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iGlobal Pros Named CarbonCopyPRO’s Latest Marketing Partners June 2, 2011 - NY, New York City- The dust continues to be settling since CarbonCopyPRO released the Professional Elite Marketing Partner Program, however nowadays Chief Marketing Officer Jay Kubassek introduced the marketing team iGlobalPros would be the latest Marketing Partners. iGlobalPros is really a team of six experienced Professional people who became a member of as partners in The month of January 2011. Aaron Chen, Kameron George, Simon Guilliard, Dominik Mikula, Karen Newman, and Jenni Ryan collaborate on the virtual business from around the globe, hailing from Malaysia, Canada, USA, England, and Australia. Getting already won marketing honours and brought large teams of Professional entrepreneurs, once they banded together, they rapidly jumped with the ranks of PRO’s leadership levels. “The day Pro introduced the Marketing Partner enter in April,” stated Simon Guilliard of iGlobalPros’ promotion, “we managed to get our goal to do this distinction. There is without doubt within our minds that people would serve our community by doing this.” The Marketing Partner program was created to ensure that probably the most experienced entrepreneurs and business proprietors within the Professional community not just share their advertising methods but additionally personally close sales for brand new people. Kubassek made clear, “The Marketing Partner Program underscores a brand new era of Professional that focuses less on earning money and much more on strengthening others. iGlobalPros became a member of plus a obvious vision of servant leadership, and that we couldn’t become more passionate to leverage their expertise for that greater good in our entrepreneurs.” Being approved like a Marketing Partner has a host of needs, including specific production results along with a scrupulous meeting with process. iGlobalPros co-founder Karen Newman added, “Becoming an advertising and marketing Partner is definitely an enormous privilege and recognition. But giving credit where credit arrives, whenever we contacted the Pro Leadership Team and stated, ‘We’re prepared to hand back exactly how

should we do that?’ they accepted us, trained us, and brought us in to the position.” John Jackson, Vice president of Leadership Development responded, “The PRO community won't ever compromise on our resolve for developing leaders. But iGlobalPros literally elevated their hands and stated ‘We’re in!’ It’s humbling to recognition their unyielding passion for everyone others.” CarbonCopyPRO, founded nearly seven years back, is really a private community of virtual entrepreneurs serving 1000's of people in over 200 nations. The organization is on the mission would be to inspire and empower people all over the world to stop their jobs and write their very own income by supplying the training, systems, tools, and assets needed to setup and operate a effective business that's fulfilling for them. Professional is definitely an incubator for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.

Carbon Copy PRO Products: INSIDEOUT II DVD & Workbook

Retail: $49.00. The NEW "INSIDEOUT" II DVD and Workbook by Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson. Watch the trailer below to get a sense of the power and purpose behind the CarbonCopyPRO community and its mission to create 100 Millionaires online. See why 92,021 INSIDEOUT I & II DVDs have been sold so far. Filmed in New York City, Jay and Aaron will take you on a tour or the city, using its legendary backdrops as metaphors and examples for how anyone can learn how to create their own success with the right system,

training, tools and resources. Once you watch this documentary movie, you will understand fully whether or not CarbonCopyPRO is for you.

BlackBOX Retail: $395.00. To purchase the BlackBOX:

Your BlackBOX includes: •

30 Days of a trial PRO Membership (see below)

Professional Marketing Manual


Complete Virtual Business Setup Guide.


Learning the basics of marketing online.


Step-by-step Marketing Guide.


Exhaustive glossary of terms and FAQ's.


Creating your own personal plan of action.


Integrating your product line.


Maximizing your income potential.

Professional Mindset Manual o



CEO and Chief Marketing Officer Jay Kubassek will take you on a personal journey, helping you re-wire the programming that keeps most people stuck financially. Based on his personal success and proven techniques, this book comes after earning millions as an Internet entrepreneur. Learn how to master your millionaire mindset and mission while increasing your value to society along the way.

And some unadvertised bonuses

Memberships Retail: $149.75 per month CarbonCopyPRO (PRO) is an exclusive training and marketing community, and it is designed to eliminate the learning curves of being successful online. Joining PRO is a privilege and like many

exclusive clubs, we're not open to the general public but rather you can only join PRO if you are referred by someone already in the "club". If you are interested in joining PRO, your first step is to purchase INSIDEOUT II (above) or get an Application KIT from an existing member. If you choose to submit an Application you'll be interviewed by one of our business coaches and gain access to our "Private Access" area. Within this area you'll learn more about the BlackBOX and benefits of being a PRO member. The BlackBOX gives you the tools and mindset needed to setup and run your own internet marketing business.

Know About Shaqir Hussyin The leading worldwide expert in the business techniques offered by leading online marketing system CarbonCopyPro, Shaqir Hussyin has enabled thousands to prosper online by providing them with instruction and encouragement based on this powerful and tested income stream building program. Contact: Shaqir Hussyin +44 7830380372

iGlobal Pros Named CarbonCopyPRO’s Latest Marketing Partners  
iGlobal Pros Named CarbonCopyPRO’s Latest Marketing Partners Warning! Get Jay Kubassek Real CarbonCopyPro Here So You Can Decide Now With The Right Informatio...