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– The Editor– Migration, territories and barriers are all over the news at the moment, as is the question of who can do what, where. This issue is a celebration of creative people pushing at boundaries, asking uncomfortable questions and often coming up with enlightening observations, or solutions. That’s really what makes art so powerful and why, when the contexts for art-making and presentation are threatened by politicians using ‘austerity’ as a catch-all excuse for curtailing creative output, there is an outcry. We’ve been lucky enough to meet some people who are willing to push at received ideas, or to point up the flaws in the status quo in creatively engaging ways. It’s access to this kind of thinking, expounded in language that hooks the intellect and prompts small but important shifts in our world view, which maintains a productive tension between authority and the individual. Events like the Venice Biennale create a comprehensive platform for artists to share sometimes contradictory perspectives. This year’s biennale, themed as All the World’s Futures, curated by Okwui Enwezor was no exception and we make no apologies for the

fact that this issue is dominated by Venice, as we continue in our quest to find out how artists think, or how they make us question the world around us. But we’re also interested in artists and curators who push at creative barriers too, and you’ll find risk-taking sculpture, textiles, ceramics and video in this very juicy issue. In fact we had so much material that you’ll find it spilling over to our website too, where you can also find reviews, previews, listings and links to our back catalogue, and (ahem) our subscription offers. Our undying gratitude goes out to everyone who collaborated with us so enthusiastically, some going way above and beyond the call of duty, but all generous with their time and in sharing their ideas. And, as always, I am misty eyed as I thank the small, but determined CCQ team, who have worked so hard to bring you these pages.

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Cover: Chattering Girl II, Laura Ford, 2015 Photo: Felix Wendover


Venice Biennale interviews: herman de vries, Katerina Gregos, Song Dong, Sean Lynch. As well as conversations with Laura Ford, Sammy Baloji,...


Venice Biennale interviews: herman de vries, Katerina Gregos, Song Dong, Sean Lynch. As well as conversations with Laura Ford, Sammy Baloji,...