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Note from the DirectorIt seems like every year at this time I think about change. But this year I have been thinking about it a lot; it seems like suddenly things are changing very quickly. In January, Marc retired, in June, President Byker is leaving. Ada has told me she is going to retire in a year, and several others on staff have talked with me about retirement. Jack Phillips started in March, which was a big change for the mechanical staff; and the new college President, Dr. Le Roy, will start in July. Things at home are changing for me as well with my daughter Shannon coming to Calvin next year. (She is my first child to move out of the house and she’s all worried I’m going to “creep” on her while she’s here.) But change is unavoidable. In my previous career, we had a major change in organization every three to four years. It was very disruptive, but I learned that I could either be reactive or proactive. I am very happy to say that Jack has been a great addition to the staff and is doing an excellent job. I was very impressed with how the mechanical staff handled the change. Even though some were out sick or on medical leave, everyone stepped up and took responsibility to make sure we kept this college repaired, maintained, and comfortable for the faculty, staff, and students. It was a pleasure to see. You all have handled this change in a very professional manor and I want to thank you. In July, Michael Le Roy will begin his tenure as president of Calvin College. We have already begun working with him on plans for the remodeling of the Manor House and his office in Spoelhof. Starting the Monday after graduation, we will begin building a basement bedroom and expanded bathroom for his son who will be a sophomore next year at Whitworth College. Dr. Le Roy wants to use that bedroom in July while we remodel the upstairs. His family plans to move here from Spokane in August. There will be much to do in preparation of this change, there will be many big events like the Inauguration in October for us to manage, but I am certain that all of you will be ready for the challenge. Thanks again for all your hard work. The campus, both inside and out, looks great and ready for graduation.

Focus on… 2041 Raybrook

In 2006 Calvin bought the 2 story (walkout) office building located at 2041 Raybrook Street. It has since been referred to as ‘2041’ (very original!) In 2007/2008, a new entry was added to the building. The Northern portion of the upper level was also renovated at that time. Originally there was a dentist, a CPA, and two psychologists occupying the building’s two floors. All have since moved to the Weyhill property. The building is now occupied by organizations associated with Calvin College: The Van Lunen Center,

the Center for Social Research, the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning, and office space for visiting professors occupy over 1/2 of the square footage. The other 1/2 remains unoccupied at the current time. There are tentative floor plans (below) drawn up for potential renovations to occur this Summer/Fall of 2012. This renovated space will house visiting professors and several institutes.

Major Summer/Fall Projects 2012 In Planning 2041 Raybrook build-out Student Services relocation/SC 300 remodel Track repair/ fields master plan Foreign Language Dept. relocation West Wing addition

Underway/ Soon to begin Wertz Lab Costume Shop expansion: Phase I Beta Apartment renovation Commons Chiller upgrade Dice Mineral Museum KH dorm maintenance Camp Waltman Lake renovations Philosophy Dept. office renovation 1320 E. Beltline build-out DeWit Manor renovations Beets coffee kitchen renovation Miscellaneous house repair FAC roof repair RVD drainage repair

Grounds Projects Summer 2012 High Priority -in addition to general maintenance

Dice Mineral Museum landscaping Bunker House foundation landscaping Maintenance strip repairs Roadway landscaping CFAC asphalt repair Irrigation at plant nursery Tree replacement near KH roadway Heimenga Hall drainage renovation DeWit Manor landscaping Kappa South retaining wall Tree planting in E. Beltline median Irrigation upgrades to Weyhill Sidewalk repair east of KH CFAC landscape at East entrance

KH lot tree replacement Irrigation upgrades to Science Building Asphalt repair near Service Building Bunker House driveway repair GOE renovations Time & Funding Dependent Seminary pond landscape upgrades Timber walls near Beltline underpass Library loading dock Surge landscape renovation DeVos landscape renovation Waltman Lake-Entrance Waltman Lake– Lodge Science Building Live Roof

Pres. Byker/ Pres. Le Roy As the Calvin community anticipates the shift from nd President Byker to President Le Roy, the Physical Plant May 2 : Farewell lunch in the SFC to honor the retirement of President Byker. is already preparing for the many events and projects related to the transition. May 16th: A public program of appreciation and thanks to President Byker is scheduled for May 16th. All staff are encouraged to attend the event. “A Byker Farewell: God’s Grace and Gratitude” held in the CFAC at 8:00pm. May 21st: work will begin on the lower level renovation of the DeWit Manor House. The lower level will be remodeled to accommodate a new bathroom and bedroom. June 25th: On President’s Bykers’ last day all are invited to a farewell reception at 10:00am on the Commons Lawn. July 1st: President Le Roy will move into the remodeled lower level of the Manor House . August 6th: President Le Roy’s family is scheduled to arrive on campus. October 2012: President Le Roy’s Inauguration

