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Notes from the Music Room The students have been very busy already this year learning how to read rhythms, notes, and different parts of written music. They have also been introduced to new composers and performers, playing instruments and studying music from other parts of the world. The fourth graders have been busy practicing their recorders every week in class. There is, of course, a lot of singing in class as well. All first through fourth grade music students have been developing their academic vocabulary from the Word Wall since the beginning of school this year. More information about what is going on in your childʼs music class, recorder assignments and practice recordings, local concerts, PV concert information and private lesson teachers can all be found on my website @ Home.html . You may contact me anytime: Laura Huber, PV Music

Student Educational Links Tab. Here you can find research links, homework and enrichment links, as well as links to sites that will help our keyboarding skills. In the library we are learning to use Destiny to help us find books that will interest us. You can access our school library catalog from any computer with an Internet connection. From our Prairieview Web Page, click on the Parents and Students Tab then click on Destiny Library Server. Did you know we have a contest in the library that runs all year? Each week your child checks out library books and they are due the following week. At the end of the year, the class that returns all of their library books each week the most times will win a prize! Remember to return your books! Students are learning about books that have been nominated for the Monarch and Blue Stem Awards and will be able to vote to help pick the winners! The most exciting news is that we have new books that PTO donated to our library as a result of the Book Fair! Thank you, PTO! -Kirsten Innes

Lots of exciting things are happening in the Media Center! We are trying something new with our first through fourth graders-we are blogging! We are blogging to help students with their reading and writing skills. We are also meeting the Common Core State Standard of writing for an audience and writing in all content areas. We are using and it is password protected. Only those with the password can see what they have been given permission to see. When your childʼs teacher sends out the log in information, please feel free to comment. Remember to sign your name so we know who commented as parents can log in with their childʼs information. Why are we blogging? There are lots of great activities that are accessible to your children from our Prairieview Web Page. Click on the Parents and Students Tab and then click on the

See what we are creating in the Art Room! I am so happy to return to working with our students in the Art room after my maternity leave. The kids have been busy and continue to work on their imaginations! Students started off the year with Mrs. Butts, who teaches Art at Avon School. We appreciated her creativity and work until I returned! This is a snapshot of what we have been up to: Kindergarten students are working on a letter book where each letter represents a different type of art material or way of making art. First graders created flowers with oil pastels like Georgia OʻKeeffe. We read Maurice Sendakʼs book and designed Wild Things using visual texture. We are now working on some colored squares after Mondrian. Second graders used warm and cool

colors for a bright drawing of hands, found the horizon line in famous landscape paintings, made fantastic trees by blowing paint with a straw and are now exploring different lines and shapes and the artist Miro. Third graders studied Laurel Burchʼs animal paintings, imagined themselves as the future president by creating a campaign poster, and are now studying Klimt by creating a layered picture with tissue paper, silver and bronze paint and markers. Fourth graders studied analogous colors and created a still life inspired by vanGogh, learned how to draw leaves, and worked on the Shedd Aquariumʼs Wreath Cycled project. We are now working on some landscape drawings using Zentangle doodles. Finally, a big Thank You! to the families that participated in our fall Art to Remember fundraiser. I hope that you are enjoying your childʼs artwork! -Lianne Tebussek

Physical Education Hello friends and families of Prairieview school! We are having fun teaching students how to keep their bodies healthy and strong. So far this year 3rd and 4th grade have participated in fitness testing, football and basketball activities. Kindergarten through 2nd grade is working on individual and group activities and also played some basketball as well! Something new this year is the incorporation of writing; 3rd and 4th are goal setting and using reflection sheets, all grade levels are working on vocabulary. The completed goal sheets will be sent home shortly. For the remainder of the school year we will be doing scooters, volleyball, floor hockey, jump rope, soccer, dance, frisbees, bowling, kickball and more fitness and fun games. -Mr. Hart & Mrs. Morton


Prairieview PTO Pride December 14, 2012 Volume 6, Issue 7

Market Day Thank you to all who support Market Day! Please note that Market Day pick up is Saturday, December 15 at Meadowview. If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Arnopolin at 847-543-8818!

PTO Board Members Kristi James – President 913-549-8690 Kathy Stanislowski – Vice President

THANK YOU!!!! Thank you to all that came out to support Family Dinner Night at Penn Station in Grayslake. Please be on the look out for Family Dinner Nights and other PTO Family events when we return from winter break!

847-548-2511 Stephanie Arnopolin – Vice President 847-543-8818 Staci Parmer – Treasurer

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12/13 Holiday Shoppe at PV. 5-7pm. 12/14 Holiday Shoppe at PV 3-6pm. 12/15 Market Day Pick Up at Meadowview. 12/18 All School Assemblies~ The Reptile Guy 12/21 Winter Parties 12/24-1/4- No School for Winter Break 1/25/13 Soup R Chili Cook Off/Family Bingo/Raffle Night

847-548-9137 Tina Coleman – Secretary

PV PTO Updates!

