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March 1, 2011

Volume 47, Issue 7

Copenhagen Central School March 2011 Newsletter From the Desk of the Superintendent: Dear District Residents, I am so thankful for the kindness and good wishes I received from everyone during this past month. It was wonderful to reacquaint myself with everyone and have the opportunity to interact with so many of our students. Much has changed since I left but the one thing that has stayed constant is the committed faculty and staff we have, the amazing student body, and the devoted community. st

On February 1 , Governor Cuomo presented his executive budget for 2011. As promised throughout his campaign, he made major cuts to education. Although he has stated many times in the media that these cuts will not affect staff and programs, the reality is they will. Copenhagen Central School District

will be receiving over $300,000 less in state aid in 2011-2012 than it did 2010-2011. Because of this massive loss in revenue and the increases in operating costs, some very difficult decisions will have to be made in the next two months. The Board of Education will be faced with the daunting task of building a fiscally sound budget that will continue to offer our students the best education possible. Every aspect will be looked at and all cuts that have to be made will be done with the intent of having the least impact on students. We have already taken steps toward cutting costs and generating ideas for increasing revenue. The Board of Education, the administration, the faculty and staff have been brainstorming and sharing ideas

Inside this issue:

with me on a daily basis. Many of these ideas have Principally Speaking already been implemented and others have been used A Message from Mr. in the preliminary stages of Munn budget development. I do not recall where I heard this, but I will always remember it: Adversity is a fact of life. It cannot be controlled. What can be controlled is how we react to it. As I stated in the beginning, we have an incredibly committed group of people in this school and community that I know will work together to get through this difficult time. As always, thank you for your continued support of our district. Sincerely,

2 3

Kindergarten Registration


The Classroom Connection


Counseling Center News 10 Winter Sports Wrap-up


Board of Education  Tracey Thomas, President  Prudence L. Kunert, Vice President  Koreen G. Freeman  Robert F. Stackel  Alfred E. Tomaselli  Kim R. Vogt  Irene S. Wilder Administration  Scott N. Connell, Superintendent  Nadine O’Shaughnessy, K– 12 Principal

Scott N. Connell Superintendent of Schools

 Dale R. Munn, Jr., Director of Student Services

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Copenhagen Central School March 2011 Newsletter

Principally Speaking BOCES Names “Students of the Quarter”

Howard G. Sackett Technical Center has named their “Students of the Quarter.” Each instructor is allowed to select one student who has exhibited “outstanding qualities” in their program. This quarter Wendy Colton was selected for her great effort, great citizenship, high academic achievement, and positive influence in Automotive Technology. Cierra Dicob was chosen for her high academic achievement, positive influence and perfect attendance in Medical Careers. Timothy Sullivan was picked for his positive influence in Gas/Diesel Mechanics. Congratulations, Wendy, Cierra and Tim!

J. McConnell

W. Lyndaker M. Kiernan

Does Zero Tolerance Work? O. Bruening

Families Can Impact Children’s Education Some suggestions from PIRC:  Recognize and explain the importance of education to your children  Be sure children attend school every day  Talk about school and what they are learning  Monitor homework F o r m o r e i d e a s , g o t o

S. O’Shaughnessy

According to the report, Are Zero Tolerance Policies Effective in the Schools?, the American Psychological Association Zero Tolerance Task Force found that, “the evidence shows that zero-tolerance policies as implemented have failed to achieve the goals of an effective system of school discipline.” These policies can, “contribute to negative school climates and push many students out of school.” Some school districts found that, “nurturing, supporting, and teaching appropriate behavior is more conducive to creating a positive learning environment.” An interesting question was posed: “When a student is struggling with learning to read, we don’t send the student home for a couple of days and expect him or her to come back a better reader. Why would we do that with behavior?” It’s something to think about.

March Events to Mark on Your Calendar

N. Burns

March 5 - Booster Club Carnival March 5 - Ski Club Trip to Gore Mountain March 16 - Senior/Faculty Basketball Game March 18 - St. Patrick’s Day Dance March 26 - Bi-County Concert March 31 - Senior Trip Meeting

Volume 47, Issue 7

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From the director of Student Services and Special Programs: Dear Parents/Guardians, The drilling is over! This in itself makes me a happy man but I think I would be overjoyed if this month really does “Go out like a lamb.” I apologize to those that love winter, but I’m hoping that the groundhog was right and spring is right around the corner. We’ll see. Parent/Grandparent Luncheons Cancelled for the Spring. When spring does come, things will be a bit different. For several years the Copenhagen Central School has had a tradition of inviting the parents and grandparents of our elementary school students to schedule

time to come to school and eat with their loved ones. Unfortunately, a temporary lack of parking related to our construction project is causing us to forego this tradition this year. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to carrying on the tradition in the 2010-11 school year. Lewis County Mental Health Lori Tiffany from Lewis County Mental Health has begun providing mental health services here at CCS. This is such a wonderful opportunity for our students and families with mental health needs. Lewis County Mental Health accepts a variety

of heath insurances including Medicaid. I encourage anyone with children that struggle with access to mental health services to contact us for information on beginning services here at school. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 688-4411 or Sincerely,

Dale R. Munn, Jr. Director of Student Services

KINDERGARTEN SIGN-UP: Kindergarten registration will be held on Tuesday, May 24 and Wednesday, May 25, 2011. Children may register if they will be five years old on or before December 1, 2011. Because of the academic nature of our kindergarten program, we recommend that parents put careful thought into enrolling youngsters who will not be five years old by September 1, 2011. Registration information will be sent to all parents listed on our census. If you do not receive a registration pack in the mail by April 18, 2011 please contact the Main Office office at 688-4411. Proof of birth and the following vaccines are required before your child can attend school:       

3 doses of diptheia-containing toxoid (usually administered as DTP or TD) 3 doses of oral polio virus vaccine (OPV) or enhanced inactivated polio virus vaccine (EIPV) 2 doses of rubella mumps administered after 12 months of age 1 dose of rubella vaccine administered after 12 months of age 2 doses of measles vaccine, the first administered after 12 months of age and second after 15 months of age Hepatitis B-children born on or after January 1, 1993 must show proof of immunity to Hepatitis B disease prior to entering kindergarten 1 dose of varivax (chicken pox) as of 2003.

