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Writing Our Story 2012 Annual Report Told by those who know us best, our patients

According to the old adage, “it takes a village to raise a child.” In reality, it just takes a core group of people who care for your child – parents, family, friends, and of course, a trusted pediatrician. As a parent, you’ll receive input from grandparents, tips and tricks from neighbors, and some motivational words from coaches and teachers. But one particular relationship stands out in your children’s lives – that with their pediatrician.

At Children’s Community Pediatrics (CCP), our pediatricians pride themselves on establishing trusting, lifelong relationships with our patients and their families. We see ourselves as more than just doctors. We’re the boo-boo fixers, the look-how-muchyou’ve-grown exclaimers, the it’s-going-to be-okay promisers. Offering more specialty services than any other pediatric practice in the area, CCP is there through every major milestone, every growth spurt, every sickness, and every celebration. We understand that many people have a hand in your child’s life, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that exclusive group. To celebrate our story we’ve turned to those who tell it best – our patients. Experience CCP through the eyes and expressions of our patients and their families.

With CCP, my child is more than just another patient . We started out small, just like your family. But over the years, CCP has grown into a community of over 30 practice locations across western Pennsylvania. While we continue to grow, we never lose sight of where we came from. Becoming more rooted into every community in the region, CCP maintains the traditions we were founded on – to always provide our patients with exceptional care and support.

“My husband and I were so thrilled to find out we were expecting a baby in January 2012! However, like most first time parents, we were nervous. And when it came time to pick a doctor for our little guy, we were simply overwhelmed. Then close friends of ours recommended CCP in Wexford. The next day I called the office, my hands were shaking, I was sweating a bit, simply jittery on what to expect. The friendliest person answered the line, and five minutes into the conversation I knew this was the office for us. It was the best decision my husband and I ever made. We are thankful for the help, support and guidance we have received in our son’s first year, and look forward to having our needs met in the future. Our son adores the staff, and I truly feel they in turn adore all their patients.” Tracy, CCP – Wexford

Tracy and Brad, with their son, Zachary

“In January 2010, my third son, Jacob, failed his newborn hearing screen, indicating that he had potential hearing loss. He was retested a week later, right before his follow-up appointment with Dr. Ziadeh, and still did not pass. We went into the appointment with heavy hearts, very concerned that Jacob might have a serious hearing condition. Dr. Ziadeh took our concerns and the test results very seriously, making us aware of Dr. Chi at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC who could perform cochlear implants if Jake turned out to be deaf. Because of his early diagnosis, he was given hearing aides at three months of age and started the evaluation for cochlear implants with Dr. Chi. He received bilateral cochlear implants in November 2010 at nine months. He is three years old now, and if you didn’t see the sound processors on his head – you would never know he was actually deaf. His speech is smooth and clear, and he seems to hear almost as well as his hearing peers. I know if Dr. Ziadeh had not given us that valuable information at Jake’s young age – he would not be doing as well now.” Marci, CCP – Norwin

Marci and her son, Jacob

“The morning after I gave birth, Dr. Kovel, our chosen pediatrician, was my first visitor! He was in my room and had the baby cooing before 9 a.m. I asked him how he knew I was there, and he simply said, ‘I called the hospital this morning and asked if I had any babies to come visit!’ As a parent, I felt so special. He checked the baby right there in my room, and even made our nine-year-old daughter feel special, too. He talked with her about being a big sister and how she was doing. We’ve seen the staff and doctors at CCP – Bass Wolfson Pediatrics for over 19 years, and they are all very special people. It is the place to take your children for the special medical care and attention they need during their growing years.” Juaneece, CCP – Bass Wolfson Pediatrics

CCP makes my family feel as though we’re a part of something big, yet small. The little moments in your child’s life are just as important as the big ones. The first word is a huge milestone, but the first time he says “I love you” may tug at your heartstrings even more. Similarly, the big things at CCP are just as important as the small ones. While we are an expansive network of doctors and resources, we pride ourselves on maintaining that smalltown pediatric practice feel. Our doctors have access to the latest medical information and best technologies, but we also remember that a sticker after a visit can make an even bigger difference. It’s that perfect mix of big-time medical expertise and small-practice hospitality that makes CCP what it is.

