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Compassion in Action 2013 Annual Report





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$.86 from every gift dollar goes to program services and every gift dollar is leveraged by $4 from other sources. *Primarily funded through public grants.


David Peck, Board Chair Rev. Edward Alexander Kevin Ausburn Kerry Bodenhausen Rev. Ken Chumbley

Rev. Dan Friberg Conrad Griggs Neil Guion Francine Pratt Collin Quigley

Msg. Tom Reidy Tim Rosenbury Lynda Schibler Juleen Turnage Barbra Wallace

CCO FOUNDATION BOARD Bill Foster, Board Chair Tom Clark

Bill Darr Don Martin

Ken Meyer Larry Freund, Executive Director



Dear Friends, It is my honor and privilege to serve as the 2014 Board President for the Council of Churches of the Ozarks. Working with a dedicated group of individuals on behalf of the Council of Churches, we continually strive to help direct the Council to provide services for those in our community who are less fortunate. I would like to thank everyone who supports the Council through his or her prayers, service and gifts. The needs in our community continue to increase and it is through the agencies of the Council of Churches that we are able to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. With the generous support of churches, faith-based organizations and many caring individuals and businesses, lives are touched and the love of God is present in all that is accomplished. The work of the Council is strengthened by the servant leadership of our Executive Director, Mark Struckhoff. Along with our committed staff and Board members, we are continually looking for opportunities where the Council can fill the gap: provide shelter for women who are homeless, provide food and support services for those who are hungry, provide a voice for those who are the most vulnerable, and provide support for the children who need loving care and guidance. It is my prayer that God’s blessings are bountiful in all endeavors of the Council of Churches. Remember that all of us together are uniting faith as we serve with compassion.

David Peck Board President



Dear CCO Partners, I’m grateful for your partnership in serving our community with compassion. Our work together is a sign of God’s Kingdom in action NOW, demonstrating a movement toward greater oneness through service. Last year we experienced record-breaking increases in demand for our services, as you will see when you explore these pages. Clearly, our commitment to compassionate service has never been more critical. As we look to the future, I’m especially grateful for the ways in which we are being challenged to grow in our understanding of what it means to be poor in our community. I’m grateful because I believe such a challenge will inspire us to draw nearer to God’s heart for the poor, and be changed as a result. Our ability to respond to and reduce poverty will grow as we listen deeply to the teachings of Christ; as we engage with those who study the causes and effects of poverty and as we reflect on our everyday encounters with our neighbors in need. I anticipate great joy in the journey as we serve and grow together, working for greater economic justice and dignity for everyone in the Ozarks. Thanks again for your partnership with the Council of Churches of the Ozarks! May God continue to bless our service together through the 2014 Compassion Campaign, and as we pursue our mission to improve the quality of life in the Ozarks in the name of Jesus Christ. In Joyful Service,

Rev. Mark Struckhoff Executive Director



Programs to Meet Critical Needs and Improve Self-Esteem for Foster Children The Kid’s Closet served 744 children, providing new clothing, coats and shoes, a 30% increase. Volunteer tutors provided 31 students with free tutoring, and 61 teens received dresses through the Prom Closet. Project Self-Esteem funded beds, mattresses and self-esteem building items and activities for 80 children, a 48% increase. The Adopt-A-Caseworker program provided special items for 348 children through 34 community partner groups. Pack-A-Bag provided 313 hygiene bags with age appropriate items for children entering into foster care. Christmas programs provided brand new gifts for 663 foster children. Volunteers donated a total of 1,788 hours of time to the programs and services of AFC to serve approximately 1,200 children and youth, a 21% increase from 2012. “A foster parent recently shared that the stuffed animal her foster teen received at her Kids’ Closet appointment was a huge blessing. She said that it is a real comfort to her and that she even took it with her to camp. The foster parent went on to explain that the smallest things can make the biggest difference in the life of a foster child and was so thankful for what Ambassadors provided for her children.” -Agency Director “One 9 year-old started off struggling to read one word at a time and in a few short months in tutoring through Ambassadors, progressed to reading chapter books at her grade level!” -Volunteer Tutor

QUALITY TRAINING FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD PROFESSIONALS The 1st annual Called to Care for Kids Conference was a huge success with 120 in attendance. The focus of the Conference is bringing together Sunday School Teachers, Child Care Providers, VBS Teams, Children’s Ministers and other interested community members to support children Southern Region and families. 2013 also brought big changes via an agency move to the former Crosslines building and a United Way Day of Caring Project with O’Reilly Auto Parts. 2013 service numbers include more than 1,220 participants trained through group training “An early childhood professional attended one of our and 122+ hours provided training sessions and offered this feedback, “I learned through on-site technical a lot of information that I did not know. I also learned assistance to programs.  about different ideas to use in the classroom.  Coming today was very beneficial!”   -Agency Director



FOOD PANTRY & SERVICES FOR FAMILIES IN CRISIS In 2013, a record 51,500 people received assistance from Crosslines, a 42% increase in demand. The pantry provided emergency food to more than 43,000 people, with more than 2,300 new families seeking assistance. The mobile food pantry (truck) provided food to 1,005 people in rural Greene County, schools and senior low-income housing areas. Volunteers donated more than 25,500 hours. The 2013 Holiday Center provided holiday food baskets for 8,500 people and brand new toys for more than 3,300 children. “Thank you so much for all of your help, I am very grateful. I have three wonderful children who don’t ask for much and because of you I’m able to give them a nice Christmas. It really fills my heart to know there are such caring people out there to help a stranger out.” -Crosslines Client “A mom and her two sons came to the pantry. The oldest child was about 12 or 13 years old. The boys were very quiet and appeared embarrassed. When they began to shop for food, the oldest child got close to me and in a quiet voice asked, “Does this mean we are poor?” I answered, “No it just means your mom needs a little help with groceries today.” -Crosslines Volunteer

Monitoring Healthy Meals in Home-Based Daycares CCFP monitored 330 in-home childcare providers to ensure nutritious meals were being provided for nearly 6,000 children. CCFP serves in-home childcare providers in 51 counties, including the cities of Springfield, Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia and Sikeston. CCFP provided reimbursement for more than 2 million breakfasts, lunches, suppers and snacks.

“One of our childcare providers shared with us how much she and her family appreciate being able to participate in the CCFP. It has literally helped them get back on their feet and rebuild their lives. “This provider and her family lost everything, including their car, in the Joplin tornado. With help from family members and community organizations, they were able to move into a four-room duplex in a town near Joplin. In having a young son, she decided to begin doing childcare in her home and she became eligible to participate in the Food Program. She has been in the CCFP for 2 years now and with the added income as a childcare provider, she and her family have recently been able to move into a single family home.” -Agency Director



Providing Essential Home Repairs for Low-Income Seniors CHS provided essential home repairs to 156 households; 8.3% of the jobs (13 households) were to provide major repairs, including water heaters, furnaces/air conditioners, main water or sewer lines. There were 7 households that were restored to a livable condition – the water or gas had been shut off or floors had collapsed; 50 volunteers donated 1,600 hours to help build 8 access ramps and/or walker steps. “God bless you for all you do. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me. For my ramp – now I can get out of the house. For my front door – now when the wind blows my door stays shut and when my door is shut I don’t have cold air blowing in. For my railing – I feel safe and don’t feel like I will fall. Once again, God bless you for all do you.” -Connections Handyman Client

PROVIDING MEDICALLY-MONITORED ADULT CARE & DAY HABILITATION Daybreak provided an average of 20.5 operational service days per month to an average of 22 clients daily. Socialization, entertainment and community outings beyond our client’s physical and financial means are also provided. For example, field trip to Branson shows, Springfield Nature Center and a full calendar of events geared around the season is carried out.

