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A Letter from our principal...

Principal: Cathy Santelle

January 27, 2012 Dear Parents and Guardians, The safety and the security of our students is our number one concern here at Woodview School. When volunteering, please stop by at the main office to sign in. We have a system that we are using that requires us to scan your driver’s license the first time you come in to volunteer. Once this has been done, the office staff will print you a badge before you head down to work in your child’s classroom. We always want to make sure that our students are safe while school is in session. Thank you for your continued support with the safety of all of our children. To those of you who have volunteered already this year, we thank you for the time you share with us. Winter benchmark testing is complete and we are excited to utilize this new data working with your children towards their specific goals. The February conference time is coming up soon. This is an opportunity to revisit the goals set at the October conference. Please look for information from your child’s classroom teacher as to scheduling your time for the week of February 13th-16th. Finally, if you know someone who does not receive the Woody Review, please encourage them to sign up by simply visiting our district website and selecting the Going Green link. They can select to receive news from the district as well. Help us spread the word so we can increase our communication. I look forward to seeing you at conference time! Sincerely, Cathy Santelle Principal

WOODVIEW SCHOOL CALENDAR Woodview School 340 Alleghany Road




January 31st


January Birthday Breakfast

January 31st


Math Start Musical 9:00 & 10:00 a.m.

February 1st


2nd Grade Military Presentation 1:15 p.m.

February 1st


Board of Ed. Meeting 6:30 p.m.

February 3rd


Lip Sync Show/Spaghetti Dinner 6-9 p.m.

February 6th


100th Day of School

February 10th


Jump Rope For Heart Assembly 1:00 p.m.

Grayslake, IL. 60030 847.223.3668

WOODVIEW PTO PRESIDETS: Lisa Bako 224-200-7573 Krista Bean 847-543-0805 VICE PRESIDETS: Emily Heidloff 847-986-4145

TREASURER: Missy Katzenmaier 847-548-1732 SECRETARIES: Traci Parker 847-752-2061 Amy Hieronymus 847-548-4768

Stephanie Weatherly STAFF LIAISO: Gerry Sousa 847-543-0785 WAYS AD MEAS: De Brown 847-223-8207 Casper Provo 847-231-6786 Brandi Kornit 312-330-0197 Tony Primack 847-204-4487

FIND US ON FACEBOOK! Stay informed and see what exciting things are going on at Woodview. Our Facebook page will provide you with lots of valuable information about PTO fundraisers and other events! Look for “Woodview School PTO” on Facebook and “LIKE” us today!

SIX FLAGS READ TO SUCCEED The forms for the Six Flags Read to Succeed program have gone home and can also be found in this newsletter. The deadline to turn these forms in is Friday, February 17, 2012.

Mr. Feldman is in desperate need of new PE Equipment. He would like to purchase new resistance bands, medicine balls in several different weights, and agility ladders. If you would be willing to contribute to the PE Equipment Fund for Mr. Feldman, please send in your donation in an envelope marked “PE Equipment.” Checks can be made out to Woodview PTO. Look for Mr. Feldman’s Wish List board at the Lip Sync Show. Additionally, Woodview will be having a Dine and Share at Mitch’s on March 20th, with all proceeds benefiting the PE Equipment Fund.

! U O Y K N A H T It’s time to order the Woodview School Yearbook! Your student only gets to experience their school year once, so don’t let this chance to order a yearbook pass you by. Please use the link below to order online, or send a check payable to CCSD #46 to the school office.



On Tuesday, January 31st, the Fine Arts Committee of the PTO will present our second assembly of the school year. Theatrebam Chicago will be at Woodview, performing the play: “The Main Street Kids’ Club: A Math Start Musical.” The play is a charming musical based on the books by Stuart J. Murphy! The children will be able to explore mathematical concepts through fun characters in the Kid's Club. Music was written by Michael Mahler. Performances are scheduled for 9:00 and 10:00 am. Afternoon kindergartners are invited to come to the first performance at 9:00 in the Multi-purpose room. Theatrebam Chicago has performed the plays, “Schoolhouse Rock Live” and “Parker in the Park” in previous years, and they always give a great performance. We are excited to have them back at Woodview! Be sure to ask your child on Tuesday night how they enjoyed the play!

Do you have old cell phones around your house? The Woodview PTO is collecting old cell phones and will receive funds for each cell phone we collect. If you have a phone you would like to donate, please have your child bring it to the school office. Please remove SIM cards before donating to protect your privacy.

