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J U N E 2 0 1 1 AC T I V I T Y U P D AT E

n June, the Board of Directors held Enterprise Saint John’s 2010 Annual General Meeting. The AGM is an important time for us to reflect on the past, look at where we are today, and focus on where we want to go. Now half way through the first year of our region’s 2011-2013 economic development strategic framework, Tony Gogan, Board Chair commented on the importance of a strong Saint John for the province. "This is where the economy is driven," he said, "New Brunswick really needs an ambitious Saint John. An ambitious Saint John will help grow the economy." The opportunities for economic success are greater in New Brunswick’s urban centres, and this is a message we are actively delivering to our provincial and federal partners and leaders.

Investment attraction Investment attraction is central to what we do at Enterprise Saint John. In June, we hosted 6 domestic and international investment clients. We work with our partners in both the public and private sector to seek out and develop projects that add value to our community. We don’t do cold calls. We work strategically to generate and follow up on hot leads that flow directly from our local businesses and entrepreneurs. That is a home team advantage and it enables us and our community to put forward a value proposition many investors cannot deny.

Col. Nase Boulevard opportunities Enterprise Saint John worked with the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield to host a public meeting on June 8 to explore opportunities for Col. Nase Boulevard. This new collector road will link the potential commercial activity around the Route 7 Interchange to the Town’s central commercial zone. Over 50 interested community members, property owners, land developers and entrepreneurs attended. Presentations were made by Ken Hannah of Dillon Consulting and Enterprise Saint John representatives, Steve Carson and Jay Reid. Enterprise Saint John also met separately with land owners to help them prepare for potential development opportunities. Enterprise Saint John’s next step is to assist the Town in developing a marketing strategy in time for the grand opening later this fall.

“When it comes to economic development, the wants and desires of the community play an important role. Certainly, there has to be a business case for land owners, developers and other entrepreneurs to invest in a project, but community support is always a driving factor,” Steve Carson, CEO Enterprise Saint John

Monthly Unemployment Rate

In employment, Saint John leads the way!

11.0 10.0 9.0 8.0 7.0 6.0 5.0 Jun10

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Peer Group Avg


Since the fall of 2010 the Saint John region has outperformed the province, Moncton and a peer group average in the important economic indicator of the monthly unemployment rate. The peer group is made up of nine other CMA’s across the country who share similar economic profiles. Why the strong performance? Saint John has more successfully matched employers and employees; the region enjoys a diversified economy; there is less reliance on public spending; and energy and paper products, key drivers of the local economy, are experiencing improved global market sales.

Grand Bay-Westfield



June’s inspired entrepreneur: Tracy Craig It was in the fall of 2008 when staff at Enterprise Saint John first met Tracy Craig, a dynamic entrepreneur from Saint John. She had an idea, a business idea inspired by kids, her kids. “Today’s society is so busy being busy”, Tracy mused, “We structure our lives with school, work, soccer practice and so on and we forget to let our kids spend time just being kids!”. This has lead to a growing epidemic of child obesity, depression and learning disorders. So in July 2009, with assistance from Enterprise Saint John, she opened Just Play at Place 400 on Main St. - an indoor playground & Cafe, where kids CAN be kids! Just Play expanded in July 2010 to add an extended hours daycare and now employs 15 full and part time staff and continues to meet and exceed business plan projections. Congratulations, Tracy on Just Play’s 2nd anniversary!

“I am so thankful to the team at Enterprise Saint John. They helped with SEED funding, keeping me in the know about ongoing training and support and gave me great networking opportunities. Pictured with me are my kids because they ARE what inspired me to start Just Play!” Tracy Craig, inspired entrepreneur and “top kid” at Just Play

Energy and advanced manufacturing investment attraction Right now, building upon the significant growth initiated by Canaport LNG, we are working with Business New Brunswick, the Department of Energy and Stantec to finalize a short list of energy-related companies that would be interested in Saint John’s strong value proposition. Only then do we get out there and pound the pavement, and sell all the wonderful things that our region has to offer.

