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How Bob Burg Turned ‘Giving’ into a Wildly Profitable Brand

PLUS… Getting to Know Jeffrey Hayzlett October 15, 2012


What Other Speakers Can’t Steal: Your Story/Stories kiss his feet!” At which point everybody ran. I have never seen 17 people disappear so fast (so much for my ‘strength in numbers’ strategy).

I turn back, look at the bully, let out a nervous little laugh. He doesn’t laugh back. “I said, get down and kiss my feet.” At which point I made my next big mistake: I decided that having a weapon would somehow be to my advantage, so I ran to the dirt diamond near home plate and picked up a baseball bat. “Ha! Whatcha gonna do now?” I yelled, filled with the overconfident bravado of a teenager who had no idea who he was dealing with. The bully casually walked toward me, bent down and picked up a baseball bat of his own and said, “Now what, hero?”

(to be continued…)

He stood there and waited. He was serious. And so was the situation. The game had stopped, and all the other kids were looking at the two of us, there in the outfield. And that’s when I realized that I had the greatest advantage one could ask for: I had strength in numbers! There were more of us than there was of him! So I turned and called out, “Hey, this guy wants me to get down on my hands and knees and

Andrea Waltz & Richard Fenton, Publishers/Editors

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I’m 13 years old, in the 8th grade, and I’m standing in the outfield, pounding my glove, waiting for the next pitch, when suddenly this person in a black leather jacket and pointy black shoes, smoking a cigarette, walks right in front of me. That’s when I made an enormous mistake; I tisk’d. I made the slightest ‘tisk’ sound, but that was enough. The guy stopped, turned back, and said: “What did you say?” I knew instantly I was in trouble, so to minimize the damage I said, “Nothing.” He said: “You got something to say, say it.” I said: “Look, we’re playing baseball here, and you’re walking right in the middle of the field.” His response? “Get down on your hands and knees and kiss my **** shoes.” I’d heard bullies say a lot of nasty, stupid things in my life, but that was a new one. “You want me to do what?” I responded in shocked disbelief. “Do it, now, or I’m going to beat the **** out of you,” he said flatly.

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How Bob Burg Turned ‘Giving’ Into a Wildly Profitable Brand

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Getting to Know… Jeffrey Hayzlett

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How Bob Burg Turned ‘Giving’ into a Wildly Profitable Brand Bob Burg shares information on topics vital to the success of today’s businessperson. He speaks for corporations and associations internationally, including fortune 500 companies, franchises, and numerous direct sales organizations. Bob regularly addresses audiences ranging in size from 50 to 16,000 — sharing the platform with notables including today’s top thought leaders, broadcast personalities, Olympic athletes and political leaders including a former United States President.

Bob Burg is back stage, in that area ‘behind the curtains’ where the sound and lighting people do the technical stuff, and the keynoter speaker hangs out, eagerly awaiting their introduction so they can do what they do best; speak. But as the sound technician adjusts the clip-on lavaliere microphone to Bob’s lapel, Burg isn’t thinking about speaking…

He’s thinking about giving. And it is this subtle shift in attitude that is Bob Burg’s greatest success secret, and what Bob does best: Giving of himself, communicating concepts and sharing strategies that he has spent a lifetime to accumulate for no other reason than to give them away.

So, we’d love to tell you how hard we worked to convince Bob Burg to do this interview, but the truth is it was easy. Because when given the opportunity to share ideas that he thinks will help others succeed and live more enriched lives, Bob doesn’t bother to ask how big our readership is, he only asks: “When?”

Here’s what he shared with us…

How Bob Burg Turned ‘Giving’ Into a Wildly Profitable Brand Richard Fenton/Million Dollar Brand: Bob, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed for the magazine. Bob Burg: Oh, Richard, always a pleasure, thank you. Million Dollar Brand: Well, listen, let’s just jump right in here. What I want to talk first about first is The Go Giver as a brand, since it is probably the one you are most known for. Can you just give a basic overview of what The Go Giver is about? Bob Burg: Yeah, that’s a great question, and of course it’s a business fable, a parable coauthored with John David Mann who is an absolutely terrific storyteller. You and Andrea know me—I’m more of a how-to person; step one, step two, step three—but John can really make something into a great story. And so it’s a fictional story about a guy named Joe who’s a good guy, an up and comer; he’s ambitious, aggressive, but he’s very frustrated. The harder he works the more he seems to get nowhere fast, and what he learns—and what is basically the premise of the book—is that shifting ones focus from getting to giving. And when we say ‘giving’ we mean constantly and consistently providing value to others is not only a nice way to live life, but it’s a financially profitable way to live life as well. It’s really the essence of free enterprise where, you know, you are going to make money as a result of the value you provide to others. When you think of it, money is simply an echo of value, it’s the thunder to value’s lightning, which means nothing more than that the value must come first. The money you receive is a direct and natural result of the value you provide, so that’s free enterprise, that’s free market capitalism at it’s best where what you are providing to someone has such significant exceptional value that this person willingly trades their money for that value and both of you come away from the transaction better off than you were before. Million Dollar Brand: Got it. So, when you are marketing your brand, when you’re marketing The Go Giver to companies and somebody asks you, so what exactly is it that my people are going to come away from with this book, how are they going to be better, what would you typically answer? (continued…)


