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! 291!Lexington!Lane,!Grayslake,!IL!60030!9!!Phone!847922393656!!9!!Fax!!847922393531! Laura!Morgan,!Principal! ! ! February 7, 2014 Volume 17 Issue 20 Dear Meadowview Parents and Guardians, During the week of February 10th you are invited to meet with your child(ren)’s teacher(s) during Conferences. During the first conference of the year parents and teachers established goals for the children. Throughout the first portion of the year your child’s teacher has been working with him/her with those goals in mind. As your child has achieved his/her goals, new goals have been established. At our second set of conferences the students are invited to join us. By including the students in the conference they are able to articulate their learning with you and receive immediate feedback while they share their progress. In order to arrange conference times that best meet the needs of all of our parents, students will be dismissed at: 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 13th (P.M. kindergarten attends) There will be no school on Friday, February 14th. All conferences will be scheduled during the week of February 10th. If you will be out of town, please consider the conference schedule in your planning. If you are unavailable the teachers will schedule a phone conference with you. The teachers look forward to conferring with you regarding your child’s learning. Since the students will be involved in their conference, many teachers have asked that you arrive to their classroom fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled time. Please watch for information from your child’s teacher with specific details. Many of you are in continual communication with your child's teacher through the use of the voice mail system, e-mail, notes to school and phone calls. However, if you feel you require additional time to speak with the teacher without your child present, please let your child’s teacher know and that will be arranged. Sincerely,

Laura Morgan



Order!your!yearbook!at!$ !

2013-2014 Meadowview School Yearbook The 2013 yearbook is on sale now for $18. Please note that the price has changed. Reserve your copy online today at or bring this completed order form and cash or check made out to Meadowview School to the main office. Don't delay, order today! NEW$THIS$YEAR!–!additional!images!and! content!that!did!not!make!the!yearbook!will!be!available!ONLY!with!yearbook!purchase!through!Jostens!Time!Capsule.! ! Student Name:___________________________________________________ Teacher Name:___________________________________________________ Number of Yearbooks __________ x $18 = ____________________________ Method of payment: Cash


OR Check #______________________________



The Family Dance is just around the corner and the Raffle Committee is looking for donations of old baskets or decorative tubs to use for raffle items. We are also looking for any items from the 80s to use in our museum. These museum items will be returned to you after the dance. If you have any of these items that you are willing to donate, please send them into the school office by February 21st. Or feel free to contact Nikki Calhoun at 224-456-2099 or for pick up. Thanks so much!

The Meadowview “Family Flashback� Dance is just around the corner! March 1, 2014 Each year several baskets and items are raffled off. This is a great time for Home Consultants and Small Businesses to take advantage of this great advertising opportunity. Not to mention helping support our school!! If you have any goods or services you would like to donate to the Family Dance, please feel free to contact Nikki Calhoun @ 224-456-4099 or Before Feb. 24th.


The Meadowview PTO presents Flashback Family Dance March 1st 2014

On Saturday March 1st, 2014 from 5-8pm, Meadowview is flashing back to the 1980’s! Join us for a totally tubular time! We will have plenty of rad activities like a Gaga ball pit, a gnarly obstacle course, 80’s crafts, a retro museum, a cupcake walk, a math test…Psych! (just kidding), and of course...dancing. No duh! Here’s the 411 (information): Admission to the dance is $5 per person, which includes two slices of pizza, a beverage, and activities (Gaga ball is $1). Raffle tickets can be pre-ordered or purchased at the door for a chance to win totally bad (amazing) raffle baskets. They are $1 per ticket or 6 for $5, 12 for $10, and 24 for $20. If you prepay the entrance fee you will receive 6 FREE raffle tickets with your order! You and your parents should dress up in 80’s style, like for sure! It’s going to be most excellent so don’t miss it! Parents, if you have any 80s toys or memorabilia that we can borrow to display in our retro museum, please contact Rael Swigert at 847-757-4085! or Items will be returned after the dance. YES, WE WILL ATTEND! WE NEED: ____ Entrance Tickets @$5/person (Children 2 and under are free) ____ # of Raffle Tickets

YES! I WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER Please circle the time frame(s) and the area(s) that you would like to help:

Student’s name: ___________________ Teacher: ______________ Grade: ____ Phone: ________________ Email: _________________

Sat. March 1st: 4-5 5-6 6-7 7-8 8-9 Set up Clean Up

Please make checks payable to Meadowview PTO and return to your child’s teacher by Mon. Feb. 25th Tickets will be available for pickup the night of the event. You will receive an email confirmation of your order. For questions, contact Judy Donohue at 847.223.0573 or

Tickets Crafts

Raffles Food Any Area


Bake for the cupcake walk _______ Name ___________________________ Email ____________________________ Phone number ___________________

MEADOWVIEW FAMILY SCIENCE NIGHT FEBRUARY 27, 2014 6:30-8:30 (Registration from 6:00-6:25)

Engaging Presentations..... -The Study of BUGS and Other Awesome Creepy Crawlies! The science of entomology is alive (literally) and changing every day. Entomologists have the opportunity to work on solutions to protect human health whether it is fighting the battle against mosquitoes that transmit disease, protection of honey bee health or the crops that feed the billions of humans across the world. Entomology is an exciting, relevant and essential science. If you’ve never heard of it- now’s the time to learn!

-Fibonacci Fun!! Did you know that flowers, trees, hurricanes, and pine cones can do math?!?! Come learn about a simple sequence of numbers that show up all throughout nature, but more importantly, find out why! -Water


JOIN US!! Sign up online OR fill out

Don't be afraid to get your feet wet, join us as we wade into the wonders of water in our world. This session includes a kid-friendly presentation and hands-on experiment. Quench your thirst for answers to questions like: What is one thing that all living things need? Or, How much water is on Earth today compared to dinosaur times? Or even, what is full of holes but can still hold water? What runs but never walks? Come find out at Water Wonders.

the registration on the back of this page.


-All families with children in grades K-4 are welcome to attend with an adult chaperone.


Magnets can do much more than just hold your artwork to the refrigerator. Come test your strength against different magnets. Explore how electricity can make a magnet, and how a magnet can make electricity. See a magnet float in the air, and act like a spring. Try to guess the strange things the magnet will do next. You'll even learn how to make a working motor using a battery, a magnet, and a piece of wire -Crazy

Cool Chemical Changes

Chemistry is happening all around us! Come learn the difference between physical and chemical changes in a hands-on, discovery based style where all children will be engaged in experimenting!

SIGN UP NOW! nhMPmRljvWaKaZyWGnaJqZ8Ra TgJzDOV0Ba0dUIO-o/viewform

REGISTRATION Questions? Please contact Nicole McRee at

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issue, date

Registration Form Family Last Name

-Please write the last name for the adult that will be attending with the children. _________________________________________________

Family Email Address -Please provide an email address. This is for Family Science Night communications only. _________________________________________________

Grade and Name of Children Attending

-Please write in the student's full name (first and last) and also their current grade. If multiple children in your family are attending, please list them all. Example: Ashley Newman - 3rd Grade

Please return to the Meadowview School Office. Thank you for your participation!! 2

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