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Winter 2013

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1920 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee, OH 43537 • 419-891-0705 •

TAHS Wins $30,000 in ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge! We are thrilled to announce that TAHS won a total of $30,000 in grant prize money from this summer’s ASPCA $100K Rachel Ray Challenge. This includes a “$5,000 “Fast Start” grant for placing first in our division during the first month of the Challenge, a $5,000 grant for reaching (and exceeding) our three-month adoption goal of 878 dogs, cats, kittens and puppies, and a $20,000 grant for finishing first overall in our division for the Challenge! All of the prize money directly benefits our mission and allows us to help even more animals right here in our community. In all, 1,257 dogs, puppies, cats and kittens (plus several pocket pets that didn’t count toward the Challenge) found their forever homes in just three months - that’s an incredible number! It’s absolutely true that together we can save more lives! Thank you so much to everyone who supported us through this three-month Challenge. To all those who voted, adopted, volunteered and helped spread the word - we could not have done it without YOU! Please keep spreading the word about adoption.

Second MEGA ADOPTION EVENT A MEGA SUCCESS As part of the Challenge, we hosted our second MEGA Adoption event on October 6 and 7 outside Westfield Franklin Park Mall. The goal was to do 200 adoptions in two days. Between all six participating organizations, including TAHS, the Lucas County Dog Warden, the Lucas County Pit Crew, the Ohio Small Dog Rescue, Planned Pethood and Paws And Whiskers Shelter, we came so close to our goal with an amazing 194 adoptions in two days! We were once again amazed at how many people came out in support of the event and helped so many deserving animals find loving, wonderful homes.

Better in Pairs! We love when animals get adopted in pairs! These two pups, Wesley (left) and Layome (right) found their absolute perfect home during our second MEGA Adoption event in October. Their new mom and dad came to the event looking to adopt one dog, but could not resist or choose between these special souls - so they adopted them both! Wesley and Layome are both older dogs, each with severe skin conditions that require continued medial care. Their new mom and dad saw past their physical ailments and it was love at first sight.

We held our first MEGA Adoption event August outside the PetSmart Store in Rossford. We were thrilled to help 184 dogs, cats, kittens and puppies find their forever homes. That’s a total of 380 adoptions in just four days! (It’s important to note that none of the participating groups lowered or changed their adoption policies during the MEGA events.) Wesley and Layome found the perfect forever home

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Georgie Gets a Hair Cut Late this past summer, Cruelty Office Nancy Schilb received a call about a dog left outside, tethered by a thick chain with no access to food or water. When Officer Schilb arrived, she found a severely matted dog tied next to a dog house without adequate clean water. It turns out the 8-year-old female dog had been abandoned at the home and neighbors had begun feeding her when they noticed she was not being cared for properly. When “Georgie” arrived at TAHS, our Animal Care staff had to shave her completely so that a thorough vet exam could be performed. Aside from being a bit thin and having an indentation on her neck from the metal chain, Georgie also had heartworm disease which required extensive medical treatment. As we got to know Georgie, she quickly melted hearts and became a favorite of the staff and volunteers. She was very shy at first and it took her a little time to learn to warm up to people. But once she started to learn what it was like to get affection, she couldn’t get enough! During her stay with us at TAHS, Georgie reminded all of us what forgiving and loving souls dogs are. She was adopted very quickly and is now in a wonderful, loving home where she is spoiled rotten.

Did you know ? The Toledo Area Humane Society has two full-time cruelty agents who enforce animal cruelty laws in Lucas County. Between them, Officer Gene Boros and Officer Nancy Schilb receive and investigate over 2,000 complaints each year. If you witness someone hurting an animal, or if you see an animal that looks sick, injured or like it does not have adequate food, water or shelter please contact us. All calls and emails are kept confidential. Here are two easy ways you can help: 1) Report animal cruelty to our hotline at 419-891-9777 or via email to 2) Donate to help keep our Cruelty Agents on the road. You can designate your donation by indicating “Restricted for Cruelty Division”. Georgie’s Cruelty case is currently pending in court. Her former owner is charged with animal cruelty and animal abandonment; both are second degree misdemeanors. Top: Animal Care staff Aja and Kadee shaving Georgie’s matted fur after she arrived at TAHS. Bottom: Before she arrived, George was left tethered to a tree and had become severely matted.