Bob Burg Bullets… Bob Burg is a speaker and trainer who addresses many large corporations and associations internationally talking on a variety of topics vital to success of today’s businessperson ∎ His typical audience ranges in size from 50 people to 16,000. ∎ Though Bob is best known for his book Endless Referrals, the past few years it’s been his business parable, The Go Giver (co-authored with John David Mann), that has captured the imagination of business people and entrepreneurs all over the world. ∎ The Go Giver shot to #6 on the Wall Street Journal’s business best seller list just three weeks after its release and has been translated into 21 languages (it’s also Bob’s fourth book to sell over 200,000 copies) ∎ Last but not least, Bob is an advocate, supporter, and defender of the free enterprise (as are the majority of Million Dollar Brand subscribers), believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people one serves.

How Bob Burg Turned ‘Giving’ Into a Wildly Profitable Brand Bob Burg: Well, they’re going to understand—not only that to the degree that they add value to their customers, prospects who then become customers, clients, referral sources—that not only to the degree that they add value to them, and to the degree they touch a lot of lives with that value. Because it’s also a matter of outreach; it’s a matter of touching many lives with that value, not only will they become a much more profitable company, but they’re also going to have an understanding of the ways they do add value.


better term, intellectual property. Some people may argue with that word, intellectual being used, but— including The Go Giver, Endless Referrals, Ultimate Influence, etc.—and they can speak on it, coach on it, consult on it, and so forth. And we’ve got people, very successful people from all aspects of life who, some of them, already have their own businesses, some of them want to, some have been coaches, others want to be coaches and they want to have a platform, and so aside from just the right to utilize this information, we also teach them on an ongoing basis how to better market their business and how to teach the materials.

Many people, Richard—and I think you probably see this—they really almost undervalue themselves. They don’t understand Million Dollar Brand: what they really bring to “When you think of it, money Got it. the table, whether it’s through excellence, is simply an echo of value, Bob Burg: Yeah, so consistency, attention, that’s really it, and we’re it’s the thunder to value’s empathy, appreciation, starting to do more online and how they make this lightning, which means and so forth, but yeah the other person’s life better, books are really just the nothing more than that the easier, richer, more starting point which leads fulfilling, or you know, value must come first. The to everything else. whatever it is based on money you receive is a direct Million Dollar Brand: what they sell. And so, really, I think when we go OK. Well, you know in our and natural result of the into a company and they particular case, you know, value you provide.” have a speak at their with Go For No being our -Bob Burg conventions it’s doing key book and becoming those two things. It’s known after a decade now helping them to be more profitable, but it’s also of doing training, and marketing, and the book that helping them to see why they’re more profitable and we’ve had out there for so long and being known as why the things that they’re doing they can really tap the Go For No people, my question to you would be into, recognize their authentic strengths and when you have other books under other different capabilities and bring it to their customers. titles, but you’re known like as The Go Giver guy. I know that’s not your moniker, but you get so known Million Dollar Brand: So, when you think about as that. Do you find that having the other brands your business and your brand—the Bob Burg under other different names that they fight against brand—you have your core book, the one that you’re each other at all in the marketplace understanding most known for (The Go Giver), but then you also exactly who you are and what you do, or I guess a have a couple other books and other elements that better question is how do you keep all of that clear makeup your brand. So, what are the other products, so that the customer actually knows, you know, what services, and things that you do that makeup the your central brand is all about? complete offerings that you do for companies? Bob Burg: That is an absolutely excellent Bob Burg: Yeah, The Go Giver books are really just question, and I think the answer is it depends how the beginning. There’s the speaking that comes off of congruent your other products or topics are with that, and a very growing part of my business right (continued…) now is the Certified Go Giver Coach Program where people purchase the rights to all of my, for lack of a

