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Note from the DirectorI have got to say, this feels like the busiest summer yet in my 10 years of working at Calvin College. It’s always interesting how many people ask me if things slow up for us in the summer. If they only knew! For many faculty and staff members that may be true, but for us it’s just the opposite. We live under a hard completion deadline to get everything done in time for school to start; and then, exhausted from all the hard summer work, the faculty, staff and students come back, many rested from a more leisurely summer, and increase work orders and projected requests by over 300%. But I see you all handling the work and stress with patience and grace. Watching you, I am always reminded of Colossians 3:23b “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord.” The Dice Museum, Manor House remodeling, the Beta Apartment complex remodeling and the 2041 remodel project all seem to be coming along nicely thanks to the Architectural and Mechanical staff. The new directional signs look great, the many landscape, landscape maintenance, and turf projects continue to make the campus look better and better, and the interiors of our buildings look clean and neat . Please check out the Physical Plant Web Page to watch the on-going progress of these projects. Nola and her team do a great job keeping the site up to date. Just recently I received Brian Koster’s letter of Resignation. Brian has worked for the Physical Plant for nine years, the first few years as a summer student employee. He will be leaving us on August 23rd to begin graduate school this fall; and I am very sorry to see him leave. The last several years he has been working as a carpenter, primarily doing office remodel and installation. This year and last he has been the project manager for the courtyard apartment remodeling and has done an outstanding job. I have always been impressed with Brian’s incredible work ethic, his quiet patience, his willingness to do the job without complaining, even when under incredible stress, and his ability to lead a work group. I have heard from several of the sub-contractors on the courtyard apartment project as to what a fine job Brian is doing. Please join me in thanking Brian for the great work he has done for Calvin College and best wishes for the years to come.

Sustainability Series

For the past 7 years, dumpsters have been placed at each dorm and near each KE apartment during exam week. Henry Kingma (Calvin Grounds) works with the Building Services staff to determine the necessary dates and locations of the containers. Almost all 12 of the dumpsters get filled to the top with general waste, couches, and the occasional dead house plant! Henry noted that the Building Services team deserves a lot of credit for the assistance they give the students in helping remove trash from the buildings. In keeping with the college’s sustainability statement, much of the paper, plastic

and glass waste is recycled. To promote recycling, large containers for paper and glass/plastic recycling are located near each dumpster. During the weeklong cleanup, an ordinary pickup truck and landscape trailer are transformed into a recycling hauling machine! The trailer holds 4 large boxes and one tipping bin. The trailer is filled and emptied 4-5 times during the weeklong move out. This translates into an entire semi-load of paper and cardboard material, weighing upwards of 15,000 pounds! Plastic and glass together fill a complete 30 yard dumpster. The recycling in the residence halls and KE in one week is equal to the entire campus’

recycling for one month. The majority of the furniture in the Beta Apartment was salvaged as well. It will be transported to and repurposed at Waltman Lake. Several pieces of furniture were donated to “Guiding Light Ministries” while others were sold to students for use off-campus. In all, 5 sinks, 11 garbage disposals and 10 toilets were also salvaged from Beta. They will be used as attic stock for other apartments and/or used at Waltman Lake.

Pedometer Challenge Pedometer Challenge II has ended and we have the results! The graph below is the average steps taken by each department. The two graphs on the right compare the degrees that all of the participants from the Physical Plant earned. We would like to congratulate Pete Land for wining a Kindle from Pedometer Challenge II. We also want to highlight that if you combine Building Services and the Physical Plant, out total surpasses all other departments!