Such a sweet and happy girl

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2013 Spring Education Programs

The TAHS Education Department offers a variety of single and multi-day programs designed to appeal to a variety of age groups and interests. Check out our programs available this spring and get ahead of cabin fever! February

How to Love A Shelter Pet

Saturday, February 2 • 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Ages: 7 - 10 years old • $25.00 per child Explore our shelter during a scavenger hunt, play animal-themed games and make treats for the animals. March

St. Paw-trick’s Day

Saturday, March 2 • 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Ages: 7 - 11 years old • $25.00 per child Discover which pets originated from Ireland. Make treats for our furry friends, play an animal-themed game and visit with a few of our four-legged friends.

Did you know ? Our Education Department also offers programs for home-schooled students. Our five-week programs meet Ohio Academic Content Standards and are designed for kids ages 9-12 years old. Each program is only $25 per student for all five weeks. Currently available programs include: Geography: Students will explore various continents and discover where different breeds of dogs, cats and pocket pets originated. Science: Students will learn how wolves of long ago have evolved into the dogs we know today. For more information about all of our Education Programs visit our website.

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Earth Day Paw-ty

Saturday, April 6 • 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Ages: 7 - 11 years old • $25.00 per child See how TAHS rescues, rehabs, and re-homes animals that come to our shelter - the ultimate in recycling! Play a habitat game and go on a nature scavenger hunt.

Toys for Tails

Saturday, April 20 • 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Ages 7 - 11 years old • $25.00 per child We want all of our animal friends to be happy while they’re here. Help us bring some joy to the animals by making some crafty critter creations and meet some of our furry friends.


Chihuahua de Mayo Day

Saturday, May 4 • 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Ages: 8 - 12 years old • $25.00 per child Join us for a fun-filled day learning about pets that originated from North America and try your luck with the piñata.

Pet Sitting Class

Saturday, May 18 • 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Ages: 11 - 15 yeas old • $25.00 per child Learn what you need to know to provide pet-sitting services to friends and family. Topics include first-aid for pets, safety, and business tips from a pro. All students earn a certificate of completion.

Proudly Sponsored by:

Pocket Pets need love too What exactly is a “pocket pet” you may ask? Pocket pets are small animals, like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice and chinchillas, that are kept as pets. Pocket pets make great companions for many reasons. They make great companions for people who live in small homes or apartments and may not be able to have a dog or cat. Similarly to dogs and cats, many rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and other pocket pets enjoy being petted and interacting with their owners. Give them proper time, attention and affection, and they will return the love and affection in their own special ways. Additionally, many pocket pets can be trained to use a litter box, which makes cleaning their habitat much easier. Plus, kids can have a lot of fun creating safe, explorable habitats for their pet. If you’re interested in adopting a pet but not sure you’re ready or just don’t have space for a dog or cat, stop in to TAHS and meet our pocket pets today!

TAHS STAFF attend leadership training thanks to ASPCA Grant Recently, three TAHS Animal Care supervisors - Jodi Harding, Kadee Foote and Megan Bates - received grant funding from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to attend a locally offered Effective Leadership Development program. This nationally renowned, ten-week course focused on individual goals, skills and management techniques to help for each supervisor be effective leaders and, in-turn, benefit the mission of TAHS through their leadership.

Help TAHS Just By grocery shopping! Do you shop at Kroger? Even if you’re just stopping in for a gallon of milk occasionally, you can help TAHS just by swiping your Kroger card! It’s fast and easy to participate. And best of all, there’s no cost to participate! Once you’re registered, every time you swipe your Kroger Plus card to receive savings at the store, TAHS automatically starts earning donations. Funds are raised almost every time you swipe your card! Registering your card is easy! Visit our website, under “Donate Now” for instructions to register your card today!

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Thank you to those who made donations to the Toledo Area Humane Society Barking ovations Everyday we are so thankful and appreciative to the individuals and groups who care for animals as much as we do and make the decision to donate their time, efforts and/or money to help in whatever way they can. “Barking Ovations” are our little way of saying thank you! Barking Ovations to the Summit Academy in Akron, Ohio for sponsoring a booth during the Toledo Area Parent’s

