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To be in the draw to win one of these prizes, send an envelope to: Insight Giveaways, PO Box 886, Hamilton Q 4007. Mark clearly on the back your choice of giveaway, name, address, email and phone number. You can also email or visit Entries close 1 July 2012. Only available to Australian residents. One entry per household per prize.

Triumph of Joy By Pauline Robinson

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Triumph of Joy, tells the amazing and inspirational story of how one woman was able to find happiness after many years of living with demands from her mentally ill husband. Pauline Robinson’s biography reveals a heartrending life journey of how the beauty of the natural world helped her transmute her pain into joy. This book highlights that life’s experiences can sometimes include tragedy, sadness and despair yet Pauline shows that the human spirit, forged under great pressure, is destined to shine. RRP $24.95 | ebook $9.99 from leading bookshops 2 Books for Giveaway

Wonder Floating Free CD By Lara-Jane Lara-Jane is a passionate singer, songwriter, philosopher and mango-lover, with a beautiful voice. Born in Brisbane into a very musical family, Lara-Jane has been singing, performing and writing from a young age. Guitar and piano are her instruments of choice and her present style is very much a fusion of contemporary-acoustic, pop-folk and blues n roots. Some major musical influences along the way have been, Tracy Chapman, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Lior, Jack Johnson, Eva Cassidy and The Waifs. For the last few years her focus has been on recording her original material, as well as developing the acoustic roots duo Odin’s Raven with guitarist Dwight Stewart. Wonder Floating Free is LaraJane’s first solo EP. Gentle and lulling, its song lines are filled with humble insights about love, life, meaning and mystery, and the unending wonder of it all.

Meditation for Children 8 Years and Over and Meditation For Teenagers By Patrice Thomas and Simon Blow These two great new releases in the Meditation Room Series have been designed to help children and teenagers incorporate the process of mindful meditation and relaxation into their daily lives. The first CD is suitable for children aged from eight years through to early teens, and the second for teenagers and young adults. Although, people of all ages enjoy these meditations as they offer mindful journeys to relax, focus and inspire.   RRP $19.95 New World Music 1800 628 823

5 CDs for Giveaway

2 x CDs of each meditation for Giveaway


Inspirations from Cimone-Louise If Someone Looks Fantastic - Tell them! Let them know that they look great or have a wonderful smile. That compliment will last the whole day and make them feel so good. Giving is as good as receiving. It is worth it!


The Fat Revolution By Christine Cronau This is a mind-altering, myth-shattering exposé about diet and exercise. Nutrition expert and health activist Christine Cronau tells us why reducing dietary fat actually makes us fat, sick and even depressed! Discover the story behind the biggest scam of the 21st century. The Fat Revolution is a fascinating and controversial disclosure, debunking ‘conventional wisdom’ about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and diet. This book is an invaluable look into what makes us fat and the real cause of heart disease. Learn why fat cannot make you fat, exercise is unnecessary for weight-loss, saturated fat is not the demon it has been portrayed to be, and why, in fact, conventional low-fat diets are fattening. RRP: $34.95 (hardcover) (free postage) or selected bookstores


Dear Aura offers practical solutions from a new spiritual perspective. Send letters to or PO Box 886, Hamilton QLD 4007 and each month a letter will be answered.


Dear Aura, A very close friend of mine passed away late last year and before she died she told me she would send me a message at some stage. I have not had that as yet, but at times have felt she has been nearby.  A few nights ago I had a dream which she appeared in but she had a different hairdo, looked much younger, very fit and healthy. Her words to me where ‘I am back’ and as she gave me a hug asked ‘Why did you let the birds die?’  I have wondered ever since what she meant by this. We were very close and I miss her wisdom and guidance greatly.   Jan, Tasmania

See Melbourne’s foodie-side like never before – from the city’s laneway and rooftop bars. This exquisite coffee table book not only takes you on a journey through Melbourne’s best restaurants and bars, but also includes delicious recipes from famed local chefs, as well anecdotal historical information.