“Throughout the year, Daybreak provides many activities for our clients at little or no cost. These outings include the Abou Ben Adhem Shrine Circus, the Dickerson Park Zoo, attending local movie theatres, entering projects and attending the Ozark Empire Fair, and a hayride and picnic at Campbell’s Pumpkin Patch. Thank you for your support of Daybreak.” -Agency Director

Advocating for the Rights of Nursing Home Residents Ombudsman staff and volunteers spent 4,313 hours advocating in 21 counties in Southern Missouri, made 29,227 resident contacts and provided services through staff and 40 volunteers. In 2013, Ombudsman added 4 new service counties in the Joplin area. “Once again, you knocked it out of the park with your gift shopping. It is obvious that you went to great lengths to ensure that residents had something personal and special to open at the Christmas party. I wish you could have seen them open the gifts. It is truly one of my favorite events of the year. It seems that age is NO factor when it comes to experiencing the joy of opening a gift from “Santa.”” -Ombudsman Facility Partner



SENIORS LEADING WITH EXPERIENCE THROUGH VOLUNTEERING RSVP coordinated 1,051 active volunteers with 115 area non-profits and organizations that depend on volunteer services. RSVP impacted 4,171 people including children tutored through the Reading Buddies program. 52 area schools now host 205 volunteers donating 3,947 hours. Overall, RSVP volunteers donated 85,134 hours to serve our community. “ I don’t know what I would do if you didn’t provide transportation to my volunteer assignment. I no longer drive and am partially blind in one eye. Being picked up and delivered at my home allows me to continue volunteering. ” -RSVP Van Rider “My student progressed from guessing words in a book based on the pictures and the first letter to actually finishing a chapter book. The student was so encouraged by successfully completing such a daunting task that she has since decided to become a teacher!”  - Pittman Elementary Reading Buddy

Providing Overnight Shelter for Homeless Women Since beginning in October 2011, Safe to Sleep has sheltered 679 different women, averaging 20-27 ladies per night. The overnight shelter utilizes 78 volunteers and is open every night of the year, 820 nights in a row by the end of 2013. During this year, more than 9,500 hours of overnight, volunteer time has been donated, and 9,709 “bed-nights” have been provided for homeless women in 2013. “Safe to Sleep provided me a place to stay when no other place could. I have found comfort at the shelter along with some great friends. Thanks for the cots, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and meals along with a listening ear when I am troubled and housing assistance when I needed help. I was even helped with medicine and a doctor when I was sick. Thanks for a hug every once in a while for encouragement and the smile that speaks volumes. I appreciate the volunteers who take time out of their lives to spend time with us. It means so, so much! ” -Safe to Sleep Guest “Just because I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Administration, it does not mean I can avoid life circumstances. I am a true witness of my unpreventable life circumstance. I found Safe to Sleep through One Door. Safe to Sleep has been a blessing to me. Safe to Sleep has welcomed me, kept me safe and unafraid of where I will sleep. I can say, the volunteers are so giving of themselves and patient with us women that they show not only me but the others caring, support, and their listening ears. When you are lost, have unpreventable life circumstances, hungry and not feeling safe, Safe to Sleep will be there for you. Thank you for being there for me.” -Safe to Sleep Guest

Uniting Faith. Serving with Compassion. DONATE TODAY! CCOZARKS.ORG



The CCO NETWORK Our faith, voice and vision for a shared life together are making the Ozarks a better place to live! The Council of Churches offers unity through service and provides area churches with opportunities for community outreach. Through the CCO Network, there is a bridge of communication and mutual support through planned, relationshipcentered activities between churches, CCO and the community. The objective is to build the network with a leader from each member church, affiliate member or potential member who serves as a coordinator of news and information flowing from member churches to CCO and the community. Monthly meetings provide insight and conversation about red-flag issues in the community such as hunger, homelessness, children and education. The meetings provide a platform for collaboration among area agencies, churches and businesses to better provide services for the most vulnerable people in the community.

“I want to thank the CCO for the forum they have created with the CCO Network. This monthly gathering of people from various denominations is a safe and positive place to share ideas and generate solutions to problems that plague many in our community. I am always impressed with the prayerful consideration and selfless giving that is represented at the table. I leave the meetings humbled and inspired. It is a blessing and a joy to be serving as a member of this group.” -Claudia Hartner (First and Calvary Presbyterian) “Being a member of the CCO network has been an encouraging and inspirational experience for me. The meetings provide an opportunity for representatives from throughout the faith community to interact together, share information, and join in prayer for our community and the ministry of the CCO. We learn how we can support one another. We learn of unmet needs in the community, as well as positive progress being made to meet the needs. I return to my home congregation energized, hopeful, and ready to share ideas and suggestions for ministry.” -Debbie Esselman (Westminster Presbyterian)



The 2014 Compassion Campaign is the $1.4 million annual fund campaign supporting the mission of The Council of Churches of the Ozarks. Basic human services are provided – food, shelter, security – and a comforting hand to help in times of need. Through your partnership, the Council of Churches of the Ozarks is able to deliver lifechanging services for the most vulnerable in our community. For 45 years, we have been trusted to provide services that are most needed. Today, that commitment to serve continues and is fulfilled through your partnership with dedicated staff and volunteers who are passionate about improving the quality of life in the Ozarks.

PEOPLE NEED COMPASSION At any given time there are nearly


in Greene, Christian and Taney Counties.

43,200 PEOPLE in Greene County ARE FOOD INSECURE (forced to choose

between paying the utilities or buying food or unsure where their next meals will come from).

13,010 CHILDREN in Greene County live IN FOOD INSECURE FAMILIES. There are more than




GRANTS, ENDOWMENTS & TRUSTS Thank You to our Generous Grant-Making Partners in 2013

Endowments and Trusts Alice Thieme Estate

Abilities First

Andy Hooper Estate

Bee Payne-Stewart Foundation

Bradshaw Summit Scholarship Fund

Binnie Clements Guild

C.V. Freeze and Fern K. Freese Memorial Fund

Care to Learn

Evelyn J. McNabb Trust

C. W. Titus Foundation

Hazel Nordstrand Estate

Charlie & Mary Beth O’Reilly Family Foundation

John Mather Lurvey, Sr. and Mildred Marie Lurvey Memorial Fund

City of Springfield Community Development Block Grant

Kenneth & Marilyn Crumpley Fund

Community Foundation of the Ozarks

Marie G. Lurvey Fund

Corporation for National and Community Service

Mary Rigney Designated Memorial Fund

Cox Health Foundation

Richard Thorp Trust Foundation

Christine & Katharina Pauly Trust

Russel E. Benway Trust

Elizabeth McCain Foundation

Robert L. Toombs Memorial Fund

Feinstein Family Fund Foster Family Foundation The Foundation, Council of Churches Gannett Foundation GE Foundation Greene County Senior Citizens Tax Fund Hood Family Donor Advised Fund Hulston Family Foundation Jeannette Musgrave Foundation John Q. Hammons Foundation Martin Family Foundation Mercy MO. State Employee Charitable Campaign Ozarks Food Harvest Ozarks Health Advocacy Foundation Rotary Club of Springfield - Southeast Roy W. Slusher Foundation Southwest Missouri Office on Aging Tal & Rosalie O’Reilly Wooten Foundation Turner Family Foundation United Way of the Ozarks Walmart Foundation

Special Thanks to the Anonymous and In-kind Donors.


DONORS, MEMORIALS & TRIBUTES Gifts through Council of Churches of the Ozarks directly support the operations of CCO and its service agencies. Our ability to serve children, families and seniors is made possible by these tax-deductible contributions. *Levels reflect financial gifts received January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013.