Any questions concerning these vaccines, can be directed to our school nurse.

Volume 47, Issue 7

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Drew Baker Drew Baker Brandon Buckley Lindsey Fitzpatrick Abraham Gingerich Damian Green Heidi Moser Brandy Pelan Justin Roberts Dylan Rose Erica Sawyer Adam Woodruff

ELA Science 6 Science 7 English 10 English 9 Science 8 Global History 10 History 7 Community Service History Math Global History 9

Mr. Zaluski Mrs. Scott Mrs. Scott Ms. Griffin Ms. Griffin Mrs. Scott Mr. Cain Mr. Thomson Mrs. Zehr Mr. Zaluski Mr. Zaluski Mr. Cain

Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship Citizenship Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship

National Foreign Language Week is March 7-13. The theme this year is “Languages Make the World Go ‘Round ” Since we don’t want to limit it to Spanish, we celebrate it as International Week. The cafeteria has food with a foreign flavor for each day and there will be a poster contest for Middle and High School students. There will be slides on the hall television, decorations, displays and special activities. This would be a good time to discuss your family traditions and enjoy the cultural diversity that is part of our heritage.

Stars News, Mrs. Anna Steele During February the STARS program hosted two events! Family Game Night was held on Friday night in the school cafeteria. Youth and parents enjoyed various board games and activities with the STARS staff. STARS also hosted an Activity Day for the students where they participated in different games and activities in the gym. In March STARS

will reschedule our cancelled tubing trip to Maple Ridge. More information about this trip will be sent home with the student’s who were signed up for the previous trip as well as advertised for the rest of the students. We will be having our Advisory meeting on Thursday, March 17 at 7:00 a.m. in the school Library. Parents, students, and community members

are welcome to join. March 26 will be our annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt. More information about the Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt will be sent home with the students. Just a reminder student’s are asked to come prepared to go outside during regular STARS program. Have a marvelous March!!

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The Classroom Connection Universal Pre-K Miss Amy Farney, Mrs. Kristy Sullivan and Mrs. Kathy Sullivan February was a short but very busy month in the UPK classroom. We started with a week all about keeping our teeth “Terrific”. We learned about many different ways to keep our smiles healthy and bright, including brushing, flossing, rinsing, and eating healthy foods. The next week we turned our classroom into a magical Pre-K kingdom. We read fantastical stories about princesses, princes, and dragons. After learning about how a castle is constructed, we built our own versions in the block area and under the loft. We had a great time “jousting” with noodle lances in the gym as we pretended to be lords and ladies dueling upon our galloping steeds. We enjoyed many delicious treats, got to dress in our finest attire, and danced at our Valentine’s Ball. To prepare for this special day, we practiced ballroom dancing, made our card mailboxes and crafted elegant Valentine’s cards for our families. We

talked about and practiced using our best manners. Everyone helped to create a “Friendship Salad”, which we put together and enjoyed in our classroom. We even had a special visit and story-reading from Princess Manners! We returned refreshed from February break for a “Seusstupendous” celebration of all things Dr. Seuss. We practiced rhyming different words, listened to Dr. Seuss’ stories, sorted various colors of goldfish (crackers), and did some bubble wrap hopping and popping. During the month of March we will begin learning about the Maple Syrup season with a sugar bush and shanty set up right in our classroom. Things will start to look much greener as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We will end the month with a week celebrating music and a week all about reptiles.

100th Day of School Celebration. March is the last month for the Book-It program. Please continue to work on shoe tying, counting to 50, and the vocabulary words. You may notice your child beginning to recognize the words in books you are reading at home. Kindergarten will be sponsoring a RIF Fundraiser on April 6th. Please let your child’s teacher know if you will be able to help on this day. We will need help between 8:30 and 1:00. Thank you in advance. The letters for March are Ll, Rr, Uu, Ff and Yy. The vocabulary words are: nine, are, ten, up, at, with, me, they, and have. Please take a few minutes at home to review daily. There will be a Superintendent’s Day on March 21. The students will not be in attendance this day.

Kindergarten Mrs. Scholler and Mrs. Graves

Grade 1 Mrs. Hefferon and Ms. Strianese

February was very eventful with our Valentine’s Day Party and the

We have been practicing counting by tens, fives, and ones. This will take us into counting dimes, nickels, and pennies. We will start by counting the dimes by tens, the nickels by fives, and then the pennies by ones to arrive at the total number of cents. Please take some time to work with your child recognizing pennies, nickels, dimes and the value of each. The first graders will begin a unit on animal groups. They will be studying animal characteristics and habitats. Please continue reading with your child at home. Take a few minutes to discuss what has been read. Also, practicing the addition math facts to ten with your child is essential for mastery. Grade 2 Miss Pridell and Mrs. Reed

Pre-K’s Kingdom of Good Manners

Spring is almost here and we are anxiously waiting for flowers, robins and Flat Stanley.

Volume 47, Issue 7

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Classroom Connection. . . . . .continued Miss Pridell’s class had a moth come out of its cocoon on February 11th. I think he thought it was Spring. The winner of the 2011 2nd Grade Annual Checker Tournament is Brooke Smykla . Second place went to Nathan Wojcik. Congratulations!

Brooke Smykla and Nathan Wojcik

A few reminders: Parents, please take a few minutes to go over your child’s papers. It is an excellent way to keep up on their progress. Please study math facts and spelling lists. Also, practice telling time to five minute intervals and have fun counting money. These are difficult concepts that are forgotten if not practiced. Many students are forgetting their library books on library days. Please encourage your child to be responsible and return their books on the correct day. Grade 3 Mrs. Ratliff and Mrs. Morgan Book-It - Our Pizza Hut BookIt program ends this month. The names of our “Super Readers” will be placed in our May newsletter. Science - In Mrs. Morgan’s class, we will be talking about magnetism and doing some experiments. Mrs. Ratliff’s class will be finishing up the unit on sound by making our own instruments and performing for the UPK.