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Spirit wear orders arrive this week! Please be on the lookout for them! We had a HUGE order to process! The PTO thanks you for your patience and support! Our PV Holiday Shoppe is being held on two dates, Thur. Dec. 13 from 5-7pm. We will be serving Hot Chocolate! As a special treat come and hear Mr. Murray read Holiday stories from 6-7pm! The Holiday Shoppe will also be open on Fri. Dec. 14 from 36pm. For those families new to PV Holiday Shoppe is a traveling store that comes to PV. Students are able to choose gifts from a variety of items for that someone special. We have bags that presents can be wrapped in. It is a lot of fun! We hope to see you there! 847-740-3253 Kelly Murphy – Ways and Means 847-752-8780 Nikki Schmipff- Volunteer Coordinator 847-366-9780 Margaret Vergamini-Volunteer Coordinator 847-975-2715

Please be on the look out for more information in the upcoming newsletters about our first Family Bowling Night!

Quickly approaching is our Soup R Chili Cook-off, BINGO night and Raffle. Save the date for Friday, January 25th. Our teacher raffle will be held at this event as well as items we typically have for raffle at spring event. We will need volunteers for baking, helping with the raffle, contestants for the cook-off, and raffle donations. LOTS more information to come on this fun filled event!!! Please contact Kristi James if you any questions!

The PV PTO Executive Board would like to wish you and your family the Happiest of Holidays! Have a fun and safe winter break! We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Integrity & Curiosity Expectation: Give your best effort Purpose of the lesson? Why it is important: 1.To teach children that giving their best effort makes learning easier. 2.To teach children that giving their best effort makes them feel proud. Teaching Examples: The following presents situations that your child might find himself in. Use these examples to discuss with your child how to make good decisions about keeping giving his/her best effort. *A relative is teaching your child how to catch a fish. Your child did a good job of putting the bait on the hook and casting the line. The hardest part for your child is to sit quietly and wait patiently. Your child lays down the fishing rod and is about to give up. Ask your child how he/she could express feelings to the relative. Brainstorm with your child on what he/she could do rather then give up (ex. take a break, use relaxation techniques, chat quietly with the relative). Ask your child how it would feel to give his/her best effort and catch a fish. *Your child brought home the first report card of the school year. Your child was upset because he/she didn’t get as high of grades as was expected. Talk to your child about why your child felt that he/she should have received higher grades. Talk about the amount of studying your child does at home. Could your child put forth a greater effort? If so, help your child to make a plan for studying on a daily bases (ex. what subject what night, how long, with help or without). *You asked your child to help you clean the house. Your child was dusting the furniture and you noticed that he/she was rushing to get through and had missed many spots. Ask your child if he/she thinks that they are really helping if their best effort is not made. Tell your child how it makes you feel when he/she is not putting forth their best effort. Talk to your child about how much longer it will take to have to start again rather then doing it with more effort the first time. Kid Activities/Role Plays: 1.Discuss that it is O.K. that some people take longer to learn some things then others. Give examples from your own experiences. As long as people are giving their best effort they will learn what they need to know at their own pace. 2.List the things people can do and the ways people can show that they are giving their best effort. 3.Talk about the fact that when a person is making their best effort they are showing respect for themselves and showing others that they are ready to learn. Follow-up/Reinforcement Activities: 1.Verbally praise your child when you see that he/she is giving their best effort in academics, social situations, or in personal goals. 2.When you see that your child is making a great effort ask him/her to look at the gains they have made (ex. yesterday you misspelled four words on the spelling quiz I gave you and today you only misspelled three words). *Lesson courtesy of Longfellow School Â

Prairieview School‘s “S.W.A.T”Program

Dear Parents/Guardians, Does the logo at the top look familiar to you? It should look familiar to your child. You may have seen it posted in one of our classrooms or hanging from all of our teacher’s lanyards. We use this to remind students and staff of the steps to take if they experience disrespect in our school. As with all behavior expectations, we know that teaching “what to do” is an important first step. Here are the steps we are teaching the children: • If someone is not treating you with respect, use your stop sign and tell that person to “stop” with confidence. • If that person continues to bother you, then walk away. • If that person stops, then you have solved the problem. Great job! You don’t need to involve an adult.