Lip Sync Show/Spaghetti Dinner The Annual Lip Sync Show and Spaghetti Dinner is next Friday, February 3. Dinner starts at 6pm, and the show begins at 6:30p.m. Because of space limitations, we ask that you please eat in shifts. Dinner will be available the entire evening. Performers need to be at the school by 5:45p.m. Preorders for tickets are due January 31. Preordered tickets are $5/adults, $4/kids (kids 3 and under are free). Tickets include admission to the show and dinner. Add $1 if purchasing tickets at the door. Please see order form on the next page. We are still looking for volunteers! Help is needed with setting up in the gym (beginning at 3:30pm), serving food (45 minute shifts), and cleaning up at the end of the evening. Please send an email to if you are able to help. Also, baked goods are needed for our dessert table. If you are coming to the spaghetti dinner, please consider bringing cookies or cupcakes to share. Desserts can be store bought or homemade. The Lip Sync Show will be professionally recorded, and DVDs can be purchased for $20/ each. Orders for DVDs are due back February 10. Please see order form in this newsletter.


The Woodview Raffle Night is the new Bingo, Beef and Baskets ight at Woodview! It’s coming March 9th to Woodview School~

Play Bingo with your friends while dining on food catered by Mitch's Chicago Style Grill. Don't forget to check out the raffle baskets in the Raffle room, too! Beef sandwiches, hot dogs, mac and cheese and salad, all catered by Mitch's, will be available for purchase. If you have an item you would like to donate to the Raffle, please contact: Emily Heidloff at Donations desired are gift cards, electronic items, toys, or feel free to make your own raffle basket!


Woodview School is holding a competition to see which class can collect 200 box tops the fastest. Each class earns a paper snowman part by collecting box tops. They must collect: 50 box tops for the bottom, 50 box tops for the middle, 50 box tops for the head, 50 box tops for the hat. The class that completes the snowman first wins. The progress of each class can be monitored on the bulletin board across from the office. Mrs. Wonsil's class collected over 200 box tops on the first day of the contest! They won an extra recess with Mrs. Santelle. The next class to collect 200 was Mrs. Feldman's class, they also won an extra recess with Mrs. Santelle. The next three classes to collect 200 box tops will win small, snow-themed prizes to take home. Don’t forget to keep looking for box tops on items you purchase from the store, then send them in to help your child’s class build their snowman!

Woody’s S’more Store Student Council will be opening Woody's S'more Store the week of January 23-27. The store will have Woodview pencils, bendy pencils, pencil grips, erasers in fun shapes, folders and koala pencil huggers. All items are priced $1 or less. The store will be open from 7:55-8:20 am each morning and students will be allowed to shop on their assigned day of the week. If you have any questions about the school store, please call the office. The school store will be open the following weeks from 7:55 a.m. to 8:20 a.m.: February 27-March 2 March 19-23 April 16-20 May 14-18

School Store Schedule: Monday—4th Grade Students Tuesday—2nd Grade Students Wednesday– 1st Grade Students Thursday—3rd Grade Students Friday– Kindergarten Students (PM students will shop at 11:40a.m.)

Art News I am always looking for more parent volunteers to help out in the art room at various times throughout the year. If you are interested in helping please contact me at There are different supplies that the art room is always looking for: Washable markers, baby wipes, pencils, glitter, kids treats and prizes, masking tape, large zip lock bags, tissues. Kindergarten The students are learning about the primary and secondary colors. They are painting a piece of paper with each color. Then the students will turn their brush over and make marks on there paper, this is texture. When they finish, the Teacher will read them an Eric Carle storybook and learn all about the artist. With their textured paper, they will make an outdoor picture by cutting out shapes and gluing it all together. First Grade The Teacher will read the story; Huggly takes a Bath, by Tedd Arnolds. The students will then have to create their own bed monster out of construction paper. They will have to be creative and use their imagination to come up with a unique bed monster. The students will also be learning how to decorate their monster by cutting out shapes instead of drawing it out. Also to this project, the students will learn how to do printmaking. They will be making bubbles so their bed monster can take a bath. Second Grade The students are learning about the life of the artist named Vincent Van Gogh. They will be learning about the art period he was in, Post Impressionism. Van Gogh liked to show his brush strokes in his work, and the students will have to follow that style in their art project. The students are also learning what is in a landscape: the foreground, the background, the sky, a horizon line, and nature. In their art project, the students will draw a starry night landscape, just like Van Gogh famous painting, The Starry Night. Third Grade The students are learning about the life of the artist named Georgia O’Keeffe. The students will find out that Georgia O’Keeffe like to paint flowers really big and close up. The students will have to create their own flower close up. Also, the students will learn about the analogous colors, which are colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel. They will have to use analogous colors when they paint their flowers. Fourth Grade The students are finishing learning about the artist, Keith Haring. Keith Haring liked to draw cartoon figure drawings that showed movement and action. The teacher had student volunteers come and pose in an athletic stance for the other students to draw them. Then the students outlined their cartoon figures with different colored lines. These lines made the picture appear like the cartoon figures were moving just like Keith Haring’s artwork. The reason why the students did this project was for the fundraiser Jump Rope for Heart, which they will be doing in P.E. class. Thanks! Allison Heinz Art Teacher-Woodview School

