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Volume 6, Issue 1, September 2011 Calvin College

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A Note from the director This week an alumnus and dad of a new Calvin student sent a very nice note to Mike Van Denend, Executive Director of Calvin’s Alumni Association. The note included the following paragraph which I thought you might like to read: “...You spend so much time on campus, I don’t imagine you experience this anymore, but it was so strange to be back in Beets. For a moment (a very brief moment) I was ready to move in myself. Here too, we saw Calvin at its best. Although far from new, the dorms were clean and fresh. Maybe it’s my construction background, but everywhere I looked in the dorms and all around campus I saw attention to detail: freshly varnished wood handrails, neatly pruned

shrubs, gardens without a weed, window washing crews, storm drain cleaning equipment, and on and on. All further evidence of Calvin being on top of the details: intentional in everything.” I could not have said it better. This is just one of several positive comments that I have heard or read lately. I know the work orders are coming in fast and furious, and it sometimes feels like we have a lot of unsatisfied customers, but overall this has been one of the best prepared and organized school starts that I have experienced in my soon to be ten years at Calvin. On another subject; Don Levy and I will be leading a college sponsored Bible study on the

In this issue Director’s Note Spotlight On… Emergency! Staff Updates

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Psalms. Last year, several of us, including several of our student employees, studied Philippians and I really enjoyed the discussions. Like last year, the study will be held in our conference room, every Monday at 3:15 in the afternoon. It would be great to have so many show up that we need to move to a bigger space. If you would like to join, see you there next Monday and we will show you how to register and get the study guide.

Spotlight On... Building Services Building Services has had another busy past three months to prepare for the return of the students this fall. Both first and second shift crews worked together to complete this daunting task throughout the entire summer. They cleaned over 1.4 million square feet of occupied space throughout the entire campus. Most of the vinyl composition tile floors were refinished, as well as all of the carpets were extracted in all of the academic buildings. The relamping schedule was also continued. All the classrooms were detail cleaned. Even the walk off matts in all of the buildings were removed and power washed. Although an outside contractor actually refinished the Chapel floor, the Building Services team had to remove, inspect and return all of the furniture as a part of this project.

Chapel floor refinished.

The residence halls as well as the Knollcrest East Apartments have been detail cleaned including the extraction of all the carpets in every sleeping room. New drapes and mattresses were brought into Bolt/Heyns/Timmer. As in the past years, all the dorms and KE apartments were inspected in May for needed repairs and were again inspected in late August and tagged after the final cleaning. This generated a total of 725 work orders. Many people have worked extremely hard over these past three months to get the campus ready for the fall. All of this was done in the midst of doing 1,328 set ups and tear downs for conferences and special events. The campus is looking great for the start of the semester. Everything is in place so classes can start without a hitch.

Spoelhof Center carpet

Hoogenboom Center tile

Emergency Response Exercise On August 18, 2011 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Campus Safety, along with local police, fire and emergency medical services conducted an armed threat and chemical release exercise on our campus. CSO conducted this exercise to test the responsiveness of college officials in the event of a critical emergency. Such an exercise is also very important to first responders to hone their skills and revise any plans/protocols that may require change. In other words, “practice now before the real thing so we will be well prepared if it happens.” A large crew of our Building Services students volunteered to participate, including being in the active shooter on campus scenario, and the chemical spill scenario. Several students were made up to look wounded.

Ada Castle and Heather Chapman along with the Campus Safety staff wait for instruction.

Building Services students listen to instructions.

A student from Building Services lays “dead” at the scene of the crime in the Science Building.

A student from Building Services get sprayed down at the decontamination station.

Healthy Habits We are nearing the end of the 1st quarter of Healthy Habits (July-September). One of the requirements for the $75 quarterly cash incentive to be completed in this quarter is the annual Priority Health questionnaire for one credit. Log on to website and after logging in, click on the GO TO WEBMD button, next click on the link Start Now. If you have completed the questionnaire several times before you should be familiar with the process. If you have never done it before, and would like help logging into the Priority Health website, and negotiating through the links, please see Nola Nielsen or Nick Thompson for help (please don't leave this to the last minute to complete). New exercise classes for Healthy Habits start the week of September 12 and will last for 7 weeks - for one credit per class. If you still need credits to fulfill the two credits, check the Healthy Habits Fall 2011 brochure, or the bulletin board in the Physical Plant hallway outside of Ada Castle's office for ideas. And don't forget the Camino de Santiago and Madrid Adventure Trip! The trip is scheduled May 22-June 2, 2012. A $100 deposit is due before December 1 this year, but hurry and sign up if you are interested - space is limited and interest has been high.

Staff Updates We would like to welcome our new student employee Rachel Weaver, she is the newest addition to the front desk student workers. She grew up in Buffalo, New York; but recently moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a freshmen majoring in Latin and secondary education. A secret talent she has is that she can be a puppet master of her lips. Feel free to ask her to demonstrate what she means. When you see her, please give her a warm welcome. Continued on page 4.

Staff Updates cont. August Work Order Stats Administrative Architecture Mechanical Grounds EH&S Building Services KE Dorms Academic Buildings Seminary Prince Conf. Ctr.


2 249 327 7 8

Jennifer Ambrose, EH&S, will now be working every weekday instead of only coming in three days a week. Amy Ching-Brouwers, Emma Deur, Nathan Gelderloos, Liza Gunnink, Josh Wilbraham, Stephanie Hino, Mitch Jager, Hannah Smallegan, Jared Scripture, and Amy Bardolph are all returning student workers from the summer or last school year.

46 253 26 (1) (26)

Shelby VanKooten is enjoying her time in Ghana. She will have to wear an ankle boot for a few weeks due to spraining her ankle the Sunday before she left. She has been learning a lot and experiencing many new things.


August Vehicle Rentals Calvin fleet car Calvin fleet minivan Calvin fleet large van

10 2 24

Budget car Budget minivan Budget large van Holiday Coach

15 11 22 0


Lori Silvey has returned as a temporary Transportation Assistant for the school year. Please give her a warm welcome when you see her.


Building services completed 297 set ups for special events in August.

All staff must use their staff ID cards to get into dorms and in to dorm lobbies. The ‘B’ key will be removed by the end of next week. Work Order The desk needs a new pen. (The current one is running out of ink.) Work Order The washing machine closest to the door goes *crazy* each time it is used, to the point that I can hear it as if it’s about to explode from the second floor.

Upcoming Dates and Events 1-2– Orientation and Registration 4– First LOFT service 5– Labor Day 8– Convocation 15– Physical Plant Staff Outing

September Birthdays 5– Patrick Smith 10– Ade Ellens 15– Katrina Hughes 24– Rick Miles 30– Dale De Young

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6-01 SEP 2011  

calvin college physical plant newsletter

6-01 SEP 2011  

calvin college physical plant newsletter