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Introduction Cardiff Sixth Form College is very proud of its contingent of students from Malaysia who have all excelled under the college’s care and guidance. What follows are the testimonials of some of our Malaysian shining stars!

Lai Zong Bao Former student of Lodge National School, Kuching A Level Grades: A*A*A*A Subjects Taken: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics To: The University of Nottingham Studying: Medicine

The level of commitment the teachers show to help us through the course is unlike any other I have experienced before. All it needs is for one student who can’t catch up in class, and the teachers will stay back after class for hours just to ensure the student understands. Extra classes and tutorials during the weekend have also been extremely useful, allowing me to revise the entire week’s work and clarify any queries with my tutor. Tests are aplenty in CSFC. Whilst I was initially overwhelmed by the large quantities of homework and tests given out, I soon adapted to it. The school’s principle of “Practice makes perfect” has rung true for me. By the time the exams came, there were no exam jitters as I just knew I would be able to perform after all the hard work, time and effort put in; not just by me, but by all the members of staff. The level of pastoral care provided by CSFC is outstanding. Being away from home and having to live in a foreign country without any family present, was a totally new experience. The accommodation provided was newly renovated and in perfect condition when I moved in. Any problems which I have encountered with the accommodation have been addressed and rectified swiftly by the Accommodation Officer. Progress meetings with the Vice Principal have allowed me to voice any concerns I have.

Lai Zong Bao and Ashley Chiam in Bahrain on the college’s Goodwill Ambassador Programme CSFC places a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that every single student makes a competitive application to university. I have greatly benefitted from the large amount of individual support provided. Through the college I have had the chance to carry out work experience in a wide variety of medical settings; from GP surgeries to hospitals. I have also been part of several visits to distinguished universities, which have been invaluable in helping me make my university choices. Interview workshops and mock exams organised by the college have also greatly boosted my self-confidence and have excellently prepared me for my university interviews. My experience at CSFC has been thoroughly enjoyable. The quality of academic and pastoral care the school provides has shown no sign of decreasing, despite me having settled down fully in the UK. I would sincerely recommend CSFC to any prospective students, especially for the accelerated course I went through. I have had no regrets about choosing CSFC and do not think I ever will.

The level of pastoral care provided by CSFC is outstanding. Being away from home and having to live in a foreign country without any family present, was a totally new experience. Lai Zong Bao

Magdalene Ting Former student of Lodge National School, Kuching A Level Grades: A*A*A*A* Subjects Taken: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics To: The University of Cambridge Studying: Medicine

My experience at Cardiff Sixth Form College is one which I believe could not be matched by any other college. A major feature of this college that still continues to appeal to me is the small student body which, complemented with the high-levels of dedication from all teachers and staff, makes for a highly focused approach which allows for a consistent achievement of academic excellence. The strong support from all the staff, and the emphasis on hard work, have been crucial in achieving success and the teachers are always willing to arrange extra one-to-one sessions outside of the regular classes should we seek more help. Each student receives individual attention whilst at the same time benefitting from the camaraderie of being an extremely close-knit community. In terms of personal statement and interview help, the college have arranged for ex-students from the college to come in on a regular basis to mentor us in both. This is supported with the holding of several interview workshops throughout the year. As the deadline for UCAS nears, the college staff put in significant amounts of effort in helping us with our Personal Statements. For those of us interested in the healthcare profession, the Healthcare and Academic Diploma sessions, which are held every weekend, are invaluable as

they challenge our current ways of thinking and expand our knowledge beyond the confines of the syllabus. There has been, since day-one, an unwavering commitment from the college to ensure our university applications are of the highest standard. They do this by helping us arrange our own work experience placements or suggesting locations for us to try for voluntary work; be it in charity shops, nursing homes, local hospices or even schools. The college always strives to give us a good mixture of work experience opportunities both in the UK and abroad. I have been lucky enough to be part of the Goodwill Ambassador Programme (GAP) in Bahrain. This one-of-a-kind experience has given me first-hand insight into the workings of a hospital within a completely alien social and cultural environment. The college also runs several extra-curricular and extra-academic activities including taking part in national debating competitions, the Model United Nations and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. The college is excellent in helping students define their desired career path. Some students arrive at the college unsure of what career they’d like to pursue – myself included. I was initially torn between studying Medicine or Physics, and in order to help me decide the college arranged for me to spend a week on placement at the