How Bob Burg Turned ‘Giving’ Into a Wildly Profitable Brand


your brand. Let me give you an example of this if I may. When I first started speaking I was actually teaching a memory course and I kind of really focused on going into organizations and teaching their salespeople and different people how to remember people’s names. I positioned myself so strongly doing this over the course of a couple of years that when I wanted to go off onto another topic—which was basically business networking, leading to the Endless Referrals topic—it was so difficult to transition because I developed such a brand as the memory guy, the names and faces guy, that sort of thing. I’m telling you it was almost

as far as being the networking guy, the Endless Referrals guy, that sort of thing. Now, years later when I developed The Go Giver brand if you will, it was a much easier transition, because really Endless Referrals is really the how-to aspect of The Go Giver.

impossible! It just took so long to have that happen, and what I was trying to do was kind of have both; I was trying to make a soft transition and couldn’t do it. I had to eventually break away. It’s almost like somebody being typecast for one role and then not being able to get any other roles because of that.

we’re doing is we’re keeping it congruent. For example, the third law from The Go Giver is ‘The Law of Influence’, so when we do the Ultimate Influence Program we make sure to tie everything right into The Go Giver brand.

And because you’re so positioned as that one thing they just don’t believe you’re anything else, and so I couldn’t really do both the memory teaching and the business networking. I had to decide to totally obliterate the remembering names and faces part. Now, did that every cost me any business? Yeah, it did at first, but it was a great move, because then I positioned myself very strongly

Million Dollar Brand: Got it. Bob Burg: So, everything about the brand, everything I do now, and for instance when I teach something like Ultimate Influence, my Ultimate Influence Program, well again we’re not making that something separate and it’s not as though we’re doing a line extension in any way, not at all; what

Million Dollar Brand: That makes complete sense. So, Bob, can you tell me over the last couple of years what exactly has been your modus operandi when it comes to marketing and promoting The Go Giver message, but really just marketing and promotion in general; how do you bring your message and product to the marketplace? (continued…)

How Bob Burg Turned ‘Giving’ Into a Wildly Profitable Brand Bob Burg: Well, the way I look at marketing is sort of like a boxer throwing a punch; every move should be to make an impact and set yourself up for the next punch, also protecting yourself as well. In other words, you throw the left jab, why were you throwing the left jab? You’re throwing the left jab to hit the other person and make the impact, and you’re setting yourself up to throw the overhand right. And when you throw that, you’re setting yourself up to throw the left hook. And when you throw that… Everything you do should be to make that impact with what you’re doing and setting yourself up for the next punch. Whether it’s speaking, doing media interviews, creating and cultivating relationships by


Million Dollar Brand: That makes complete sense, and I have to ask you this question because I would say that, rightly or wrongly, in the marketplace today it’s difficult to have a conversation about marketing and promotion without talking about social media. Now, whether social media should technically be part of ‘marketing’, I don’t know; that’s a debate that the social media experts can have. But I wanted to ask you how big a role social media has played in your marketing promotion and in the building of your brand? Bob Burg: Well, you know the short answer, Richard, is a huge amount. Every ‘Tweet’, every

a social media, it really all plays into the overall specific promotion of the book, and we have things such as we’ll do The Go Giver Award, where anybody can—for free—print out a certificate in which they’re awarding somebody The Go Giver Award, whether it’s a person who’s their favorite salesperson, whether it’s somebody they work with, whether it’s that person at the tollbooth who just goes above and beyond, you know, providing value to others. What does that do? That spreads the word about the book. That’s free advertising for us, and it gives great value to the person both giving that award and the person receiving that award, but all the time it’s also promoting the book.

Facebook post—anything else in a sense that directly or indirectly promotes the book—because they’re all about relationships, at least the way that I

We had an online contest where people submitted videos on how they’ve used one of the five laws from the book in order to improve their business. So it’s those kinds of things, all of them, I think that work together. Even now I’m sort of going back to basics and doing more interviews again, I’m guest posting at different places. And as far as I’m concerned, just over 250,000 copies of the book sold now in 20 languages, we have a long way to go before we’ve even begun to provide value to as many people as we should be through the message of this book; I mean, there’s a long way to go. So I’m going to go right back to the basics again, and again it’s not that I’ve stopped doing it, but I think after a while, when you have something out for a while and it’s rolling, there’s momentum. And then, finally, you say: “Wait a second, let’s not forget what brought us to the dance!”

utilize and work with social media. It’s about the relationship. You’ve heard me, you and Andrea have both heard me say a million times:

“When we say ‘giving’ we mean constantly and consistently providing value to others is not only a nice way to live life, but it’s a financially profitable way to live life as well.” -Bob Burg

