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Note from the Physical PlantIt’s February already; second semester is well under way,

dent workers plow or shovel miles of roads, parking lots

and conversations about Spring Break trips are already

and paths in mere hours. The Mechanical Department’s

filling the air. Late winter is always an interesting time of

quick thinking during the three water main breaks this

year at the Physical Plant, and this year is no different. It’s year is a direct result of hours spent understanding the a time of continued maintenance and one of planning for

water distribution system and valve locations. With over

the summer months.

665 set ups/ tear downs this months, the Building Services team continue to try and forecast employee work

Each department continues to take care of “the usual”

hours and department resources. Aided by the Design

demands put on them, plus the added care given to spe-

Department, the Architectural group is an obvious user of

cial events such as the January Series, the Worship Sym-

planning. Time spent in the design phase helps ensure the

posium and the Faith and International Development

project is completed to user specifications. Transportation

Conference. In addition to all of that, construction contin- and EHS couldn’t operate without planning as hours are ues on several projects around campus: Heritage Hall, Bi-

spent scheduling vehicles or planning training seminars

ology Greenhouse, Commons Chiller, CFAC punch list, and and response procedures. soon a small IT cubicle/ office remodel. Also, planning is well underway for upcoming construction and renovation It’s easy for those on campus to see the excellent “doing” projects.

that is put forth each day. However, I wanted to thank you all for the continued behind the scenes “planning”

This past month I heard the quote: “An hour of planning is that often goes unnoticed. worth 6 hours of doing”. I think that rings true throughout the departments. The Grounds Department spends

It’s the hours of behind the scenes work that makes this

months preparing for the winter season. The snow plow-

campus look so beautiful and run so smoothly. Thanks

ing operation showcases this when 51 employees/ stu-

again for your work.


Healthy Habits

“Calvin Academy” Pedometer Challenge Earn a degree in “Pedometry!” How? Just strap on a pedometer and start walking. Challenge dates: February 20 – April 1     

Bachelors degree: Masters degree: Doctorate degree:

Degree options: Average 5,000-9,999 steps per day Average 10,000-14,999 steps per day Average 15,000 or more steps per day

Plus: Receive an incentive gift just for registering online. One grand prize drawing for each degree category...and one super grand prize drawing for an iPad2 from all who complete a degree.

Don’t have a pedometer? Send Healthy Habits a check or cash for $10, along with your registration form below, and we will get a pedometer to you as soon as possible. Still have questions? Once you register online (see next page for instructions) and we receive your completed form below, we will send you your incentive gift, along with a list of FAQs.

Register today! Step 1: Complete the information below, detach at the dotted line and send to Healthy Habits. Step 2: Use the instructions on the next page to join and initiate access to the online steps tracker. Name: ___________________________

Calvin ID: _________________

Email: ____________________________ Phone: ____________________ My average step goal is (circle one): 5,000



Please send me _______ pedometers ($10 each). Enclosed is exact cash or check (made out to “Calvin College”) for each pedometer (retail cost = $20).

Healthy Habits (cont’d) Pedometer Challenge Registration Instructions FIRST TIME REGISTRATION 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Go to and click on ‘Become New Member.’ Click on the orange ‘Registration’ button and fill out the registration information.  Click on ‘Search for company’ and choose Calvin College. Enter your department name.  You will need to make up your own password when prompted to do so.  Be sure to check the first box under ‘Preferences’ to become a member of Calvin College.  PRIVACY – Do not check the second box under ‘Preferences’ if you do not want AHA to share your information with third parties.  Click ‘Submit’. Click on the green ‘Tracker’ tab. Click on the blue ‘Activity Diary’ tab to begin entering your steps. Choose the date from the calendar icon. Enter your total number of steps and click ‘Convert Steps to Miles’. (The ‘Activity’ should default to ‘Walking.’ ‘Intensity’ and ‘Minutes’ do not need to be completed). Click ‘Save Activity’. Repeat steps 5-7 each time you want to enter steps for a different day in order to keep track of your total steps. Click ‘Log out’ when finished.

ONCE REGISTERED Once you have registered, it should only take a minute or two to enter your weekly activity using the following steps: 1. Go to 2. Login using the email and password you created. Repeat steps 3-9 above.