$50,000+ King’s Way United Methodist Church

$10,000 - $49,999 Bright, Jill and James Crow, Dwight and Juanita Empire Bank First and Calvary Presbyterian Church Greater Springfield Board of Realtors National Avenue Christian Church Neale & Newman, LLP Wesley United Methodist Church

$5,000 - $9,999 Asbury United Methodist Church Brentwood Christian Church Central Christian Church Community Christian Church of Springfield Darr, Bill and Virginia Donald, John & Marlene Freund, Larry and Eleanor Fromme, Glenn and Mona James and Ethel Grigg Christmas Fund Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church O’Reilly, Charles and Mary Beth O’Reilly, David Professional Answering Service, Inc./ David and Julie Peck Redeemer Lutheran Church Schweitzer United Methodist Church Slaight, Tom and Marsha South Street Christian Church Southminster Presbyterian Church Stenger, Neil and Beverly Struckhoff, Mark and Katie St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Roman Catholic Church St. Vincent de Paul - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Conference

$1,000 - $4,999 Abundant Life Covenant Church All Saints Anglican Church Arington, Wes Assemblies of God Theological Seminary Auner, Ruth Ausburn, Kevin and Lynn Bass Pro Shop Employees Beisner, Judy Bilyeu, Charlene BKD Bois D’Arc United Methodist Church Bowman, Inez Brewer, Thomas and Patricia Broadway United Methodist Church Brown, Robert Burchfield, Jay and Maureen Burris, Greg and Betsy Butcher, Lola Butler, Rosenbury & Partners Calvary United Methodist Church Campbell United Methodist Church

Central Assembly of God Central Greene County Chapter of Thrivent Financial Christ Episcopal Church Chriswell, Arlene Church World Service City of Springfield Clark, Tom and Joyce Club Management Services, LLC Coldwell Banker Vanguard Agents & Staff Cole, Donna J. Covenant Presbyterian Church Cox Health Systems Darrah, Warren and Myrtle DePue, Mike and Barbara Doman, Dalene and Earle Dowdy, Jacquie Drury University Ellsworth, Dan and Ginger Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri Esselman, George and Debbie Evangel Temple Christian Center Fazoli’s First Cumberland Presbyterian Church First Unitarian Universalist Church Frederick, Richard and Lisa Grace United Methodist Church Guffey, Jay and Lisa Guion, Neil Hall, Treva Hartman, John and Norma Haun, Burt and Kay Herschend, Peter and JoDee Hlavacek, Morris, McIntyre, Yates & Danielson Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. Karmak Keltner, Susan Laves, Bob and Randi Madden, Ted and Shirley Madsen, Randall and Ann Marsh, Richard and Sharon Maus, Lindy McClure, Ken McKinley Christian Church Med-Pay, Inc. Milne, Jay and Susan Missouri Health Care Association Mondy, Jim and Judy Myears, Donald and Karen Newcomer, James and Lareva Northside Christian Church Jared Enterprises Olmsted, Michael and Nancy Ozarks Model Railroad Association 1282 Palmer, Steve and Patsy Palmerton & Parrish, Inc./ Fred and Rae Jean Palmerton Pathways United Methodist Church Peck’s Insurance & Financial Services/ Leslie Peck Penn, James and Debbie

Pierce, Gregory and Sue Powell, Gary and Lisa Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Queen City Chevelle Club Quigley, Collin and Stephanie Ramey-Greiwe, Linda Rhein, Jeff and Rebekah Rich, Paul and Nancy Saunders, Virginia and Morsey Schibler, Stephen and Lynda Schlichting, Cathleen Schmidt, Bruno and Karen Seitz, Mike Sell, Charles and Juanita Smith, Ruby Southern Missouri Containers Division Spence, Robert and Anne Spilde, Margo and Troy SRC Holdings Corporation St. Agnes Cathedral Parish St. James Episcopal Church St. John’s Chapel UCC Friendship Circle St. John’s Episcopal Church Steele, John and Elizabeth Stout, Phyllis and William Stratman, Gary and Deborah SW MO Association of Information Technology Professionals The Carpet Shoppe/ Dale and Pam Pearce The Rev. & Mrs. Dorsey E. Levell Thomas, Galen B. and Linda Toombs, Jeanne Trinity Lutheran Church Tri-State Truck Center Unity of Springfield University Heights Baptist Church Victory Christian Fellowship Church of God Wachter, Ron and Sheryl Walker, Karen Walnut Lawn Church of God Walnut Street Christian Church Wesley United Methodist Downtown -St. Paul Westminster Presbyterian Church Wood, Jerry and Regina

$500 - $999 Allred, Mark Anderson, Jim and Janet Atkinson, Eric and Elaine B & E Printing, Inc. Bartelt, Gilmer Barton, Bruce and Mary Beckett, Muriel and Robert Beezley, Robert and Carla Brady, Evelyn Bryant, Steven and Jill Buffenbarger, Shirley Buterbaugh, Basil and Jonina Calico, Marla Campbell, Pat Chaloupecky, Kurt and Irene

Chamberlain, Danny and Nancy Cochran, Thomas and Sue D&D Enterprises Eggleston, Robert and Louise Eisele, Mildred Erdel, Kimberlee and Bruce Ernst, William and Gail Evangel University Family Pharmacy, Inc. Fels, Ronald and Erma First Christian Church of Republic Forster, Richard and Vana Fraternal Order of Eagles Fulton, David and Barbara General Registry of Ozarks Volkswagen Enthusiasts (GROOVE) Glass, Charles and Opal Hellweg, Kurt and Sherry Higham, Patricia Hill, Joyce and Harlan Hill, Timothy and Nancy Hillcrest Presbyterian Church Hilmes, Scott and Rebecca Holloway, Avis and Wally Howell, D.J. Irwin, Judith Ann Jackson, Louise Julia Rebekah Lodge No. 72 Kihlmire, Paul and Susan Kincaid, Charles and Virginia Kinder, Doyle and Bobbie Krudwig, Lawrence and Helen Krutsinger, David and Sara Liberty Mutual Insurance Life Quest Church Logue, Michael Lyons, Charlie and Judith Meadowview Baptist Church Metcalf, Gary and Jane Miller, Graham Missouri State University Moore, William and Ginya Morris, Gary and Nancy Morris, John L. and Jean L. Mosier, Melvie Murray, Anna Murray, Seth Nerren, Jean Northern Summit OKE – Thomas Associates, Inc. Old Missouri Bank Ollis & Company Insurors Ozark Technical Community College Phillips, Steve and Jana Queen City FOE 3934 Auxiliary Queen City Lodge #12 Ramey, Randy and Cyndy Rawley, Clifford and Martha Rogersville United Methodist Church Ruhs, Ken Ryan, John and Nancy Selph, Steve and Enid Shaw, Carl


DONORS, MEMORIALS & TRIBUTES Smith, Richard and Crystal Snyder, Glenn and Sarah Solid Rock Assembly of God Sovereign Grace Baptist Church Sparling, Anita Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce Springfield Queen City Lions Club Steward, Kristen Stillwell, Mark and Tina Stockton United Methodist Church Terry, Ron and Sue Thermo King of Springfield, Inc. Trantham, Craig and Jeanne Vienhage, Robert and Joan Waites, Cindy & John Weiss, Bill and Jan Welsh, William Wesley United Methodist Women Wilcox, Margaret L. Woodland Heights Presbyterian Church Wooten, Daniel and Carol Wooten, Michael and Janet Wrather, James and Janis Wyett, Cecil

$250 - $499 All Faith United Methodist Church Asbury United Methodist Women/ Rebecca Circle Atkinson, John and Janice Baldwin Associates BancorpSouth Barkers Frame & Collision Barski, Dona Bartee, Wayne Bergmann, Bill and Pat Beta Chapter of Sigma Phi Billings Christian Church Blansett, Ruth Bodenhausen, Bradley and Kerry Bowser, Barbara and David Broadway United Methodist Ruth Circle Brooks, John and Martha Callen, Bruce and Kristen Campbell, Clara Cardwell, Elizabeth Chumbley, Kenneth and Penny Clouse, Paula Colbaugh, Lloyd and Juanita Community of Christ Church Crankshaw, Robert Day, Mary Anne DeBerry, Bernie and Linda De Wild, Tamara Dickey, Jerry and Connie Dimond, Robert and Jeanette Donald, Mildred Dowler, Suzie Durham, Billie June East Sunshine Church of Christ Ellis, Arthur Gary Elwood United Methodist Church First Baptist Church of Springfield