“I brought my infant daughter, Elise, in for a sick visit last summer. We didn’t know what was wrong, and as we were waiting she began to vomit. It was everywhere – on me, on her, and all over the waiting room. As we began to clean up, Jen, one of the pediatric nurses, took off her undershirt for me to wear. We had to head down to Children’s Hospital for further testing, and I would not be able to go home. While we have always received exceptional physical care for our daughter, one of the nurses literally gave me the shirt off her back, an act of compassion that truly demonstrates CCP’s care for the whole person, including the family unit.” Elisabeth, CCP – Pittsburgh Pediatrics

Jen, RN, CCP – Pittsburgh Pediatrics

“We have been patients of Dr. Kelly for six years. She has been wonderful with helping us navigate health issues, answering my panicked emails at all hours, and consistently returning my calls. Her bedside manner is perfect with my daughter, but it was when Dr. Kelly called me after hearing my daughter had been hospitalized that blew me away. She went out of her way to check in on my family, and that is something I’ll never forget.” Rebecca, CCP – Bellevue Pediatric Associates

Kelly Heidenreich, MD, CCP – Bellevue Pediatric Associates with her patient, Piper

“As a mom, you want nothing but the best for your children and their health, and choosing a pediatrician was one of the most complicated decisions for me. I was seen at CCP – Monroeville Pediatric Associates as a child, and my sister brings her children there as well. Although I felt that this was ‘home’ for us, I still contacted numerous pediatric offices with multiple questions before officially choosing CCP. However, the search and decision ended for me once I spoke with the office staff and all of my questions were answered. I’m thrilled to be a part of the CCP family again, and enable my own children to experience their exceptional care.” Ashley, CCP – Monroeville Pediatric Associates

Thanks to CCP, my child’s pediatrician is there when we need him most. Late-night fevers and weekend sniffles are unfortunately a part of every child’s life. You never stop being mommies and daddies, so we never stop being doctors. Because CCP is located across nine counties, we assure you there is a CCP near you. We’re there for all of your emergencies, offering walk-in appointments, specialty services, evening hours, and other convenient services. Our nurses are waiting to answer your call, to schedule an appointment, or just offer some advice. And we always have a pediatrician on-call 24/7 – because unexpected things happen and you deserve uninterrupted care.

“CCP has treated my children for several illnesses and injuries over the course of the past five years. My wife and I could not be happier with the care and compassion that CCP provides our family with every visit. It starts when the staff answers our phone call and ends with the care provided by the health professionals. The staff at CCP is very kind, understanding, and always treats us as if we are a part of their family. I was especially pleased with the care that my six-year-old son received when he had pneumonia. He saw Dr. Cohen on a Friday morning, received blood work, and was instructed to wait for a call with the lab results. I was expecting a call back Monday morning, but that same day Dr. Cohen called me with the lab results, a diagnosis, and a plan of care. I am so grateful for the commitment and concern that their physicians have for my children. Thanks CCP – for being a part of our family.” Mike, CCP – South Hills Pediatric Associates

Mike and his daughter, Ashlyn

“My son has withholding issues and PDD-NOS. I frequently call in with issues we face, and every time nurse Kathy answers with kindness. She gives us special attention and does everything in her power to give me the best solution, or reassure me that things will get better. I’m sure that she does this with everyone, and I am thankful to have such a knowledgeable, sweet nurse at our family’s practice.” Julie, CCP – Armstrong

Kathy, RN, CCP – Armstrong

“Dwayne Shuhart, MD has been in my family’s life for nearly 13 years. He was the pediatrician on-call at the hospital where I gave birth to my oldest son, and he took the time to explain everything in great detail about my son’s care. Being a first-time mom, I needed someone who I felt comfortable with. Dr. Shuhart said he was only a phone call away and trust me, he was! If he was with a patient, the wonderful receptionist took a message and I promptly received a call back. The nurses are outstanding, professional, and friendly. I speak highly of and recommend this facility to everyone, for the staff of CCP – Blairsville is exceptional, warm, caring, and sensitive to every need!” Jamie, CCP – Blairsville

Our CCP pediatrician is more than a doctor – he’s like an extension of our family. There are millions of decisions to be made when you have a child. From what color his room will be to what school she will attend, CCP understands the excitement or difficulty of every choice. We also understand that one of the most important decisions parents make is choosing a pediatrician for their child. We know you are looking for a doctor that will care for your child with the same intensity and passion that you do, and that’s exactly what you will find at any CCP location. Our pediatricians form lifelong relationships with each patient, becoming a trusted extension of the families we serve.

