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Celebration of CCTM Founding Day and mind, and as an essential prevention of disease. Honorable kalon further said that after formal recognition of Sowa Rigpa as a system of medicine by Government of India, CCTM has become one of the most important and prominent organizations to govern, promote and restore this rich tradition. In order to achieve smooth functioning of CCTM, it is the duty of all members registered under the Council to give their support. The honorable kalon also puts much stressed on the importance of running CCTM as an autonomous apex body of Tibetan medicine as laid down in the bylaws of CCTM by the parliament. He cited that very reason why there is inconvenience in granting the regular expenses of CCTM office from the cabinet. However, he expressed his willingness to support other projects and expenses that include inspection to the medical colleges and pharmaceutical companies. He closed his address by wishing long life to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, felicitated CCTM, and thanked all the respected representatives of Government and Non-Governmental Organizations for being a part of this meaningful occasion. He requested that as a sincere offering to His Holiness for his kindness and support, the council should take active role in producing high quality medicines. He also thanked Men-Tsee-Khang for supporting the event.

Special meeting convened for drafting of rules & regulations and syllabus of Menpa Dusrawa

Rabjampa, 2


Meeting of the Organizing Committee for the 2 International Conference on Tibetan Medicine

15th Meet of CCTM Executive Members

• 3

initial draft of Menpa Dusrawa syllabus, the board members resolved to circulate the draft to Sowa Rigpa professional and experts for further review, suggestion, criticism and action plan. Only then the draft shall be finalized for execution. Revisions were also made with reference to the bylaws of the CCTM office staff rules, provisions pertaining to voting, regulations on registration and certification of physician/medical colleges. Another revision was amended on issuance of certificate. The members decided that the certificate issued by CCTM will have to be renewed every three years. Three new regional coordinators were appointed for various chapters. After discussion and screening, Dr. Tashi Topgyal, Dr. Thupten Sangpo and Dr. Nyima Gurung were unanimously appointed as regional coordinators for Ladakh, Tawang and Nepal Dorpaten chapters respectively. It was proposed that funds for the council can be

Special meeting on drafting of Menpa Kachupa and Menpa Rabjampa Syllabus CCTM convened a three day meeting of the expert committee consisting of four members at the Council office, from 25th to 27th April, 2011. The meeting was focused on drafting of rules and regulation, and syllabus of Menpa Kachupa, Menrampa or Menpa Rabjampa degree. After thorough discussions and reviews, experts of the drafting committee prepared the draft of the aims and objectives of the above courses, eligibility criteria, course duration and syllabus and award of degree and certificates.

Menpa Rabjampa degree is equivalent to a post graduate degree of the conventional educational system. The course incorporates modern research methodology where the candidate is required to do research work on a specific subject. Only the Menpa Kahcupa can pursue for this Menrampa program which includes submission of a synopsis in the first year and a thesis at the end of the program. In view of the emergence and specificity of profound study and restoration of Sowa Rigpa tradition, CCTM is giving special importance to form an expert committee who can work on framing of rules and regulations, and syllabus for higher study programs which is apparent in the conventional education system. In doing so, CCTM can maintain and regulate a standard form of study where private or governmental Institutions can offer such programs in unison. CCTM extends special thanks to all the expert members involved in drafting of the Menpa Kachupa and Menrampa programs. CCTM would also like to thank the expert members for their personal contribution for not claiming the travel and daily allowances.

News in brief 1. Appointment of new CCTM General Secretary effect from October 2010 to October 2011 for a period of one year.

Dr. Choelothar, general secretary, TMAI representative to CCTM, resigned from the council's office. He was replaced by Dr. Sonam Rinchen Aepa. Eight members voted for Dr. Sonam Rinchen Aepa, Lecturer, TMAI College, Dharamsala, to the post of general secretary. The replacement was resolved during the 15th board meeting of the council.

ii) Dr. Nyima Gurung, registered doctor under CCTM was appointed as coordinator for Nepal Dorpaten chapter with effect from April 2011 to April 2012 for a period of one year. iii) Dr. Tashi Topgyal, registered doctor under CCTM was appointed as coordinator for Ladakh chapter with the effect from April 2011 to April 2012 for a period of one year.

2. Appointment of new regional Coordinators i) Dr. Tenzin Dakpa, registered doctor under CCTM was appointed as coordinator for Canada chapter with 4

Dr. Thupten Sangpo, regisiv) tered doctor under Central Council of Tibetan Medicine (CCTM) was appointed as coordinator for Tawang chapter with the effect from April 2011 to April 2012 for a period of one year.

