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Note from the DirectorOnce again I was reminded of the professionalism and skill of the Physical Plant staff last week during the campus -wide power outage. It was great to see the mechanical staff’s response. Don Winkle did an outstanding job, calling all the appropriate people, getting all the appropriate parts and pieces, and making it all happen quickly. Even though he’s not an electrician. Paul Pennock was in there helping Don, getting him tools, tightening nuts and bolts, and doing whatever else he could to help out. As you recall it was a very hot day and even Clayt Meyer helped out by making sure everyone had water to drink. The teamwork was outstanding! I have noticed the same thing happening all over campus. All of the various sub-contractors seem to be at the right place at the right time. Although I’m sure I am over simplifying it and it’s not an easy task, it appears that Dale, Jack, Charlie, and Ada with Building Services all have the teams going in the right direction and things look like they are on schedule to be completed for the beginning of the school year. As I walk around (and I know some of you think I do too much of that) I hear very few issues or concern. Everyone knows what needs to be done and what it will take to get there. It’s also great to see what is happening at Camp Waltman Lake. Matt has been doing an excellent job managing and marketing the camp, showing it to potential renters, and keeping it occupied. It is getting a lot of use and many other groups are scheduled to be there this summer and fall. All the user comments have been very positive. In the next few weeks we will begin managing the build-out of the 1320 East Beltline Building. That’s the building on the north east corner of the East Beltline and Lake Drive. Dale will be the General Contractor for the project. Once completed it will become part of Calvin’s real estate subsidiary (similar to the Weyhill Building and the Glen Oaks East Apartments) and that group will begin marketing it for tenants. I plan to leave for vacation in northern Wisconsin with my extended family. I hope all of you are finding some time for fun and relaxation. Thanks again for all your fine work!

2041 Raybrook

Two months ago, the 2041 Raybrook building was featured in the ―Focus on…‖ section of the Plant Page. (See the Physical Plant website for archived issues of the newsletter). In that article, there was mention of ―tentative plans‖ for a partial renovation of the 200 level. Since then, approval was gained, paint colors were finalized and renovations have begun! The project will consist of 10

new/updated offices, an updated reception area, a conference room, an updated kitchenette and a new copy room. Drywall and painting are underway. Ceiling tile and carpet will begin in the next few weeks, followed by the office build-outs. Several Calvin affiliated institutes will be located in the new space. Physical Plant is working diligently to complete the project by the September

1st completion date. It is worth noting that the Dice Museum, Manor House, costume shop, Beta Apartment, and the dorm maintenance all have completion dates within weeks of each other! Thanks to the many Physical Plant staff for making this fast-tracked project such a success!

Manor House

The President’s manor house project continues to progress very well. Paint, carpet, re-roof and fixture upgrades are well underway. We welcomed President Le Roy onto campus over the first weekend in July. He is currently living in the home while the final touches are being completed on the renovation. We appreciate his patience and understanding as he is living in the home during the renovation process! The picture above-right features Mr. J.C. Miller who purchased the Manor House from the original owner, Mr. Grossman in 1931. In the side-by-side photos, it’s easy to see how the Physical Plant continues to maintain the historical integrity of this ~100 year old icon on Calvin’s campus.

Focus On...Joosse House

Only weeks ago, Calvin College acquired the home located at 3151 Hampshire Avenue. The home is located just west of Parking Lot #6, outside of the Hampsire Gate (West of the SFC). Wayne and Anamarie Joosse have lived in the home for over 34 years. Wayne was a Psychology professor at Calvin for over 35 years and Anamarie worked as a counselor at Calvin for 30 years. They have no children, but have enjoyed allowing many college students to live with them during the school year. Wayne and Anamarie have also delighted in allowing over fifteen families from the surrounding community to plant gardens in their backyard. Wayne Joosse noted that ―one of the fringe benefits of living so close to Calvin is that [he] got to know a lot of Physical Plant staff and that they are wonderful human beings.‖ Wayne says that he will miss living in close proximity to Calvin. He has enjoyed walking to the Calvin basketball games, the January series, and many other Calvin events. Wayne recounted that one of his most unusual memories of living near Calvin took place soon after returning from church to hear sounds of African wildlife. Next, he heard a terrible shriek! A elephant, used for a circus that was on campus, had unexpectedly died near the athletic fields! Although Calvin owns the house. the Joosses will have up to three years to remain in the home. The Joosses will retire in Holland Home’s Raybrook Manor as soon as an apartment is available. For the duration of their stay, Wayne has requested that he be allowed to maintain the exterior of the home. Wayne enjoys mowing the lawn, shoveling the snow, and doing other yard work. Currently, there is no master plan for the house. Calvin will continue to maintain the property once the Joosses move out.