Math – Please continue practicing the multiplication and division facts for 0 - 9, so the children don’t forget them. This additional reinforcement with math concepts at home is very beneficial for your child. Reading – Mrs. Morgan’s class’s reading theme is called “What a Day!” These stories are about memorable experiences people have had. In addition, we will be reading various other novels. Mrs. Ratliff’s class is combining social studies and reading as we continue our tour across the United States. We will be visiting historic Philadelphia and Boston and reading books about the American Revolution. Bake Sale-Our third grade class is sponsoring the R.I.F. (Reading Is Fundamental) bake sale this month. We will hold the bake sale on Wednesday, March 2nd. Please send in some baked items with your child to help this very worthwhile fund raiser. Grade 4 Mrs. McCabe and Mrs. Carlson We hope everyone had a restful winter break. Spring will be here in a few more weeks. We will start reviewing for the state ELA test that is given the first week in May. We feel the students should be ready by then. Any extra reading and writing practice at home always is appreciated. In fourth grade there is a listening section to the ELA test. As the teacher reads a passage the students need to listen and take notes. After that is done they are required to answer questions then write an essay about the passage. We find that many students need help with listening skills and we have been working to improve that area. We are still working on multiplication and division with larger numbers. Many children are having difficulty because they haven’t memorized their facts. Any extra practice in those areas will help.

Our February bake sale went very well. The fourth graders made $136 for the RIF program. We would like to thank all the parents that provided the baked goods and a special thank you to Mrs. Moot, Mrs. Micek, and Mrs. Breyette for selling the baked goods. Each year Mrs. Waugh, our cafeteria manager, invites the fourth graders to experience what it is like to work in the school kitchen. Each student will get one day to help prepare and serve the school lunch. They will work along side the kitchen staff for two hours. They will get a chef’s hat and have a special lunch with the cafeteria staff. The winners in the FASNY Annual Fire Prevention Poster Contest were recently announced. Two fourth graders were among the winners. Kyle Baldwin placed 1st and received a $100 savings bond. Cameron Gray placed 2nd and received a $50 savings bond. Congratulations to both boys for a job well done. Mrs. Carlson’s class is busy working on their Native American presentations. The students have been researching the tribes of the Iroquois Confederation. The class is divided into groups and each group will choose one of the five tribes to research. They will present their projects to Mrs. McCabe’s class when finished. Grade 5 Mrs. Mastascusa and Mrs. Spooner Reading – Mrs. Mastascusa’ s class will be doing an author study of Roald Dahl this month and continuing with our Literature Circles. The three books that will be read include; Witches, BFG, and The Twitches. Our read aloud book is Boy, which is partly autobiographical, and partly a memoir of Roald Dahl’s life. Mrs. Spooner’s class will be doing an author study of Barbara Parks. The titles that have been chosen are; Almost Starring Skinny Bones, Starring Skinny Bones, and The Kid in the Red Jacket. The

Volume 47, Issue 7

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The Classroom Connection. . . . .continued read aloud will be Maxie, Rosie, and Earl. When each class has finished their author study, classes will exchange books. Math – Mrs. Mastascusa’s class has begun a unit on Fractions. Students will be learning about the meaning of fractions, comparing and simplifying fractions, as well as greatest common factor and lowest common denominator. Later on, students will be working with the different operations in conjunction with fractions – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of learning all math facts. This helps to make the processes involved much more efficient. Mrs. Spooner’s class just finished up Measurement, and is beginning a unit in Geometry.

ing home on March 18th. Also, students will have March 21st off due to a Superintendent’s Conference Day. News and Notes from the Music Department Mrs. Gleason and Ms. Cross Congratulations to the students who represented Copenhagen at the Winter BiCounty concert at Indian River! Sara Goutremout and Jacob Shew were 2 of the 20 students that were selected from the two counties to sing in the Sr. High Jazz Choir. Makenzie Carr, Nicole Gardner, Laura Graves, Brittany Pelan, and Emily Sipher were

Jacob Shew and Sara Goutremout

chosen to sing in the Jr. High Chorus and Zachary Herbert and Tessa Powlin played in the Elementary Band. The concert was a great experience to all involved.

Social Studies – Both classes are finishing up a brochure on the regions of the United States, which they will present to the class. I am pleased to say that I am finding most members of the various teams demonstrating a sense of enthusiasm, along with a sense of responsibility. Teams are also signifying a sense of initiative and the ability to work independently.

Music Lasts a Lifetime

Science – Mrs. Spooner is doing a unit on Conserving Energy and Energy Resources. D.A.R.E. – The fifth graders have started the DARE program. Deputy Schmidt from the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office comes in once a week to talk about drug awareness. The children are learning about how to resist drugs, alcohol, and violence. Topics will include tobacco use, marijuana use, alcohol use, and peer pressure. Hopefully, if we discuss the negative effects of drug abuse at an early age, the children will make healthier and more positive choices later in life. Remember to look for 25 Week Reports which will be com-

Tessa Powlin and Zachary Herbert

March has been officially designated by MENC: The National Association for Music Education for the observance of Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM®), the time of year when music education becomes the focus of schools across the nation. MIOSM began as a single statewide celebration in 1973, and has grown over the decades to encompass a day, then a week, and then in 1985 to become a month long celebration of school music. The purpose of MIOSM is to raise awareness of the importance of music education for all children – and to remind citizens that school is where all children should have access to music. From, MIOSM

L—R: Makenzie Carr, Emily Sipher, Nicole Gardner, Laura Graves, Brittany Pelan

Tuesday, February 15 was a momentous evening as several new members were inducted into the CCS George S. O’Brien Chapter of the National Honor Society. In an elegant candle-lit ceremony led by chapter President Jacob Frith, one senior and seventeen juniors were introduced and honored by the current NHS members as they were escorted on stage to place a candle next to the quality they admire most: Character, Service, Leadership, or Scholarship.   During the ceremony, fellow chapter officers Vice President Sara Hovendon, Secretary Morgan Kiernan, and C0-Treasurer Danielle Eisel joined their President in explaining the merits of each of the four qualities. Mrs. O’Shaughnessy and Mr. Connell each welcomed the new members with a few remarks, while the seniors chose Mrs. Lori Griffin as the guest speaker, who spoke of the efforts and qualities which brought them the be honored that evening. Following the ceremony a delicious dessert reception, courtesy of the CCS cafeteria staff, was held for the students and their families. Congratulations go out to the following new members of the CCS National Honor Society:                                 ~ Senior ~                         Francis Tan­Alberto   

                              ~ Juniors ~   Melissa Baker    Connor Berrus  Elise Edmonds    SaRena Eves  Rachel Griffin                          Nicole Henry  Alexandra La Barge   Sara McNamara  Autumn Moser    Hayley Moser  Derek Nicol      Sara Rice  Brianne Spaulding    Timothy Sullivan  Taylor Tomaselli    Jaryn Waugh                              Ryan Willits                                 

Volume 47, Issue 7

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198th Army Band Performs Rock Concert at C.C.S.