3. Office Secretary of CCTM Resigns Ms. Jampa Palmo, office secretary, CCTM, gave her resignation on 18th April 2011. She joined the office in September 2009. She was made a permanent staff after 6 month of probation period. During her tenure as office secretary she worked with all sincerity. CCTM thank her dedication and wishes success in her life.

Health Talk Under the direction of CCTM, Dr. Thupten Norbu (TMAI branch clinic Mundgod) and registered doctor under CCTM conducted health talk base on the introduction of sowa Rigpa (Tibetan Medicine) and shared knowledge on the importance of dietary and behavioral habits on a daily basis to the senior students

of CST Mundgod. Dr.Lobsang Yeshi (TMAI branch clinic Paonta Sahib) and registered doctor under CCTM emphasised on brief history and future prospects of Sowa Rigpa

Meet of Sowa Rigpa Practitioners in Europe Dr. Lobsang Tsultrim, Coordinator and registered doctor under CCTM had organized a five day meeting on Sowa Rigpa on April 6, 2011 in Holland. Akong Rinpoche and other six Sowa Rigpa practitioner along with the students participated in the event. The main topic of discussions related to the legalities of practicing Sowa Rigpa(Tibetan Medicine) in Europe and also preservence and future development needed in the practice of Sowa Rigpa. 5

Announcements 1. Announcement for the Registration of Sowa Rigpa Medical Practitioners:

Chapter 3 : The Description of the Human Body through Similes Chapter 4 : The Anatomical Structure of the Human Body Chapter 5 : The Characteristic of the Human Body Chapter 6 : The Function and Classification of the Human Body Chapter 13: The Routine Behavioral Regimen Chapter 14: The Seasonal Behavioral Regimen Chapter 15: The Incidental Behavioral Regimen Chapter 16: Dietetics Chapter 17: Dietary Restrictions Chapter 18: Dietary Precaution and Limitation Chapter 31: Physician, the Healer

To all the Sowa Rigpa medical practitioners, According to the article 'C', provision of legal code of CCTM, all the medical practitioners who have not acquired degree/certificate from any registered medical colleges and institutions are required to sit for the oral and written test in order to register under CCTM. Council's board members have recently decided to offer an opportunity for those who fall under this category. It was also amended that this provision is strictly meant for those individual practitioners who need registration under CCTM as RMP. The application should reach the office latest by 30th August, 2011 with an examination fee of Rs.3, 500. The examination schedule will be from 12th, to 20th March 2012 at Dharamsala. Related documents needed for appearing in the examination are as follows:-

Phyi ma rgyud (Subsequent Tantra) Chapter 1 : Pulse Examination Chapter 2 : Urine Analysis Smen sjor Nus pa phyogs bsdus phen bde legs bshed( Indication of Medicine) by Khenrab Norbu

1. Recommendation letter from a registered medical practitioner under CCTM with three years of study period in theory and 3 years experience of practice in Tibetan Medicine.

2. Written test: rtsa rgyud : 6 chapters bshad rgyud : 31 chapters

2. Recommendation letter from the respective representative officer or health centre of the settlement certifying that the candidate is a practitioner of Tibetan Medicine.

Man ngag rgyud: Chapter 2 : (rLung) Chapter 3 : (mkhris pa) Chapter 4 : (bad kan) Chapter 6 : (ma zhu ba) Chapter 7 : (skran) Chapter 8 : (skya rbab) Chapter 9 : ('or nad gso ba) Chapter 10 : (dmu chu) Chapter 11 : (gcong chen zad byed ) Chapter 12 : ( Chapter 13 : (tsha grang gal mdo)

3. Attested Photo copy of National identification. Syllabus for the test: 1. Oral test: rtsa rgyud (Root Tantra) Chapter 1: The Basis of Discussion Chapter 2: The Enumeration on Chapters of Discussion Chapter 3: The Basis of Health and Disease Chapter 4: Diagnosis on the basis of Signs and Symptoms

Phyi ma rgyud: 25 chapters.

Chapter 5: The Therapeutic Methods

2.Clinical (Practical) test shall be held at Men-TseeKhang impatient ward.

