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Many representing BOY SCOUT TROOP 124 of Beaverton, are participating in the Portland to Coast Walk, Aug. 26-27

“THE 10 ESSENTIALS WOMEN’S TEAM” consists of friends, mothers, sisters, daughters, and grandmothers of scouts and scouters. We have teamed up to walk the 130 mile distance to raise money for Camp Cooper, located in the heart of the Coast Range of Oregon, 18 miles northwest of Willamina to enable Troop 124 boy scouts to provide the service labor toward the goals below. Below are some details about Camp Cooper, its’ history, and the reason why Troop 124 picked this camp as Troop 124’s ADOPT-A-CAMP, a BSA Cascade Pacific Council encouraged program: As a result of Camp Cooper not being a regular summer camp venue any longer, its maintenance budget has been reduced. Its need for upkeep is far more reaching to ALL Boy Scout Units, Venturing Crews, and Varsity Teams, through the utilization of Cooper as the training site for youth leaders and the adults who mentor BSA youth--our country’s future leaders. The mission of "The 10 Essentials" is to raise money for MINIDAKS (wood sleeping shelters) AND HYDROPOWER for Camp Cooper by participation in the Portland to Coast Relay, so through the money raised for the supplies, our scouts can then provide the service labor.

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If donating, enter your name on this form printed out and send to: BOY SCOUT TROOP 124 - THE 10 ESSENTIALS c/o St. Matthew Lutheran Church, 10390 SW Canyon Road, Beaverton, OR 97005 OR Donate by a PayPal account you create! Just go to In ‘email to recipient’ put P2C in subject line. Then fill this fillable PDF using Acrobat (download to desktop, fill out, save, attach to email) and send to, and put P2C in this subject line also. THANK YOU!

Donate to Camp Cooper  

Raising money for BSA Camp Cooper.

Donate to Camp Cooper  

Raising money for BSA Camp Cooper.