Sustainability Series Did you know that there is a proposal for a “Live Roof” to be installed on a portion of the Science Building? The proposed location is the small roof overtop the WMRL loading dock. Currently the project is awaiting funding. The project is estimated at ~$40,000. Approximately half of the cost would be incurred by replacing the current roofing membrane. The “Live Roof” would consist of pre-vegetated trays of sedums, grasses, Alliums, and other perennial flowers. The roof would mitigate the urban heat island effect, reduce storm water runoff, dampen excess noise, reduce energy usage, and act as a learning/ demonstration project for students. Did you know Calvin already has several live roofs on campus? The patio near the SC atrium is overtop of a large mechanical room, and the entire Chapel Plaza is built overtop of the Lab Theater and Scene Shop.

1320 E. Beltline: UPDATE Plans continue to move forward with the planning and preparation for the build-out of the 1320 E. Beltline building. You may recall from the February 2012 newsletter (available online) that the building lacks interior finishes and services. Physical Plant has been told to proceed in a “steady and persistent” manor. Currently, meetings with Integrated Architecture are occurring every other week. Once the plans finalized are re-

viewed to meet the newly implemented “2009 Building Code”, construction can begin. The build-out is currently planned on being General Contracted by the Physical Plant. Construction will consist of installing the raised floor system, interior walls, bathrooms, elevator, lobby finishes, HVAC equipment, electrical services and any remaining site work. Look for more information to come in future newsletters!

Building Services: Well Done!

Thanks to the SFC Building Service team (day & night crews) for the hours of work they had into preparing for the May 2nd retirement lunch for President Byker. Both upper gyms and the main floor of the arena were covered in carpet squares and hundreds of tables/ chairs were set up

Waltman Lake: History

Although Waltman Lake has only been owned by Calvin College for a 1 and a half years, the history of the property can be traced back to the early 1970’s. 1961: Western Michigan-Indiana Pioneer Girls area was formed. The Board looks for permanent camp property. 1971: An add appears in the GR Press for: “343 acres– 10 miles north of GR. $165/acre”. Land purchased. 1975: Dam and lake constructed (see pictures above) Lake named “Waltman Lake” after the man who aided in site location and development The brook feeding the new lake is renamed “Brook Cherith”. Taken from 1 Kings 17: 3 1976: Summer girls camp begins with five tents, a wash house and temporary dining hall (now the maint. bldg.) 1979: The main lodge (dining/kitchen) is constructed 1983: 24 acres sold to property developer First boy camp starts 1979-2009: Week long camping for children grades 2-12. 2010: Last year of operation as youth camp November 2010: Calvin receives ownership of 319 acres formally known as “Brook Cherith”. Fall 2012: First user groups use Calvin College’s “Camp Waltman Lake”

EH&S: Hearing Conservation Summer is quickly approaching and that means the employees of the Physical Plant will be tackling several large projects and ensuring the grounds of Calvin remain perfectly manicured. The increased summer workload also means a potential increase in the amount of equipment generated noise we experience. Make sure that you have what you need to protect your hearing this summer! If you need any specialized hearing protection please see Jennifer.

How does too much noise damage your inner ear? Sound stimulates tiny hair-like cells in your inner ear which send messages to your brain. Like wind blowing in a tree - a little is alright - between puffs of wind the tree springs back into an upright position. However, if the wind blows too hard or for too long the tree will become permanently bent and may break. Similarly, the hair-like cells in your ear are damaged by too much noise for too long. While at first, given enough quiet, the cells may recover, repeated noise will lead to permanent damage. Often damage occurs gradually over a number of years and remains unnoticed until it is too late. The damaged cells can no longer send the messages to the brain and hearing is lost. Extremely loud noises can cause immediate lasting damage. The sudden burst of energy in noises such as hammering or gunshots can cause this type of damage.

the item further away, by enclosing it or partitioning it off from quieter areas, by using sound-absorbing materials to reduce the build-up of noise or by using silencers.