Please feel free to contact if you experience anything unusual as a result of your registration.

Heritage Hall: Phase II

The end is in sight for the Heritage Hall renovation. Phase II is well underway! The masons are wrapping up while the HVAC systems are being installed. Fire suppression and fire alarms are being retrofitted to the new space as well. Electrical rough-in will be complete by the time this article is printed. The Calvin wood shop has already begun fabricating work surfaces and custom cabinetry. Calvin staff has also begun installing flooring and has begun to paint several of the large storage rooms. Shelving has been ordered and the carpet

has already arrived at the Service Building! The Air Handlers are expected to arrive over Spring Break, and the State Fire Marshal is already scheduled to test the life safety equipment over the Good Friday weekend. Currently, the end users are scheduled to move into the new space in May.

Focus on… 1320 E. Beltline

In 2009 Calvin purchased the large office building located on the NE corner of the E. Beltline and Lake Dr. The original developer had defaulted on his loans, leading the bank to sell the property at a substantial discount. Originally two identical buildings were planned to be built on the site; however, the second building was never constructed (see sketch above). Excavation for the second building had begun, consisting of a large “hole” where the basement would have been located.

ed in 2006, however the interior was never completed. The lower level of the ~31,000 square foot building consists of 36 indoor parking spots. This parking level was well utilized during the renovation of the CFAC. Much of the equipment, files, storage lockers, tables, chairs, doors, etc… were stored there during construction.

The building was designed and constructed to receive a raised floor system (see picture below). The actual office-space floor is raised 18” The existing building was construct- above the concrete sub-floor. The

“gap” allows for easy access to mechanical equipment, ductwork, electrical wires and IT services. Only a small sample portion of the raised floor system has been installed. It’s estimated that the remainder of the flooring system for the entire building will cost over $200,000. Calvin has a similar floor in the IT equipment room in the Hekman Library. Future plans for the building are unknown. There have been several potential tenants interested in the property. However, currently the project is awaiting funding.

Environmental Health and Safety

Physical Plant Spring 2012 Safety Training Monday, March 13 OR Tuesday, March 14 Craig's Cruisers (54th St and Clyde Park) Training sessions will begin at 9:45 am at Craig’s Cruisers. Maps available at the Service Building Physical Plant employees are required to attend either Monday or Tuesday’s training. (Not both, sorry!) Sign-up sheets will be posted in the Service Building break room. If you do not regularly visit the Service Building, please email Heather Chapman or Jennifer Ambrose to sign up for either Monday or Tuesday’s training. Please arrive at Craig’s Cruisers at 9:30 for coffee, snacks and time to get settle in. NEW THIS YEAR- A 7:00 am CPR/First Aid session will be offered both days. CPR/First Aid sessions will be held on Calvin's campus and will end by 9:00 am. You may choose to opt out of the CPR/First Aid training. If you opt out of the CPR training, please plan to perform your daily work activities until leaving for the required training at Craig's Cruisers. Everyone should plan to drive themselves to Craig's Cruisers so that you may leave immediately following training. Training will conclude between 3 and 3:30. An extended lunch period will give all of us time to enjoy games, laser tag and go-karts. We'll have a number of guest presenters this year and look forward to a fun day. An announcement e-mail will be sent within the next couple of weeks. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING EVERYONE IN MARCH!!! -Heather and Jen

Sustainability Series

Throughout the Heritage Hall Renovation, many steps are being taken to be sustainable, both economically and environmentally. Last month’s newsletter mentioned that many of the concrete blocks were donated to a mink farm, however not all the blocks were shipped off-campus. Many of the undamaged blocks salvaged from demolished walls were reused in the new masonry walls of the project. (See pictures above) With pricing @ almost $1.50 per block, the cost savings for re-using the blocks is well into the hundreds of dollars. After paint, the reused blocks are undistinguishable from their brand new counterparts!

KDH– Remodel

As mentioned in last months newsletter, the Physical Plant Carpenter shop created two peasant tables to serve in the KDH dining hall. The tables and benches were put into place this past week, putting the finishing touch on entire KDH renovation. The wood for the tables was salvaged from the tree’s harvested during the construction of the Spoelhof Fieldhouse Complex. Keith Van Kooten designed and fabricated the tables, while Burt Houseman stained and finished them. They are truly a wonderful addition to KDH!

