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 4055  Sequoia  St.  Apt.  12      San  Diego,  CA      92109    |    mobile:  617/  639.7970    


Master of  Arts,  Higher  Education  Leadership     University  of  San  Diego,  San  Diego  CA     Community  Models  of  Leadership:  From  Noticing  to  Mindful  Action   Sri  Lanka.  International  Experience,  University  of  San  Diego     Bachelor  of  Arts,  Hospitality  Administration   Boston  University,  Boston  MA   Honors:  Dean’s  List  six  semesters,  GPA  3.74/4.00     Instituto  Internacional  de  Madrid   Study  Abroad,  Madrid  Spain     Awards:  Gates  Millennium  Scholarship  Recipient    

Expected 5/2013  

   June  18-­‐  June  28,  2012    




SKILLS   • • • • •

Skilled  facilitator     Extensive  leadership  training  and  development   Extensive  exposure  to  global  and  cultural  awareness/sensitivity   Strong  organizational  skills  and  very  detail-­‐oriented   High  proficiency  using  Mac,  PC,  Microsoft  Office,  Outlook,  Powerpoint,  Prezi.  Intermediate   knowledge  level  for  Oracle    


• Native fluency  in  Spanish   • Basic  knowledge  of  Italian  and  French    


Graduate Assistant,  United  Front  Multicultural  Center   8/2011—Present   University  of  San  Diego,  San  Diego  CA   • Creator  and  facilitator  of  the  underGRAD  Connection,  a  monthly  event  that  connects   undergraduate  students  with  graduate  students  from  USD  to  help  them  think  about  future   graduate  work     • Facilitate  Dialogue  Series  with  members  of  USD  community  using  Restorative  Justice  and  Public   Conversations  models  for  dialogue  and  conflict  resolution   • Consistently  and  effectively  supervise  and  mentor  a  student  intern,  as  well  as  two  Peer   Mentoring  coordinators,  and  evaluate  their  progress  regularly  through  weekly  meetings   • Responsible  for  overseeing,  budgeting,  and  delivering  large  events  of  40-­‐200  attendees,  such  as   Virgen  de  Guadalupe  Mass,  Martin  Luther  King  Parade,  United  Front  Formal,  Diversity  Banquet,   and  monthly  multicultural  community  luncheons   • Facilitate  staff  meetings  and  student  trainings  on  a  regular  basis  to  address  and  to  promote   diversity,  inclusion,  and  social  justice  initiatives   • Primary  research  collection  on  Diversity  Peer  Education  “Best  Practices,”  Intercultural  Dialogue,   and  partnership  programs  with  local  high  schools  with  the  goal  of  addressing  diversity  at  USD  




• Conduct evaluations  on  Link  Peer  Mentoring  Program  and  the  underGRAD  Connection  using   Qualtrics       Study  Abroad  Assistant,  International  Education  Department   10/2010—07/2011   Miami  Dade  College,  Miami  FL     • Effectively  advised  students  on  study  abroad  application  process,  course  schedule  requirements,   and  financial  options   • Assisted  students  with  visa  and  consulate  services  and  answered  parental  pre-­‐  and  post-­‐travel   safety  and  financial  questions   • Prepared  and  conducted  pre-­‐departure  orientations  for  the  Fall,  Summer  and  Spring  study   abroad  programs   • Processed  students’  applications,  invoices,  disbursements,  insurance,  and  acceptance  letters   • Served  as  a  liaison  coordinator  for  students,  faculty,  and  staff  nationally  and  internationally   • Developed  and  implemented  program  evaluations  and  post-­‐travel  reintegration  activities   • Collaborated  with  other  institutions’  study  abroad  departments  to  create  a  more  cohesive   relationship  that  fostered  open  and  efficient  communication  and  processes     • Collected  data  and  assisted  with  analysis  for  environmental  scan  of  internationalization  (College   Consortium  of  International  Studies  enrollment  report  and  trends)     Executive  Board  Member,  Admissions  Student  Diversity  Board   2006—2010     Boston  University,  Boston  MA     • Assisted  with  planning  of  Multicultural  Community  Weekend  for  four  years,  leading  to  an   increase  in  the  yield  of  enrollment  of  underrepresented  minorities  by  more  than  25%  over  a  four   year  range     • Served  as  a  Student  Representative,  responsible  for  traveling  and  assisting  in  the  recruitment  of   minority  students  in  the  FL,  GA,  VA  regions  through  information  sessions  and  personal  testimony       •  Conducted  campus  tours  for  students  from  underrepresented  backgrounds     • Administered  community  involvement  events  with  cultural  campus  groups   • Active  participant  in  college  fair  recruitment  and  information  sessions     • Interviewed,  selected,  and  trained  five  to  eight  new  Executive  Board  Members  each  year   • Served  as  a  mentor  to  ethnic  minority  students  on  the  Executive  Board  for  two  consecutive  years  