Pedometer Challenge 2 3 5

PhD Masters


Average by Department



800,000 700,000 600,000

Pedometer Challenge 1

500,000 400,000 300,000

200,000 100,000









Focus On...106 Art Gallery The 106 Art Gallery has a few names. It is known as the Douglas Brothers Building, the 106 Art Gallery or the 106 Building. Regardless of the name, this building currently houses faculty art studios and a display gallery. Exhibitions embrace faculty, student and community artwork. The 106 building also houses artist lofts (apartments) and is part of the “Avenue for the Arts” project in downtown Grand Rapids. The “Avenue of the Arts” is a collaboration of “residential, commercial and non profit groups working together in a creative community. [They] are residents in Heartside, and active participants in shaping change in our neighborhood.” In 2004 Calvin began helping with the project of renovating a run-down building in downtown Grand Rapids. The “Cool Cities” initiative provided a $100,000 grant to help fund the restoration of the building. Once the restoration was complete, Calvin became a tenant. Calvin leases about 10,000 square feet of space which was intended to hold studios for both students and professors as well as the gallery and exhibit space. In a 2004 press release, President Gaylen Byker stated that “"The fact that Calvin began its work as a Christian college just down the street from here is exciting." There is one exhibit currently on display at the Downtown Art Gallery. The “Creature Feature” exhibit put on by the Kendall Illustration Club runs from May 25 until June 29. Please check out the Art Gallery’s website for upcoming exhibits!

Manor House

Renovations continue on the DeWit Manor. The basement is scheduled to be complete by the 2nd of July. An egress window was cut into the foundation, creating space for a legal bedroom in the basement. President Le Roy will live in the newly renovated basement while some renovations take place in the upper levels of the house this summer. The

basement will then function as the Le levels will take place. Several bathRoy’s casual family room as well as the rooms will receive updating while other extra bedroom for family/guests. rooms will receive new paint and flooring. The Le Roy family is anticipated to The lower level bathroom was also ren- move into the completed home in early ovated this past month. A shower was August. added to the original 1/2 bath. We look forward to President Le Roy’s Throughout July, upgrades to the upper first day in office on July 2nd!

Dice Mineralogical Museum

The Dice Mineralogical Museum project continues to progress very well. The exterior of the addition is nearing completion. Masons are expected to be done by the end of June. HVAC systems are currently being installed. Due to the relatively small size of the addition, no new air handlers were installed, allowing for a simpler mechanical installation.

Electrical rough-in is nearing completion. Conduit and electrical boxes are in place. Wire will start to be pulled in late June.

and fabricated in the Calvin Woodshop. Each cabinet is designed with specific stones/mineral in mind. It is truly the definition of “custom cabinetry!”

The steel studs and interior framing have also been complete. Dry Wall and ceiling treatments will progress into early July.

Calvin Grounds anticipates starting on exterior landscaping of the museum in mid-July. The landscape will reflect the Calvin standard, yet ensure that the building blends well into the natural surroundings.

The millwork continues to be designed

Beta Remodel The Beta Apartment remodel is moving very quickly. Electrical, HVAC and interior walls are well underway. The top floor of the project is already receiving drywall. Air conditioning is expected to be operational in several apartments by the end of June. Once the AC is functioning properly, the finished carpentry and interior paint can begin.

Letters to the Physical Plant The following email was received from Kirk Larsen. Mr. Larsen was the father-of-the-bride for the first wedding reception held at Waltman Lake on June 9, 2012. I want to thank you for all your help making Kelly & Jack's wedding day an incredible experience. I'm sure that you had a say in the lovely weather and lack of mosquitoes up at Camp Waltman for the reception last weekend-thanks! I wish we had Camp Waltman when I was a Calvin student-it is a fantastic resource for the college, and I'm gonna encourage my biology colleagues and former classmates (Warners, Hoogewerf, Blankespoor, Koetje, etc) to take their students up there since I know they haven't been up there yet. The facility is great and worked very well for us. -Kirk Larsen, Ph.D. Prof. of Biology, Luther College Decorah, IA

RVD: Drainage

Only a few days after graduation, Calvin Grounds and Mechanical excavated the NW corner of RVD trying to conclude the year long search for a basement water leak. In the past year, many of man hours have been spent trying to understand the source of the water infiltration. Last Fall, a small leak was

detected in the water supply line resulting in the directional boring of a new water main. However, there was still water seeping into the RVD basement. After much thought, the decision was made to dig up the foundation drainage tile. The picture above-left shows a clean tile, a dirty tile, and a com-

pletely clogged tile. For several feet, the entire drain tile was filled with tree roots. This tile was 10 feet below grade! The affected drain tile were removed, cleaned and replaced. Great job to all involved on fixing this persistent problem!

