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Clelia & Maria Colantonio

How would you feel to grow up being locked down? In order to redesign the logo for the charity called Kent Refugee Help we have done an extensive research about the detainees’ conditions and the work done by the various charities in UK to help those in need. Detainees as much as any other people living in this world do provide value to society by using knowledge acquired across cultural context. Immigrants that for any reasons are held in prison have to be respected as citizens of the country they come from, as well as recognised as citizens of the country they havechoosen as their new home. Prisoners and detainees in many local facilities confront conditions that are abusive, degrading and dangerous. Failures in ensure safe and humane conditions by the government violate the human rights of all those people deprived of their liberty.

The detainees as World citizen The effort of the volunteers who work to help the detainees turns what is considered just ‘a number’ on some government law into a person again, enabling him to have access to those rights that every human beings should have. The detainee needs the same respect and treatments as any other citizen benefits. This is what we thought when we considered the man with the ‘world’ as a head as the strongest logo. We think it represents the condition of humanity and respect that the detainees should benefit of as well as a sense of violations of human rights the audience should be aware of. As designers, we need to raise awareness rather than mere compassion.

Existing Logo We analysed the Kent Refugee Help logo which has to be replaced for a variety of reasons. Those following are the problems we detected in order for us to better understand what will work and what will not in developing the new logo. An image cannot be really considered as a logo The image representing a man who covers his face with his hands cannot be considered really as a logo, but rather just as an image. There is a variety of complications in having an ‘image’ rather than a ‘logo’ as an identity mark. Its pictorial aspect does not allow it to be used in different destinations, like letters and website, and it remains quite isolated and ‘floating’ in the interactive context (website). An Image as a symbol of despair shocks the audience without expressing the charity identity What that logo communicates is only a deep sense of despair, which on one hand doesn’t make any justice to the work done by the charity, and on the other hand shocks the audience without having a strong identity. Therefore is quite unrecognisibale and hard as a logo to be associated with the charity by the audience. Te Type and the image seem not quite integrated. They don’t really work together, but they are rather far apart on the website. The very first logo that has been submitted has been rendered as a watercolor image, and shows a close up of the human figure. We realized that having the entire figure could be a good first step of development, and it could be easier positioned on leaflets and cards.

The act of merging together the name of the charity (type) and an image (logo) looks like a good way to avoid the problems we previously mentioned.

The typeface proposed for the Logo and the contact details has a personal touch: is in lowercase and handwritten.

New Logo Proposal Having a man with a ‘world’ as his head symbolised his imprisonment in the society’s rules as well as his role as citizen of the world. The World Citizen has a variety of meanings, often referring to a person whois against the traditional geopolitical divisions (and definitions) derived from national citizenship. Thomas Paine would declare:

“The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren and to do good is my religion.”

But in the case of the detainees we feel like adding: “My country is my world.” The charity helps detainees over the difficult period of their detention in many ways. The detainees are held in prison waiting to be deported in their country of origin. But because most of them moved in UK a long time ago they feel that that country is not their home anymore. Therefore, we considered the man with a ‘world’ as a head as as a good way to express this concept and we decided to develop it.

The logo is simple and sketchy: a quite catchy image, but still easy to be positioned on different destinations, like letters and business cards.

Logo Proposals

The New Logo has to work in different contexts We located 3 mains contexts where the logo should be fitting perfectly • Letters /business cards: small contact cards, no text, just contact details • Brochures, leaflets: Broader text, info • Website

Logo on letters

Logo on the webpage

Brochure Template

Kent Refugee Help New Logo  
Kent Refugee Help New Logo  

A new Logo proposal for an amazing charity working with detainees in UK called Kent Refugee Help.