On Thursday, February 10, 2011, Sgt. Johnson of the United States Army contacted Mrs. O’Shaughnessy advising the 198th Army Reserve Band had received a cancellation for a performance scheduled at Potsdam and would we like to have the band perform here. Arrangements were made and on Friday, February 11, our students thoroughly enjoyed ending their school week with a fabulous Rock Concert! Thank you to Sgt. Johnson and the 198th Army Band! You’re awesome!

SADD Needs Your Help SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) is in the process of planning for the 2011 After Prom Lock In, which will take place May 14th – May 15th from 12:30 to 6:00 a.m. Again this year, we are asking for parent

chaperones as well as parents who would be willing to cook for our tired and hungry students after a fun-filled night with prizes, snacks, music and more. If you would be willing to donate your time and energy to help us

out, or even just to donate, please contact Miranda Bush at 688-4411 or We would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.

Cafeteria News, Mrs. Shelley Waugh There will be no ParentGrandparent luncheons this year due to the lack of parking at the school created by the capital construction project. The parent/ grandparent luncheons will, however, resume next year. Please remember that beginning

March 1, the price for school lunch will increase from $1.50 to $1.65 . Breakfast will remain at $1.00, reduced is .25 and milk is .40. If you are wondering what your child is spending his money on in the school cafeteria, you can go to Nu-, register your child and you can follow what he/she is purchasing. In order to do this, you will need your child’s account number. If you are not sure of that number, please call me at 688-4411.

Volume 47, Issue 7

Counseling Center News College Acceptances

Page 10

Travis Bennett—son of Christine Osterhout and Joseph Bennett, has been accepted at Mohawk Valley Community College into the Graphic Communications/Graphic Design Program. Congratulations Travis! Kyle Bowles—son of Ms. Deborah Balch, has been accepted at SUNY Oswego into the Meteorology Program. Congratulations Kyle! Taylor Church—daughter of Russell and Carol Church, has been accepted at Clarkson University into the Science Studies/Pre-Physical Therapy Program. Congratulations Taylor! Cody Dunn—son of Mark and Debra Dunn, has been accepted at North County Community College into the Wilderness Recreation Leadership Program. Congratulations Cody! Kelly Furgison—daughter of Joline Furgison, has been accepted at Onondaga Community College into the Music Program. Congratulations Kelly! Ryan Jackson—son of Thomas and Laurie Jackson, has been accepted at Jefferson Community College. Congratulations Ryan! Victoria Kunert—daughter of Christopher and Prudence Kunert, has been accepted at LeMoyne College. Congratulations Victoria! Austen LaBarge—son of James and Bonnie LaBarge, has been accepted at SUNY Oswego into the Psychology Program. Congratulations Austen! Jennifer McConnell—daughter of Carl and Janice McConnell, has been accepted at Jefferson Community College into the Childhood Education Program. Congratulations Jennifer! Jake Spaulding—son of Thomas and Roxanne Spaulding, has been accepted at Mohawk Valley Community College into the Accounting Program. Congratulations Jake! Chad Tessier—son of Laurie Thomas and John Tessier, has been accepted at Jefferson Community College into the Criminal Justice Two-Year Program. Congratulations Chad!

College Scholarships and Awards


ara Hovendon, at left, daughter of Thomas and Virginia Hovendon, has been selected to receive an Elmira College Presidential Honor Scholarship in the amount of $92,000 over four years ($23,000 per year). This award was based on Sara’s academic achievements. Congratulations Sara!


ictoria Kunert, at right, daughter of Christopher and Prudence Kunert, is the recipient of a Le Moyne College Dean Scholarship in the amount of $60,000 ($15,000 per academic year). This award was based on Victoria’s academic promise. Congratulations Victoria!

Volume 47, Issue 7

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Scholarships for Seniors and Current College Students


he Norbert L. Gazin Scholarship is available to graduates or graduating seniors that lived in Lewis County at the time of their birth. Priority is given to applicants enrolled in engineering, agriculture, or forestry program; however, all applicants are considered. You must also have lived in Lewis County for the past five years. Please call Mrs. Prince in the Counseling Center at 688-2573 to obtain an application. All applications must be returned to the Counseling Center by March 25th, 2011. No late or incomplete applications will be considered.


he Northern New York Community Foundation, Inc. has three scholarships available for high school students and college students. The Freshman Scholarship (for high school seniors), Junior Scholarship (for college sophomores), and the Non-Traditional Scholarship (for students in any year of college or technical school) are available for residents of Jefferson or Lewis Counties. Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students. Graduate study is not funded. Selection for both Freshman and Junior scholarships are based upon academic achievement and personal data. Any unusual hardships and special family or personal circumstances should be described in the application. Scholarship amounts are based upon unmet financial need as determined by the student's college. Applications must be received in the Counseling Center by March 25, 2011(CCS deadline).


he Alliance with the Medical Society of Jefferson County will be awarding scholarships to Jefferson County residents who are pursuing a career in an accredited health related field (i.e. nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational medicine). They will not be accepting pre-med at this time. Scholarships are based on academic excellence, financial need, personal essay, and references. Please call Mrs. Prince in the Counseling Center at 688-2573 to obtain an application. All applications must be returned to the Counseling Center by March 24, 2011.


olly Pitcher Lewis Memorial Fund and the Lewis County General Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship is available for residents of Lewis County, hospital employees or immediate family members of a LCHG employee and must be matriculated into a college curriculum leading to a career in healthcare. Applicants are eligible to reapply for the scholarship each year they remain in college. Please call Mrs. Prince in the Counseling Center at 688-2573 to obtain an application and scholarship criteria. Applications must be returned to the Counseling Center by March 25, 2011. No late or incomplete applications


complete listing of all scholarships is available on our website. You may check it out at Click on Student Support > Counseling Center > Financial Aid/Scholarships > Scholarships > Current Scholarships Available. Check it out!