Overnight Front  Desk  Agent,  Four  Seasons  Hotel,  Boston  MA  04/2010—09/2010     Independent  Consulting  Associate,  Medical  Tourism  Training,  Inc.  Boston  MA  09/2009—09/2010   Human  Resources  Extern,  Westin  Maui  Resort  and  Spa,  Lahaina  HI,  05/2010   Event  Planning  and  Marketing  Intern,  OM  Premium,  Madrid  Spain  01/2009-­‐05/2009     Teller  and  Customer  Service  Representative,  Washington  Mutual  Bank,  Miami  FL  06/2004— 08/2006  


Tijuana Service  Day  Trip,  05/2012   TEDxSDSU  Table  for  Two,  05/2012   Move-­‐In  Torero  Days,  University  of  San  Diego,  09/2011   The  Greater  Boston  Food  Bank,  Boston  MA  2010—2011   Move-­‐In  Dates  at  Boston  University  2009—2011      



 4055  Sequoia  St.  Apt.  12      San  Diego,  CA      92109    |    mobile:  617/  639.7970    


• Dialogue Facilitation:  Drag  Show  at  USD,  Shatter  the  Silence  (Sexual  Harassment  Awareness   Week),  Miss  Representation  (Gender  and  Media),  University  of  San  Diego,  04/2012   • Focus  Group,  Diversity  Education  Committee,  University  of  San  Diego,  01/2012   • Restorative  Justice  &  Mediation  Training,  University  of  San  Diego,  01/2012   • Leadership  Development  Staff  Meetings,  University  of  San  Diego,  09/2011—Present     • Link  Peer  Mentoring  Program  Training,  University  of  San  Diego,  09/2011   • Trained  in  Safe  Space  Allies’  and  Peace  Circles’  facilitation  techniques,  University  of  San  Diego,   2011   • Medical  Tourism  Training  on  Cultural  Sensitivity,  Ramada  Plaza  Herradura  Hotel,  San  Jose,  Costa   Rica,  01/2010    


• National Conference  on  Race  and  Ethnicity  in  Higher  Education  (NCORE),  New  York,  NY  05/2012   • Action  Research  Conference,  San  Diego,  CA  04/2012   • California  Council  of  Cultural  Center  in  Higher  Education  (CaCCCHE)  Conference,  San  Diego,  CA   03/2012     • Power  of  Dialogue,  Public  Conversations  Project,  San  Diego,  CA  03/2012   • NASPA  Drive-­‐In  Preparing  for  the  Job  Search,  Orange,  CA,  02/2012   • Leadership  for  Change,  Group  Relations  Conference,  San  Diego,  CA  01/2012   • NASPA  Regional  Conference,  San  Diego  CA  11/2011   • Western  Regional  Careers  in  Student  Affairs  Day,  University  of  California,  Los  Angeles  10/2011   • National  Society  of  Minorities  Northeastern  Region  Conference,  Providence  RI  11/2008     • Gates  Millennium  Scholars  Leadership  Conference  10/2006  


Latino Graduate  Student  Association  (LGSA),  member   National  Association  of  Student  Personnel  Administrators  (NASPA),  member   National  Society  of  Minorities  in  Hospitality  (NSMH),  member   Eta  Sigma  Delta  Hospitality  Honor  Society,  member    