Cavendish Laboratory in the University of Cambridge. This experience was both unique and fulfilling as I was given the amazing opportunity to work alongside researchers from the Thin Film Magnetism Group, and was allowed to take part in laboratory experiments such as MOKE and SQUID, which are used to measure the magnetism of cobalt nanoparticles. The time spent there allowed me to gain a solid insight into what a career in academia would entail, and gave me the tools to finally make my decision as to my career path.

All students are expected to have a high standard of behaviour. The strict enforcement of college rules only occurs in line with the need to care for our safety and well-being. I believe my time here at CSFC is something exceptional, and for this, I would sincerely thank all the staff for their good will. Magdalene received the top A Level Biology and Chemistry results in the country, with 599 out of 600 points and 597 out of 600 points respectively.

Regular progress meetings with the Vice Principal give us the opportunity to raise concerns. Students are also able to approach staff to discuss matters, even if they are unrelated to our academics and especially if they involve our university applications such as choice of universities, etc. These personal bonds that one makes with the staff prove to be an exceptional advantage, as office hours no longer act as the limits to our interactions. Catering at the college is excellent as the college employs two professional chefs to cook us healthy and delicious meals three times a day. We have the choice between Western or Oriental style food, which means that we are never bored with the options, and any suggestions for food made by the students are always taken into account.

Delegates on the college’s Goodwill Ambassador Programme to Bahrain

Students on the college Duke of Edinburgh Programme

Aaron Chieng and Jordan Kho on Oxbridge Preparation Day at the college

Aaron Chieng Former student of Lodge National School, Kuching A Level Grades: A*A*A*A* Subjects Taken: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics To: Cardiff University Studying: Dentistry

During my stay in Cardiff my welfare has always been well taken care of by the staff in the college. From academics to accommodation, every problem that I have faced has been swiftly dealt with. Whenever we have any problems we can be sure that the Vice Principal will be willing to listen at our regular progress meetings and will take any suggestions made by us into serious consideration. The students’ needs are always put first.

This dedication and support given, I believe, can never be found in any other institution. Aaron Chieng

The accommodation the college provides is second to none, but any issues that do arise are dealt with swiftly by the Accommodation Officer, regardless of what time it is, day or night. The college also provide us with any household items that we may require to ensure that we are safe and happy in our accommodation. It’s this dedication and support which I think is unique to this institution. The support given to us regarding our university applications is definitely worthy of a 5 star rating! The regular UCAS and Personal Statement sessions are extremely helpful, and we feel amply supported in these areas. The administrative staff are willing to spend hours outside of office time to go through our personal statements and ensure they are up to the standards required. Their willingness to spend their spare time to ensure our success deserves our praise, appreciation and thanks. The teachers in the college are both dedicated and friendly. They willingly provide extra classes to all the students to ensure that we achieve the best that we can. This genuine desire to enable the students to achieve the best possible results is what made this college the leading Sixth Form College in the UK. My time at Cardiff Sixth Form College has been a happy and successful one. The support and the pastoral care given by staff have been top notch. I am glad to be a student at Cardiff Sixth Form College and I am grateful for all the help and attention that has been given to me.

Zen Foo

Former student of Sri KDU, Kuala Lumpur AS Grades: A*AAA Subjects Studying Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry and Physics Career Aspiration: Economics

It’s easy to recognise the culture that exists within the four walls of our building: personal hard work and self-motivation to achieve where you want to be.