P.E. UPDATE Hello Woodview Families, Over the past few weeks in Physical Education our 1st and 2nd grade classes have continued to develop their locomotor and manipulative skills by participating in a variety of engaging activities. Students in 3rd and 4th grade have been participating in our badminton unit. This unit helps our students properly develop hand-eye coordination as they must strike a "birdie" with their racket. In kindergarten, students have participated in various fun activities including parachute and tag games. This week your child should have brought home information regarding the Jump Rope for Heart. The fundraising portion of the Jump Rope for Heart has begun and will continue into next week leading up to the event, which will take place during classes the week of February 6-10. Students are to collect donations and record it on the fundraising form (which should have been brought home). All donations are due by Thursday, February 9th. There are numerous prizes that students can receive including a pizza party for the class that collects the most donations, and the top individual students will be able to "PIE" their teachers in the face! The students have already started to show their excitement for the Jump Rope for Heart and I hope we are able to make this event a success! If you have any questions please email

Thanks! Steve Feldman and Matt Mulvaney, P.E. Teachers– Woodview School

GOLDEN TICKET WINNERS Erik T. Abby S. Ella W. Charlie M. Audrey P. Max P. Matthew J. Christian B. Sydnee H. Jeremiah A. Christian M. Thomas R. Sydney K. Libby B. Taylor P. Katie W. Olivia H. John G. Ian G. John A. Leah T. Caleb J. Caroline R. Prateek T. Adilene I. Arthur P. Aidan P. Colin K. Jailen D. Jake B. Grace C. Tyler C. Kayla B. Ellen C. Sami M. Jordon G.

Josie R. Quinn K. Jackson J. Taylor F. Henry D. Liam B. Peyton G. Rory S. MJ D. Bryce D. Marvin A. Aidan S. Naryah Q. Lainy S. Taylor G. Angelina M. Marcus H. Ariel D. Ramaya S. Delaney U. Jose S. Alex W. Charlie B. William W. Seth G. Calen B. Rahquan D. Claire D. Logan S. Henry D. Jake B. Ella G. Brendan W. Charlie P. Jaeger B.

Maya M. Luis I. Alana N. Nolan M. Sienna D. Cassaundra T. Kendall G. Duncan J. Michal B. Isabel A. Abby M. Georgia C. Bryan S. Mrs. Bella’s Class Mrs. Duguid’s Class Mrs. Hyams’ Class Mrs. Lambie’s Class Mrs. Lett’s Class Mrs. Miller’s Class Mrs. Wonsil’s Class

STAY HEALTHY THIS FLU SEASON TIPS FROM THE D46 HEALTH COORDINATORS To help keep illnesses and flu to a minimum, we are asking that all students and families follow these simple steps: 1. PLEASE keep sick children home from school until they are fever free for 24 hours without medication, such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin). A fever is considered above 99.5 degrees, and their cough should be gone! 2. Teach your children to COVER THEIR COUGHS and wash hands often. Hand sanitizers are also effective. 3. The CDC recommends that ALL school-age children receive flu vaccinations. Seasonal flu vaccines are available now. 4. Prepare in advance. Have alternative childcare providers available if you cannot stay home or pick up your sick child at school. Sick students cannot remain at school! 5. PLEASE report your child’s absence to school and tell us if you suspect flu. (Just saying “sick” doesn’t help us track illness trends in classrooms.) 6. Make sure we have current phone numbers to reach you and your emergency contacts.

FREE CHICAGO WOLVES HOCKEY TICKET FOR STUDENTS!!!!!!! The Chicago Wolves Hockey Team has donated to Woodview 214 FREE tickets for selected games (see dates below). If you would like a ticket, please contact the school office to receive a certificate. Tickets will still have to be ordered by mail, fax, phone or online. There will be only 1 certificate per family allowed on a first come first serve basis. Don't wait or the tickets might be gone!!!!

February 3rd at 7:30 p.m. February 4th at 7:30 p.m. February 18th at 7:00 p.m. February 19th at 3:00 p.m. February 24th at 7:30 p.m. February 25th at 7:00 p.m. March 4th at 4:00 p.m. March 24th at 7:00 p.m. March 25th at 3:00 p.m. April 14th at 7:00 p.m. April 15th at 4:00 p.m.

Our 2011-2012 Market Day grocery fundraising program is underway! Watch for a new flyer to come home soon!

Clip & save Tyson Project A+ labels. Turn in the labels to school. Your school redeems them for cash. Each label is worth $.26.

Here is another way to earn money for Woodview. Simply clip the Box Tops from your favorite General Mills products and send them to school with your child!

Chef Tony says, “Brrrr, soups and other hot meals from Market Day are sure to warm you through and through this winter. Check out the new flyer!”

Did you know that Woodview collects Campbell’s soup labels? The labels are worth points and must have the UPC code in order to be used. The points can be redeemed for books, gym equipment, and other items for our school. Each teacher has a box in the classroom to collect labels and box tops!

Woodview Woody Review 1/27/12  

Woodview School Woody Review Newsletter 1/27/12

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