• If that person does not stop, then talk to an adult immediately. • If your child is told to stop, they should take a deep breath, count to 10, and walk away. We are also using the word “bystander” with the students. A bystander is a person who sees something happen. If you see another person being treated disrespectfully at Prairieview School, you have an obligation to do the right thing by going to that person and inviting them to join you somewhere else (thereby, getting them away from the person who is not being respectful) or using your own stop sign. Of course, we are telling he children that if someone hurts them or someone else, to tell an adult immediately. The “stop” process is skipped if there is a safety issue. How can you help? Have your child show you his or her “stop sign”. It should be a hand with a bent elbow. (Not a hand in someone’s face!) Your child should make eye contact with you and say “stop” in a strong voice. Practice situations with your child when he would not need to involve an adult. (He uses his stop sign and the other person stops.) Practice situations with your child when he would need to involve an adult. (He uses his “stop” sign and walks away and the person continues to be disrespectful.) Thank you for your help with this important program! If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (847) 543-6267 Sara Peterson Anti-Bullying Committee PrairieviewSchool


Grace in Mrs. Kalata’s Class thinks friendship means, “I have a


Mia Mann, Jacob Rohlfing, Robbie White, Cielo Barrios, Emily Papnicolaou, Lexi Prochaska, Mayre Cabanas, Sean Munoz, Estrella Ortega-Barba, Elila Romo, Tara Miller, Dan Olsen, Ram Sudharsanan, Ben Phannavinh, Santiago Romero, Ryan Vagnoni, Mayre Cabanas-Castillo, Dominic Ring , Lily Avila, Grace O'Connor, Danny Lopez, Thatcher Burrell, Neal Hart, Peyton Danz, Alejandro Amador, Elila Romo Jessica Munoz, Logan Birmingham


Jordan in Mrs. Schneider’s Class thinks friendship means, “Being nice to


Kate McDonough, Brady Mann, Vivian Toman, Jerrell Jackson, Riley Lahey, Sohiae Wylie, Samantha Galauskas, Sudiksha Peramanu, Jeremiah Crump, Kyle Sink, Bella Emerick, Jose Lopez, Mya Weatherspoon, Delanie Sura, Isaiah Hill, Cheyenne Briceno, Cicely Kelly, William Wegner, Viridiana Garcia, Kate McDonough, Ally Struck, Brian Buchert, Char Vega, Emiliano Garcia, Bella Domier, Jacob Redker, Hudson Kern, Eduardo Gonzalez, Jassmin Ramirez, Brady Mann, Mya Ampil, Nick Juenger


Liam in Mrs. K. Peterson’s Class thinks friendship means, “Having a friend and not fighting.”

Izzy Mack, Ralph Deleon, Kali James, Justin Kolman, Tatum Schuerman, Goda Zmuda, Jose Jimenez-Ubera, Danaysha Michael, Andreas Webb, Sage Coleman, Kendall Guillen, Akira Crump, Max Farris, Kaylie Wilkinson, Tayamarie Kalas, Logan Riopell, Corinne Hill, Ryan Pulaski, Kaylee Islas, Joanne Je


Jaime in Mrs. Walt’s Class thinks friendship means, “To be friends with people, flexible and respect people’s cultures.”

Adema Kalstup, Jenny Vora, Edwin Monge, Sammy Newman, Jacky Vasquez, Mateo Fernandez, Carson Drummer, Lily Bassett, Sarah Kovalcheck, Adrian Nunez, Carlos Gomez, Destiny Sanchez, Anthony Waszak, Kolby Witt, Sarah Burkinshaw, Tyler Neuman, John Rogers, Lucas Takiff, Oziel Tapia, Miriya Vo, Wyatt Oldham, Daniel Krum, Andres Garcia, Devin Racho, Kolby Witt, Anthony Waszak, Madeline Sosa, Suhani Peramanu, Max Guillen, Jacob Sweeney


Darby in Mrs. Mayer’s Class thinks friendship means, “To be loyal.”

Jackie Hoyt, Megan Morrissey, Dylan Racho, Sophia Bruce, Grace Serres, Micaela O'Halleran, Jason Wooten, Kaylee Martinez, Anthony Neubauer, Abby Sobyra, Alex Islas, Natalia Stepek, Logan Dow, Cailin Hawn, James Rohlfing, Ting Ting Zhan, Eddie Carter, Becky Oldham, Chantel Gerow, Andy Rubio, Matthew Mauritz, Emma Przybylski, James DeLeon, Daniel Becerra, Chassidy Wells, Emma Shriberg, Mrs. Mayer’s Class, Mrs. Erickson’s Class, Hailie Miller, Daniel Becerra

BUS PALS: BUS #1 Emily Rivera, Thatcher Burrell, Angelina Sosa, Nicole Papin BUS #2 Ananya Nair, Micaela O’Halleran, Demar Hill, Francisco Barroso, Will Doninger, Jordain Maglaque BUS #3 Sierra Sullivan BUS #4 Abbie Juenger, Madison Sandvig BUS #5 Caitlin Saxinger BUS #6 Ryan Si, Grace Serres BUS #7 Sophiae Wylie, Micky Drevline, Alexandra Islas Valenzuela, Sophia Bruce BUS #8 Mallory Ramsden

KINDERGARTEN: Joanne Gaastra & Cameron Bates FIRST GRADE: Bella Domier & RaeganHawn SECOND GRADE: Aliza Howard, Goda Zmuda, THIRD GRADE: Katelyn Stickney & Ryan Padron FOURTH GRADE: Emma Semersky,Cordrel Sanders & Brett Arnopolin