Back to School Fair at Westfield Franklin Park Mall. Thanks to your generous donation, the TAHS Education Department was able to have a booth during the fair to talk to visitors about our programs for kids and the mission of TAHS. Barking Ovations to Pamela and Laini of Toledo (left). They held a lemonade stand in their neighborhood because they wanted to raise money to help the animals here at TAHS. The girls raised over $50 , which will help us care for our furry friends. They sent us this great photo of their lemonade stand and said they can’t wait to do it again. From all of the animals here, thank you girls! Barking Ovations to Kamryn, Ciara (below) and all the girls from the American Heritage Girls Troop OH2262 for donating some goodies for the animals! Along with several hand-decorated kitty condos (which all of the kitties enjoyed, as you can see in the photo below), the girls dropped off doggie bandanas, catnip toys, cat blankets, leashes and several timothy hay tubes for the pocket pets. All the gifts were a big hit! Thank you girls! And Barking Ovations to Lynn Martinez, a long-time TAHS volunteer, whose recent donation made it possible for us to purchase additional dog beds so each of our kennels now has a comfy place for the pups to sleep. From all of the dogs who will benefit from this generous donation, thank you Lynn!

Pringles enjoying her new bed

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We often get requests from kids and groups looking for things that they can do to make a difference for the animals at TAHS. If your kids or service group are interest in ways they can help, please visit our website under “Volunteering” and click on “Service Learning Projects” in the left-hand column.

Thank you those who made donations to the Toledo Area Humane Society In Honor of family or friends, both pets and people July 14, 2012 through November 24, 2012 Honors and Tributes Brandon Adams Charles and Melissa Gottschalk

Mike and Haley Passalacqua’s 2nd Anniversary Ruthann Passalacqua

Ashley, Heidi, Buffy, Benji and Babe John C. Boes

John and Mariester Pavlica’s 51st Anniversary John and Jeanne Peschel

Parker Bachmann’s 14th Birthday Joyce Portnoy

35th Anniversary of Elvis Presley’s Death Forever Elvis Fan Club of Toledo

Lisa Barone’s Birthday Mary Saddemi Elizabeth Rumpf Mary Lou Falzone

Paul Rade Joan Mulheisen

Barry’s Birthday Joanne Rubin

Jennifer Siegel’s Birthday Mom and Dad Siegel

Suzan and Angel Russell Rosanne Gac and Char Brock

Charley Bauer’s 9 Birthday Mimi and Poppi Levin th

Holly Urbanus and Pam Karleskint’s Birthdays Jacqueline DuVall

Butters and Peanut Isabel Escobar Eleanor Byers Birthday Stephen and Adriana McNally

Ryleigh William’s Birthday Allison Braker Reegan Kehres

Mallory Carter Betsy Carter

Jamie Yark Betsy Carter

Roy and Robin Carter’s 50th Anniversary Robert and Candy Sturtz

Gail Young Lyn Recker

Amalia Colon’s First Birthday Angie Murphy

In loving Memory

Ellie Dan Yaary Mr. Fritz Jennifer Froelich George the Cat Patricia A. Lozny

Howard and Kathy Gurtzweiler’s 37 Wedding Anniversary John and Jeanne Peschel Kathy Heltman Anonymous Cameron Jednak-Kasunic Robert and Teresa Langenderfer Kevin and Kathleen Merrill Judith McCracken Timothy Kasunic and Paul Jednak Anonymous Deb Johnson Nadine Van Scoy John Johnson Barry Nistel Merry Christmas - Paula Miklovic Carolyn Schmitt Aniela Montiel’s Birthday Jim and Terese Iannone Jill Moreau’s Birthday Joan Black Nala and Simba Chris Jan


Donald Bigney Floyd and Carol Simms American Frame Toledo Model Railroad Engineers Darien Billings Michael and Julie Mack Margaret Webber Blake Sharon and Babs Bell Brewtus Keith and Cindy McWatters Eunice Brillhart Nancy Kurth Lodeen Frisinger Janie Cady Richard Brunt Gerry and Barbara Johnstone Buddy John and Brenda Lauffer Jill Burgess Powers MS Distributors Raymond and Connie Bricker Mark Weber Tami Daly Lacy C Kevin and Sandee Ferguson

Abby Marie Terry

Anne Burton Dianne Masztak

Aimee Liz Bahnsen

Andrew Carson Patrick and Christina Carson

Alfie Grace Pollock

Cassie Kathleen Lillibridge

Archie Ellen M Newell

Nick Guerrette’s Birthday Riley Myers

Matt Bennington William and Judith Brixey

Aussie Sherie Sands James Baer Podiatric Associ. - Cynthia, Darlene, Jan, Nikki, Debbie, Melissa, Linda, Kim M. Carolyn Black-McGregor Elementary Bear, Abby and Cody James Piasecki Beauregard Heidi McGaha Baby Boi Nicole Hauser Diann Ball John and Dorothy Ruskinoff Beau Kimberly Wagenhauser Lois Bell Muriel H Borregard

