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Brehon Hotel Killarney Winter Vacation

Want to escape the winter chill, but find beach holidays boring?

Why not try a sightseeing holiday in Ireland starting from the Brehon Hotel Killarney?

The most popular months for visiting Ireland are between June and September,

but don’t let this turn you away from a winter break.

Ireland doesn’t have an extreme climate: the weather is normally mild even during the winter months.

Many visitors see Ireland as a leafy green island, full of pubs, clubs and thatched cottages.

And to be honest- they’re not far wrong.

But as you go towards the west of Ireland, you'll notice the vista is a stunning landscape

stretching along the entire west coast that is beautiful all year round

even when the greens have turned to autumn russets and browns.

Starting at the Ring of Kerry and running north for about 470 miles

until you reach the splendid County Donegal, you'll see that the battered west coast

remains unspoiled with towering cliffs and sandy beaches that make a perfect getaway destination

no matter what the season. For more things to do during the winter season during your stay in Ireland, please visit

Brehon Hotel Killarney  

Describes Killarney Ireland tourist attactions for visitors to the Brehon Hotel Killarney.