Even though it is the norm here to excel in everything that we do, we definitely would not have been able to muster the determination to push on without the continuous support from our dedicated teachers. I feel that of all schools, this school prepares us for the high expectations that university life, and ultimately the rest of the competitive world, will demand from us. CSFC’s zerotolerance policy may seem harsh to some, but in my opinion, it disciplines us not to take the world for granted, and to take responsibility for our own actions. I feel that I am being provided with invaluable tools that I will need in order to survive the competitive world that awaits me.

I feel that of all schools, this school prepares us for the high expectations that university life, and ultimately the rest of the competitive world, Zen Foo will demand from us.

Ashley Chiam Former student of SMK Batu Lintang, Kuching A Level Grades: A*A*AA Subjects Taken: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics To: Keele University Studying: Medicine

Upon first entering the country, I was homesick for a few weeks. However, I soon overcame it with the pastoral support given by tutors. All new students have progress meetings every two weeks in which was can discuss any concerns we have with the Vice Principal. The college’s Executive Director is available 24/7 for any immediate issues we face. The accommodation is great! The college makes sure we have all the essential items we need to ensure our well-being and that our studies are uninterrupted. There are strict regulations set by the college to ensure the student’s safety that every student must abide by. The curfew is at 10.30 and there is zero tolerance for alcohol and drug consumption. The tutors here work hard in order to enable us to pass with flying colours and successfully enter our first choice university. We are given one to one tutoring whenever we experience difficulty, and mocks to help us familiarise ourselves with the structure of exam questions. The college provide all the help we need for the personal statement segment of our university applications. We are given workshops and feedback in order to produce the best personal statement possible. The college also provides mock interviews to increase our confidence during our interviews, and arranges various interview sessions and workshops with tutors

Ashley Chiam on a college trip to Blenheim Palace and ex- students to provide guidance and tips for interviews. Extra-curricular activities also play a major part of the learning process at CSFC. As part of the United Nation Goodwill Ambassador Programme, we went to the International Hospital of Bahrain. We shadowed doctors from various departments to experience firsthand multi-disciplinary Medicine. Through this experience, we understood the responsibility of a doctor and the qualities doctors must have to provide the best treatment and care to patients. After a long day of studying we are able to unwind at David Lloyds Gym and Spa, which had many excellent and varied facilities, including racquet courts, swimming pools and a huge gym! Throughout my time in Cardiff Sixth Form College, I have had great fun learning and making new friends. In this close-knit community where everyone is caring and friendly, I found my second family.

Jordan Kho Former student of Lodge National School, Kuching A Level Grades: A*A*A*A Subjects Taken: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics and Physics To: London School of Economics Studying: Mathematics and Economics

I can easily say that I made the right decision in coming here over the other colleges I was offered. Not only does it have the best teachers, many of whom are former chief examiners, and experts in their fields, but it has a constructively competitive environment which challenges students and contributes to the outstanding success of this college. Easily, CSFC is the top college in the UK! With an extremely small student body, no person is a stranger in the college, thus a close relationship is formed within the school. It is this special feature that makes CSFC stands out among other colleges; the individual attention provided here is second to none. Every student is given more than enough help throughout the year. Preparations into university and advice from teachers are stressed upon in CSFC. Many events are organised, such as mock interviews from ex-students, work experience and educational trips. All of which would give an upper hand when applying to university. The college is located in the capital of Wales, which means that students enjoy all the benefits that this brings. Cardiff is a great city, being neither too big nor too small. The efficient transport system allows students to

Jordan Kho performing at the 2011 College Cultural Event travel to areas of special interests during the weekend. The various events organised by the school, as well as external events in Cardiff, will keep many students entertained. If you are a student who seeks the best education and future, and can balance between work and play, CSFC is the right place for you.

CSFC stands out among other colleges, the individual attention provided here is second to none... Jordan Kho

Leisure Centre which boasts an excellent gym as well as an indoor swimming pool and numerous courts for badminton, tennis and squash. This gives us a positive and healthy outlet for stress as well as allowing for holistic development through participation in clubs such as badminton, football and tennis.

