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Getting your MD Degree What do I need to do to get an MD degree?

Getting your MD Degree Becoming a doctor is a long and complicated multistep process that begins with preparing for medical school. If you are truly interested in getting an MD degree, you need to start early in your college career because you will need to take a variety of courses as an undergraduate before you can even apply to a medical school.

Getting your MD Degree Typically most medical school applicants have completed college-level Biology with Laboratory (one year), Inorganic Chemistry with Laboratory (one year), Organic Chemistry with Laboratory (one year), Physics (one year), English (one year), Calculus, Biochemistry, and Anatomy.

Getting your MD Degree All college students who want to apply to medical school are required to take the Medical College Admission Test. The exam measures your knowledge in different science courses and it also tests your verbal and writing skills.

Getting your MD Degree The MCAT is only administered in April and in August, so be sure to take it during your junior year of college so that you will be ready to apply to medical schools.

Getting your MD Degree As long as you are doing well in your studies and have gotten good MCAT scores, you can apply to medical school at the end of your junior year of college.

Getting your MD Degree The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) has a standard application form that most medical colleges use. This application asks for your personal information, college transcript, letters of recommendation, MCAT scores, and a personal statement or essay.

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