Donating is easy! To make a donation in honor or memory of a friend of loved one, either two-legged or four-legged, you can visit our website at and click on “Donate Now” to fill out a secure online donation form. You can also stop by our office at 1920 Indian Wood Circle Maumee, OH 43537

Jeannie Belongea Lee and Judy Omey

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Thank you to those who made donations to the Toledo Area Humane Society In loving memory of family or friends, both pets and people July 14, 2012 through November 24, 2012 In Loving Memory - continued Richard Causer Holly Shindorf Frank Albright Al Gall Jim and Nancy Shaw Carrol Muston Randy and Tina Kindaid Chris and Debra Ferr Pete Munger & Munger Company, LPA Paul R. Chaney Phyllis Chaney Moncy Coil Mary Moser Marcy Collins Becky Bauerschmidt

William Drake Carol Nowakowski Richard Drouard Daniel and Christine Soviar Timothy Droulliard Glass City Federal Credit Union Anonymous Sharon Burke Tynan Alicia Garcia Duchess Lisa, Kirk and Scott Keaffaber Pet Nanny of NW Ohio Duncan Steve Kezur

Rose Cousino Judith A Anderson

Justin Duncan Gail Shiple

Mary Crandal Philip and Jeannine Wilbarger

Dolores Dybala Bud and Joan Baranek Ol Golden Emblem Club

Cricket Dean and Judy Meinke Kathy Crittenden Gregg and Terri Winseman Tom and Rainey Conley Department of Psychology at Albion College Alma Daly Dave Lintner Ellen Davis William and Sherry Okorowski Billie Detzer Gregory and Beverly Herig Robert and Georgia Sottek Rossford Exempted Village Schools Glora DeVore James and Debra Dollar Dennis and Melodie McCreight Angie McCreight Dale and Cheryl Youngs Dave and Nancy Youngs Randy and J.J. Dively Michael and Michele Falbo Linda Lovell Donna Berman Bernard Darr Patti Crane and Mike Crane J.L. and Dora Summers Carol DeVore James and Nancy Crane George Dick Darlene LaPointe James Matthews Mary Burns Constance J Winslow Joe and Annie Toyer Peter and Carol Romstadt April Robinette James and Holly Matthews Allen and Rita Martin Joan Bockbrader Roxine Heinze Pool Team Rob and Kristin Martin

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Vivian Easterwood Rose O’Leary Eve Joe and Cherie Walker Gloria Farkas Irene Santelli Mary Freicht Donna wright Marie Felstein Pat Ballard Eric Fisher Jes Miller Millie Fleming Andrea Fleming Mitzi Fowler Barbara Fowler Bette Freshour Greg Mitchell Vicki Moree and Brian, Daphne, Alex, Madison, and Caitlyn Canadi Dr. Lisa Moree Meeker Family Leland and Liz Moree Hilda Gilchrist & Darlene Poirier Nick and Jamie Bugno Craig and Mary Pat Riker Jo Vanetta Gary Miller Eric and Patricia Fodor Allen and Pamela Suchy Wanda J Lawrence Cash, Jill, Pam, Brad and Bobbie Pixley Matthew and Bethany Mustaine Irene Garbers Joe and Becky Hernandez

Randall Garber Laurie Austin, Tina Morgan, Melinda Garber, Marion Garber, Richard Garber, Jr. and Gail Garber Dennis Garn Karl and Lois Ruecker Carol Geracioti Beth Glore Geraldine Gibbs Amy Gazard Sydney Gazard Ursula Kathryn Gilsdorf Kim Toth Ginger Earnest Steinhoff Ginny Jill Moreau Gita James and Nancy Ravin and Family Gordy Cheryl Winter Robert Hall Janice Simpson Ricardo, Inc. Happy Jill, Daryl, Adam, Hannah, Mardi and Ruby Moreau Harley Jeremy, Michele, Snickers and Macy Anderson Steve and Pat Miller Fred, Sue and Sophie Crescitelli Tammy Noland, Tricia Cullup, Maggie and Rocky Michael, Sandy and Lucy Lazette Donald Hartman Charlene Stacy William and Georgia Romer Jeff and Laurie Huskisson Jill Seibenick Jennifer Zoll Jeff and Sharon Schwartz Patti Fofrich and Sue Felt Nancy Klewer Paige, Logan and Madalyn Hayes Anonymous Rawski, Adams and Nichols Family

