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Don’t forget to sign up for

CCSD 46 Summer

Academy Monday – Thursday (no school on Fridays) June 9 - July 2

at Frederick School Please send registration forms to:

Stephanie Possehl: Prairieview School

103 East Belvidere Road

Registration packets can be found on the district website.

Please know, classes are $80.00 each if you register before April

25th! After April 25th, classes rise to $85.00 each. So send in your registration early! Hope to see you at Summer Academy!!! Any questions, please contact Steve Feldman or Stephanie Possehl


“The Great Tournament, a trial of mythic warriors and ancient kings as the thunder of hooves and the shattering of lances fill the Hall as combat is engaged. Swords clash, axes ring, as one knight seeks the title of Champion.”

Dear Parents, Prepare for a trip back in time! We are thrilled to be able to offer our students a trip back to Medieval Times to celebrate the pageantry of the middle ages. Sixth grade has arranged for an end of the year field trip to Medieval Times in Schaumburg to enrich our study of the middle ages. We will depart Frederick on May 27th at 9:30 am and return around 2:00. The cost of the trip will be $44 per student. This fee includes transportation to and from the arena, an individual color framed group photo of our team, cheering flag banner, fourcourse feast & beverages, a half hour seminar, and two-hour jousting show. We are sending this information well in advance to make payment as convenient as possible. Please send back the form below with your choice of payment option. Let us know if you have any concerns. The children are very excited and we’d like them all to experience this event. Thank you, Sixth Grade Payment dates 3/14, 4/25

---------------------------------------------Cut--------------------------------------------------Child’s Name___________________Homeroom______________ Your Signature____________________________ _________I am enclosing payment of $44 _________I will make 2 payments of $22 -due March 14th $22-due April 25th _________I will make a full payment by April 25th. Please make check payable to C.C.S.D. #46

PARENTS…) • • • • •

Are$you$and$your$child$frustrated$with$LATE$and$MISSING$assignments?$ Does$your$child$struggle$with$keeping$their$school$work$ORGANIZED?$ Could$he/she$use$help$with$GOAL$SETTING,$PRIORITIZING$and$PLANNING?$ Would$you$like$them$to$establish$routines$to$MONITOR$and$CHECK$their$work?$ Do$you$want$to$help$them$INCREASE$THEIR$ACADEMIC$PERFORMANCE?$

Many%children%have%the%ability%to%produce%good%grades%but%may%require%assistance%in%these% areas%to%give%them%the%boost%they%need%to%raise%those%Cs%and%Ds%to%As%and%Bs!!!% IF)you)answered)YES)to)any)of)these)questions)above,)you)might)want)to)join)us)to)hear) about)PROVEN)TIPS)AND)STRATEGIES)THAT)YOU)CAN)USE)TO)HELP)YOUR)CHILD)BECOME) MORE)SUCCESSFUL)IN)SCHOOL)AND)SUCCEED)TO)THEIR)LEVEL)OF)ABILITY!)

The%Frederick%PTO%will%be%hosting%a%special%evening%with%guest%speaker%% Dr.$Marisa$Kunz,$Psy.D.$from$Grand$Oaks$Behavioral$Health$ % Hear)what)she)has)to)say)that)can)help)minimize)the)frustrations)) and)help)you)increase)your)child’s)academic)performance!)) Handouts)covering)these)topics)will)be)available)for)you)to)take)home)as)well.) )

WHEN:))TUESDAY,)APRIL)29TH))) TIME:))6:30[7:30)P.M.)(Followed)by)Q&A)session)) WHERE:))AT)FREDERICK)SCHOOL) Dr. Kunz is a licensed clinical psychologist. She received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Schaumburg campus. Prior to that, she attended Western Illinois University, where she obtained her Masters of Science in Clinical and Community Mental Health. She also attended the University of Dayton in Ohio, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Dr. Kunz has extensive experience working with individuals of all ages in various settings, such as community mental health centers, public and private schools, therapeutic day schools, outpatient clinics, and private practice. She has experience helping individuals deal with various disorders, such as Autism/Asperger's Syndrome, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, and interpersonal relationship difficulties. Dr. Kunz specializes in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral disorders, as well as early childhood developmental disabilities. Dr. Kunz's therapeutic style integrates techniques including cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, interpersonal, play therapy, and family systems. Dr. Kunz emphasizes a collaborative and interactive approach to therapy and believes that through solid communication, questioning, and self-exploration individuals have the capacity to live healthy and productive lives.

April Donations Needed for Wes’ Hope In March Wes’ Hope sent out a total of 8 care packages to a deployed Naval Unit. Five of those care packages came from donations from Frederick School and District 46. My aunt and I thank you all so much! For April we have selected a small Army Unit of four men and one woman based out of Ft. Lewis, Washington and currently deployed to Afghanistan. Our April package(s) will be mailed out April 16, 2014 (this is also Wes’ birthday). I need your help. Please ask your family to consider sending donations to school. Donation boxes are located near the school entrance. This unit is not asking for much, mostly snacks and reading material. Let's flood them with care packages in April in honor of Wes' Birthday! Thanks, Allie Cowlin (5th grade) Items this Army Unit wants/needs They have mini refrigerators and microwaves. The men enjoy reading motor cross, offroading and men's health magazines. The woman in the unit spends most of her free time reading classic books or other books as seen in the Modern Library Top 100. They all love watching movies and TV in their free time. They are ALL foodies and love to snack on anything they can get their hands on. Notes: • In addition to donations, please consider writing a letter/card/note of Thanks. • Monetary donations (to help with postage and additional care package items) can be made via • All food must be pre-packaged. (No home cooked anything.) • Do not send illegal copies of anything.

About Wes’ Hope: My cousin Wes Singer passed away two years ago. He was 25 and served in the United States Army for almost four years. My Aunt Debbie started Wes’ Hope to honor Wes’ life and keep his memory alive. It is also important to me to keep my cousin Wes’ memory alive so, along with my Aunt, we decided to adopt soldiers who are deployed. It is so important that we not forget these men and women who are serving our country.