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Volume 6, Issue 2, October 2011 Calvin College

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A Note from the director I have to admit that been struggling a lot recently with how we are supposed to act as Christians working with other Christians in a Christian workplace. In my 20 years in corporate America I saw a lot of very negative behavior that I chalked up to working in a secular environment. But recently I have seen some of that same behavior happening here at Calvin and at another Christian organization where I serve as a board member. It’s been very disappointing and I have been asking myself, how am I supposed to respond as a Christian manager?

ty of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” (v25) “Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body. In your anger do not sin; Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold…(v29) Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

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that we can talk about how God would like us to act; and secondly, that as Jesus said in Luke 6 :42 “How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother let me take the speck out of your eye’, when you fail yourself to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck in your brother’s eye.” I have come to I was reading Ephesians 4 the realize that I need to first examine other day and read the following myself and continue to strive to act verses: “(v1)...I urge you to live a and live for God as Paul describes life worthy of the calling you in Ephesians 4. So that’s what I’m I have come to realize that one have received. Be completely thing that makes a Christian institu- trying to do and I would like to ask humble and gentle; be patient, each of you to hold me accountable. bearing with one another in love. tion different from those secular Make every effort to keep the uni- institutions that I have worked at is —Phil

Camp Waltman Lake Update Over the last month Camp Waltman Lake has undergone quite a transformation! For those who had seen the camp in its original condition, it is almost unrecognizable.

The next hurdle at the camp is creating a water supply system that is operational year around. Work will begin onchemical, and new insulation, siding and soffits were installed. Now, along with repurposed carpet from this summer’s KDH project, furniture from past dorm On October 30, about 150 Calvin upperclassman ventured to the renovations, a fresh coat of updating the wellhouse and water supply camp to undergo leadership training (in anticipation of leading fresh- lines so that the kitchen, bathrooms and the Hill Top Lodge are availmen at Streetfest) and help work around the camp. About four hours able for use during winter. were spent working on projects ranging from removing carpet, mapping walking trails, cleaning cabins, landscaping, etc… The day was a great success. For a few weeks at the end of the summer, a large crew of student workers assisted Doug Herrema and Wes Mepyans in staining the exterior of almost every building on the property. The main focus of the last month has been on “The Lodge”, a two story building that houses the kitchen, a dining room, a common meeting space, bathrooms, a small bunk room, and a recreation area. The deck overlooking the lake had to be rebuilt because of structural failure. While rebuilding the deck, it was extended 8 feet to allow for a more comfortable sitting area. Windows and doors were replaced because the originals were not functioning or rusted beyond repair. Several sections of roof were repaired as well. The biggest surprise was the damaged caused by an infestation of mice and flying squirrels. In several locations, the rodents had destroyed the insulation and super-saturated the siding and joists with feces and urine. Needless to say, the entire building was stripped of the siding, wall cavities cleaned, the lumber treated with a biological paint, and new water heaters and furnace, the Lodge is [almost] a completely new building!

Rodent damage in the Lodge

Staff Updates Pete Land’s grandchildren (triplets) are doing much better and all have now been released from the hospital. After being in the NICU just one week shy of six months, Sydney finally came home two weeks ago. She successfully bottle-fed more quickly than what everyone thought. She is adjusting to home life really well. She loves being with her siblings Kyla and Tanner, and playing with all the toys. She has continued to surprise us by not needing outside OT and PT services even after being on the vent for four months…just lots and lots of doc. appointments.

Buster’s Hollow—about the front page photo ‘Buster’s Hollow’ is the Grounds nickname for the low area along the East Beltline between the CFAC and Calvin Seminary. The main storm sewer empties from the CFAC parking lot through Buster’s Hollow, along with run-off water from the Whiskey Creek drain basin, and through to the Sem Pond and beyond. The 24” drain was half blocked by a build up of sediment over the years. This summer digging out the sediment and silt, and removing the invasive Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard weed were completed. Next summer, if funds are available, Phase II will consist of working with the Biology Department to plant native wetland/water plants in Buster’s Hollow, which will help filter the water that drains into the Sem Pond.

Physical Plant Staff Outing—September 15, 2011

The ‘Odds’ team, consisting of Simon Bennet, Ted Koopmans, Mike Feys, Dale De Young, Perry Gooch, Luis Flores, Nick Thompson, and Ross Hoogewerf, had a close victory over the ‘Evens’ team with a total score of 14 to 12. The ‘Evens’ team, consisting of Matt Hoekzema, Brian Koster, Sergio Diaz, Ed Van Beek, Wes Mepyans, Dean Gunnink, Jeremy Bush, and Rick Miles, came in a close second. Congratulations to both teams!

September Work Order Stats Administrative Architecture Mechanical Grounds EH&S Building Services KE Dorms Academic Buildings Seminary Prince Conf. Ctr.


0 208 363 7 10 97 113 17 (0) (15)


September Vehicle Rentals Calvin fleet car Calvin fleet minivan Calvin fleet large van

17 7 59

We would like the blue and green time sheets turned in to one location only. Please place them only in Nola’s door pocket. Student worker Jared Scripture appreciates your help. Work Orders Chanel 6, Fox, does not have sound. Glee is on Tuesday night. This is not okay. Thank you. The light outside in the hall is out. It has been this way for about 2 semesters. I guess I don’t really care either way if you fix it or not. The low light level is nice in the morning. My eyes hurt when I walk into the hall. Also it does set a nice mood for the ladies. Actually don’t fix it.

In Response to Work Order PP-39762 I would like to take this opportunity to express how much we appreciate the fine piece of work you folks did in fixing up the DeVries Hall washrooms last summer. The new counter tops are first class and a huge improvement to the decor. The way you folks maintain our buildings and facilities is a major contribution toward our teaching environment. It sets the tone for quality work from our students and the rest of us, and it speaks volumes to our visitors. Thanks and many blessings, Steve Platt, on behalf of the Dept. of Physics & Astronomy

Budget car Budget minivan Budget large van Holiday Coach


31 14 51 33


Building services completed 614 set ups for special events in September.

Upcoming Dates and Events 10– Canadian Thanksgiving 22– Homecoming 24– Full Faculty Assembly 7:00pm 25-26– Academic Advising

October Birthdays 14– Tom Oosterhouse 18– Brian Koster 19– Brent Seinen 20– Luu Vo 20– Richard Field 25– Heather Chapman 29– David Pfruender 29– Marc Huizinga

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6-02 OCT 2011  

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