First Christian Church of Ash Grove First Christian Church of Mt. Vernon Foster, Bill and Juanitha Foster, Myrna Fowler, Richard and Candice Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary #3934 Friberg, Daniel and Madeline Gateway Christian Church GLO Community Center Gohr, Richard and Maxine Grace, Steve and Ann Grayless, Jeff and Marilyn Greene County Agricultural & Mechanical Society Greene, Mary Ann Gum, Terry Hankins, Virgie Hockensmith, Dave and Julie Holland, Robert Huffman, Shirley Huntsman-McDonald, Judy Ingram Enterprises Inc. Israel, Robert and Suzanne Johnson, Rich and Karin Joslyn, Dottie Joyal, Gary Kaiser, Jack and Dorothy Kastner, Charles Keller, Russ Kelly, William and Margaret King, Angela King’s Chapel Lassman-Eul, Mark Leach, Josephine Lewis, Robert and Idell Liberty Bank Lisenby, Liz Louk, Marilyn Lunn, Louise Lyle, Henry and Frances Maberry, Lila Mahaffey, Robert and Jennifer Manning, Elizabeth Marzolla, Francis Matthews, Jack and Jean Maxwell, Kevin and Karen McCray, Glen Menchetti, Joan Molnar, Gene and Mollie Moore, William and Julie MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) First & Calvary Presbyterian Muegge, Dave and Sarah NAACP Nasby, Bruce and Carol Nelson, Stanley and Rosemary Nixa Christian Church ONeill, Theodore and Patricia Parish, Tom and Beverly Parrish, Joe and Kay Pellham, Clara Penmac Personnel Services, Inc. Perez, Carlos and Susan Peterman, Brett

Plumbers & Steamfitters Union 178 Poore, Maurette Presbyterian Women in John Calvin Presbytery Presley, Steve and Raeanne Raby, Dale and Carol Ragan, Dennis and Nancy Redfearn, Jerry W. Redfern, Jerry L. Reynolds, Bob and Linda Rice, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Rick’s Automotive, Inc. Roberts, Philip Roberts, Tracy Rogers, Lori Ryan, Derek Schriver, Tom Scott, Carol Shireman, William and Lou Sims, Violet Smith, Christopher Smith, Robert and Henley Smith, Ted Smith, Edna Lois Sommers, Virgil and Betty Springfield Fiber Artists Springfield First Community Bank Squires, Andy and Barbara St. John’s Chapel UCC Women’s Guild St. John’s United Church of Christ 50-50 Class Stahl, Elain Strange, Heather Thomas, Jan Thomas, John and Peggy Thurman, Dorothy and Bob Turnage, Juleen University Heights Baptist Harvester’s Class Virdon, Bill and Shirley Volmert, Nancy Walker, Ruth Wallace, Barbra Westwick, Jim and Ginny Wiley, Donna Wills, James and Jo Witt, Doris Woods, Shannon and Kristen Young, John and Bev Ziebell, Patricia Up to $249 AARP #122 Springfield Ozarks Chapter Adams, Marion Ann Addington, Kay and Louie Aden, Justin Admire, Myron and Michelle ADsmith Marketing & Advertising Alexander, Steven and Charlee Alford, Candus Alford, Edward and Deanna All Church Singles Club Allen, Natalie Allmon, Imogene Alpha Delta Kappa PSI Chapter

Alpha Delta Kappa/ Alpha Epsilon Chapter Amazing Grace Fellowship Andersen, Steven Anderson, Catherine Anderson, David and Carlene Anderson, Glenda Sue Anderson, Grace Anderson, Rebecca Anderson, Ted and Vicki Antioch United Methodist Church Appleby, Anne Arnold, James and Wilma Arth, Todd Asbury United Methodist Women/ Naomi Ruth Circle Ashland United Methodist Church Atkinson-Bontrager, Lazelle Aton, Nancy Atteberry, Bonnie and Don Austin, George & Paula Bader, Carol Bagby, Jack and Constance Bahn, Charles Bailey, Diane Baird, Andrew and Ellen Baird, Robert and Sally Baker, Richard and Romona Baker, Willis and Donna Bales, Larry and Connie Bane, Donna Banks, Michael and Carol Barefield, Ron and Sharon Baremore, James and Peggy Barker, Jack and Mary Barngrover, Larry and Connie Barry, James and Ida Bates, William and Cynthia Battlefield Storage Baum, Dianne Baumgartner, Gary and Jan Beachler, Faye Beadleston, Janice Bell, Marilyn and Robert Bell, Ruby Bennett, Sigrid Benson, Jean C. Benson, Jerry and Linda Benson, William and Lynda Benton Avenue A.M.E. Berg, Dave and Mary Bess Enterprises, Inc. Beta Sigma Phi City Council Beta Sigma PhiXI Upsilon Chapter Billings United Methodist Church Bingham, Brian and Laura Bloemker, Marian Blumenstock, Dan and Lisa Blumhost, Mary BMW Road Riders Club Boehne Financial Group Bogart, Fred and Loretta Bonham, Keithleen Boone, Bill and Norma Booth, Tommy and Drieda


DONORS, MEMORIALS & TRIBUTES Boswell, Jim and Gale Bowden, Janice Langston Bowman, Kim Bowman, Ralph and Retha Boxx, Glen & Emogene Boysen, Howard and Kathleen Bradshaw, Joe and Carol Bramer, Elizabeth Branson, Ron and Becky Brazeale, William and Elizabeth Bredenberg, Dorothy Brell, William Brentwood Christian Alpha Omega Sunday School Class Brett, Anne Broaddus, Nancy and Loren Brock, Paul Taylor Brock, Randy Brookes, Doris Brothers, Dale and Susan Brown, B. L. Brown, Barbara Brown, Don and Janet Brown, Karen Brown, Lola Humphrey Brown, Mike and Claudia Brown, Tamara Brown, William and Saundra Bryant, J. and S. Buckley, James and Patricia Bueker, Darryl and Marilyn Bugg, James Bumberry, Robert and Carolyn Burgess, Jerrold and Jo Burmeister, Harvey Burnett, Doris Burns, Mary C. Burrell, James and Evelyn Bury, Kevin and Evelyn Butler, Geoffrey and Buffy Byrd, Emalu Cadwell, Joyce Campbell United Methodist Church Crusaders Class Campbell United Methodist 100-1 Class Campbell, Clifford and Jackie Campbell, Scott and Carolyn Cannon, Neal and Juanita Cardoza, Paul Carleton, David and Betty Carlton, Lynn and Betty Carroll, Henry and Jan Carroll, Jan Carson, Joe and Donna Carter, Dean and Sally Carter, Patricia and Ronald Central Christian Church Women’s Fellowship Chapman, Norma Chapman, Robert and Phyllis Chastain, Ilene Chasteen, Donald and Twajana Chasteen, Gloriabell Chaverri, Jeromy and Angelique Chayer, Sheryl

Cheek, William and Maret Chiles, Dick and Ellen Chism, Marlene Chris Woolsey & Associates Christiano, Mary Church Women United Church, Evelyn Cirillo, Roy and Susan Clark, James and Phyllis Clary, Gerald and Shirley Claspill, William and Juathina Claypool, Stacey Clithero, Dale and Debra Clopton, Vivian Close, Evelyn Clutch, Wanda Louise Clutter, Janis CNH Reman, LLC Cobb, Connell Cole, Larry Coleman, W.L. and Rhea Beth Collison, Michael and Shirley Cologna, Jim and Joan Commerce Bank Compton, Kent and Bernie Condict, Kinsey and Connie Connell, Patrick and Patty Conner, Gordon and Ruth Cook, Erica Cook, Jim and Rosalie Cooper, Mark Copeland, Kathleen Corby, Sandra Cotter, Mary Jo Coulter, Robert Cox, Avonelle Cox, Claudine Cox, Corinne Cox, Edwin Crabb, Eddie and Carol Craig, James and Diane Crawford, Bob and Joyce Crawford, Savannah Cron, Donna Crow, Hildred Crumpley, Merrie Jo Crumpley, Marilyn Cruzan, Larry and Jackie Curp, Maxine Daisy Mae’s/Top Drawer Creations Dake, Dorothy and Michael Dalton, Elaine Dameron, John Daniel, Ron and Barbara Dankert, Herbert and Janet David Fulton Associates Davidson, Joseph and Dawn Davis, Audrey Davis, Craig and Sherry Davis, Saundra and Leroy DeHaven, Bill and Beth Delano, Virginia Patton Denison, Gordon Denney, Ingrid

