do not It is that have to participate simple. We are lookin the class to write ing for reviews, opin-

Vannessa Jackson


Editorial Staff Vannessa Jackson Editor-in-Chief

Staff Advisor Francisco Miraval


Staff Danya Granado Rebecca Tarantino Laura Hargardine Erin Amsberry

Zach Hunter Kelsey Watson Anne Perry Kate Kraus

for the newspaper. We are always looking for good stories to put in every issue. So, if you have a story you want to submit to the newspaper, than do it. We also take photo submissions and cartoons. It is simple and you would be doing a great service to your school by providing them with great news.

Veritas is a bi-weekly publication written and produced by the students of Colorado Christian University. All opinions expressed in Veritas are not representative of CCU policy, its’ staff or administration. Send any questions or comments to ccuveritas@yahoo. com

features Intern chronicles: How to ace the interview October 11, 2012

Sarah Ewing


Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty, and it seems as if the deodorant you put on two hours ago has vanished with that Christmas sock the dryer ate last November. Don’t fret, though. You’re not on death row – you’re simply sitting next to three other nervous intern-hopefuls waiting for the interview to begin. Let’s rewind two hours before you sat down in that uncomfortable chair. “Today’s the big day,” you told yourself while you poured your coffee and made that double fiber  English  muffin.   (Probably not the best choice for a pre-interview breakfast, mind you.) “Today is the day that I am interviewing to intern  with  the  top  PR  firm  in   Denver!” Sure, the internship is unpaid, but it is going to look so good on your resume. You then proceed to spruce up, take a shower, and put

on the  outfit  you  set  out  last   night. A classic black suit over a blue button-down and with a nice pair of black dress shoes you just polished. “Perfection!” You say to yourself. (You really like to talk to yourself, don’t you?) See – you did a few things before you went in for your interview. A few things that will set you apart from all other candidates. What’s that? Oh, I am so glad you asked what those things are! We’ve prepared a list of what you should do in order to ace that internship interview. 1. Be prepared. Research the company at least a couple of days before the interview. Know what the company does, and who the key players are. Know what you will be doing if you get the job. 2. Make sure you bring a notebook, a pen, an extra copy of your resume, your portfolio, and a couple of questions to ask the interviewer about the company. (It shows that you actually researched the

The Veritas Devotional Love never fails

receptionist first  if  you   ever need something. And she  definitely  won’t  want   to help you if you were rude to her before you were even hired. Actually – always be nice. Being kind will take you places in life. 7. Be calm! Make sure you tell the interviewer what you’ve learned from your past jobs. Ask questions and maintain good eye contact. Don’t ask about pay during the first  interview,  unless  the   interviewer mentions it. 8. Always send a thank you note within two days of the interview. The Phone Interview Companies are also conducting more and more phone interviews. They are less time-consuming than in-person interviews. This way they can separate the gems from the duds pretty quickly. You won’t have to dress up, but you should

definitely be  prepared.  Have   the interview at a desk, in a quiet room with no distractions. The Skype Interview More and more companies are also taking the Skype interview route. Skype interviews are the same as a normal in-person interview. Be prepared, be on time, dress professionally, and yes – you have to wear pants! Make sure that you have the interview in a quiet place with no distractions. Also make sure that the wall behind you is clean and free of Nirvana posters and third grade soccer trophies. If you follow these rules, there’s no way that the top PR  firm  in  Denver  won’t   hire you. So you’ve aced the interview. You got the job! Next issue will be covering laws that protect interns.

You are the only one who can save a life Erin Amsberry



Veritas stands for truth. Recently in one of my classes we began a heated discussion on the subject of truth. You can probably guess that is was Philosophy. Yep, if you really want to have a head-spinning discussion, I can personally recommend that Philosophy is the right class for you. All joking aside however, it caused me to meditate on truth and its role in our lives. Is truth a noun or an adjective? Can it be found in a textbook or in the night sky? These are the questions that we encountered in our debate when we were asked, what is truth? I got to think about this after class, and I realized that, although it’s important to consider the meaning of truth, we must consider our need for truth to be accompanied by love. 1 Corinthians 13:2 says, “If I speak God’s Word with power, revealing all His mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, “Jump,” and it

