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Alabama Slim & Little Freddie King

Alabama Slim “I grew up listening to the old blues since I was a child. I spent summers with my grandparents who had a farm. Them old folks would get to moanin’ while they worked, and I just started moanin’ with them. That’s where I learned to sing.” – Alabama Slim

Slim grew up playing in juke joints in Alabama and moved to New Orleans in the ‘60s. His music has been enjoyed by audiences at performances in the States and abroad.

Little Freddie His father, Jessie James Martin, was a blues guitarist that worked the weekend black southern circuit in the Delta. His father would bring him out on the town when he was out there playing.

"I would go out there and sit around on the outside around the juke joints and listening. He's be playin and drinking and everyone was havin' fun.� - Little Freddie

He became a charter member an annual attraction at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and toured Europe with Bo Diddley and John Lee Hooker in 1976 in support of his first LP.

Alabama Slim and Little Freddie King’s music was featured in the movie “Redemption Road”

Alabama Slim and Little Freddie King

Alabama slim & little freddie king  

Alabama Slim Blues Revue with Little Freddie King to Perform at the 2013 Blues in da Parish Festival The 2013 Blues in da Parish Festival wi...

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