Chapter 6: Enumeration using Metaphors

There shall be 8 papers and each carries 50 marks with a total of 800 marks. 50 marks each shall be allotted to Oral test and practical test. The grand total shall be out of 500 marks. The minimum passing percentage shall be 50% in order to secure registration under CCTM.

bshad rgyud (The Explanatory Tantra) Chapter 1: The Summary of the Explanatory Tantra Chapter 2: Embryology 6


2 International conference on Tibetan Medicine: This information is for all Sowa Rigpa Medical practitioners that the 2nd International Conference on th th Tibetan Medicine will be held from 25 to 27 October, 2012 for three days at Men-Tsee-Khang, Dharamsala. The conference is to be jointly organized by CCTM, TMAI, Department of Sowa Ripga CUTS and Chagpori Medical College. This official conference on Tibetan Medicine will be the Second International Conference of its' kind in the history of Tibetan Medicine. The first International Conference on th Tibetan Medicine was held at Samye in 8 century under the royal patronage of King Trisong Deutsen.

their papers on or before 25th March, 2012 to the office of CCTM. Each presenter shall have 10 minutes to read out their papers. A separate presentation fee has also been fixed. The papers submitted shall undergo screening and review from the publishing committee. Those selected shall be intimated through letter/e-mail to further submit their detailed article. A book on the abstracts and the detail article on the subjects touched during the conference will be made available free of cost during the conference. More details can be browsed on the website of CCTM, TMAI and Chagpori Medical College.

Topics of the conference will be on Fundamentals of Tibetan medicine, Clinical research in Sowa Rigpa, Sowa Rigpa pharmacology and Drug standardization. There shall also be platform for discussions, sharing clinical experiences and knowledge among senior and younger physicians.

Contact address of the conference: Organizing Committee International Conference on Tibetan Medicine Central Council of Tibetan Medicine Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamsala-176215 Distt.Kangra (H.P.) INDIA Telephone.: +91-1892-223483 TeleFax: +91-1892-226462 Email ID:

The registration for the Conference can be made well before time. Hence, all the participants are requested to register as early as possible. Paper Presentation There will be an opportunity for Paper Presentation on Tibetan Medicine. Interested presenters should submit


We condole the sad demise of the known senior and registered Sowa Rigpa scholar Ven. Dr. Tsultrim Sangay Ragshi who passed away on 21st January, 2011. He was CCTM's regional coordinator for Nepal chapter from year 2007 to Jan, 2011. During the entire period, he has served wholeheartedly and efficiently in all the services the council has requested.

Monastery. He was always dedicated in consulting patients and serving them day and night as much as he could. He carried out his medical practice under the Chinese rule for about nine years from 1960. He was imprisoned by Chinese in 1969 for nearly ten years. However, he further worked hard to preserve the Sowa Rigpa tradition by secretly learning Tsagyud Dongdem, Shegyud Dongdem and Chigyud Tsa Chu Lhenthab. In 1979, he was released and after which he had a chance to go for pilgrimage in Kongpo, Mount Kailash and later escaped to India. After reaching India, he was blessed to meet His Holiness the Dalia Lama. He spent some time at Menriling Bon monastery in Himachal Pradesh, where he took oath from two Kyapje Menri Khen Lop and Ngondro Kalung from Tsondu Rinpoche. In 1987 he started practicing Sowa Rigpa in Dorpatan (South Nepal). He established and started the first Bhumshi Sowa Rigpa School in Tibetan Diaspora in 1988. He was appointed the coordinator of CCTM in 2007 and took active part in the entire work related with CCTM. During his life time he contributed his full service towards the preservation of Sowa Rigpa. CCTM will always remain indebted and thankful for his active participation in all events related to CCTM. His demise is a great loss.

Brief biography Late Ven. Dr. Ragshi Tsultrim Sangay was born to father Ragshi Takgyal and mother Kyangse za Sonam Lhayang in the year 1940 in Dokham Khyungsertser. He was extremely compassionate towards others since his childhood. He learned his basic teachings from his parents. At the age of nine, he studied about Bon philosophy from Dupchen Neljor Soepa Gyaltsen and later at thirteen he started to learn Sowa Rigpa text and Urinoscopy from Sowa Rigpa scholars like Nagshoe Sherab Tenzin He studied Sowa Rigpa pharmacology from Ngala Kalsang Norbu and Bhartha Yungdrung gyal. He served about five years in Yungdrung Tendakling 7


CHAIRMAN'S MESSAGE..................................

Celebration of CCTM Founding Day.....................

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