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CCSD  46  –  August  2013  

Understanding the   Common  Core   Community  Consolidated  School  District  46  

Community Consolidated  School  District  46  

CCSD 46  –  August  2013    

Common Core  State  Standards  are  designed   to  help  educators  provide  all  students  with  a   high-­‐quality,  consistent  education.  

Now is  the  time  to  get  real  about  what  children  learn  if  they  are  to   succeed  in  today’s  world.  Right  now,  only  1  in  4  Illinois  high  school   students  graduate  ready  for  real  life,  college  or  a  career.   Building  on  the  foundation  of  standards  states   have  already  laid,  the  Common  Core  State   Standards  are  designed  to  help  educators  provide   all  students  with  a  high-­‐quality,  consistent   education.  Currently,  forty-­‐five  states,  the  District   of  Columbia,  and  four  additional  U.S.  territories   have  adopted  the  Common  Core  State  Standards   (CCSS).       Common  Core  establishes  clear   expectations  for  what  students   should  be  learning  in  English   Language  Arts  and  Mathematics  at   every  grade  level  from  pre-­‐ kindergarten  through  12th  grade.   Initiated  by  governors  and  state  

education leaders  from  a  consortium  of  more   than  forty  states,  the  Common  Core  represents  a   collaborative  effort  to  raise  expectations  and   improve  instruction  for  all  students  regardless  of   where  they  live  and  to  provide  students  with  an   equal  opportunity  to  succeed  academically.  The   Common  Core  sets  high,  clear  and  uniform   standards  to  prepare  students  for  college  and  the   work  force.  

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CCSD 46  –  August  2013    

Common Core  establishes  clear   expectations  for  what  students   should  be  learning.  

Common Core  establishes  clear  expectations  for   what  students  should  be  learning  in  English   Language  Arts  and  Mathematics  at  every  grade   level  from  pre-­‐kindergarten  through  12th  grade.   Initiated  by  governors  and  state  education   leaders  from  a  consortium  of  more  than  forty   states,  the  Common  Core  represents  a   collaborative  effort  to  raise  expectations  and   improve  instruction  for  all  students  regardless  of   where  they  live  and  to  provide  students  with  an   equal  opportunity  to  succeed  academically.  The   Common  Core  sets  high,  clear  and  uniform   standards  to  prepare  students  for  college  and  the   work  force.      

The Differences  

Critical thinking   Concept  mastery   Depth  of  knowledge  

The Common  Core  standards  differ  from  previous   learning  standards  because  of  their  emphasis  on   critical  thinking  and  concept  mastery.       In  English  Language  Arts,  the  standards   emphasize  the  importance  of  critically  reading   and  analyzing  nonfiction  and  classic  literature.     Additionally,  using  evidence  to  back  claims  and   expanding  academic  vocabulary  is  stressed.  In   mathematics,  the  standards  call  for  greater  focus   on  fewer  topics  so  that  students  gain  a  more   comprehensive  understanding  and  knowledge  of   key  topics.       They  also  emphasize  depth  of  knowledge  and  the   application  of  math  towards  solving  real-­‐world   problems.  These  changes  will  ensure  that   students  not  only  gain  skills  and  knowledge,  but   can  also  apply  their  knowledge  to  succeed  after   high  school.    

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CCSD 46  –  August  2013    

Where did  the  Common  Core  Standards  come  from?     And  why  do  we  need  them?  

Although created  by  a  national  consortium  of   states,  the  Common  Core  standards  are   independent  of  the  federal  government.   Implementation  decisions  remain  local  and   teachers  and  school  administrators  continue  to   write  local  curricula.  The  standards  establish  the   benchmarks  for  what  students  need  to  learn,  but   districts  still  determine  the  best  strategies  and   content  for  instruction  and  curriculum.  Teachers   will  continue  to  make  daily  instructional  decisions   to  reach  individual  students.    

Common Core  will  provide  a  consistent,  clear   understanding  of  what  students  are  expected  to   know  and  be  able  to  do.  According  to,  “the  standards  are  designed  to   be  robust  and  relevant  to  the  real  world,   reflecting  the  knowledge  and  skills  that  our  young   people  need  for  success  in  college  and  careers.   With  American  students  fully  prepared  for  the   future,  our  communities  will  be  best  positioned  to   compete  successfully  in  the  global  economy.”    