Marcus Sim Former student of Lodge National School, Kuching A Level Grades: A*A*A*A* Subjects Taken: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics To: The University of Cambridge Studying: Medicine

The idea of a small college community with close pastoral support really appealed to me as an international student. This, combined with the college’s academic success and track record of getting students into universities of their choice, soon cleared my doubts. The atmosphere here is amazing with a diverse international and local community. This, combined with the small student numbers, results in a really tight-knit and supportive community. The teachers are incredibly helpful and are willing to go the extra mile for their students; coming in to give extra lessons and having one-to-one sessions to help those who are struggling. In addition to normal lessons we have tutorials on the weekends where knowledge gained during the week is consolidated and reinforced. Having completed my entire AS syllabus, in addition to a Cambridge Pre-U GPR module, in a span of only 5 months, my exam success is testament to the hard work and great effort put in from the dedicated staff and teachers. Aside from academic study, we are given membership to the nearby David Lloyd Sports and

With regards to university applications and personal statements, the college has always been incredibly supportive. From the weekly Healthcare and Academic Diploma sessions run by ex-students, to the Careers Days and interview workshops, the college prepares us excellently for university. The amount of time and effort put into reading through all our personal statements and university applications is admirable, and proof of the dedication you find here at CSFC. At CSFC there is a constant drive for excellence, as the college strives to help us stand out amongst a large crowd of quality applicants. Insightful work placements and participation of extra-curricular activities like the Duke of Edinburgh or the Nuffield Bursary Scheme are invaluable in this regard. The Nuffield Bursary Scheme gave me the opportunity to work alongside a research scientist in search of anti-inflammatory therapeutics for conditions like arthritis and septicaemia during my summer, whilst work experience in both laboratory and clinical settings helped cement my decision to study Medicine. All of this has helped shape me, preparing me for university life. My experience at CSFC has been an enjoyable one. The close relationships you form with both the teachers and the students offer a sense of community which, I believe, was what helped me settle in so quickly. That combined with the strong emotional support of the staff and tutors is what makes CSFC an especially excellent institution for international students coming away from home for the first time. Cardiff Sixth Form College may be small, but with its academic excellence, diverse extracurricular activities and flawless university track record, it is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Students on a college trip to Churchill College, Cambridge University

Nadiah Nazri Former Student of SMK Convent Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur A Level Grades: ABC Subjects Taken: Mathematics, ICT and Economics To: Heriot-Watt University Studying: Actuarial Science

Studying overseas is very challenging and a big lifetime experience. There are huge differences of culture, weather and time. It would be untrue to say that I did not miss my home, family, friends, food and etc. However, studying at CSFC, one of the top colleges in the UK, helps and makes a lot of difference. The teachers, who are among the best and most experienced in their subjects, have been a great help to me and my peers, and are always there to give me comfort. Whenever I have any problems in my studies or with any other matter, I do not feel awkward or shy to ask for help from

the teachers and staff members because I know I can rely on them. Nothing proves this more than when I became very ill and had to undergo a major surgical procedure. Comfort from my family was thousands of kilometres away and I missed a lot of my classes. However, the support and help given to me by CSFC was second to none. I was soon brought up to speed in my studies and even special food was provided for me so that I could recover faster. I am on track to pursue my ambition of being an actuary and feel blessed and satisfied with my decision to pursue my education here, and never looked back.