Building Services

This past month the entire Building Service team got together for a group photograph. Note that the department has now incorporated their new uniforms– black shirts with khaki pants. The photo can be viewed on the Building Services web site! Back Row (left to right): Richard Field, Ross Hoogewerf, Michael Booker, Nick Thompson, Sergio Diaz, Ada Castle, Mike Flikkema, Tom Diepstra, Tim VerStrate, Phil Wielenga, Tim Bakelaar, Pete Land, Rick Miles, Max Daza, Jim Phillips Middle Row (left to right): Sandy Palmatter, Emily Taylor, Stanley Stanley, Rhoda Riley, Sue Flikkema, Nelly Jordan, Romery Diaz, Katrina Hughes, Patrick Smith, Luu Vo, Nathan Britcher, Luis Flores Front Row: Ted Koopman Not Pictured: Craig Glupker, Scot Ohlmann, Stafford Trapp, Tim Bolt, Marci McCullough, Dan Wesorick, Simeon Bennett, Mike Seal

Water main break: 1/22/2012 18 days after a water main break near NVW, another section of water main broke East of the CFAC. The leak was discovered by Campus Safety on Saturday, January 21. The Calvin Mechanical Department was able to valve off the broken section of pipe, leaving only the CFAC without domestic water for Saturday evening. On Sunday morning, Calvin Grounds and Mechanical Department started excavation of the area where water had been bubbling to the surface.

The water main was ~10 feet below grade, making excavation difficult. In this case, the leak was ~15 feet away from the location where the water was seen on the surface. Once the location of the leak was discovered, a clamp was placed around the pipe creating a permanent seal. Thanks to Phil, Charlie, Geoff, Marc and Clayt for their hours of work (on a Sunday) in order to have water service functional for Monday morning events!

For your Information...

On Sunday, March 18th electrical service to most of the campus will be interrupted for necessary updates to the electrical primary. The electrical shutdown is expect to last from noon-3pm. Buildings NOT effected include: Seminary, KE, Campus Safety, Ravenswood and the Service Building. Contact the Physical Plant with questions or concerns @ 6x6444

February Birthdays January Work Order Stats Architecture








Building Services KE Dorms Academic Buildings

44 119 18



Prince Conf. Center




January Vehicle Rentals Calvin fleet car


Calvin fleet minivan


Calvin fleet large van


Off-Campus Rental car


Off-Campus Rental minivan


Off-Campus Rental large van


Holiday Coach



2– Tom Lautenbach 3– Phil Van Til 9– Simon Bennett 16– Nathan Britcher 17– Phil Wielenga

19– Jim Phillips 23– Pete Land 25– Craig Glupker 27– Larry Rillema

Upcoming Dates & Events February 2-4—Faith and International Development Conference February 4—Women’s V and JV Basketball at Hope February 6—Faculty Senate Meeting February 7-16—SLC Blood Drive (T,W,TH only) February 11—Men’s V and JV Basketball vs. Hope at home February 22—Ash Wednesday February 24-26—Siblings Weekend February 24-26—Rangeela

This Month’s Funny Work Orders... “Starting 1/30/12 and ending at death, make 2 pots of regular coffee and 1 pot of decaf at the Service Building, prior to 6:00 am Monday thru Friday.” -Requested by Marc Huizinga, accepted by Mike Cannady, and assigned to Clayt Meyer.

“Ridiculously squeaky door is keeping residents awake at night. Could someone oil the hinges or suggest alternatives? Thanks so much!”

Staff Updates Please join the Physical Plant in expressing sympathy for Luke DeVries, whose sister Mrs. Alida "Alice" Dykstra, 86, went home to be with her Lord and Savior on Monday, January 16.


Building Services Set-ups In January, Building Services set up (and tore down) 665 different events across campus.

Contact Info Calvin College Physical Plant 1475 Knollcrest Circle Grand Rapids, MI 49546

E-mail: Phone: (616) 526-6444 Fax: (616) 526-8563

Visit us at www.

6-06 FEB 2012  

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