“All things being equal, people will do business with—and refer business to— people they know, like, and trust.” Million Dollar Brand: Right. Bob Burg: They don’t know, like, and trust computers… it’s the person in front of that computer. So, to the degree that you utilize social media to build strong relationships, it is often indirectly promoting the book and there’s times where it’s directly promoting it, depending upon what you’re doing. I think that social media should be just a natural extension of the person. Is it marketing in and of (continued…)

How Bob Burg Turned ‘Giving’ Into a Wildly Profitable Brand itself? Well, sure it’s just another form of marketing, but it’s also a matter of if you go onto any other social media platform, I believe. Again, just as you said, there’s all sorts of experts out there, and I do things in a certain way, but it’s not necessarily for everybody. But I think you go there with the mindset of: How can I add value to the people I’m connected with on social media? As long as you do that, along with a strategy for promotion—however it aligns best with what you do—I think that’s what’s going to work out best. Million Dollar Brand: Now, if I hear you correctly—and the way you just described your social media strategy, it sounds very much like you have incorporated your Go Giver philosophy and approach into your social media approach—and I think we could say pretty much that you’re actually walking the talk of your brand. Bob Burg: Thank you. I would like to think that’s true, and I think that’s so important to do not only because it’s just the right way to be—being in alignment, but it’s just easier to live life that way— it’s a lot more fulfilling. And I think it’s a lot more effective. I believe that people can sort of sense when someone rather than being authentic is being, I guess the correct Latin term would be ‘phonus balonus’… not really in alignment with what they’re doing. But when they are; when you know it’s the same person on social media, off social media, online, offline, that brings a certain sense of trust. Million Dollar Brand: Absolutely, absolutely. Now, I want to kind of shift gears here a little bit. Because you and John David Mann are coauthors of some of your books, my question would be: Has there been anything that’s challenging that the two of you have had to deal with as you’ve worked together, creatively perhaps? And in the process of writing and growing your brand, are the two of you very much on the same page or do you approach things differently? Bob Burg: Well, I think in our case it works out very well. First of all, John is, as I mentioned earlier, the lead writer, a brilliant storyteller; he makes it all come alive. But this book in our Go Giver series is really just one of dozens he’s either coauthored or even ghost written; I mean he’s the man behind a lot of big books that people don’t even know.


I mean they know the book, they don’t know he’s the one behind it, because he’s very sought out. So, while I’d like to think that the Go Giver series is his favorite, I’m sort of a guy who has more time to handle the branding and such, where John is the great writer to whom I owe much because of his expertise. So, now of course anything John does, whenever he does an interview, whenever he does, you know, he’ll write articles, it’s always excellent because that’s how he does everything, but I’d say there’s kind of that agreement that I’m sort of the branding guy or the marketing guy behind it I guess. I speak on the topic; John doesn’t speak a lot, although when he does he’s terrific at it. So, I think that rather than it being the type of thing where there’s two people both our trying to promote the book and they come at it from different ways, and this and that, I think there’s a lot more… It’s a lot easier in our case because we’re more complementary in what we do.

““All things being equal, people wil with—and refer business to—peop like, and trust.” -Bob Bur Million Dollar Brand: OK, that would make total sense, and so you really do have, I guess you could say you both bring different things to the marketing party. So, what I wanted to ask you next was about networking. I mean networking is a topic that is probably… It had its time in the sun before social media kind of took over; I mean for years and years and years everything was about networking and then social media kind of became the new shiny object that everybody talked about, but I wanted to ask you about networking and how networking has played into the promotion of your brand, and if you can, can you address it, you know, to a degree outside of just the networking that we do within the social media, you know, mediums? Bob Burg: Well, sure, it’s like anything else; it’s all in how we define the term. I look at networking as being the cultivating of mutually beneficial, give and take—or give and receive—win/win relationships. With that in mind it almost doesn’t matter if it’s in real life, or online… (continued…)

How Bob Burg Turned ‘Giving’ Into a Wildly Profitable Brand …because you’re doing the same thing. You’re still meeting someone, you’re focusing on how you can bring value to them and you’re involved in a relationship developing whether it’s offline, online, what have you. And so I think it’s very, very important certainly in the promotion of the books my network has just been a huge boom to me. Neither John nor I could have sold this many books on our own, it was always because we had great people, great friends all over who—with whom we have great relationships based on a lot of mutual respect—have gotten behind it.