Students of the Quarter

ongratulations to Wendy Colton, daughter of Kerry and Susan Colton, Cierra Dicob, daughter of Michelle Dicob, and Timothy Sullivan, son of Harold and Elizabeth Sullivan! Each quarter, instructors from the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center select one student from their program who exhibits outstanding qualities. Wendy was chosen for her great effort, great citizenship, high academic achievement and positive influence on the class in Automotive Technology. Cierra was chosen for her high academic achievement, positive influence on the class, and perfect attendance in Medical Careers. Timothy was chosen for his positive influence on the class in Gas/Diesel Mechanics. Congratulations to Wendy, Cierra, and Timothy. Keep up the outstanding work!

Volume 47, Issue 7

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Upcoming Open Houses We encourage students and families to visit campuses during Open House programs, which usually include campus tours, admission interviews, and an opportunity to meet with faculty, staff, and coaches. It is a time during which the colleges are open to the public for “exhibition.“ SUNY Open House Programs: Alfred State: March 26th, April 10th. Buffalo (University of): March 26th, April 20th (North Campus), April 21st (South Campus). Canton: April 23rd. Delhi: April 23rd. Environmental Science & Forestry:: April 16th (Syracuse), April 30th (Ranger School). Plattsburgh: April 16th. Upstate Medical University (Syracuse): March 26th. Community Colleges: Clinton: March 4th, March 22nd, April 2nd, April 19th. Fulton-Montgomery: March 5th. Onondaga: April 29th. Private Colleges & Universities Open House Programs: Adelphi University: Spring Open House on May 8th. Houghton College: 2011 Encounter Days on Friday, March 25th and Monday, April 11th. Keuka College: Open House on April 16th. St. John Fisher College: Saturday Information Sessions on March 12th, March 19th, April 2nd, April 30th. St. Joseph’s College of Nursing at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center: March 16th. St. Lawrence University: Visit Days on Saturday, April 3rd and Friday, April 23rd.

4th Annual MASH Camp The Fourth Annual MASH Camp will be held this summer. The Northern New York Rural Health Care Alliance, Inc., is again partnering with the Jeff/Lewis BOCES, Carthage Area Hospital, Lewis County General Hospital, the Northern Area Health Education Center, Samaritan Medical Center, River Hospital, and Jefferson Community College and Jeff/Lewis Public Health and EMS to offer this program (which is at no cost to students to attend) to our local 8-11 grade students. Students participate in a 5-day on-site training and information program. If you are interested in health careers, this is a great opportunity! Information packets and applications are available in the Guidance Office. Space will be limited at each of the sessions. Deadline for application submission is Friday, April 8th.

Volume 47, Issue 7


Career Pros

Page 13

hroughout the school year, each week a different “Career Choice” will be explored. Experts in those fields will be invited in to share his/her experiences. What better way to learn about a career than by someone who is out there doing it, a “Career Pro”! Students in grades 8-12 participate in this program. We are looking for presenters. If you or someone you know would be interested in informing students about your career, we would be interested in hearing from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Gillette at 688-2573 or for more information.

January and February Career Pros: (left) Robert Blaschke (Plumber/Heating Specialist); (lower left) Tim Roberts (NY State Trooper); (below middle) Sara Carpenter (Graphic Designer); and (below right) Brigitte Gillette (School Counselor) and Lori Tiffany (Mental Health Counselor) speak with students about their professions.

YAC Members Attend Winter Conference On February 1st, five members of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) participated in YAC Winter Conference, which was held at Lewis Lanes, Lowville. The full morning schedule started with an Welcome and Orientation, including the Guidelines for the 2010-2011 Special Grant Award and presentation of “Our YAC’s Best Project of 2010-2011”. Vice President Sara McNamara gave a presentation on behalf of Copenhagen’s YAC. The afternoon schedule included lunch and a fun time with open bowling for all participants. The Youth Advisory Council is a group dedicated to granting money to community groups, activities, and organizations. YAC is a partnership between high school students and the Pratt Northam Foundation. Our school's YAC has money to grant. Any non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for a grant from YAC! In other words, the organization does not have to be affiliated with the school in order to apply. If you are involved with an organization and need some money, stop into the guidance office or go to the YAC section of the school website to get an application form. YAC will also be hosting its annual Talent Show to raise money. This year, we will be raising money for the American Cancer Society. The Talent Show will be on April 7th. Those interested in competing should start planning their acts. We hope that you plan on attending the help us raise money for this worthy cause! (Left) YAC members who attending the Conference (L-R): Elise Edmonds, SaRena Eves, Sara McNamara, Connor Berrus, and Hayley Moser.

(Right) YAC Vice President Sara McNamara addresses the conference about projects the Copenhagen YAC has been involved with.

Volume 47, Issue 7

Workforce 2020

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On Wednesday, January 19th, seniors had the opportunity to hear from local businesses what jobs/careers are and will be available to them and what qualifications are needed to fill those jobs. Our local businesses had the opportunity to be proactive in nurturing the development of our future workforce. To be prepared, seniors updated their resumes, researched local businesses, and honed their in-

terview skills. Here are a few pictures of our students being interviewed, or anxiously awaiting their next interview.

Sara Hovendon and Morgan-Taylor Kiernan discuss their resumes with Peter Whitmore of the Watertown Chamber of Commerce.

Brandon Dicob and William Lafountain discuss future job opportunities with a representative of the Bricklayers & Allied Craftsman Union.

Alex Moser reviews career opportunities in engineering with an associate of The Stebbins Engineering & Mfg. Co.

Kelly Furgison and Jennifer McConnell review teaching career possibilities with Jefferson Community College administrators.

Danielle Eisel and Victoria Kunert learn more about opportunities in the education field from Watertown School District administrators.

Tim Kennell speaks with Bruce Rosbrook and John O’Driscoll of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Works (IBEW) Local Union 910.