company – but only bring two questions. Don’t ever bring a list of questions. That’s an interviewer’s nightmare.) 3. Dress in business professional attire. A suit is always O.K. But, you can’t go wrong with a nice dress shirt, classic black dress pants, and nice pumps or dress shoes. Jeans are never suitable for an interview, even if you know that the dress is casual at that company. 4. Don’t wear cologne or perfume, and  definitely  do  not   smoke on your way to the interview. Don’t chew gum during the interview. Make sure your hair is groomed, and that your nails are nice, neat, and professional. (Ladies – paint your nails clear. Hot pink never looks good for an interview.) 5. Do show up to the interview 10-15 minutes before the interview is supposed to start. Make sure you factor in parking and walking into the building. 6. Always be kind to the receptionist, and get to know him or her. Because, the truth is, you will be going to the

jumps, but I don’t love, I’m nothing.” In the end, does it matter that up is up, or the color red is red? If we do not love what’s the difference? Hey if we do not love we are just like the Priest and the Levite in the story of the Good Samaritan, (see Luke 10:30), who passed by the wounded man. As Christians that is not enough. We need to set our eyes on Christ, on all that He has done for us, and let Him be our example of how to love. This week, sit down and think about how you can honor Christ by showing someone you care about them. Practice random acts of kindness. Do something helpful for a stranger. “Be Christ,” to others, and show them that they are treasured. But whether there are prophecies, they will fail; whether there are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away,” (1 Corinthians 13:8), but, “Love never fails.”

Many students may feel helpless when hearing about people who have been in a car accident or are suffering from cancer, but giving blood is just one way students can diDream of changing the world or saving a life? You don’t have to wait, you can start rectly help these today. Photo Courtesy of Bonfils Blood Center people. On October 10th, CCU lives. While some types of If students held its  first  blood  drive  of   blood are more useful than missed out on this opthe semester available to others, giving blood allows portunity to donate blood faculty, staff and students a donor to see what type of on campus, there are still to voluntarily donate blood. blood they have. several opportunities which The drive was put on by          The  Bonfils  Bloodmocan still be taken advanThe  Bonfils  Bloodmobile   bile runs under the slogan tage of. With 10 miles of and gave the CCU comof “You are the one who CCU’s campus, there are munity an opportunity to can save a life.” This is two  Bonfils  Blood  Centers   donate blood. absolutely a true statement where blood can be doIf you missed this event as according to the Red nated with an appointment. or are looking to donate Cross, “more than 44,000 Those two locations are blood in the future, there blood donations are needed Exempla  St.  Joseph  Hospiare opportunities around every day.” tal in Denver, and Denver the CCU campus and many Giving blood is a comWest CDC in Golden. benefits  of  donating  blood.     pletely safe process and If you are looking for a As the people who dogenerally takes less than way to make a difference nated blood Wednesday ex- 10-12 minutes. Those ten in other people’s lives by perienced, donating blood minutes can help to save giving blood which you can is something that is a great the lives of up to three spare, donating is a great thing to do and can save people (Red Cross). opportunity.


sports October 11, 2012

Bring on the basketball Anne Perry


October 15—Colorado Christian University’s Event Center will be full of madness. To celebrate the 20122013 basketball season Midnight Madness intends to pump up the fans and prepare the teams for the excitement. Midnight Madness is an event put on by Colorado Christian’s Sixth Man group in their usual crazy attire with their motivating and enthusiastic ideas to get the season started with a slam-dunk… literally! There will be a Fun Dunk Contest where players compete with creative and athletic slam-dunks. To get a sneak peak on what the players have to bring to the court there will be scrimmages for energetic competition. But who will be the leading scorers? Men or Women? The ball and the hoop will tell the story in the three point shooting contest between selected top shooters from the Women’s and Men’s basketball teams. There will be more to take away than just a feel for what the season will look like and who the players are. There

will a variety of giveaways to win; so fans, you better bring your competitive side. The fans and the players aren’t the only ones getting passionate about the season. Men’s Head Basketball Coach, Kevin Lubbers, eagerly expresses his biggest goal for this upcoming season is that he wants his team and himself to “be able to humbly represent Christ in everything [they] do. Hanging out, playing, whatever it may be.” As thrilled as Coach Lubbers is about the skills of his team, he acknowledges the strengths of the players being “focused and excited about opportunities, on and off the court, spiritual growth, and volunteer. Overall character and positive attitudes” are features Coach Lubbers sees.


Men’s Soccer: 1-11-0 Women’s Soccer: 2-9-1 Women’s Volleyball: 14-5

The Men’s and Women’s basketball teams love having fans at games and appreciate all the support in previous years. October 15th is the start to get loud and have fun to encourage fellow students to win on the court. Let the madness begin!


Photo by Rachel Calar

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Veritas 2012 - 2013 Edition: Issue 2  

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