Den Ouden, Thomas and Beth Dent, Shirley Depew, Anne and Ronald Deuel, James and Janet DeVille Steel Dickerson, Norma Dickey, Betty Dilg, Lesley Dixon, Joy Donica, John and Rita Dougherty, Benny and Emma Dowdy, Garrett and Ellea Dowler, Midge Draeger, Joy Duff, Starr Dugan, Charlotte Dunlop, Betty Dunn, Jane Dunn, Mary Jane Eagle Management and Realty Ebenezer Methodist WSCS Edgar, William and Dixie Eds HVAC Edward Jones/Mike Lawrence Eichler, Arlene Eikner, Clara Ellis, Aileene Ellis, Harry and Suzanne Elmer, Gary and Voncille Endsley, Jerry Entrup, Mark and Laurie Erb, Doug Erickson, Mary Ernst, Ralph and Sarah Evangel University Crosswalk Evans, Tim and Kelly Everett, Judy Fair Grove United Methodist Women Fairbairn, James and Jane Farris, Arthur and Rebecca Farthing, John Farthing, Nancy Fay, David Feeney, Beth Fees, Sue Fender, Darrell and Barbara Fender, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ferlazzo, Patricia Fesperman, Harriett First & Calvary 49ers Class First Christian Church of Aurora First Liberty Missionary Baptist Church First United Methodist Church Fischer, Billy and Karen Fischer, Kurt Fisk, Judy Fitzsimmons, Mark and Karenanne Five Pound Apparel Flood, Eloise Fogle, Brian and Renee Folkins, Milton and Judy Followers of Francis Fraternity Foltz, Alan and Susan Fonseca, Maira

Foresman, Dennis and Vickie Fort, Martha Fowler, Judith Fowler, Pamela Fox, Jenna Frazier, Wilma Fredrick, Marcene Freeman, Carol Lynne Freeman, Dale and Kathleen Freeman, Michael and Geraldine Frerichs, Herman and Janice Frese, Don and Cindy Fry, Stan and Carol Gaines, Russ and Conita Galloway Baptist Church Galloway, Carla Gamble, Jeanne Gammon, Susie Gardner, David and Barbara Gardner, Glen and Betty Gardner, Josephine Gardner, Steve Garges, Janice Garoutte, Dee Garoutte, Janet Garrett, Deborah Garten, Tim and Barbara Garza, James Gavisk, Jerry and Pat Gentry, Nadine Gentry, Sondra George, Rosalyn George, Suzanne George, Walter and Margaret Gerboth, Clayton and Patricia GFWC Sorosis Club Springfield Gibe, Sheri Giddens, Larry and Jane Gilbert, Adrienne Gilbert, David and Gretchen Giliberto, Diane Gilmore, Karla Given, Janet Glensted United Methodist Church Good, Deborah and Michael Good, Thomas and Betty Goodell, Travis and Veronica Goodwin, Juliana Gose, Nancy Gott, Leroy and Sharon Gott, Sharon Gotti, Ed and Aija Gouty, Gene Grace Assembly of God Graham, Jean Graham, Nancy Grantham, Bill and Barbara Green, Walter and Kathleen Greene, Debbie Griesbaum, Ed and Sophia Griesemer, Carol Grisham, Edna Groner, Wayne and Martha Groseclose, Gwyn


DONORS, MEMORIALS & TRIBUTES Grundy, James and Donnis Guccione, Joseph and Jeanne Guerilla Industries Gunderson, Jeffrey and Stephanie Gunter, Rick and Debbie Gutierrez, Kevin and Melida Haas, Patricia Haase, Annell Hair, James and Shirley Haley, Katy Hall, Helen Louise Hall, Kristen Hall, Teresa Hannah, Barry and Cynthia Hannah, Dana Hannah, Delmar and Virginia Harber, Russell and Lois Harding, Betty Harkrider, Neal and Jackie Harmening, Don and Linda Harmon, Douglas and Lynne Harper, Linda and Phillip Harrell, Bill and Shirley Harris, Marilyn Hart, David and Susan Hartley, Maxine Haskins, Venton and Dorothy Hatfield, Roberta Havel, Doris Hawkins, Donald and Wanda Hawkins, Joe and Karen Hawkins, William and Carol Hayes, Samuel and Rebecca Haynes, Robert and Patricia Hays, Bill Hays, Gordon Headberg, Jeff and Diane Heard, Jeff and Angie Heavin, James and Joyce Hedgpeth, Margie Heil, Rachel Heim, Julie and William Hendricks, Sara Beth Henry, John and Linda Henson, Billy and Shelia Heritage Chapel FWB Church Herndon, Bonnie Herren, Joan Herring, William and Kay Herzog, Trysta Hessler, Regina and Joseph Hill, Gerald and Mary Hiller, Gregory and Angela Hindman, Hollie Hinz, Dean Hlavacek, Wayne and Marcia Hobbs, Linda Hocklander, Kevin and Allison Hoffmeister, Melissa Hogan, Steven Hoke, Jack and Kathy Holland, Joshua Hollingsworth, Kent and Judy Holman, William and June

Holum, Aaron and Jennifer Hom, Susan and Harry Home Economics in Homemaking Club Homegrown Food Store Hone, Ruth Hood United Methodist Women Hoogstraet, Arthur Hoover, Ken and Judy Hoover, Marthann Hornbuckle, Thomas and Marty Horras, Barbara Horton, Greg and Kim Hosmer, Cindy Hotelling, Mary Howard, Kenneth and Kathleen Howard, Marilee Howard, Mary Evelyn Howell, Richard and Deborah Howells, Samuel and Joyce Huck, Stan and Lois Hudson, Charles and Renee Huffman, Ron and Betty Huffman, Pauline and Tom Hufford, Howard and Jessie Hughes, Barbara Rae Hukriede, Malcolm and Jana Hunter, Anita Hutcheson, Vicki Hutchison, David and Shirley Hutton, Terry and Melissa Hyden, Donald Igert, Jeremy and Rashelle International Association of Fairs Irish, Authur and Donna Irwin, Ray Ivie, Junior and Beverly Jackson, Derrell and Linda Jackson, Barbara Jackson, Deborah Jackson, Evelyn Jackson, JoAnne Spears Jackson, Robert Jacobsen, James and Donna Jacoby, Billie Jacoby, Geri Lee Jahnke, David and Tammy James, Harry and Marion Jenisch, Dan and Gail Jenkins, Paul and Kathleen Jenkins, Robert and Ann Jenkins, Wendy Jennings, Mary Ann Johnmeyer, Ernest and Jane Johnson, Mildred Johnson, Nancy and James Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Randell Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Whitney Jolovich, Kathy Jones, C. and G. Jones, Daniel Jones, Donna and Robert Jones, Donna J.

