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Double Twist Braid • Part hair down the middle.

• Part off two squared sections on both sides on the top of the head. • Create a braid on the left side and secure with elastic. • Repeat the braid on the opposite side and secure with elastic. • Take the two braids and join them together in the back of the head with an elastic. • Take off the previous two elastics leaving a small ponytail. • Now take two small sections of hair from underneath each ear and braid them all the way down. • Next start a Dutch braid incorporating the two small braids and tuck the braid you created inside the Dutch braid. • Secure Dutch braid with a hair tie. • Accessorize the braid with flowers. Difficulty: Medium

Prettiest Twisted Bun

• Create a deep side parting (taking it back three inches from hairline). • Create another section from that part line to the back of the head. • Temporarily secure front section with a hair tie or clip. • Brush the rest of the hair from right to left bringing it together to create a left side ponytail, and secure with a hair tie. • Add a ribbon on hair tie. • Bring ribbon around the tail until you run out of hair twisting the tail at the same time. • Twist the tail around the ponytail securing it with bobby pins, creating a bun. • Take the front section and start twisting it backwards until you run out of hair. • Take the end of the hair and twist it around bun. • Secure bun with hairpins and bobby pins. Difficulty: Easy

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Enchanted Hairstyles  

Enchanted Hairstyles  

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