Shu Lynn Lim Former student of Sri KL, Kuala Lumpar AS Grades: A*AA Subjects Taken: Mathematics, Economics and Physics Career Aspiration: Economics

Initially what appealed to me most about CSFC was the small size, and supportive nature of the college. As I was only 15 when I started it was very important to me that I felt supported and protected. I found studying at CSFC very different from my classes in Malaysia. As the classes were in small groups (an average of 10 students per classroom) it was easy to concentrate, and therefore easy to get into the flow of the lessons. The college also arranges many extra classes, especially when examinations are nearing. What I admire most is the amount of dedication from the teachers, who give up their own time to come into the college during the term breaks to give us extra help on our subjects and to teach us the right exam techniques. Besides this, we get regular work experience which gives us a taste of our future jobs. This gives us a chance to think about our choice of university course. I am actively involved in many of the activities the college offers such as NASA club, debate club and the Cultural Event. Besides the academic sector of the college, the accommodation and catering we are provided with is great. As it is a small college, everyone knows each other, and the college staffs treat you as if you are close to family. This helps a lot when it comes to homesickness. Although there are so many different opinions, the college never gives up trying to satisfy everyone. Progress meetings in which we are able to have

Shu Lynn and Ashley Chiam on a college trip to Blenheim Palace individual meetings with the Vice Principal to talk about the progress of our studies, and any problems we have, are carried out once every two weeks. We can freely discuss any issue, be it canteen food, difficulty to cope in certain subjects or even stress. Even though it is not common to start studying abroad at such I young age as I did, I personally very much enjoy studying at this college. Despite the amount of hard work I have to put in, it pays off. At the end of the day, it is about getting the results and entering your favoured university – which I am on track to do!

As it is a small college, everyone knows each other, and the college staffs treat you as if you are close to family. Shun Lynn Lim

Lisa Liew Former student of Lodge National School, Kuching A Level Grades: A*A*A*A Subjects Taken: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics To: Cardiff University Studying: Dentistry

Looking back on when I moved to Cardiff in my AS year, I remember how welcoming the staff and students of this college were, and how it made me feel right at home. I have to sincerely thank all the teachers and staff for their endless hard work and support. They have inspired and helped me to broaden my outlook on life and their commitment and

guidance has helped me achieve excellent results after a challenging year. The students’ welfare has always been taken care of and the close teacher/student rapport is what makes this college unique. I really appreciate all the effort the college has put in to ensuring that we are happy. I honestly have to say that this college has given me the best education and opportunities I could’ve wished for. For this and more, thank you Cardiff Sixth Form College!

I honestly have to say that this college has given me the best education and opportunities I could’ve wished for. Lisa Liew Left to right: Ashley Chiam, Mico Chai, Lisa Liew and Shu Lynn Lim at Blenheim Palace

Mico Chai Deputy International Head Girl 2012 Former student of Sri KL, Kuala Lumpur A Level Grades: A*A*A*A Subjects Taken: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Economics To: The University of Cambridge Studying: Mathematics

With excellent tutors, some of whom are ex WJEC board examiners, and the long schooling hours, CSFC instils academic strength in its students. The amount of effort that the tutors put into helping us is inspiring. Staying back late in college and coming in on weekends to seek academic help is common here. I came to this college with a belief that I would have the best chance of getting into my preferred choice of University, due to the college’s skill at sourcing relevant work placements and providing interview workshops. With a ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos, CSFC has helped me to develop both academically and socially, whether it is by participation in the annual Cultural Event or through my involvement in Debate and Badminton clubs. I believe my time here at CSFC has been an incredible experience, and it is both an honour and a pleasure to be able to study at such a respectable institution. These cherished moments are experiences which will stay with me long after I have left CSFC, my second home. Mico received the top A Level Mathematics results in the country, with a maximum 600 out of 600 points achieved. is both an honour and a pleasure to be able to study at such a respectable institution. Mico Chai

Aishah Omar Former Student of SMK Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya A Level Grades: A*A*AAA Subjects Taken: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Economics To: GAP year Studying: Politics, Philosophy and Economics

I decided to enrol at Cardiff Sixth Form College due to their excellent academic record and their varied extracurricular activities. The NASA Club particularly caught my interest as I had not seen any other college offering the same programme. I waited 8 months after SPM before joining the September 2010 session. My purpose of waiting for the September session and not joining the accelerated A-Level programme is because I believed the September session would allow for more personal development and growth. Besides

that, I would have more time to develop my interests by taking part in extra-curricular activities that would broaden my perspectives. 18 months in, I surprised even myself as I look back on all the activities I had been a part of. The NASA Competition over the summer in Houston, Texas was definitely one of the highlights of my year as our team achieved First Place in the competition. As the competition was an international one, we were placed in a team consisting of students from Colorado, USA, India and Romania. The team from our college was also diverse as we had students from Africa, Asia and Europe. With supportive, dedicated teachers, friends of multicultural backgrounds, and an environment that encourages you to push yourself, I believe I made the right choice.