Gerald Hinz Mark and Beth Beach Paul and Janet DeJeu Donald Seymour, Jr. Ernest and Heather Shafer Leroy and Suzanne Crummer Jacqueline Mathis Helen Steinmiller Emilyn Jakes Shelby Crittenden Anonymous Thomas and Carolyn Hoag Bill and Ellen Woodward Elaine Sahadi Josie and Sam Kristine Pauken Constance Kemp Dawn Geerlings Marjorie Koch Sally Shanabarger Nancy Koepke Darla A Koepke Judy Kovach Shirley Smith Dan Kretz Shirley Smith Mary Kunich Jo Ann Kunich Rosella Kunkel John Pardee Donald Pozy Virgina Langenderfer Paul and Sherri Leininger Lois Lapinske James an Shirley Nowak Richard and Diane Mielcarek Judith Lapinske Lexie John and Brenda Lauffer Lily Janet Bauer Gramma Jo Lily Bob and Gayle Retske Lucky Jim Seaman

Toby Hincher Lawrence Shonebarger

Mac Frederick and Margaret Bretzloff

John Hunter John and Jacqueline Toth

Maggie Brad and Lisa Burkhart

Penny Isenberg Moreau Family

Margo Edith Rose

Jessie Betsy Rumpf

Doris Martin Anonymous

Marie Martin JoAnn Arthur Joe Santa Margaret Mateyunas Sharon Spade Mary Mazziotti Cathy Sobczak and Norma Sobczak Michele Mazziotti Matt Mazziotti Mary Ann Zaborski McClain and Spike Deborah Rasmusson Eleanor Scott McGovern James and Nancy Ravin Madeline Levinson Stormy Petrels of Maumee Bay Ann Jozwiak

John Ockuly David Ockuly Richard and Kathleen Hoppe Bay Park Hospital-Promedica Dorothy Okonski James and Randi Brower Joanne Shul Marlene Hare Michael Skolmowski Dale and Patricia Myers Kathleen Shollenberger Kim Hendee Betty Ondrus Dave and Jan Bray Onyx Karen Reiman-Sendi Christopher and Kathy Kasprzak

Maria McMurray MJ Searle

Opal Karen Reiman-Sendi Chrisopher and Kathy Kasprzak

David McPartland Carol A Romstadt

Paris Patty Croninger

Doris Meek Janet E Forster Meiring Family Muriel Romp

Joyce Alice Pope Mr. and Mrs. Roger Pope

Melvin Gregg and Kelly Rogers Miles Brian Koevenig Minnie Ruth Franzen Mitch and Mandy Norman and Joanna Koenigseker Paul Mitchell Ruth Gotha Kathleen Hunter Wallace and Connie Collins Joe and Sue Franckowiak Harold Montague Wayne and Debi Alexander Murphy Paul and Christine Elinger Nails Charlene Anderson

Poptart Cheri and Joe Walker Linda Rabbitt Cindy Lambrecht and Family David Reinhart Daniel and Angela Reinhart Remmie Lynne Zajac Jim Rill Ann Krischak Bruce Roberts Marcia A Tanber Betty and Gary Rohlman Debbie Thompson-Blackburn Marsh McLeod Rorick J.B. and Suzanne Rorick Rusty Dan Yaary

Michael Russell Rosanne Gac and Char Brock Mister Chip Nathan Sales Department—Tronair Inc. Aidan, Michelle, Noah, Mitzi & Tiger Tim and Donna Nolan Mary Moser Barbara Neal Cindi Brock Nancy Athanas Dawn Szymkowiak John and Karen Cook Robert Nicholson John and Cheryl Malosh Dunbar Mechanical Jerry and Jackie Richter Loretta Simpson, Laurie Hullinger, Nicky Kathy Zydell and Michelle Gibson Phyllis Chaney Suzan, Joey, Ben and Angel Nino Bob and Margie Munson Robert Villarreal Jeff and Margie Baum James and Rita Hatker William Norman Susan Vonier and Hank Retzel Michigan Gem and Mineral Society Bobbie Jankowski Mitchell and Jeanne Bowman Raymond Dorcas Military Support Group of Toledo Joseph Nyitrai Clark and Debbie Blackford Carol Deal VFW Post 2898 Roxy Ashley Weaver

Salem James and Kay Distler

Our Pappa Shrivastava Snehal Shrivastava

Sammy and Jelly Debbie Thompson-Blackburn

Donna Sirko Ed and Linda Costell

Marty Sanders Sandie, Danny and Greg

Spicey P. Janice Polus and Cheryl Addis

Phyllis Schetter Stella Prichard Rick and Betty Whiteman Family and Friends of Phyllis Schetter