Waltman Lake: Reservation Form Camp Waltman is now open for use! Please contact Matt Hoekzema for reservations.

Waltman Lake Calvin College’s Outdoor Retreat and Learning Center

Facility Rates (10am– 10am) Day Pass: $3 ($2.25*) per person 8am-10pm (under 10 years old are free) -Sport fields, lake/boat access, hiking, bathhouses, etc… Tent Sites: $10 ($7.50*) 2 people -Each additional guest $4 (under 10 years old stay free) -Table, fire pit, bathhouses nearby, user provided tent/supplies RV Sites:

$16 ($12*) 2 people -Each additional guest $4 (under 10 years old stay free) -Electrical service, Water hookup, table, fire pit, bathhouse nearby

Rustic Cabins #1-10: $40 ($30*) Sleeps 5-8 people on beds -Each additional guest (over 8 people) is $4. Max overnight capacity=10 -5-8 beds, electrical service, table, fire pit, bathhouse nearby, user provided bedding Explorers Lodge North: $80 ($60*) Sleeps 10 people on beds -Each additional guest $4. Max overnight capacity=20 -5 bunk beds, private bathroom, shower, common room, user provided bedding Explorers Lodge South:

$80 ($60*) Sleeps 10 people on beds -Each additional guest $4. Max overnight capacity=20 -5 bunk beds, private bathroom, shower, common room, user provided bedding

Hill Top Lodge: $100 ($75*) Sleeps 12 people on beds -Each additional guest $4. Max overnight capacity=20 -6 bunk beds, private bathroom, shower, common room, user provided bedding Main Lodge:

$200 ($150*) Sleeps 10 people on beds -Each additional guest $4. Max overnight capacity=100 -Kitchen, dinning room, 4 bunk beds, 2 single beds, user provided bedding ———————————————————————————

Maximums/ Group Rates

$800 ($600*) per 10am– 10am -All buildings, all beds, all acreage *Calvin sponsored groups receive 25% discount

Summer 2012 Student Workers We would like to highlight all of our student workers for the summer. We could not do it without you! Transportation Kyle Mayhew Shipping and Receiving Nick Keegstra HVAC Niecia Flikweert, Justin Hall EH&S Emma Deur, Shelby Van Kooten Architectural Alex Corner, Tyler Kruis, Grant VanderWall, Jordan VanderWall Front Office Amy Ching-Brouwers, Liza Gunnink, Alden Hartopo, Klaas Walhout, Josh Wilbraham Grounds Leah Borycz, Kyle Erffmeyer, Mark Greidanus, Michael Meyering, Adam Neinhuis, Andre Otte, Stephen Pastoor, Scott Peterson, Dave Pluymert, Mark Randall, Lauren Schrotenboer, Ross Udell, Sara Van Kooten, Scott VanVoorst, Eric Veldkamp Building Services Annalise Abma, Anita Alunyo Bello, Adam Andrews, Shannon Beezhold, Joel Bergwerff, Philip Blitz, Matthew Block, Hannah Britcher, Thomas Bulthuis, Nathaniel Buteyn, Alec Capel, Noah Cawley, Hannah Chee, Mary Chenge, Jaunte Davis, Krista De Vries, Jeffery Dick, Andrew Diepstra, Charles Diggs, Emmanuel Dua Asante, Nicholas Elders, DeVon Espinoza, Lourdes Flores, Luis Flores, Richard Fung, YeHee Gwon, Timothy Halstead, Anna Hanchett, Ryan Hartwell, Aaron Hensen, Casey Hinkle, Stephen Hoogewerf, Benjamin Hopp, Lauren Hubers, Lindsey Huizenga, Rebecca Huizenga, Grant Jobkar, William Julius, Jesse Keegstra, Nicholas Keegstra, Elisabeth Keen, Deborah Kennedy, Hoon Hoi Kim, Sarah Kluitenberg, Jessica Koster, Michael Kroeze, Na Ra Lee, Yun Pui Li, Francis Llerena, Johnathan Mahler, John Malefyt, Nicole Meyer, Sara Myers, Oluwatoyinloba Ogunsanya, Song Hwan Oh, Adomove Osho, Maame Pokua Owusu Achau, Chan Yang Park, Michael Penninga, Matthew Poolman, Allison Poorenga, Tanteliniaina Rasendrahasina, Andrew Reichard, Quellis Rhodes, Daniel Roels, Patrick Rotunno, Christopher Sammons, Ewurabena Sarpong, Brett Schepel, Tesfaye Sede, Jenna Short, Anna Slacter, Nathaniel Smith, David Smolinski, Matthew Smolinski, Janet Sulayman, Abel Tandadjaja, Josephine Tucker, Mireille Ukeye, Michael VanDenHeuvel, William VanDenHeuvel, Daniel Vande Streek, Matthew VandeStreek, Jacob VanGeest, Andrew Wade, Lea Wibisono, Wisely Wilson, Cree Wolfe, Joel Worst