Student Workers “Take Two” We’d like to personally thank the following students for their continued hard work! (Those listed below were not printed in last month’s newsletter) Architecture: Paint Crew Sara Bruggink, James Karsten, Rachel Hordyk, Anna Meekhof, and Emily Steele Architecture: Beta Crew Ismael Abreu and Paul Brouwer

Jack Phillip’s New Daughter Jack and Shelly Phillips celebrated the birth of their third child, Kendall Leigh, on June 18th, 2012 at 1 pm. She weighed 7lbs 1oz and was 19 inches long. Jack and Shelly also have a son named Nathaniel who is three and a half and a daughter named Sierra who is two.

Healthy Habits UPDATE Beginning July 1, Calvin will not automatically receive reports from Priority Health regarding staff who have completed physical exams. Annual physicals must be self-reported in the quarter that the exam is completed. One HH credit will be received for reporting an annual physical. One of the two HH requirements for the new first quarter (July 2012- September 2012) is to complete the Priority Health HQ (Health Quotient) questionnaire on-line. Log-in to the Priority Health website to complete the Health Quotient. To encourage spouse participation, HH will be offering: a. Quarterly prize drawings from a list of all spouse who complete Priority Health's HQ (Health Quotient) questionnaire. b. Incentive credit (0.5) to all Calvin employees who's spouse completes the HQ questionnaire.

Please contact your Healthy Habits Ambassador with questions!

Costume Shop Expansion Because of the Covenant Fine Art Center’s renovation, the Costume Shop (once located in the lower level of the FAC) took temporary residence in both the old green room of the Gezon Auditorium and the basement of the SFC. After completion of the CFAC, the Center Art Gallery made the move to it’s new location in the CFAC.

new Costume Shop and a new Art Department classroom. This past month a dividing wall was installed in the old art gallery, creating finished spaces for both the classroom and the Costume Shop.

After years of tight working conditions for the Costume Shop and the lack of a large pre-architecture classroom, both needs were meet by utiThe vacant Center Art Gallery lizing existing campus square was the perfect fit for both the footage.

Beta Remodel

The Beta Apartment remodel continues to progress very well! Cabinets continue to be placed, flooring is going in, plumbing fixtures are being installed, and HVAC systems continue to come on-line. Great job everyone!

West Wing

Planning for a potential addition to the Speolhof Center continues. The Physical Plant and GMB Archtects continue to meet with those departments involved in the expansion. The initial renderings (above) ensure that the campus architecture standards are upheld. The low sloping rooflines, horizontal banding and exterior brick help make the building a natural fit to the campus! The artist’s rendering to the right depicts a potential interior view of the new West entrance. Look for more info in future newsletters.

Burger Fry

Save the Date! Student Appreciation Burger Fry! When? Thursday August 16, 2012 Where? The Physical Plant Who? Physical Plant staff and students welcome! Ask your supervisor for more information.

EH&S As we welcome Heather Chapman (EH&S Officer) back from maternity leave, we’d like to take a moment to inform all staff of the Environmental Health and Safety Officer’s work schedules: Jennifer Ambrose, throughout the summer, is working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Heather Chapman is now working Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Both Heather and Jennifer are available by email and cell phone anytime. Heather Chapman: 734.776.6970 Jennifer Ambrose: 616.204.2323 Over the summer, EHS is working on improving the online training applications, the lead and lock-out programs as well as continuing to work through projects associated with the Environmental Management System.

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June Vehicle Rentals Calvin fleet car


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Upcoming Dates & Events July 1 & 2—Passport I July 10—John Calvin’s Birthday July 19 & 20—Passport II July 30 & 31—Passport III August 16—Student Appreciation Burger Fry

This Month’s Funny Work Orders... ―Professor Page has retired! Let the party begin! He did leave an office that now needs a painting party! Perhaps Mr. Doug could check it out.‖ ―Our fridge is still not running properly, huge pools of water seem to accumulate in it all the time. Whenever I pull something out of the fridge I get wet. Our food is rotting and going bad. This seems like quite an unfortunate problem.‖ ―The library's main elevator is getting confused and opening the door before it reaches the designated floor, then it closes again, moves a little bit more and then opens up to let you off on the designated floor. Other times it will still open before it should and has frightened a few of our patrons.‖ ―Our frizz is not working well, so all the food are getting rotten. Could you come as soon as possible please. –Thank you.‖ ―The toilet is not working properly. It flushes but does not completely fill and empty. There is stuff floating in the bottom of the bowl.‖

Staff Updates Heather Chapman is back to work after the birth of her daughter! In order to spend more time with her family, she will only be on campus Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Building Services Set-ups In June, Building Services set up (and tore down) 274 different special events across campus!

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6-11 JUL 2012  

calvin college physical plant newsletter

6-11 JUL 2012  

calvin college physical plant newsletter