Stonie Steven and Lisa Weber

Mary Joan Schodowski Sue Ann Grames Leola Schultz Angie Forton Dolores Czerniak Matthew Scowden David and Sandra Weber Tim and Colleen Loviska Nancy Huntzinger Whitmer High School Staff Bill and Sheri Eickholt Edward and Cynthia Church John Mohn Wilbur C Moore Philip and Alicia Kallile Michael and Nancy Collins Bob and Shanda Morrow Jon and Beth Madden Bill and Kay Dieshane Matthew and Carol Scheiber Ernsthausen Family Maralee Demorest Gary and Barbara Zielinski Archie and Chey Call Bud, Jan and Anne Lauer Gary and Sharon Blankenship Sharon and Alex Ello Jim and Susie Chandler Susan Schneider Lillian Soprenson Geraldine Secor Robert and Mary Glimer Gordon Sedgwick Bob and Patti Lohner Don Seelman Janet Hall Ernie Gerlach Jay and Yolanda Waddell

Martha Tansey Marianne Brossia Colleen Tetlow-Johnson Margaret Eldred Rick and Pam Swart Vicki Therkelsen Doug and Karen Coon Toledo Orthopedic Surgeons Mr. and Mrs. Lada Ruth Thompson Neil Adams Allan Timmerman William Harper Michael Twining Lori Twining LaVern Viers Frank and Carol Riffle and Sherri Milano Connie Glowacki James and Betty Leonard Dale Viers Irene Walasinski Beth Harrison Colleen Lydy Bill and Nancy Strouse Ann Jackowski Elvin and Denise Iffland Cary and Janeen Iffland Veronica and Mary Ellen Luffy James and Diane O’Neill Judith Mechler Martin and Adele Walkowski Phillip and Lois Wesley Mary Ann Krygielski Larry Smith Animal Emergency & Critical Care Center of Toledo Suzanne Weaner Carol J Payette

Kyle Seyfried Jody Seyfried

Whiney Carl Obst

Shades Christine Feller

Betty Williams Chuck Ostermyer

Mary Eva Shaffner Brandie Burner

Winnie Barry and Ann Ramlow

Richard “Dick” Shank Gloria, Cookie and Dreamy Shank

Deloris Woodbury Chris and Susan Thompson

Sheba Jill Moreau Mary Moser

Nelson Young Frances Forbes Carolyn Belair

Stanley Shirkey Mary L Bellg Dortha Stewart Naomi Twining Michael and Judith Murphy Laurie Mosher Doug and Lisa Keller John and Janet Nyman

Eleanor Zolciak Lucille Waldmannstetter

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Fetch your sneakers and grab a furry friend for a 1.5-mile journey around Arrowhead Park! Walk as an individual, or sign up with a team, and collect pledges that directly benefit that animals here at TAHS. Then, join us on Sunday, May 19 for a day that’s sure to be a blast for the entire family! You can participate in the walk, plus enjoy activities, music, food, raffles, animal contests and more! Register online or use our printable registration form (available at the shelter or on our website). All pledges are due by the day of the walk or you can stop by the shelter during one of our pre-registration days. For questions, or more information, visit our website at or call 419-891-0591. Day-of Registration and Activities Begin at 10:00 a.m. • Walk Begins at 12:00 p.m.

Bark in the Park is a rain or shine event


Saturday, June 8 at Secor metropark Featuring the Humane

Hustle 5K run/Walk

It’s a day for the dogs as the Toledo Area Metroparks, TAHS and several other local animal rescues and animalrelated vendors come together for the 10th Anniversary of the Metrobarks Festival on Saturday, June 8! It’s a tailwaggin’ good time for the entire family! Stay tuned for more details as the event gets closer! Metrobarks will feature the 3rd Annual Humane Hustle 5K Run/Walk. Two-legged and four-legged runners and walkers will enjoy a scenic course around Secor Metropark. Pre-register on or before May 25, 2013 for $17.00, or after May 25 for $20.00. All proceeds benefit the Toledo Area Humane Society. For more information or to register, visit

Presented by: Dave’s Running Shop

Timing by Toledo Road Runners

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact or 419-891-0591 • Page 10

Toledo Area Humane Society January 2013 Newsletter  

The Toledo Area Humane Society's January 2013 Newsletter

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