Jones, Eva Jones, Judson and Susan Jones, Wally Jordan, Donna Joslyn, Leslie and Susan Jurmann, Marjorie Kahmann, Paul Kalapathy, Paul Karr, James and Barbara Kauffman, Grant and Mimi Kays, Doug Kelby Lane Inc. Keller, Otis and Janice Kelley, Steven and Beverly Kelly, Denise Kemper, Mary Kennedy, William and Sharon Kepler, Patrick and Lana Ketcham, George and Yvonne Kielhofner, Gerri and Brad Kile, Tina King, Jay and Judy King, Janis King’s Way United Methodist Women Kirk, Brian Kirkland, Hugh and Clara Kirkwood, Donald and Bonnie Kiwanis Club of Springfield North Klann, Joyce Knutson, Loretta Koch, Ronald and Robin Kohr, Michael and Julie Kollmeyer, Glen C. and Wanda Kollmeyer, John Krahn, Henry Krasser, Danny and Debbie Krill, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kruckemeyer, Helen Kunze, John and Sharon Lacamp, Patricia Lackey, Myra LaCross, Christopher and Amanda Langston, Richard and Jean Lanham, Jacob Lanning, Robert Lathrop & Gage Latimer, Thomas and Willetta Lauderdale, William and Norma Laughin, Tracy Law Offices of Kimberly Lowry, LLC Lawrence, Mrs. George Lawson, Peggy Lear, Robert and Shirley Lee, Charles and Deborah Leeper, Gelvin and Violet LeJeune, Peggy Lewis, Barbara Lewis, James and Sarah Lewis, Monty and Lucy Lewis, Richard and Lynette Lindenbusch, Ashley Long, Paul and Georgia Love, Bob and Angela Loveland, Sherrie

Lowe, Melvin and Joyce Lowry, Betty S. Lucore, Donald and Nancy Luna, Bryan Lundh, Betty Lurie, Harold Lutes, Deborah Maack, Loraine and Leroy Mackey, Jerry and Kitty Mahaffey, Fredna Mammen, Ruth Mangan, Thomas and Evelyn Mann, Mary Beth Manning, Judith Maplewood United Methodist Church Marino, George and Janice Marsh, Richard and Donna Marshfield United Methodist Martin, Beverly Martin, Mary Mashburn, Evelyn Sue Mathis, Susan Matthews, Polly Matz, Homer Mauldin, Patty McBride, Henry and LeAnn McCann, Don and Ann McCarty, Joe and Barbara McClaskey, Cherie McClendon, Lois McCoy, C. J. McCracken, Deloris Mccullough, Mark and Theresa McCurry, Carolyn McCurry, Ralph and Barbara McElroy, Clarence McGinnis, Jack and Margot McKee, Richard and Sharlene McKenzie, Kelley and Nancy McLean, Martha McMillen, Dennis and Vicki McNeal, Doug and Susan McPherson, Warren and Betty McQueary, Sean and Kimberly Meacheam, Marcella Meek, Terry and Mary Meinhardt, David and Lynn Melton, Mary Merritt, Eric and Cindy Mersch, Isabel Messiah Lutheran Women of ELCA Messick, Judy Messick, Lacey Mettler Law Office, LLC Metzger, Susan and Gary Meyer, Don Meyer, Duane and Marilyn Meyer, Mary Meyer, Terry Meyers, Beverly Hammons Michel, Albert and Patricia Miller, Ed and Judy Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Fred and Dorothy


DONORS, MEMORIALS & TRIBUTES Miller, Glenda and Milan Miller, Jack L. Miller, Sharon Milligan, Marilynn Million, Cindy Mitchell, Doris Mitchell, Nan Moger, Jimmie Monroe, Phillip and Brenda Montgomery, Jerry and Suzanne Montgomery, Melissa Moore, John and Kathleen Morgan, Myron and Wanda Morris, Carolea Morris, Virgil and Frieda Moses, Christine Moulder, Tom MSU Department of Geology Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church Mueller, Lahna Mullikin, Norma Mullins, Peggy Murray, David and Terri Myers, Paul and Martha Naab, Gary National Avenue Christian Church CWF Neas, Roberta and Jay Neely, Harriet Neil, Kathryn Nelson, Elliott Wayne Nelson, Thomas and Marcia Nelson, Glenn and Beverly Nesbitt, William Newcomb, Helen or William Newman, Carol Newman, Wade and Barbara Newport, John and Katie Newton, Charles and Louise Nichols, Kolettte Nicholson, Roberta Nicholson, Larry and Betty Nicks, E. Maxine Niewald, Albert and Nancy Nimmo, Karen Noland, Bonnie Norman, Chapman and Janet Norris, David and Teresa Nowak, Michelle Oberlin, Sherry O’Connell, Mary Odom, Minuen Oldham, Max and Janice Oliver, Cynthia Oliver, William Roe Owen, Michael and Beth Owen, James and Louanna Ozark Mailing Ozark Sandblasting Company Palcheff, June Palmer, Barbara Parker, Linda Parkhurst, Phyllis Parmer, Dolores Parrish, Nancy and Gregory

Parry, Karen Pates, Beverly Patterson, Cheryl Patterson, Daniel and Jill Paul Mueller Company Payne, Eve Payne, J. W. and Wanda Pearce, Ray and Sara Pearcy, Deloris Pearson, Janice Pearson, Tom and Cindy Peck, Bill and Barbara Peck, Thomas PEO Group Peterson, Walton and Caunita Pfaff, Daniel and Debra Pickleman’s Cafe Piland, Billy Pilkenton, J and Carol Pinckley, James and Margaret Pinnacle Group LLC Pinnacle Sign Pitts, Francis Platz, Rachel Pohl, Bill and Billie Poole, Wendy Pope, Kevin and Karen Porter, Larry and Linda Powell, Stephen and Kay Powell, Susan and Edward Powell, William Powers, Kenneth and Virginia Pratt, Wes and Francine Premkumar, Paul and Jennifer Price, Diane Price, Sharon Primm, Alex and Cathy Propst, Randall and Lori Purse, Linda Pursley, Ruth Pyle, Susan Quinn, Thomas L. and Penni Rains, Elmagene Ralph, Linda and George Ralya, Leland and Gail Rand, Robert and Collene Randall, David Randall, Natalie Rathke, John Redfearn, Peri Redman, Bill & Kathryn Reed, Jane Reed, John and Jeannie Reed, Wayne and Barbara Reidy, Thomas Reuter, Martha Rhodes, Scott and Mary Rice, Ronald Ridgecrest Baptist Church Ridinger, Steven and Dennise Riley, Clarissa Rimer, Wanda Rippe, Carey River of Life Lutheran Church

Roach, Bill and Lynn Roach, Herold and Lana Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, Mark and Rhonda Robertson, Warren and Betty Robinette, Daniel and Susan Robinson, Goldie and Robert Roesslet, Larry and Juanita Rohwedder, Robert and Caryl Roop, John and Roberta Rose Metal Products, Inc. Rose, Danny and Michelle Rose, Richard Rothe, Tracey and Richard Rothermel, David and Carol Routh, Catherine Rummel, Clara Rund, Dean and Jan Rush, Alice Russell, Woody & Ann Russell, John Rutledge, Robert and Barbara Ruyle, William and Betty Rye, Vivian Saffeels, George and Joanne Salchow, Norma Salmon, Betty Salveter, D L. Salvog, Virginia Samuel, Dwight and Carie Sanders, Alan and Gail Sater, Don and Marilynn Saunders, Eric Schmidt, Jeffrey and Susan Schmock, Dennis and Brenda Schoenborn, Sylvester and Patricia School District of Springfield R12 Schroff, Carle & Jeaninne Scott, Douglas and Frankie Scott, Edward Scott, Shirley Scriven, Michael Scruggs, Stephen and Myra Sechler, Kathy Seigel, Steve Self, Larry and Judith Shank, Patti Sharp, Amy Sharp, Stella Shearburn, Joelene Shelton, Elizabeth A. Shelton, Victor and Margaret Sheppard, Mary Shipman, Lyle and Karen Shirk, Peggy Show-Me F100’s Shumate, Nancy Sikes, Alfred and Martha Simpson, Wayne and Kathron Sims, Pat Small, Caitlyn Smith, Bob and Candace Smith, Christopher and Deirdre Smith, Diana Hagewood

Smith, Duane Smith, Harold and Josephine Smith, James Smith, Marjorie Snelson, Frank and Lori Snowden, Roxanne and Lonnie Soderbert, Gary Soper, Warren and Jane South Street Christian Women’s Fellowship Spargo, Ronald and Ruth Speer Gary and Shirley Spence, Delbert Spiegel, Martin and Mary Spiritual Assembly of the Bahai’s of Springfield Splitter, Richard and Rose Springer, Roberta Springfield Lions Host Club Squires, John and Kate Squires, Patty St. John’s Chapel UCC Brotherhood St. John’s United Church of Christ Stacey, Nora Stahl, Erman & Kaeko Stanton, Ruth Starr, Robert and Verlyne Staudt, David and Kathy Steck, Jack and Sandra Steffen Drake, Judith Steinmetz, Amber Stewart, Billie Stewart, James and Susie Still, Bernell Stinson, John and Darlene Stockstill, Jim and Jeannie Stokke, Jean Stone, Beverly Stracke, Dorthita Strohmeyer, Eleanor Stucker, Alta Sullins, Bob and June Sunset Church of Christ Sutton, Wilma and Carol Swanson, Ken and Loyette Swearingen, Marion and Leona Sweeney, Terry and Karen Sweet, Oneita Sweet, Rick and Barbara Swinger, Jim and Janet Tangles Salon Tanzer, Bradley Tasset, Glenn and Gerry Teamsters Retirees/Teamsters Hall TelComm Credit Union Terry, Herbert and Patsy The Alberhasky Law Firm, P.C. The Cup The United Methodist Church of Harrisonville Thomas, Brad and Julie Thomas, H. Leroy Thomas, Kelly and Sarah Thompson, Ben and Amanda Thompson, Gary