Volume 47, Issue 7

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Which test is better for you? Taking the ACT Science Reasoning section doesn’t mean you’ll have to memorize the periodic table! Any information you need is provided. What the section really tests is your ability to think like a scientist— draw conclusions from data, grasp the purpose of an experiment, or identify an assumption underlying a scientific theory. SAT Critical Reading is like analyzing a debate, while ACT Reading is more like researching a term paper. If you’re good at interpretation, you’ll do well on the SAT. But if you’re more of a quantitative thinker, you might be more comfortable on the ACT. ACT tests English grammar where SAT does not. SAT I includes a writing section. Students will be asked to write an essay in addition to multiple choice questions. The ACT has the writing section optional this year. Both the SAT and ACT test high school math and permit you to use a calculator. If you enjoy questions that call upon logical reasoning and visualization, you might prefer the SAT. But if you’re more comfortable with straightforward, academically rigorous questions, the ACT might be for you. SAT math does not include trigonometry, ACT has trigonometry questions.

Test Date:

May 7

June 4

Registration Deadline:

April 8

May 6



Test Date:

April 9

June 11

Registration Deadline:

March 4

May 6


$33.00 ($48.00 if taking Plus Writing)

$33.00 ($48.00) if taking Plus Writing)


Where can I Watertown (33take the exam? 962) Lowville (33-570) Carthage (33-300)

Watertown (33962)

Where can I take JCC (027-750) the exam? Carthage (196-410)

JCC (027-750) Lowville (181-500)

Please note: You will need picture ID to be admitted to any test. If you don’t have one, you may pick up an identification letter in the Counseling Office.

SAT/ACT Exam Fee Waivers If your child is eligible to receive free or reduced school lunch fee, he or she may also be eligible to receive a fee waiver for the SAT and ACT exams. Encourage your child to get a fee waiver from Mrs. Gillette before sending in the registration packets. By obtaining the fee waiver, your child may also be eligible to get college admissions fees waived next year.

Volume 47, Issue 7


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Young Scholars Program – Summer 2011 

Clarkson University is offering a challenging one week program for high school students (will be entering tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade as of September 2011) from July 10th to July 16th, 2011. Each year, projects related to real world-issues challenge students from a variety of perspectives. This year’s project will be “Branding the Adirondacks.” Young Scholars students will learn about marketing and entrepreneurship along with how to develop effective leadership, critical thinking and teamwork skills. For more information, cost and an application, see Mrs. Gillette in the Guidance Office. Space is limited for this program to 25 students and you are encouraged to apply on or before April 2011. Deadline to apply is June 11, 2011. You can visit Clarkson’s website for additional information and an application, as well as a list of requirements, at

Horizons Students


he following students have been nominated to participate in the “Horizons” summer program: Nicole Gardner (8th Grade), daughter of Dennis and Tracy Gardner, Claire Stackel (7th Grade), daughter of Robert and Katherine Stackel, and Sydney Greene (7th Grade), daughter of Daniel and Mary Kay Greene. The program is for 7th and 8th grade females who have achieved a grade of 90 or higher in math and science classes. If selected by the Horizon Staff, the girls will spend a week at Clarkson University exploring math and science careers. Congratulations girls!

Volume 47, Issue 7

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College Summer Programs Many colleges are offering summer programs. Students stay on campus in the dorm for one week while learning various subjects. Ithaca College is offering one-week minicourses, or three-week sessions for sophomores or juniors. For each session there are several courses being offered. Courses vary between Acting, Health Sciences, Sport Management, Writing College Applications Essays, Digital Photography, General Psychology, and many more. The cost of sessions varies from $1,280 for the one week minicourses to $4,980 for the three-week session. Costs covers tuition, room, board and activity fees. If your child is interested, you may contact Ithaca College at 607-274-3143 for additional information. Visit their website at Cornell University also offers summer programs for high school students. For “an unforgettable, lifechanging summer” visit their web site now to find out what Cornell University’s award-winning Summer College Programs for High School Students have to offer you. Check it out at The United States Military Academy is offering their Summer Leaders Seminar this summer at West Point. If you are interested you may call 845-938-4041 or check out their website at and click on Summer Program. If you are interested in attending a summer program, please stop by the Counseling Center for more information. Alfred College is offering several summer programs. Their summer programs include: Astronomy, Creative Writing, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Equestrian Camps, Swim Camp, Sports Camps, Chemistry, Theater, and Art Portfolio Prep. For more information call 607-871-2612 or visit their website at Boston University is offering a Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS). From July 4th to August 13th, 2011, PROMYS will offer an intensive experience in creative mathematical exploration to approximately 70 ambitious high school students with an exceptionally strong interest in mathematics. PROMYS is a six-week residential program with an approximate per student cost of $2,700 (financial assistance is available). For more information or to apply you may visit their website at or call 617-353-2563. Application deadline is May 30, 2011.

Talent Show Mark your calendars! The Copenhagen Youth Advisory Council is sponsoring a Talent Show for students in Grades 6-12. On Thursday, April 7th, at 6:30 p.m., students will have the opportunity to show off their talents to earn great prizes. All proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society. If you would like to sign up or if you have any questions, you may stop in the Counseling Center or call the office at 688-2573.

2011 Annual Syracuse National College Fair


here can you go to learn information about any college you are interested in attending? The 2011 Syracuse National College Fair will be held on Sunday, April 3rd, from 1:00 pm—4:00 pm and on Monday, April 4th, from 9:00 am—1:00 pm at the Empire Expo Center, at the New York State Fairgrounds, in Syracuse. If you are looking for additional information, please visit You may also call Mrs. Gillette at 688-2573 or 315487-7711.

Volume 47, Issue 7

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Wednesday June 15th

Thursday June 16th

Friday June 17th

Monday June 20th

Tuesday June 21st

Wednesday June 22nd

Thursday June 23rd

8:15 a.m.

8:15 a.m.

8:15 a.m.

8:15 a.m.

8:15 a.m.

8:15 a.m.

8:15 a.m.

Global History & Geography

U.S. History & Government

Comprehensive English

RCT in Global Studies

Living Environment Algebra 2/Trig


RCT in U.S. History & Government

12:15 p.m.

12:15 p.m.

12:15 p.m.

12:15 p.m.

12:15 p.m.

12:15 p.m.

12:15 p.m.

Physics RCT in Science

Integrated Algebra

Earth Science

RCT in Writing

Chemistry RCT in Reading

Geometry RCT in Math

*All 8th grade students taking Spanish must take this exam. Please be advised the Regents Exams are given at these times across the state and may not be made up if absent. Attendance is mandatory.

