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Camden’s Charter School Network’s Economic Toolkit Our Commitment All schools founded under Camden’s Charter School Network were created with one goal in mind, to provide quality education to our youth regardless of race, creed, disability or socioeconomic status. The children of Camden deserve every opportunity afforded to their counterparts in surrounding towns, regardless of financial hardship. Therefore, we find it necessary to provide these financial resources to our parents.

Before and After School Care To meet the needs of our working parents/ guardians, all network schools offer after school programs completely free of charge. In addition, before school care is also offered free for all elementary students. All students who participate in these programs also receive breakfast during before-school programs and dinner during after-school programs. For more information, please visit

Academic Tutoring and Enrichment Academic tutoring and enrichment is offered to every student as part of our after school programs at no charge. More information on each school’s programming can be found on the network website. In addition, students that are concerned with their academic performance should also seek assistance from their teachers.

Summer School Programming To help alleviate child care needs in the summer months, all network schools offer summer programming, typically running for four week throughout the month of July. Summer programs vary based on school, in which most are focused on enrichment and school transition. All summer programs are offered to all students at no additional cost to the parents / guardians. For a complete list of summer programs, please visit:

Social Services Network schools’ guidance counselors, social workers and psychologist are available to assist students, including those who may be experiencing anxiety due to a traumatic event or due to a

transition in school or home. For an appointment or referral, parents can call Mrs. Graham at for Promise and Ms. Gonzalez at for all elementary schools. In addition, below are some useful links to county and community based services for youth and family development: Children and Family Services

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Camden County Department of Children’s Services Center for Youth and Family Services Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey

Crisis Hotline and Support

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Crisis Hotline – Camden County Suicide Prevention National Center for PTSD

Clinics, Hospitals and Medical Centers

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Camden County Regional Health Centers Camden County Hospitals Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers

Career Education and Employment Resources

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Camden County Career Center Literacy Volunteers of Camden County New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development – Job Fairs

Legal Resources, Emergency Shelters for Men, Women and Children

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Camden County Women’s Center Homeless and Prevention Shelters State of New Jersey Office of the Public Defender

Substance Abuse Information and Counseling

Camden County – Directory for Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Economic Toolkit for Parents  
Economic Toolkit for Parents  

Financial resources for education and family planning