DONORS, MEMORIALS & TRIBUTES Thompson, Kelly Thompson, Mary Thompson, Nancy Tilley, Michael Tillman, Charles and Inez Tinsley, Scott and Marion Tinsley, Joyce Tucker, Diane Tucker, Donald and Betty Turner, Jean Turner, Patsy Tutton, Thomas and Karleen Twibell, Kathryn Twitchell, Janet Tyler, Nelson and Barbara UnitedHealth Group Employee Giving Campaign University Heights Baptist / Transitions Class University Heights Baptist Pioneer Class University Heights Baptist WMU Van Hook, Gloria Van Ness, Larry and Jan Van Winkle, Margie Vance, Nancy Vandel, Allen and Shirley Veterans of Foreign Wars Vienhage, Stacy Vincent, Damon Vincent, Jaqueline Visio, H.G. and Dorothy Vonstrohe, Dennis and Sue Wadlow, Sue Wagner, Tyson Waite, Danny and Janet Wakefield, William and Maryann Walker, Bill and Jo Walker, Carolyn Sue Walker, Merle Wall, Kathryn Wall, Norman and Beverly Walnut Grove United Methodist Church Ward, Elizabeth and Jeffrey Warren, Robert and Ruth Washington Avenue Baptist Church Weary, Bonnie Weaver, John and Mary Weaver, Kristen Webb, James and Lana Webber, Stephen and Susan Werdeman, Lillian and Billie Wesley United Methodist Rebecca Circle Wesley United Methodist Susanna Circle Wessel, Jon Whisenant, Brenda Whitaker, Nancy White, Robert and Suzanne White, Arthur and Ruth White, Hoyt and Rosanna White, Joanna White, Paul and Terry White-Blaine, Susanne

Whitsitt, Cheryl Whittaker, Thomas Wilbur, Ann and James Willard United Methodist Women Williams, Donna Williams, Ed E. Gene Williams, George and June Williams, Joy Williams, Kenneth and Marie Williams, Kevin and Toni Williams, Robert and Deborah Williams, Robert and Jeanette Williams, Ronald and Joan Williams, Steve and Angela Williamson, G. and L. Willson, Mae and Douglas Wilson, David and Melissa Wilson, Russell and Deborah Wilson, Ruth Wilson, Timothy and Joyce Wimmer, Jacqueline Winget, Cheryl and William Winn, Sam and Susan Winter, Beverly Wise, Joyce Wittmer, Ruth Wolfe, John and Diana Wolff, Bryan and Ute Wood, Don and Cheryl Wood, Norma Woodall, Jana Woods, Lois Woolford, Shep and Nancy Wrabell, Michael and Cheri Wylie, John and Nancy Yocom, Joe Ann York, Mary Young, Becky Young, Lyn Young, Rodney and Anita Zaagsman, Gordon Zaumseil, Arthur and Koula Zerrer Elder Law Office, LLC

Memorials Rev. Clarence Eugene Atkins Harriett Fesperman Treva Hall Charles Bacon Donna Bane Jan Barclay Carle and Jeaninne Schroff Helen Bates John and Peggy Thomas Don Bennett Jeanne Gamble Donald J. Benson Jean C. Benson Gerald Bonham Anonymous Friends Janice Bowden Dale and Debra Clithero Billy and Karen Fischer Shirley Huffman Barbara Hughes Dan and Gail Jenisch Richard and Lynette Lewis Patty Mauldin Beverly Meyers Elliott Nelson Larry and Betty Nicholson

Ann and James Wilbur Kenneth and Marie Williams Homer H. Bowman Inez Bowman Rosanna Bradshaw Bradley and Kerry Bodenhausen Terry and Mary Kay Meek Fred and Rae Jean Palmerton Bruno and Karen Schmidt Ron and Sheryl Wachter Margaret Brown Thomas and Evelyn Mangan Jack Miller Bob and Linda Reynolds Bill Buckner Marilyn Crumpley Robert (Bob) Buff Mae and Douglas Willson Sally Bullaro Elizabeth Miller Carl Cannefax Rodney and Anita Young Mother of (Dr. Goutam Chakraborty)Judy Huntsman-McDonald Walter Church Evelyn Church Martha Cobb Connell Cobb Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Collins Milton and Judy Folkins Don Cox Avonelle Cox Ellen Cox Avonelle Cox Megan Cramer Donald and Twajana Chasteen Evelyn Crankshaw Robert Crankshaw George L. Crice, Jr. Carle and Jeaninne Schroff Kenneth Crumpley Ruth Auner Kevin and Lynn Ausburn Jim and Joan Cologna Merrie Jo Crumpley Bill and Virginia Darr Audrey Davis Mary Howard Bryan Luna Richard and Donna Marsh Lyle and Karen Shipman Ken and Roberta Springer John and Kate Squires Kenneth Brad and Julie Thomas Charles and Inez Tillman Gloria Van Hook Sarah and Paul Day Mary Anne Day Louis Dean Louise Lunn Cliff and Ella Dees Michael and Cheri Wrabell Bill Detrick League of Women Voters of SW Missouri Daniel and Susan Robinette Lucille Downer Paul and Martha Myers Dr./Mrs William Dreyer Mary Anne Day Jean Fellin Timothy and Nancy Hill Betty Jo Fitzpatrick Nancy Graham Dr. & Mrs. C.P. Folkins Milton and Judy Folkins Ruth Freeman Avonelle Cox Frankline Gamble Jeanne Gamble

Patricia George George & Paula Austin David and Barbara Gardner Dennis and Vicki McMillen Robert and Ruth Warren Joe Gibson Mae and Douglas Willson Wanda Gray Dean and Sally Carter Beulah Graham Binnie Clements Guild Joe & Mike Greene First Liberty Missionary Baptist Church Joe Greene Mary Ann Greene John Griesemer Carol Griesemer Kathryn Hagans Avonelle Cox William J. Hammond Bill and Juanitha Foster Florence Mae Hayes Susan Holliday David Headberg Jeff and Diane Headberg Chlorene Hedgpeth Bill and Juanitha Foster Gerald Herndon Bonnie Herndon Virginia Higdon Avonelle Cox Robert Hogan Avonelle Cox Dr. David Holmes Tom and Joyce Clark Genilie Howell – Lurie Harold Lurie Richard B. Hunt Clarence McElroy Richard & Avanell Johnson William Brell Treva Hall Kevin and Karen Pope Scott and Marion Tinsley Richard Johnson Willis and Donna Baker Jerry and Linda Benson Bill and Norma Boone Jim and Gale Boswell Joe and Carol Bradshaw James and Patricia Buckley Norma Chapman Tom and Joyce Clark Bill and Virginia Darr Debbie Greene Patricia Johnson Jimmie Moger James and Louanna Owen Carl and Dolores Parmer Dale and Pam Pearce J. and Carol Pilkenton Carle and Jeaninne Schroff Bob and June Sullins Ron and Sheryl Wachter Kristen Weaver Steve and Angela Williams Mary Frances Jones Dave and Mary Berg Janice Pearson Steven and Dennise Ridinger Winifred Jones Richard Rose Vivian Rye Joy Williams Julia A. Kays Doug Kays Caroline Keeler Beverly Winter Karl Keltner Susan Keltner Louise Keltner Susan Keltner


