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Welcome to Chicago Covenant Presbyterian Church. Experience God’s redemptive love which transforms the Gospel that impacts all race, cultures and ethnicities. Place your trust and hope in God who loves you beyond all that you can imagine. Join us, as we serve God and one another to build a meaningful relationship within in Christ.

Chicago Covenant Presbyterian Church (EM)

EM Bible study will be at Vision Center in room 212. Starts 11:30 am to 12:15 pm. Purpose Driven Life led by SangJin, Han 847-894-9213 Dr. Dan Green D.Min, Th.M is Professor of Pastoral Studies at Moody Theological Seminary. Prior to joining the Moody Theological Seminary faculty, Dr. Green served in pastoral ministry for 17 years in two Central Illinois churches. Since coming to Moody Graduate School, he has also served four churches as interim preaching pastor. His passions include preaching in local churches and teaching in the areas of homiletics, biblical theology and spiritual formation. He has also taught short-term courses at Asian Theological Seminary in the Philippines, as well as Evangelical Bible College and Union Bible Institute, both in South Africa. Educational Background: B.A., Michigan State University Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary D.Min., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Chicago Covenant Presbyterian Church English Ministry Contact : Connie Chong | t + 1.847.321.5228 | Church Office: 1424 Greenwood Rd. | Glenview IL 60025 1250 Greenwood Rd. | Glenview IL 60025 (Vision Center # 131) t +1.224.578.6739 | f +1.847.730.3565 |

(PCUSA) 1240 Greenwood Rd. | Glenview, IL 60025 Worship Service at 10 a.m.


January 19, 2014

Order of Worship Praise Worldview Prayer Video: Purpose Psalm 90

“Making Your Day Count” Dr. Daniel Green Song of Response Offering Benediction

*Please join us for a time of fellowship at the back of the chapel.

Taking It to the Streets

College isn't just a time to sit in a classroom and soak up knowledge. It's also a chance to change the world. Steve Hendershot Nichole Morris used to live in a bubble. She was content with life on campus at Grace College—her classes, her friends, her stuff. She didn't know any of the people who lived in the small Indiana town near campus, and they didn't know her. She sought God inside the bubble. She prayed, she studied, and she strategized about how to do his will. It became clear that sharing her joy and faith with people beyond campus was important, so she took part in several campus ministries, from service groups that traveled hours away to run-down inner-city neighborhoods to clown teams that performed at local churches. But during her sophomore year at Grace, Nichole Morris made a significant discovery—there were people who needed help, needed God, right there in Warsaw, Indiana. "We had no interaction with the non-Christians where we lived," Nichole says. "I felt burdened that we needed to do something practical, uncomplicated, but something that would get us in contact with people in town." So she and a friend started frequenting coffee shops, trying to strike up conversations with the locals. Then they recruited friends from Grace and baked cookies for third-shift workers at Wal-Mart. Even more Grace students came along when they carried groceries for people at the supermarket. Meanwhile, the college-funded ministry groups continued to serve God in Chicago and in area churches. But then Deb Musser, a Grace administrator who coordinated the official campus ministries, found out about what Nichole and her friends were doing—from their own reports, and from the thank-you notes that arrived at Grace from bewildered but grateful shoppers and midnight clerks. Soon Nichole and her buddies' activities were upgraded into an official campus ministry called Break Out. "At a Christian college you talk ministry, and you talk about what it's like to live for Jesus," says Deb, "but when you see a move from academic Christianity to something that's real and vibrant in students' hearts, it's beyond words."

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