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1. Welcome to  any  new  comers  we  may  have  today!   2. Summer  Missions  –  Our  next  missions  meeting  is  Saturday,  June  7th  at   5pm.     3. VBS  volunteer  sign-­‐up  –  is  available  today  after  service.  We  need  lots  of   Robin  Choi,  KooMi  Kim     volunteers  so  please  come  help  out  if  you  can!   Hyuk  Jin  Kim,  SueJean  Kim   4. Outdoor  service  –  next  week  at  Captain  Daniel  Forest  Preserve  with  our   whole  church  at  11:30am.  If  you  want  to  carpool,  we  will  be  meeting  at   1  Corinthians  12:14-­‐27   church  at  10am  to  leave  by  10:15am.  That  is  not  a  typo.  You  can  call   The  Church  that  Grows  as   Pastor  Chris  if  you  need  a  ride  and/or  are  running  late.   We  Serve  Together   5. CCYG  BBQ  at  Elaine  and  Kathy’s  house  The  date  is  TBD!  It  will  likely  be   either  June  21st  or  28th  after  church.     6. J-­‐Gen  –  Mark  your  calendars  for  J-­‐Gen  Summer  Retreat  this  year.  The   dates  are  August  4-­‐7  and  the  retreat  will  be  held  at  Taylor  University.   The  price  for  the  retreat  has  not  been  published  yet,  but  students   coming  with  our  church  will  receive  50%  support  from  the  church.  


Memory verse of the week:


Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.


Contact our  Youth  Pastor,  Chris  Kim   847-­‐687-­‐1143  

Deuteronomy 11:18

1250 Greenwood  Rd   Glenview,  IL  60025  

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Ccyg 2014 06 01  

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