DONORS, MEMORIALS & TRIBUTES Ken Lee Ken and Loyette Swanson Robert Leeper Sara Beth Hendricks Vernon Leuthen Avonelle Cox Sylvia Lyons Charlie and Judith Lyons Howard Mammen Ruth Mammen Dr. Alton Manning James and Ida Barry Elizabeth Manning Paul Martin Ruth Wittmer Edna Mae (Penny) Mathis Brentwood Christian Alpha Omega Sunday School Class Wanda Clutch Howard and Jessie Hufford Mike Lawrence/Edward Jones Financial Advisor Cheryl and William Winget Matthew Jerry and Connie Dickey Betty & Duff Mc Coy Mae and Douglas Willson Fern McCurry Carolyn McCurry Tom & Sue McFarland James Smith Sally McGhee David and Susan Hart Michael McGinnis Dorothy and Bob Thurman Dr. Don Menchetti Joan Menchetti Daniel Moses Bill and Virginia Darr Larry and Eleanor Freund Mark and Katie Struckhoff James Neely Harriet Neely Joel Nicholson Roberta Nicholson Warren Nicholson Roberta Nicholson James W. Nordstrom Gordon and Ruth Conner Michele Sparks Ohman Susan Keltner Larry C. Parrish Joe and Kay Parrish Albert L. & Margaret H. Patterson Andy and Barbara Squires Jim Payne John and Nancy Wylie Mary Petiford Sara Beth Hendricks Tommy Ratliff, Jr. Susan Keltner Jack Reuter Martha Reuter C.C. Roberts Elizabeth Roberts Gerald Rohrbaugh George and Janice Marino Anna Marie Schibler James and Norma Lee Bugg Nancy and James Johnson George and June Williams Ruth Schriver Tom Schriver Hobert Sewell Susan Keltner Donna Shelley J. and S. Bryant Billie Jacoby Geri Jacoby Myron and Wanda Morgan

Bob and Candace Smith Jerry Stacey Nora Stacey Bill and Nancy Stafford Danny and Debbie Krasser Ruth Stevens Anita Hunter James Stokke Jean Stokke Joella Sutton First Liberty Missionary Baptist Church Paul Swendroski Don Meyer Glenn Thomas Jan Thomas David Toombs Jeanne Toombs Bob Ulrich Eric and Elaine Atkinson Harvey Burmeister Lynn and Betty Carlton Phillip and Brenda Monroe Brett Peterman Linda and George Ralph Richard and Rose Splitter Billy Voyles Bill and Juanitha Foster Virginia Wells Avonelle Cox Mary Alice Wheeler Oneita Sweet David Whitehurse Shirley Huffman Sybil Williams Janet Garoutte CO Woolsey Chris Woolsey and Associates Robert G. Wright William and Marilyn Wright Charles Young Becky Young

Tributes Jeannie Amyx Ronald and Ruth Spargo Mr. Ross Ausburn Kevin and Lynn Ausburn Romona Baker Louise Lunn Peggy Mullins Judy Beisner Mary Anne Day Inez Bowman Kim Bowman Warren and Jane Soper Paul and Terry White Bric’s Belgian Waffle & Pancake House Employees Warren and Myrtle Darrah Chris Brodleur Tracy Roberts Mike and Cathy Carr Delmar and Virginia Hannah Sally & Dean Carter Alta Stucker Lynn Clements Ronald and Ruth Spargo Michael, Andrew & Collin Andy and Barbara Squires Barbara Crockett Louise Lunn Kenny and Kathy Crosswhite Tracy Roberts Mark and Stephanie Crosswhite Tracy Roberts Nancy Curry William and Ginya Moore Mr. & Mrs. Gene Day Ronald and Ruth Spargo

Rev. Robert Dohm Dean and Jan Rund Connie and Billy Earls Tracy Roberts Dale & Kathleen Freeman Michael and Geraldine Freeman Mrs. Gerry Freeman Dale and Kathleen Freeman Sue Gammon Peggy Shirk Greg & Renee Gammon Susie Gammon Tylane Garrett Deborah Garrett Giliberto Family Diane Giliberto Lea Gillilard Tracy Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Jack Gladson Ronald and Ruth Spargo Glendale Christian Church Charles and Virginia Kincaid Grandchildren Midge Dowler Tracy & Melisa Hall Treva Hall Stan and Annette Hall Patricia Ziebell Treva Hall Judith Manning Sheryl and David Harper Tracy Roberts Gretchen Heinz Ronald and Ruth Spargo Sue Holloway Ronald and Ruth Spargo Deanna Horst Wayne and Eryleene Groner Gail James Professional Answering Service Employees Kathy Jolovich James and Ida Barry Barbara Dalton Jones Michael and Nancy Olmsted Teresa Kays Ronald and Ruth Spargo Rev. Dorsey Levell Drury University Faculty & Staff Mark Struckhoff Idell and Bob Lewis Judith Ann Irwin Boby and Judy Linton Patricia Ziebell Lynda and Dianna Laura Moore Kendrick Elaine Maynard Wayne and Eryleene Groner Penny Dalton McCoy Michael and Nancy Olmsted Father Mike McDevitt Michael and Shirley Collison Marilyn Moore William and Ginya Moore Becky Morgan Joy Draeger Nancy Gose Elizabeth Miller Nancy Morris Wayne and Martha Groner Mr. & Mrs. Lucian Morrison Louise Lunn Melvie Mosier Christopher Smith Dan and Roxanne Newton Stephen and Myra Scroggs Richard & Evelyn Nichols Elizabeth Manning

Jazz and Hans Ochen Kurt Fischer Nan Olmsted Nancy and Loren Broaddus Jerry and Kitty Mackey Jan Pearson Bruce and Mary Barton David Peck Leslie Peck Peck Thomas Peck Peck Professional Answering Service Employees Leslie Peck Elizabeth Miller Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church Wally Jones Kim Prater Tracy Roberts Prayer Group Bob and Linda Reynolds Lisa Reece Larry and Betty Nicholson Bill Roberts Philip Roberts Jerry and Linda Rogers Kathy Jolovich Pat Ziebell Matthew Rothe Adrienne Gilbert David & Sharon Sater Don and Marilynn Sater Melissa Shantz Ronald and Ruth Spargo Joan and David Shepard Kurt Fischer Mary Sheppard Peggy Shirk Sally Simons Melvie Mosier Anne Smid Tracy Roberts Chris Smith Melvie Mosier Richard & Crystal Smith Robert and Barbara Rutledge South Street Christian Church staff Janet Given Rev. Jon & Denise Spalding Sylvester and Patricia Schoenborn Kay Stover Ronald and Ruth Spargo Duncan, Isabella, Liliana Strang Judy Huntsman-McDonald Mark Struckhoff Brian and Renee Fogle Rev. & Mrs. Mark Struckhoff Treva Hall Mark Struckhoff & Leadership Team Greg and Betsy Burris Pam Tynes Patricia Haas Bill & Shirley Virdon Deborah Lutes Cindy Waites Ozarks Health Advocacy Foundation Karen Ann Walker Ruth Walker Hew and Nancy Wiley Barbara Horras Judy Wilson Peggy Shirk Marge and Randy Wilson Gary and Jan Baumgartner Don & Sally Wise Don and Marilynn Sater


MEET THE TEAM Mark Struckhoff,

Executive Director 417-862-3586 ext. 223

Rick George,

Director of Operations 417-862-3586 ext. 232

PO Box 3947 Springfield, MO 65808-3947

Christine Moses,

Director of Marketing & Development 417-862-3586 ext. 238

Rebecca Anderson,

Annual Fund Coordinator 417-862-3586 ext. 231

627 North Glenstone, Springfield, Missouri 65802 For updates and information on the Council of Churches of the Ozarks

The Compassion in Action Report is an annual publication the Council of Churches of the Ozarks, designed to inform readers of current information, community outreach efforts, service agency activity and recognizing donors. The Compassion in Action Report is mailed without charge to anyone interested in the Council of Churches of the Ozarks.

2013 Compassion in Action Report  

2013 Annual Report

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