After  collaboration  with  parents,   teachers  and  school  administrators,   Illinois  held  forums  for  public   comment  in  September  2009  and   March  2010,  and  then  voted  to   adopt  the  Common  Core  standards   in  2010.  Since  then,  teachers  and   administrators  in  school  districts   across  the  state  have  been  working   to  align  their  curriculum  to  the   updated  standards.  All  Illinois  schools   are  expected  to  fully  implement  a   curriculum  that  is  aligned  to   Common  Core  during  the  2013-­‐2014   School  Year.        

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CCSD 46  –  August  2013    

The Common  Core  Standards  and     Community  Consolidated  School  District  46    

How do  we  work  together   to  succeed?  

Community Consolidated  District  46  is  committed  to   continually  updating  its  curriculum  and  helping  all   students  achieve  these  new  standards.       Teachers  have  worked  together  and  attended   workshops  to  increase  their  understanding  of  these   new  standards,  as  well  as  designed  and  developed   lessons  to  meet  the  standards.      

Student report  cards  have  been  revised  to  reflect   the  new  standards  in  grades  K-­‐4,  and  work  on  5-­‐8   report  cards  will  begin  soon.       Parents  can  find  more  information  regarding   grade-­‐specific  skills  on  the  Parent  Guides  for   Student  Success,  on  the  district  website:  

Strategies for  Success

Common Core  English  Language  Arts  Standards  

Common Core  Math  Standards  

1.  Students:  Read  equal  amounts  of  fiction  and  nonfiction   Parents:  Read  more  non-­‐fiction  with  your  child     2.  Students:  Learn  about  the  world  by  reading   Parents:  Find  books  on  topics  of  interest  to  your  child  and   discuss  their  ideas       3.  Students:  Read  more  challenging  material  carefully   Parents:  Know  what  is  appropriate  for  your  child’s  reading   level,  and  read  more  challenging  texts  together     4.  Students:  Point  to  evidence  found  in  the  text  when   discussing  what  you’ve  read     Parents:  Use  evidence  in  everyday  conversation  and  to   make  a  point     5.  Students:  Write  non-­‐fiction  using  evidence   Parents:  Encourage  more  writing  by  finding  topics  of   interest  your  child  will  want  to  learn  more  about     6.  Students:  Increase  your  vocabulary   Parents:  Read  often  with  your  child,  and  let  your  student5   see  you  reading  

1.  Students:  Spend  more  time  on  fewer,  but  important   concepts   Parents:  Ask  your  child’s  teacher  which  concepts  are  high   priority,  and  spend  time  on  them     2.  Students:  Build  on  your  skills  year  after  year   Parents:  Know  what  your  child  is  struggling  with  and   advocate  for  support  on  those  gap  skills     3.  Students:  Develop  speed  and  accuracy   Parents:  Know  what  facts  your  child  should  have   memorized,  and  work  on  memorization  with  them     4.  Students:  Apply  your  math  skills  in  every  day  situations   Parents:  Brush  up  on  the  math  your  child  needs  to  learn   so  you  can  help     5.  Students:  Use  math  in  the  real  world   Parents:  Engage  your  child  in  solving  everyday  math   problems       6.  Students:  Think  fast  and  solve  problems   Parents:  Practice  the  skills  in  which  your  child  is  weakest  

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CCSD 46  –  August  2013    

Common Core  Standards  &  Community  Consolidated  School  District  46   Additional  Resources     Illinois  State  Board  of  Education   Common  Core  Learning  Standards,  math  curriculum  Models,  Tools/Materials,  Resources,   Training/Workshops,  information  on  the  Partnership  for  the  Assessment  of  Readiness  for  College   and  Careers  (PARCC  Assesments)  

Common Core  Illinois   Information  about  the  implementation  of  Common  Core  in  Illinois,  Real  Learning,  Real  Life,  Real   Stories,  Resources  

National Parent  Teacher  Association®­‐CCSSI.pdf   Common  Core  State  Standards  Initiative  background,  why  the  standards  are  important,   benchmarks  

iTunes App  for  Common  Core­‐core-­‐standards/id439424555?mt=8   View  the  Common  Core  Standards  in  a  free  convenient  app  for  iPhone.  Reference  for  students,   parents,  and  teachers  to  read  and  understand  the  core  standards.  

Android App  for  Common  Core   View  the  Common  Core  Standards  in  a  free  convenient  app  for  Android  devices.  Reference  for   students,  parents,  and  teachers  to  read  and  understand  the  core  standards.  

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