The team from our college was also diverse as we had students from Africa, Asia and Europe. Aishah Omar




Magdalene Ting A*A*A*A* University of Cambridge Marcus Sim A*A*A*A* University of Cambridge Morgan Jones A*A*A*A* University of Oxford Mico Chai A*A*A*A University of Cambridge Victor Manisa A*A*A*A University of Cambridge Riman Ho A*A*A*A*A*A Hong Kong University Joseph Lo A*A*A*A*A*A Hong Kong University Andy Kwong A*A*A*A*A Chinese Hong Kong University Eric Tsui A*A*A*A*A University of Bath Marco Kong A*A*A*A*B University of Warwick Michael Fok A*A*A*A*B Peninsula Medical School Aaron Shao Neng Chieng A*A*A*A* Cardiff University Carly Mak A*A*A*AA Chinese Hong Kong University Kelvin Pang A*A*A*AA Imperial College London Jordan Kho A*A*A*A London School of Economics Ashkan Sedeh A*A*A*AA University of Leeds Lai Zong Bao A*A*A*A University of Nottingham Moustafa Sabry A*A*A*A Kings College London Ryan Tam A*A*A*AB Imperial College London Lisa Liew A*A*A*A Cardiff University Stephanie Poon A*A*AAAA Peninsula Medical School Aishah Omar A*A*AAA GAP year Ranger Hui A*A*AAB University of Bath Ashley Yee Chiam A*A*AA Keele University Chloe Chau A*A*AA Peninsula Medical School Kingsley Liu A*A*AA London School of Economics Marty Yue A*A*AA University of Warwick Mpho Daniel Molosiwa A*A*AA University of Birmingham Karen Wong A*A*AA Queen’s University Belfast Anna Marie Krawiecka A*A*A University of Birmingham Janeece Taj A*A*A Cardiff University Kit Wing Lam A*A*A Cardiff University Tamara Lewis A*A*A University of Southamption Zara Khan A*A*A GAP year Irene Cheng A*AAAA University of Bath Ivan Wong A*AAAA Queen Mary University of London Harry Lee A*AA Cardiff University Wiyona Chan A*AA University of Warwick Zia Chen A*AA a University College London Kareem Lewis A*AB University of Sheffield Rabia Rafiq A*AB Cardiff University Sarah Kong A*AB University of Warwick Sarah Lovell AAAAB Brighton and Sussex Medical School Betty Chan AAAB University of Bath Adil Sheikh AAA Cardiff University Greg Barrett AAA University of Nottingham Salma Mahmood AAB Cardiff University Amna Akhtar ABB Cardiff University Nadiah Mohamed Nazri ABC Heriot-Watt University


Medicine Medicine Mathematics Mathematics Natural Sciences Medicine with Surgery Medicine with Surgery Medicine with Surgery Pharmacy Law Medicine with Surgery Dentistry Medicine with Surgery Physics Mathematics and Economics Medicine Medicine Medicine Mathematics with Statistics for Finance Dentistry Medicine Politics, Philosophy and Economics Economics Medicine Medicine Mathematics with Economics Mathematics Medicine Dentistry Medicine Pharmacy Medicine Medicine Medicine Pharmacy Medical Engineering with Industrial Experience Pharmacy Accounting and Finance Biomedical Sciences Aerospace Engineering Pharmacy Accounting and Finance Medicine Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Actuarial Science

Cardiff Sixth Form College, 1 & 3 Trinity Court, 21 - 27 Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 0AA

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