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Did you know? They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it seems an avocado a day is better! Research shows avocado oils fight free radicals, which can contribute to everything from ageing to cancer. Free radicals cause damage by shutting down production of the mitochondria – tiny molecules in our cells that convert food into energy. Many fruits and vegies contain antioxidants but are unable to penetrate and protect the mitochondria – but avocado oils can!

or years we’ve been told that a low-fat diet is essential for weight loss and heart health. But Christine Cronau, author of The Fat Revolution: Why Butter and Real Fats Actually Make Us Slim (Purple Lotus Publishing, $34.95), says fats aren’t the enemy. Here’s why...

Don’t be afraid of fat

Christine says fat can actually be good for us. ‘For the past 50 years we have been asked to reduce our fat, especially our saturated fats, and statistics show we’ve reached the recommended targets – but it’s not working,’ she says. ‘Heart disease is out of control and we are still struggling with our weight. ‘Study after study shows fat was never the problem – in fact, sugar and excess carbohydrates are the true culprits behind obesity and heart disease.’

Natural fats help us feel full

So while we think a low-fat diet is doing us good, Christine says it may have the opposite effect. ‘When we reduce our fat intake, we increase the foods that do make us fat – sugar and grains,’ she says. ‘In addition, fats are the only food that produces


eating fat HELPS us slim DOWN our fullness hormone (CCK). This is why we can eat plenty of sugary food (pure carbohydrate) and still not feel satisfied. ‘If we eat a meal with healthy fats (natural fats like butter, coconut oil and animal fat), we feel full and stop eating. Sugars and grains prompt our body to store fat because they trigger an insulin response. We’re meant to eat small amounts of carbohydrate, but when we eat too many, we create too much glucose, and it’s stored in our fat cells.’

The heart disease myth

‘The idea that high cholesterol causes heart disease is also a

huge myth,’ Christine says. ‘The evidence is very clear that saturated fat is not the cause of heart disease and is not responsible for raising our cholesterol levels.’

Attitudes are changing

Christine knows this thinking goes against conventional health advice. ‘But people are tired of making the same losing bet over and over again,’ Overweight as a young adult, Christine changed she says. ‘Fortunately, many her diet and turned doctors and other health her life around. professionals are realising the mistake and now speaking out.’ • For more of Christine’s advice, head to

I eat a lot of fish – I haven’t eaten any meat at all for several years now – and I’ve noticed that my skin looks a lot better and much healthier. I believe beauty starts from within, so I exercise, eat well and drink three litres of water a day. Eva Mendes

Hydralyte Sports ‘I train hard so this is great for replacing the stuff I sweat out, and helps my muscles recover better. Plus, it’s low in sugar so it won’t undo all my good work! I keep one in my gym bag.’ Anna, 42, retail worker. 66

Rev3 ‘I was shocked to discover how much sugar, caffeine and artificial flavouring most energy drinks have. Rev3 is low-GI, low in sugar and kilojoules, and contains only natural ingredients.’ Florence, 35, interior designer.

Aussie Bodies Protein Revival ‘Downing protein after a workout helps your muscles recover, strengthen and grow. This delivers whey protein concentrate in a yummy choc milkstyle drink.’ Sam, 28, ad executive.

OaDp FOsw Banana muffin (2320kJ, 40.1g sugar, 22.5g fat).


Got the mid-morning munchies? Try this...


Medium-size banana (416kJ, 18.6g sugar, 0.1g fat).

SAVE 1904kJ, 21.5g sugar and 22.4g fat!

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New Idea featuring Christine Cronau  

New Idea featuring Christine Cronau

New Idea featuring Christine Cronau  

New Idea featuring Christine Cronau