And so I really think that the networking—even though it’s not the same focus, like going to events and so forth, a lot more of it being online—I still think it is absolutely so important. But again it’s all in the definition, and if networking was defined as the cultivating of mutually beneficial give and take or give and receive win/win relationships, that really says it all. It says that you’re trying to bring value to the table for someone else at the same time ple will do business you’re creating these —people they know, relationships that are going to be very help-Bob Burg full to you as well. Million Dollar Brand: If you were going to get in a time machine and you could go back to when you first started your business, are there things that you would do differently? If you could go back, what would be one or two of those things that you would change, looking from the perspective of knowing what you know now? Bob Burg: Yeah, that’s a great question. I would have to say that I would have embraced technology a lot quicker than I did. We all make major decisions based on limited information—that’s pretty wellknown—but I think when people see someone who is onstage they assume that we’re on the cuttingedge of things. I’ve got to tell you I’m very rarely on the cutting-edge of anything! Remember Malcolm Gladwell’s first book, The Tipping Point? I’m very rarely an early adapter, so I don’t necessarily have the kind of foresight that I wish I had. I think sometime in the mid-90’s I made the brilliant statement that this internet thing was never actually going to take off, and really did believe that, but then again there’s people who can envision things and there’s people who that’s not their main strength,


and that’s not mine, so I resisted. I resisted everything from email to the internet, as any kind of marketing and communication. I totally resisted Facebook and Twitter; it took me a long time to get on these. Once I did, and once I got it, yeah, I felt they were great and were things I should have embraced earlier, so that would be a big thing for me. I also think I would have learned early on how to be a good copywriter, which of course would have helped with in terms of direct response within any kind of internet strategies. I do a lot of that now and I’ve worked hard at getting proficient at it, I still have a long, long way to go, but that’s another one of those things where I wish 20 years ago I would have studied; you know, Dan Kennedy and others that are such great guys, because it’s so valuable. Million Dollar Brand: If somebody came to you today and said they were getting into the speaking/training/coaching/writing business and wanted to develop a brand, what would be the one piece of advice that you would give to somebody who was just starting out? Bob Burg: Do what you do best, what you really enjoy, because otherwise it’s just not going to be fun and it’s probably not going to be profitable. Aside from that, I’d say to be focused on the end result for your prospects, customers, clients, buyers, what have you. It’s not enough that you’re good at something or have a particular strength; it’s always about the result you bring to that person who wants to in some way do business with you. The other thing I would say in this regard is that as you’re developing your brand, be you. Don’t try to be someone else. Don’t take on a persona just because someone whose success you admire does a certain thing a certain way. I know it’s tempting, but don’t fall into that trap. Be you. Million Dollar Brand: That was some very, very good advice. If somebody wanted to track you down and get a peek at your work and what you do, where do they visit? Bob Burg: They’re welcome to visit me at: -MDB

Jeffrey Hayzlett

I am…

Best Know for… Being outspoken. Currently Reading… A book of poems and muses by Mark Anthony, although I’m in the middle. I know you’re only supposed to answer one or two, but I have like four books open at any given time, but that’s the one I had open last. I’m also reading one on Teddy Roosevelt and a couple other ones; one on Jerusalem and another one on, I can’t even remember, oh, Seal Team 6! Passionate About… Being honest. Currently Promoting… My most recent book, Running the Gauntlet

A Big Fan Of… Hunting. A Firm Believer… Being transparent. Turned-Off by… Bigoted people. Most Afraid Of: Heights. Working On… Oh, just being better at everything.

Watch for our upcoming Cover Story on Jeffrey Hayzlett in the January 21, 2013 Issue of Million Dollar Brand!

Who Says Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees? Wouldn’t it be great if money grew on trees? Well, maybe it does. When you think about it, growing a business – any business – is very much like a growing tree:  First, there is the ‘seed’ of an idea that gets planted, initially in the mind of the entrepreneur, and then in the marketplace itself.  Then comes years (decades, perhaps) of nurturing the business to ensure its growth.  And finally – once the business has found its place in the sun – comes the never-ending process of protecting it from fierce competition, ups and downs in the economy, and other outside ‘elements’ that can stunt its growth… or perhaps even kill it altogether.

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Nowhere is this analogy more true than in the world of ‘information marketing’ in which professional speakers, authors, coaches, entrepreneurs and internet marketers operate. But, when done right, the tree that gets planted and allowed to grow to its full potential can become a literal ‘money tree’ of sorts. It was with this visualization in mind that the staff of Million Dollar Brand Magazine set about creating our Million Dollar Brand ‘Money Tree’ Chart™… with each branch representing one major area of development for any growing business brand. We couldn’t include every possible area or activity, but we think we included most of the big ones. -MDB

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