Course Selections


rs. Gillette has been meeting individually with all students in grades 9-11, to plan their courses for next year. After the meeting, each student will bring home his or her course selection sheet to review with parents. Please review the courses selected, sign, and return the sheet to the counseling office. Be sure to check out the course description link from the Counseling Center area of our website. You can find it at>Student Support>Counseling Center>Course Catalog. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to meet with Mrs. Gillette to review the course selections, please call 688-2573.

Attention Parents of 8th graders... Your student will be receiving a copy of the Copenhagen Central School Course Selections for 2011-2012 in class soon. Please call Mrs. Prince at 688-2573 to set up a meeting with Mrs. Gillette. In March, she will be meeting with you and your student to go over their high school four year plan, discuss graduation requirements, and course selections for next year.

11th Annual Lewis County College Fair


n Tuesday, March 22nd, South Lewis Central Schools will be hosting the 11th annual Lewis County College Fair. More than 50 colleges from all over New York State will be in the South Lewis Middle School gymnasium from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to offer college admissions information and answer your questions. All students and parents in grades 9-12 are encouraged to attend. Please contact Mrs. Gillette at 688-2573 or Julie Birmingham at 348-2530 with any questions.

March 2 Success


arch 2 Success is a free web-based program designed to help middle and high school students enhance, math, science, and English skills while learning valuable strategies for taking standardized tests. Anyone over the age of 13, can sign onto to register and see a demonstration course. The free course offerings are as follows: Comprehensive English, Integrated Math, Integrated Science, Test Taking Skills and Strategies, ASVAB, SAT program, and ACT program. Check it out!

Volume 47, Issue 7

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Quarter 2 Honor Roll Merit Roll

Honor Roll

High Honor Roll




Grade 6: McCaffrey Carroll, Christian Delaney, Kylie Guyette, Katlin Hayden, Alex Herzberg, Robyn Scraper, Dustin Snyder, Andrea Travis, James Uhlinger.

Grade 6: Cassandra Kunert, Dawson Moser, Brian Rice, Maci Spaulding.

Grade 6: Drew Baker, Ashley Gardner, Dylan Rose, Erica Sawyer, Michaela Thomas, Hope Woodruff.

Grade 7: Kyle Burgess, Connor Eddy, Madison Furgison, Robert Groff, Theron Lauber, Brittany Pelan, Taylor Snyder, Klaire Sullivan, Richard Vrooman, Mackenzie Wheeler. Grade 8: Makenzie Carr, Kevin Carroll, Nathan Freeman, Breanna Helfrich, Brenden Jacobs, Breven Jacobs, Morgan Moore, Cory Moser, Gregory Pelan, Brooke Spaulding, Mackenzie St. Louis, Samuel Williams. Grade 9: Alicia Evans, Karlee Herzig, Gregory Kunert, Kelsey Pitts, Cheyenne Rose. Grade 10: Ivan Dushchenko, Wyatt Lyndaker, Logan Marolf, Cassidy O’Donnell, Najib Quinones, Kasey Rivers, Justin Roberts, Logan Wheeler.

Grade 11: Nicole Bowen, Kyle Clarke, Katelyn Clement, Alexandra LaBarge, Alex Lyndaker, Logan Marolf, Taylor Murtha, Marissa Parsons, Gregory Sullivan, Timothy Sullivan, Brittany Tanner. Grade 12: Travis Bennett, Cody Dunn, Rebecca Edwards, Ryan Jackson, Courtney Jordan, Jacob Shew, Francis Tan-Alberto, Chad Tessier.


Grade 7: Brandon Buckley, Laura Graves, Nicole Tanner, Kylie Tomaselli, Alexis Trainham, Alexandera Veihl, Isaac Widrick, Jordan Young. Grade 8: Antonio Figueroa, Nicole Gardner, Damian Green, Emily Griffin, Summer Patrick, Ian Sawyer, Emily Sipher, Tessa Tanner. Grade 9: Summer Freeman, Abraham Gingerich, Christian Hamilton, Samantha Kallen, Carlo TanAlberto, Christopher Thompson. Grade 10: Erika Eddy, Luke Evans, Lindsey Fitzpatrick, Christian Johnson, Steven Kennell, Kody Petrus, Christopher Romero, Tyler St. Louis.. Grade 11: Connor Berrus, Cierra Dicob, SaRena Eves, Rachel Griffin, Nicole Henry, Harley Montalvo, Joseph Murtha, Derek Nicol, Sara Rice, Kristen Salisbury, Joseph Whitmore, Ryan Willits. Grade 12: Danielle Ames, Taylor Church, Phillip Clarke, Bethany Deveines, Cheyanne Garza, Kevin Groff, Austen LaBarge, Jennifer McConnell, Alex Moser, Jake Spaulding, Joshua Spaulding, Gabriel Tan-Alberto.

Grade 7: Sydney Greene, Brandy Pelan, Emma Roberts, Claire Stackel, Christie Thomas. Grade 8: Ryan Smith. Grade 9: Sara Goutremout, Brandon Moser, Brianna Muncy, Ashley Willits, Adam Woodruff. Grade 10: Morgan Herbert, Heidi Moser, Rachel Muncy, Zachary Nicol, Sydney O’Shaughnessy. Grade 11: Wendy Colton, Elise Edmonds, Sara McNamara, Autumn Moser, Hayley Moser, Taylor Tomaselli, Jaryn Waugh. Grade 12: Kyle Bowles, Danielle Eisel, Jacob Frith, Kelly Furgison, Sara Hovendon, Timothy Kennell, MorganTaylor Kiernan, David Koberling, Victoria Kunert, Randi Montalvo, Derek Moser.