Noise levels at Calvin: Toro riding mower -91 dBA Wood chipper -99 dBA CoGen Engine Room -106dBA Chain saw -107 dBA Paint Shop Equipment -118 dBA

Using hearing protection

Hearing protectors should not be used as a substitute when engineering noise control or limiting exposure times are practicable. However, in situations where all measures have been undertaken but the reduced noise exposures are still above the action level, hearing protectors should be supThe following factors determine the degree and extent of plied. hearing loss: It is important that they should be chosen for their noise reType of Noise – continuous, intermittent, impact, high or duction characteristics, comfort and suitability for the job. Therefore, a wide variety of hearing protection is available to low frequency you. Intensity of Noise – level of loudness Duration of Exposure – length of time subjected to noise, Expectations of Calvin’s program and over time how often subjected to noise Noise assessments – EHS will determine areas of high Type of Noise Environment – enclosed, open, reflective noise. Engineering controls will be investigated as a surfaces preference to PPE. Distance from Ears to the Source of Noise – earphones in the ear, centimeters from the ear, meters, etc. Audiograms – Employees who work with equipment Physical position/posture relative to the noise source that produces high levels of noise (over 85 dBA) are Age of listener included in the hearing conservation program. TheIndividual Susceptibility se employees will receive audiograms at Med-1 free General Health of listener of charge. The doctor will compare the current audiogram to your baseline audiogram to determine if Reducing the noise at source there has been hearing loss. The most effective and acceptable way to reduce noise in the workplace is to change the noise source (such as a maHearing protection – Ear muffs and plugs are available. chine) so that it makes less noise. This may mean using a quiIf a different type of protection is more effective for eter process instead of a noisy one (such as pressing rather you, please speak to Jennifer or Heather. Whether than hammering), reducing the amount of metal to metal you are included in the hearing program or not, it is impact, treating radiating panels or using vibration isolation best to wear hearing protection if you are going to mountings. be working in loud areas or with equipment producIf the noise cannot be stopped, then the next step is to try to ing periodic loud bursts of noise (or even going to a stop it from reaching people. This may be done by moving loud concert!).

May Birthdays 8– Michael Booker 9– Ed Van Beek 12– Bob Mohn

April Work Order Stats Architecture

15– Jennifer Ambrose 26– Mike Flikkema 29– Clayt Meyer

Upcoming Dates & Events


May 2—All Campus Presidential Luncheon May 4—Men’s Tennis MIAA Conference May 4—Baseball at Hope May 9—Spring Classes end

May 11-16—Exams May 13—Mother’s Day May 19—Commencement May 28—Memorial Day







This Month’s Funny Work Orders...

Building Services KE Dorms Academic Buildings

31 109 15



“I'm the RA on 2nd Bennink and my RD, Jared Votaw, told me to submit a work order to Physical Plant. Last night someone threw eggs at one of my residents' window. She said she ran to the window but didn't catch them. Therefore, there's egg plastered on the outside of room 254 Bennink's window. If I had any more information for you I would insert it here but unfortunately I don't. Thanks for all your work :)”

Prince Conf. Center




Student Employee of the Year

April Vehicle Rentals Calvin fleet car


Calvin fleet minivan


Calvin fleet large van


Off-Campus Rental car


Off-Campus Rental minivan Off-Campus Rental large van Holiday Coach


“The right sink in the bathroom is draining extremely slowly. So slowly, in fact, that it creates a small birdbath whenever we run the water. This would be pleasant if we had birds, however, since that is not the case we’d greatly appreciate if someone could help us out! Thank you!”

We would like to congratulate Building Service’s students Joanna Eggleston, Francis Llerena, Brad Zwiers, Stephen Oh for being recognized as “student employees of the year!” Thank you for all of your hard work keeping our campus looking beautiful. We appreciate all of your hard work!

Graduating Student Workers

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS of 2012’s PHYSICAL PLANT STUDENT WORKERS!!!!! 13 -Mitch Jager-Stephanie Hino-Brad Zwiers-Steve Camp -Brad Hoeksema-Travis Befus-Chase Hoekwater-Greg Boer 63 -Michael Valk-Dave Mellema-Joanna Eggelstron 25 -Josiah Hanchette-Sera Youn-Francis Llerena-Jonathan Gorter-Kara Zondervan-Melissa Hays 166

Building Services Set-ups In April, Building Services set up (and tore down) 760 different special events across campus, this was ~160 more set-ups than last month!

Contact Info Calvin College Physical Plant 1475 Knollcrest Circle Grand Rapids, MI 49546

E-mail: Phone: (616) 526-6444 Fax: (616) 526-8563

Visit us at www.

6-09 MAY 2012  

calvin college physical plant newsletter

6-09 MAY 2012  

calvin college physical plant newsletter