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The program and activities of HealthFest

The program consists of an advocacy program and a social event. The social event is the HealthFest which is a conglomerated mega event comprising of several activities for the general public aiming at different target groups, will be held at the Viharamahadevi Park on 17th November, 2012. The HealthFest is for all age groups of general public and entrance is FREE.

Youth Program A group of youth ambassadors from Rotaract Club of Achievers Business School and Interactors were given training on communicating about healthy lifestyles with their peers. As a social media, Facebook was used by the youth ambassadors to convey these messages to the public. The youth ambassadors will organize a poster competition on a given theme related to healthy lifestyles through interact clubs and with head prefects of schools in Colombo. On the day of the healthfest, a Triathlon and a display of posters will be organised by the Interactors and Rotaractors. It is expected to continue the youth program that is to carry out activities in other provinces as well. Triathlon Triathlon will include cycling, swimming and running start from the entrance in front of Nelum Pokuna at Viharamahadevi Park. About 3 km of cycling will end at the Thurston College Swimming pool. Directions of cycling: Starting from the entrance in front of Nelum Pokuna, then take turn to right at the roundabout towards St Bridget's College, Independent Avenue, Bloom field junction, Reed Avenue, turn right at campus round about then to Thurston College Swimming Pool. Following the swimming, participants will run to Viharamahadevi Park by Flower Road. About 100 youth will participate at the triathlon. College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka 1

Healthy food menus program The public is invited to provide recipes on healthier school snacks and snacks for meetings. The recipes will be published in the form of a booklet. They will be distributed to schools and to corporate sector. The target is to educate the catering industrialists to produce healthier snacks and lunch packets with correct serving sizes and to promote the catering industry to produce healthier snacks. On the day of the HealthFest, There will be a food court with healthier snacks and the catering industry will be given a publicity opportunity to showcase healthy snacks. The advocacy and engagement of catering industry in this venture will be continued. Advocacy to corporate sector Advocacy meetings will be organised with corporate sector on healthy lifestyles and the targets to be conveyed to their employees. Special awareness programs will be organised to employees on request. Corporate sector have been invited to take part in Healthfest. The College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka will support them to improve their service outlook through taking the responsibility of making their own clientele aware about healthy life style targets. Know your healthful lifestyle targets There will be several booths on the day at the Healthfest, where the public can get to know their healthy lifestyle targets. All persons entering the Healthfest will be given a one-page card on which he/ she has the opportunity to get to know and record their individual targets to minimize cardiovascular risks. Promotion of home grown healthy food The concept of having at least five varieties of home grown food along with the national effort of 'Api Vavamu Rata Nagamu' is promoted. The Ministry of Agriculture is supporting this program by supplying planting material. A choice of 5 plants of fruit and vegetables will be sold at a nominal price on the day of the program. This is to promote home grown nutritious vegetables and fruits as well as home gardening as a leisure activity. Promoting home grown healthy food concept will also be promoted in the preschoolers program by getting them to pot their plant and take it home.

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Preschool program We will invite 30 selected preschools to take part on the program. A flyer will be sent to parents of preschoolers through the respective schools. The idea of this program is to create awareness on healthy behaviours that will be conducted by preschool teachers. The children will get specific messages would be on eating at least two fruits a day, physical activity, teeth brushing and hand washing. Children will experience the diversity of fruits available in Sri Lanka. They will have the opportunity to express their ideas through art. Potting plants and taking them home is another activity. Healthfest will directly reach out to the public The Healthfest day event on November 17th is intended to draw a crowd of about 5,000 - 7,000. The program activities have an effect of reaching beyond this number. The intention of the College of Community Physicians is to have a continuous dialogue with all the stakeholders / sponsors of the program as it will be an annual event. The first major event on 17th November will be made into an event that people and the media will certainly talk about. A conceptual layout of the HealthFest activity areas.

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Halth Fets Activities  

Health Fest Activities