• Tutoring: English,  Financial  and  Managerial  Accounting.  Mentoring.   • Travel:  Costa  Rica.  France.  Italy.  London.  Mexico.  Morocco.  Peru.  Portugal.  Spain.  Sri  Lanka.   United  States,  including  HI                  




“Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.” – Frank Herbert

4 July 2012 International Center University of San Diego 5998 Alcala Park San Diego, CA 92110 Dear Dr. Kira Espiritu, I was incredibly excited to see the opening for the International Studies Abroad Advisor {Executive Assistant II} position at the University of San Diego (IRC8222). I strongly believe that my sincere passion for advising and mentoring students combined with my creativity and experience in traveling are directly in line with the intention for this position. I will be an asset and great addition to your team. My journey in Higher Education began as an undergraduate at Boston University when I became involved in the recruitment of minority students. As an Executive Board Member of the Admissions Student Diversity Board, I had the opportunity to connect with prospective students and their parents through informal lunch gatherings, individual and group campus tours, and information sessions for a period of four years. This experience served as a catalyst to inspire the core values that I hold as an educator to this day. During my time at Boston University as a Hospitality Administration major, I developed an awareness to anticipate others’ needs and to respond accordingly. I also developed a strong knowledge of international travel and cultural sensitivity, a skill that I was able to further explore during my study abroad experience in Madrid, Spain as I interacted with locals, learned more about their culture, and completed an internship at an event planning company. Studying abroad in Europe allowed me to expand my portfolio of cultural awareness, presence, and reflection as I explored an inner journey through the outer world. Stepping into the unknown, I travelled to unfamiliar lands, such as Italy, France, Portugal, and Morocco. Upon my return to campus, I knew that I had come alive through my study abroad experiences, leading me to further explore my options in academia in the International Education department. As a Study Abroad Assistant at Miami Dade College, I was part of a dynamic restructure to the International Education department that allowed space for expansion and development. I had the unique opportunity to lead projects geared at revamping the department’s website as well as the promotion of study abroad programs. Some of these projects involved attending campus fairs on a regular basis, creating an open and dynamic office space to promote our programs, and partnering with professors to instill a sense of global competency among our students through study abroad and faculty-led programs. In addition, I was able to develop a network of reliable and competent study abroad advisors across the nation and internationally to best serve the needs of our students. One final component was to revamp the pre-departure orientation by offering online chats with students who were abroad with the purpose of preparing those who were about to depart. Currently, as I pursue my Master’s in Higher Education Leadership, I deeply enjoy mentoring and advising students at the University of San Diego, making me familiar with the campus climate and resources. I also continue to prioritize global competence by having recently participated in a faculty-led program to Sri Lanka where I had the privilege to share my days with a family at Udugama village and to learn more about the Sarvodaya Sharamadana Movement. As my values strongly align with the traditions of Catholic Social Thought, I believe that I will be able to continue to inspire my students to honor human dignity, solidarity, and peace worldwide through my role as an International Studies Abroad Advisor. I would very much like the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss my interests and qualifications. I am available to meet at our convenience. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Cindy Córdova / 617.639.7970 /



 4055  Sequoia  St.  Apt.  12      San  Diego,  CA      92109    |    mobile:  617/  639.7970    










 4055  Sequoia  St.  Apt.  12      San  Diego,  CA      92109    |    mobile:  617/  639.7970    


Promotional  Paragraph  for  Website:   Find  yourself  abroad!  Join  us  on  a  fully  integrated,  holistic  service  program  in  South  Africa.  Home  to   breathtaking  Karoo  Desert,  Natal’s  exotic  beaches,  and  the  Drakensberg  Mountain,  post-­‐apartheid   South  Africa  offers  you  the  opportunity  to  experience  political  and  social  transformation  as  you  live  and   work  among  locals  in  a  village!  Want  to  know  more?  See  you  at  our  upcoming  information  sessions:   March  12th  &  March  28th,  2013,  12:30-­‐2:00pm   Serra  Hall  315   RSVP  to  Cindy  Cordova  (  by  March  6th,  2013    


Cindy Cordova Resume  

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