Volume 47, Issue 7

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Winter Sports Wrap—Up J.V. Girls Basketball Coach Tamie Stephenson The JV Girls Basketball team had a great season with much dedication and determination to be successful. Without the help from Coach Scott and the Varsity Girls, the JV girls would not have been as successful. With only six players all season, the team practiced hard and played their hardest every time they stepped out on the court. I believe the ladies were very successful this year because of the great defense they played. There were numerous times when the ladies kept themselves in games and came back because of the defensive stops they would make. All the ladies made huge improvements throughout the season. They found out that hard work and effort can pay off! The team ended the season with playing their last game at LaFargeville with only five players. The ladies struggled the first half of the game because they could not get into a rhythm. It wasn’t until the second half that the ladies started to mesh as a team and take control of the game. The team only lost to Carthage and Sackets Harbor. Both Sackets Harbor games were really close and showed how much heart the girls really put into playing basketball. By losing by 2 the first time and only one point the second time was a disappoint-

ment to the girls because of how well they played. The team’s overall record ended up 12-4 and JV Girls took 1st place in the Lewis County Christmas Tournament held at South Lewis. I would like to thank Hailey Tweedy, Katie Best, and Sophia Martin for their much needed help managing. I would also like to thank Renee Eisel and Melissa Herbert for traveling to games and keeping score. Lastly, thanks to our parents and fans for their support this season. Members of the team included: Erika Eddy (captain, 10th grader), Morgan Herbert (captain, 10th grader), Liz Martin (captain, 10th grader), Alicia Evans (9th grader), Brianna Muncy (9th grader), and Brooke Spaulding (8th grader).

J.V. Boy’s Basketball Coach Troy Buckley The J.V. Boys’ Basketball team ended their season with a record of 2-13 for the 2010-11 seasons. At first glance it seems

success was not in our favor, however success is measured in many different ways. The boys learned not only about the game but they learned about themselves too. Everyone worked hard at every practice, and did their best in every game. The boys improved every day throughout the season, and as a coach that is how you measure true success. Our two wins came early in the season, the most gratifying being the defeat of Lyme on their home court. Congratulations to our leading scorer on the season, Brandon Scott, with 98 points. Congratulations also to Antonio Figueroa, who after 7 games with the J.V. team compiled 139 points, and was then moved up to compete on the Varsity level due to small numbers on the team. I would like to wish the sophomores good luck next year and I look forward to working with the freshmen again next year. I would like to thank the parents for their support and understanding throughout the entire season. Thanks also to my dedicated and hard working managers Brandon, Cody, and Zach. Last but by no means least, thank you Renee Eisel for keeping the book and Cathy Snyder for running the scorers table, and to our wonderful Custodial Staff for always having the Gym ready to go!

Volume 47, Issue 7

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Kiernan Breaks Point Record On Tuesday, January 18, 2011 Morgan Kiernan broke the school record for the most points scored in a girls’ Varsity Basketball game. Morgan scored 37 points against Alex Bay. The previous record holder was Eliza Gaines, eight years ago with 36 points.

On January 7th, 2001, Morgan was selected as one of Mel Busler’s Channel 7 Athlete’s of the Week. Congratulations Morgan!

Board Actions January 11, 2011 Special Official Meeting  Approved payment of contracts for health and welfare services provided Copenhagen Central School students attending parochial schools in the Beaver River (3 students—$536.56) Central School District and the Lowville Academy and ( 3 students $593.37) Central School District  Approved appointment of the following substitute teachers: a) Kristen Gunderson; b) Alicia Spooner, c) Joseph Widrick; d) Christopher Roggie  Approved extension of employment agreement with Interim Superintendent Judy Waligory for days to be worked to include January 17 (paid holiday), 18, 19, 20 and 21.  Approved memorandum of

Agreement with Judy Waligory to provide mentoring services from January 24 through June 30, 2011.  Approved request received from Mrs. Cindy Carroll, Copenhagen Wrestling Club, for use of Wrestling room, Wrestling Room Lobby, Cafeteria and Kitchen, Large Gym, on dates as presented.  Approved request from Mr. Woodruff, CCS FFA Advisor, for permission for CCS FFA students to attend the FFA Winter Weekend with Delaware, Lowville, South Lewis and Carthage FFA’s which will be on January 21-23, 2011 at the FFA Camp in Croghan, NY at no cost of the district. Transportation will be provided by Lowville Academy & Central School.


Voted to increase lunch prices from $1.50 to $1.65 for all students, effective March 1, 2011  Approved Request from Neil Freeman, Varsity Wrestling Coach, for an overnight trip for the Varsity Wrestling team on January 14—15, 2011 to Schoharie Dual Meet Tournament, Schoharie, NY, provided the Wrestling Club pays expenses for the hotel room and bus driver’s salary  Approved the appointment of Mrs. Kim R. Vogt member, Board of Education, to fill vacancy created by resignation of Raymond D. O’Brien, effective January 11,2 011 through may 17, 2011. District Treasurer Marcia Mundy administered the Oath of Office to Mrs. Vogt.

Wanted: School Election Inspectors and Annual Meeting Chairperson Due to the passing of our long time friend, Bob Berry, and the retirements of Morris Lucia and Gertrude Horning, the District is looking for two (2) individuals who would be willing to work as Inspectors of Election and one (1) individual who would be willing to serve as the Annual Meeting Chairperson. Election Inspectors are required to complete classes which are offered in the summer by the Lewis County Board of Elections. The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 3, 2011 and the annual budget vote to occur on Tuesday, May 17, 2011. If you have an interest in serving, please contact District Clerk Mary Jones at 688-4411 or

Copenhagen Central School P.O. Box 30 Copenhagen, NY 13626

U.S. Postage Paid Non-Profit Permit No. 2 Copenhagen, NY 13626

Address Service Requested

vs. Sen y t l u c Fa n r Club e t s l be o l o i o w B e e Th g am at 7:00 etball k h s t a 6 B 1 h io r ill , Marc y a d s ission w e m n d d e A W g y m. C.C.S. e h e t h t n i efit p.m. . o ben t 0 0 . i p F un d h s r a l be $2 o ch r Club S e t s o o B

g Meetin p i r T r Senio y m e et r o t a d n te a ma b l l i articipa w p e e r r e a h T ho t h ei r d niors w n e s a r a o d f lori ing in rip to F t e :00 30 h 6 t t a in 1 g 3 in March n o s t n eteria. pare the caf

T-Ball and Coach Pitch Sign-ups Scheduled for March 31st


Sign-ups for T-ball and Coach Pitch for the upcoming season will be Thursday, March 31, 2011 between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. in the back foyer by the cafeteria. Please sign up on this night. There is a $10.00 charge per child. Season will run from

April 26th thru June 2nd. Kindergarten thru second graders will participate in T-ball. Third through 6th graders will participate in coach pitch. If you are interested in coaching or for more information, please contact SueAnn Carroll at 6882352.

Copenhagen Central School March, 2011 Newsletter  

Copenhagen Central School March, 2011 Newsletter

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