“My children have been patients of CCP – Mt. Lebanon since 1983. There have been many ear infections and sore throats over the years, but it was a well visit that changed everything. My son, Rob, went to see Dr. Gotkiewicz in late June 2012. As he was doing his testing, he noticed a heart murmur in Rob that he had never heard before. We saw a pediatric cardiologist who could not hear the murmur, but gave us a holster to take home. After a few days, we found out that there was mild swelling in his left ventricle. Three other specialists listened to Rob’s heart, but none of them could hear the murmur that Dr. Gotkiewicz did. We had immense trust in Dr. Gotkiewicz and believed in his diagnosis. And it turned out he was right. The other doctors were all amazed that he was able to detect it with just a stethoscope – but he did. We are very thankful to Dr. Gotkiewicz for discovering this problem. Had he not, Rob would have been going about life as usual and may not have given his heart the chance to recover from this virus.” Angela, CCP – Mt. Lebanon

Edward Gotkiewicz, MD, FAAP, CCP – Mt. Lebanon

“When my daughter, Paige, was a baby, she was often sick, and we spent a lot of time in our pediatric office with Dr. Gibson. She was always amazing, reassuring, and knowledgeable. She would tell me when to ride it out and when to ‘stay calm and go straight to Children’s Hospital.’ She always wants to know what I think is going on – she knows that I know my girls. Paige knows Dr. Gibson loves her and will not let anything happen to her. She even decided to be ‘Dr. Gibson’ for Halloween. When Paige broke her arm and we went by ambulance to Children’s, she said ‘Call Dr. Gibson, mommy. She will know what to do.’ We have spent more time at CCP and Children’s Hospital than I care to remember, but I am so thankful for the amazing pediatricians and care we receive each and every time.” Kris, CCP – Natrona Heights

Alice Gibson, MD, CCP – Natrona Heights with her patients, Paige and Leah

“CCP – HealthQuest is a part of our family. We met them four years ago before the birth of our first daughter. I instantly felt a bond with Dr. DiCenzo during our meet-and-greet visit and have been with the practice ever since. Being a new mom was overwhelming, and I found myself constantly second-guessing my decisions. But every question and concern was addressed with empathy. It started from the person who answered the phone and continued with the nurse, the physician, and everyone else on staff. I have had calls from physicians that were not even at the office to check on my daughter. I have never had a bad experience in the office or over the phone. I cannot thank CCP enough for being there for my family when we need it most.” Brigette, CCP – HealthQuest

The way I see it, pediatric care should be more than just well and sick visits. We’d be just as happy as you if the only ailments kids ever experienced were symptoms from the common cold. Unfortunately, kids will be kids, and there’s bound to be more beyond that. That’s why at CCP, we go above and beyond the realm of traditional pediatric care. We provide a rich offering of specialty services that round out the well and sick care for our patients. All specialty services are conveniently offered right in our CCP office locations, making it easy for our patients and their families’ busy lifestyles. - Baby Basics

- Children’s Sports Medicine

- Baby Bites

- ImPACT® Testing

- Behavioral Health

- Lactation Consulting

- Children’s Dermatology Services & Acne Treatment Center

- Walk-In Hours

- Children’s Express Care

- Weight Management

Exceptional pediatric care, right in your community. Office Listings CCP – Allegheny

CCP – HealthQuest, Gibsonia Office

CCP – Armstrong, Kittanning Office

CCP – HealthQuest, Harmar Office

CCP – Armstrong, Sarver Office

CCP – Laurel Pediatrics

CCP – Bass Wolfson Pediatrics, Cranberry Office

CCP – Monroeville

CCP – Bass Wolfson Pediatrics, Squirrel Hill Office

CCP – Moon

CCP – Bellevue Pediatric Associates, Bellevue Office

CCP – Mountain View

CCP – Monroeville Pediatric Associates CCP – Mt. Lebanon

CCP – Bellevue Pediatric Associates, Cranberry Office

CCP – Natrona Heights

CCP – Bellevue Pediatric Associates, Richland Office

CCP – Pittsburgh Pediatrics, Shadyside Office

CCP – Blairsville

CCP – Pittsburgh Pediatrics, Wexford Office

CCP – Erie Pediatrics

CCP – South Fayette

CCP – GIL, Murrysville Office

CCP – South Hills, Bethel Park Office

CCP – GIL, Pittsburgh Office

CCP – South Hills, Waterdam Office

CCP – Greenville

CCP – South Hills Pediatric Associates, Brentwood Office

CCP – Hamot Pediatrics CCP – Hamot Pediatrics West

CCP – Norwin

CCP – South Hills Pediatric Associates, Jefferson Hills Office CCP – Wexford

We want to give a special thanks to all of the families that shared their personal CCP stories. We’re so happy to have you as a part of our CCP family and we look forward to continuing to grow with all of you. – The CCP Family

2012 CCP Annual Report