St. Martins

Saint John

J U N E 2 0 1 1 AC T I V I T Y U P D AT E

Inspiring people, ideas & investment

Inspiring entrepreneurship June was a busy month for Enterprise Saint John’s entrepreneur development efforts! tTUVEFOUTGSPN)BSCPVSWJFX)JHIBOE4JNPOET)JHI tZPVOHFOUSFQSFOFVSTBUUFOEFEBXPSLTIPQi5JQTPO ran 41 businesses for a day at the Annual Simonds High Good Customer Service for Small Business Owners� 4QSJOH.BSLFU5IFBWFSBHFQSPÜUQFSCVTJOFTTXBT t4UBòNFUXJUIGBDVMUZBOETUVEFOUTPGUIF"EWBODFE tIJHITDIPPMTUVEFOUTBUUFOEFEQSFTFOUBUJPOTIJHIMJHIUJOH Studies Diploma at the New Brunswick College of Craft business opportunities in Saint John and Design to discuss entrepreneurship in the arts and t4UBòBTTJTUFEXJUITUBSUVQTJOQSJPSJUZOFJHICPVSIPPET assess student business plans Clarence Lewis has opened a moving and trucking business tFOUSFQSFOFVSTBUUFOEFEBXPSLTIPQi#VTJOFTT in Crescent Valley and Syndey Craig is now offering piano Development for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs� lessons in the lower west side t,FSJ-ZOO.JUDIFMMXBTBQQSPWFEGPS UISPVHIUIF tOFX BDUJWFBOEQPUFOUJBMFOUSFQSFOFVSTSFDFJWFE Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) for her one-on-one counselling beyond the initial meeting stage business, Butterfly and Bumblebees Day Care

In partnership with the NB Population Growth Secretariat and Service Canada, Enterprise Saint John hosted an information session for local IT firms on how to hire skilled workers from abroad. Fresh from his recent trip to Ireland, Chris Boudreau from ClinicServer, spoke of his personal experiences in overseas recruitment and Tony Whittaker, with the Immigration Branch, spoke of hiring immigrants. Seven local employers attended and due to favorable response, a second workshop is already in the works.

Port Days 2011: Port & Community ~ A shared asset During Port Days 2011, Enterprise Saint John’s CEO, Steve Carson, moderated a business session attended by approximately 150 industry and community leaders. The theme revolved around the importance of aligning the visions of the Port with the community in order to be successful. Lack of cohesion will hinder our community’s attempts to lure new investment and FDPOPNJD BDUJWJUZ 1BOFMJTUT JODMVEFE +JN 2VJOO  4BJOU +PIO 1PSU "VUIPSJUZ 1BU8PPET  $JUZ PG 4BJOU +PIO "OESFX 0MBOE  Moosehead Breweries; Dorothy Shephard, MLA; and Ray Johnson, Chamber of Maritime Commerce.

In June, Common Council voted to ensure the long-term funding of Enterprise Saint John by accepting the recommendations of an economic development task force. Formed earlier in the year, the task force was put in place to examine the City’s return on investment in economic development. The process involved hundreds of volunteer and staff hours, research, and input from economic development and governance subject matter experts. The task force reported back to Common Council that the Agency set the “gold standard� for economic development and that the City received more than $6.50 return for every $1.00 invested in 2010. Recommendation highlights included: the placement of a liaison within City Hall; the development of a service agreement; and tighter governance and reporting for City of Saint John Board appointees.

business dream into a reality in this fun and informative session; dates & times to be announced.

MARKETING ~ Attention all AUGUST E-MAIL young entrepreneurs! Discover the art of online marketing from some of the best in the biz; dates & times to be announced.

SPARK ~ See Donald Trump, Rudy & Danny Williams live on stage; 10:30-1PM Giuliani tickets now on sale at the Harbour Station box office.


Contact information Enterprise Saint John 40 King Street Saint John, NB E2L 1G3

Life on Your Terms gets a fresh new look!

Economic Development Task Force



Hiring IT workers from overseas

For many employers, finding and retaining skilled workers is one of their biggest challenges. Managed through Enterprise Saint John, the Life on Your Terms JOJUJBUJWFIFMQTMPDBMFNQMPZFSTiTFMMwBMMUIBUPVSSFHJPOIBTUPPòFS"HFODZTUBòBSF responsible for maintaining the web portal – which features a cost of living calculator, responding to information requests from prospective new residents and local HR managers, and promoting Saint John on career sites and through recruitment missions. In Saint John, you can live life on your terms!

Upcoming events

Hosting immigrants from around the globe In June, Enterprise Saint John hosted 10 potential business immigrants from Korea, Iran and Vietnam. That brings the total to nearly 100 people this year alone. For those who have chosen to call Saint John home, the Business Immigrant Mentorship Program is currently running a summer session and another group will be starting in September. Interested mentors or mentees can email us for more information at

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Enterprise Saint John June 2011 Business Bulletin  

Enterprise Saint John June 2011 Business Bulletin

Enterprise Saint John June 2011 Business Bulletin  

Enterprise Saint John June 2011 Business Bulletin