Dear Jan

Published by Smudge Publishing

I hear much laughter when tuning into you and your friend and that laughter has resonated throughout lifetimes, both past and future. Between lives we spend time reviewing what we have learned and plan how we can help each other to continue to grow in future incarnations. Many occasions in this between time you have sat somewhere over a cuppa talking about the roles you have played, and will play, in each other’s lives and the support you have given each other, whether as friend, sister, mother, cousin or acquaintance. Her appearance in your dream and the cryptic question has set you on a course of purposeful contemplation and once again she is there helping you to grow, prompting you in this case to seek answers about the mysteries of existence; is there something other than what we can see with our eyes and what happens when we leave this place? With regard to the specifics of the dream, what do birds represent to you? What is the first thing that comes to mind? Do they represent freedom, lightness of being, your holy spirit - only you can truly say, as dreams utilise your vocabulary. Perhaps something has gone from your life or something is missing. Whatever your answer, I would never doubt that her guidance will always be there for you, in a dream or in the steam gently rising off a cuppa. Her presence is definitely with you. Blessings Aura

Joanne Gifford’s passion is to pass on her insights in order to help others along their path. Her spiritual journey has encompassed the teachings of Ramtha and techniques such as Rebirthing, Gestalt Dream Therapy, The Sedona Method, EFT and others. Read Joanne's book, 'The Bottom Line' at

WRAPPED IN PASTRY By Leigh Drew Author of Vegan Indulgence, Leigh Drew takes you on an exploration of vegan pie, tart and roll recipes for a crowd. Everything from an Aussie Picnic Pie to Mediterranean Tarts and Fruit Mince Pies, plus soy and gluten free dishes too. Published by Aduki Independent Press THE THING YOU THINK YOU CANNOT DO By Fleur McDonald We have built up so many fears - of the unknown, of change, of loss, of intimacy - that it has eroded our ability to think clearly. Dr. Livingston shows us how we can overcome our fears, which have been embedded in us. Published by Hachette Australia

Feng Shui Tips By Janeen Hanson Being the year of the Celestial Water Dragon means we are all infused with the ultimate energy of success and happiness this. As the curtain begins to draw on the first half of 2012, we can assess how far we have come, yet still have ample time to implement and achieve exactly what we set out to do. This month the energy circulating focuses on family (including friendships). In today’s world many families are blended together by various arrangements and circumstances. Remember all families are unique, often complex, and challenging at times in life. June gives us the perfect energy to break old, negative patterns and replace them with empowering, foundation-building strength, love and light. Focusing on what should be at the core of any family - love. This type of love should feel real, kind, unconditional and supportive. All families have their historical differences but consider, if there are bad feelings between you and another, is it personally justified or have you inherited a family grudge, split or divide? And is it time to let go? Harboring negative energy simply slows your journey and progress in life, so use this month to release, or start to release any family feuds that do not serve you. Everyone wishes to be valued, so ask yourself; 'Am I making my friends and family feel special, valued, loved and deeply cared about? Bring in all your own unique magic

and sparkle to everyone who crosses your path - start from a space of giving and be delighted by how much you will ultimately receive. For businesses, family applies to customers, clients and staff, so consider where your energy is best applied to get the most out of those around you and surround yourself with quality connections. One note of caution, there is a dense cloud fueling your ego this month and you may also find negative energy in your leadership skills, so be aware you do not play a blame game, or try to lead others to side with you. Start from a space of being personally accountable for everything you have created in your life and apply yourself rigorously to making this life your best one yet! Wishing all Insight readers loving, caring, quality connections with family, friends and professional relationships. Janeen Hanson is an internationally respected Feng Shui expert and energy healer.


Insight magazine featuring Christine Cronau  

Insight magazine featuring Christine Cronau

Insight magazine featuring Christine Cronau  

Insight magazine featuring Christine Cronau