Physical Plant Website Ever wonder‌.. to store flammable liquids? ...where to see archived copies of the Physical Plant Newsletter? ...where to take online training? to request a rental vehicle for college use? ...where to view webcams of current projects? ...what Physical Plant is doing to further campus sustainability? to report hazardous situations or practices? ...where to place a Work Order? VISIT THE PHYSICAL PLANT’S WEB SITE!

June Birthdays Sergio Diaz– 1 Tom Diepstra– 3 Joel De Young– 3

May Work Order Stats Architecture








Building Services KE Dorms Academic Buildings

41 360 15



Prince Conf. Center



Mike Feys– 11 Sandy Palmatter– 12 Henry Kingma– 23

Upcoming Dates & Events June 5-9—United Methodists Conference June 14—Father’s Day June 16—River City Imrpov @ 7:33 June 18-July13—Summer Academy and Entrada begins June 25—Byker Farewell Reception @ 10:00 June 26-28—CICW Worship Renewal Grant June 27—Seminars @ Calvin Lectures

This Month’s Funny Work Orders... “We think there's a monster in our bathroom sink. It's probably made of hair, and it's probably gross. We do not have the weapons necessary to vanquish it. Mostly, we're scared our sink is going to overflow. Please help?”

Staff Recognition


25 year anniversary—Robert Speelman 10 year anniversary—Philip Beezhold, Romery Diaz, Sergio Diaz, Richard Field, and James Phillips New employees—Scott Machiela and Jack Phillips

May Vehicle Rentals Calvin fleet car


Calvin fleet minivan


Calvin fleet large van


Off-Campus Rental car


Off-Campus Rental minivan


Off-Campus Rental large van


Holiday Coach


We would also like to congratulate Stanley Stanley for earning his Master of Arts in Evangelism and Missions from Calvin Seminary!


Jack and Shelly Phillips welcomed Kendall Leigh on June 18th, 2012 at 1 pm. She weighed 7lbs 1oz and was 19” long.


We would like to congratulate you for all of your accomplishments and all of your hard work to come!

Staff Updates Emily Taylor had a baby boy on May 16th at 6:05 pm. The baby’s name is Brayden Alan Taylor and weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces. Pictured on the right.

Building Services Set-ups In May, Building Services set up (and tore down) 495 different special events across campus!

Contact Info Calvin College Physical Plant 1475 Knollcrest Circle Grand Rapids, MI 49546

E-mail: Phone: (616) 526-6444 Fax: (616) 526-8563

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6-10 JUN 2012  

calvin college physical plant newsletter

6-10 JUN 2012  

calvin college physical plant newsletter