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Who’s looking at your construction site when you’re not? Chances are it is someone likely to cause trouble; maybe they have an eye on stealing your plant or materials; perhaps they just want to cause damage; of they may be a group of youths who see it as a playground, not as a danger zone.

The Problems Whoever they are, they represent major problems for the building industry. A few facts and figures reveal the scale of these:

CCS Site Protection Solutions It’s Your Choice All those facts and figures are compelling reasons for using one or more of CCS’ Site Protection Solutions. What makes CCS unique is the flexibility offered to our customers - you choose whichever service and systems best suits your particular site conditions, security and safety requirements and budget. Our extensive experience of construction site protection is available to help you achieve the optimum turnkey solution.

Annual losses from thefts and vandalism on construction sites are estimated at approximately £400m that’s over £1m per day (The Equipment & Plant Register) Over 1000 excavators are stolen each year At anytime a site is vulnerable - tools worth £2000 were stolen while the workforce were having a tea break!! The Health & Safety Executive estimates there are around 11 fires a day on construction sites They also recorded the deaths of 72 construction workers construction in 2007/8 In the last 5 years, over 530 children have been killed or injured on construction sites in Great Britain Rubbish is dumped illegally (flytipped) every 35 seconds in England - and construction and mothballed sites, and void properties are popular targets Too often such threats are ignored; sites are left unattended, insecure and unsafe leading to:

Financial loss Disruption to work Increased insurance premiums More accidents Potential legal action

Protected construction sites reduce theft, vandalism and costs

Security fences alone are not the answer to site protection

Alarms & CCTV Surveillance CCS alarm sensors - all wire-free and radio-linked, - communicate day and night with their base stations. A site and risk survey identifies the most effective places to fix them; for example at gates, entrances, next to plant and material stores or on poles at strategic points. Alternatively they can be fixed to perimeter fences or moved around the site or building at will. Choose from:

The latest dual-beam sensor reduces false alarms significantly

Motion detectors Gate / door contacts Fire and Smoke Detectors Scaffold alarms

CCTV is the most effective method of watching sites and buildings when they are unsupervised. We use high-resolution colour cameras (static and speed dome) with full pan-and-tilt and zoom features that can handle high contrast in light conditions.

Above: Strategicallyplaced CCTV cameras can cover the whole of a site

PA systems broadcasts warn workforce about potential hazards; or warn off intruders

Monitoring and Response Our 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Surveillance operation swings into action when an alarm is triggered; a siren is then sounded and a warning broadcast. The CCTV cameras instantly transmit the images to our central monitoring station which then tracks any intruders on the site and alerts out local response team to attend the incident. Within the M25 we have our own unique, dedicated, motorcycle response team –who are in full communication with the monitoring station through headcams and audio

Access Control

connections. They can call on the back-up team to confirm sightings and recordings, carry out a full site patrol, and alert the emergency services if necessary. Outside the M25 we use the best response team in each area to guarantee a similar high-level service. For on-site monitoring CCS offers a unique, easy-to-use, push-button operated, unit with in-built DVD recorder and CD-writer. All CCTV footage is recorded onto hard disk while all our installations have their own dedicated website allowing access to live and recorded images by anyone with the relevant codes.

Full height turnstile barriers stop unauthorised entry

Even when a site is manned it is crucial that only authorised personnel are allowed on site. CCS systems do just that while also providing valuable staff management data.

Manned Guarding CCS treats these as the first line of defence for use in conjunction with our other services as part of an overall protection package. CCS supplies fencing and hoarding options including a legal 10,000 volt electric fence while our SIA approved security guards have all been CRB checked.

Biometric hand reading time attendance systems that positively identifies each employee are among the latest technology used by CCS; others include proximity cards and retina readers

Clarke Construction Security Limited The Arches 16 / 17 Castlehaven Road Camden NW1 8RA t: 020 7424 0754 f: 020 7424 0795 e:

Why CCS CCS installs and maintains all the equipment it supplies. We only use CSCS trained engineers while members of our response teams are all SIA certified Through a series of strategic partnerships we are allied with leading providers of security services and systems while we have excellent relationships with the police who value our efforts highly For over 10 years CCS has been dedicated to site protection - it’s where our expertise, experience and skills lie Our systems are installed to permanent installation standards – our SSAIB accreditation proves that CCS is ISO 9001 2000 certified to ensure our company, its staff and systems operate to the highest standards

The Evidence Our video recordings capture many different types of incidents including theft of machinery and materials, wilful damage, fires, and poor working practices. We have seen workers set fire to themselves and advised about site operations in terms of where to leave machinery. In one month alone CCS surveillance and response resulted in 5 arrests, we prevented a fire that could have destroyed a £50m property, and responded to 120 site alarms. Such results are the best testimonials for CCS Site Protection.

All our client operations are backed-up by full activity reports

CPR The CCS Benefits Users choose their specific CCS Solution Our solutions can make manned guarding redundant on smaller sites and make it more effective on larger ones by reducing the number of guards needed Cost-savings in excess of 60% compared with manned security or static guards Customers get peace-of-mind confident their sites and premises are kept safe and secure

City Patrol and Response (CPR), a CCS subsidiary, offers a quality keyholding and alarm response service within the M25. By continually checking on-site and in-premise alarms CPR can react rapidly at any time of the day by sending its motorcycle response teams within minutes. Equipped with headcams and audio connections they can record the situation and its aftermath for use as evidence in any subsequent prosecution. As keyholders they can, if necessary, enter to check the situation and reset the alarms and /or alert the police and other emergency services.

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