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CCOC NewsNotes October 2013 Toby & David Brooks still dream By Catherine Boucher, lifetime CCOC'er

Toby and David moved into their CCOC triplex on Flora Street over 33 years ago - on October 1 in fact! Since then they have been active members of their community on many levels.

But their journey to activism goes back much further, all the way to that day 50 years ago when Martin Luther King gave his powerful speech, “I Have a Dream” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. David and Toby were there, young people concerned about the civil rights of their African-American neighbours. CCOC spent a bit of time at their dining room table recently. Here is a portion of the “interview” we had. CCOC: You both continue to fight injustice on many fronts. Can you give us some examples in your recent past? David: Essentially, my main thrust has been environmental justice, both nationally and internationally. Other than signing petitions and occasionally making donations, it’s been environmental justice because I think we can’t just have more efficient water, it has to be delivered justly and equitably. Toby: My thrust since I’ve been in Canada has been work with abused women and their children and rights for the disabled. I must say that continued on page 2...


fight for affordable internet rates, Thanksgiving office closure, get ready for winter, fabric fleamarket, Hallowe'en decorations for lobbies, daycare spaces available at co-op daycare


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Still dreaming... continued from page 1

preserved some of the older housing stock.

both those struggles have taken many cues from the civil rights movement. The disabled looked at the civil rights movement and said “Yes, of course, and us too!”

David: I was perfectly willing to go along with Toby’s views and I have since become hugely enthusiastic about the concept. And I think about the amount of time we have saved not having to worry about owning a house and all that entails. We have just joined a car-sharing program, which living downtown has allowed us to do.

CCOC: Where do you think young people today should put their energies to make the world a better place? David: I’d suggest they think about combining their professional life with their political (small “p”) life. There are a lot of occupations (engineering for example), where you can make a real difference. If that’s not possible, then pick one or two areas and become a volunteer. Volunteering is critical to the justice movement. Don’t just sit back and sign petitions or cheques, but give of your time. Toby: I’ve been thinking that I would combine respect for preserving our physical world with understanding the social needs of the people who live on the world. Animal rights are not my top priority, but when I see that we don’t worry about preserving environment that has supported animals, we are destroying something we need. I go back to Martin Luther King and one of the things he taught me. He said that when a person throws hate at another person, they not only hurt the victim, they poison something inside themselves. I’m connecting that to respect for the world we live in because lack of respect will hurt us and others. CCOC: What brought you to CCOC over 30 years ago? Toby: I had always vaguely known that housing was a big problem for low income people, but when I was working at Interval House, it really became front and centre how important good (and I emphasise good) affordable housing is for low income people. So much such housing becomes a huge sea of everybody who has a problem, and I very much liked the idea of mixed neighbourhoods. Also, I’m a very urban person and I liked the idea that CCOC had

CCOC: Can you talk a bit about volunteering at CCOC ? David: I always felt we should give something back to CCOC. I found my way to the CCOC Rental Committee years ago. Because I travel out of country a lot, Toby and I share one seat so that she can attend when I’m away. But of course, we both attend the pot lucks! Toby: My contribution is more centered on the building here. I try to keep relations and maintenance on a community basis. We have pretty good luck keeping up the yard work, recycling, etc. We get together at least once a year for a social and quite a few of the folks who have lived here over the past 30 years join us, some of them with their adult children! CCOC: Thinking back 50 years, what was your favorite song from the civil rights struggle? David: I have to say the various versions of “Michael Row the Boat Ashore”, not because it’s so thrilling, but it was so easy to sing. It could roar across the jailhouse walls and anyone could make up verses. Toby: Mine is still “We Shall Overcome”, because it encapsulates all the historic longing and suffering and the determination to overcome this suffering for American blacks. CCOC: Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and time with us.

Low Income Families need affordable internet! ACORN Canada, an independent national organization of low and moderate income families, is demanding that Bell, Rogers and Telus offer low income families a high speed internet rate of $10/month and provide them with subsidized computers. Get involved by sharing your opinions about your internet/cell company. Fill out the survey at

The CCOC Office will be closed on Thanksgiving Monday, October 14. Notre bureau sera fermé le lundi 14 octobre pour le jour de l'action de grâce.

Getting ready for winter

Se préparer pour l'hiver

Turning on the heat

Mettons la chaleur

CCOC turns the heat on in late September/ early October. In the larger buildings, it can take a few days for the boiler system to build up enough heat to start distributing it to each of the units.

CCOC met le chauffage en marche à la fin de septembre/ au début d'octobre. Dans les édifices plus larges, il faudra quelques jours pour que le système de chaudière produise suffisamment de chaleur pour commencer à la distribuer à chaque unité.

Locking up the roof decks

For safety reasons, CCOC locks the doors to the roof decks the first week of November. The roof decks will re-open in the spring once all of the snow and ice have melted. Turning off outdoor taps

If you have an outdoor tap - shut off the water to the outside tap from the pipe shut-off inside, then drain the line by turning on the outside tap. Draft-proofing

If you have drafty windows contact the Maintenance department at 613-234-4065, ext. 707 to ask for a free window sealing kit. The easy to install plastic film seals the window and helps to keep you warm and reduce heating costs. Replacing furnace filters

If you have a furnace in your unit, the furnace filter should be changed once each month during the winter. A clogged filter makes the furnace motor work harder - leading to higher heating bills. The filter is usually located where the cool air enters the furnace. For most furnaces the filter slides in and out. If you live at 170 Booth Street or in a building at Beaver Barracks, CCOC staff will change your specialized fan coil filters.

Verrouillage des terrasses sur le toit

Pour des raisons de sécurité, CCOC verrouille les portes de la toiture la première semaine de novembre. Les terrasses sur le toit ouvriront à nouveau au printemps lorsque la neige et la glace ont fondu. Fermer les robinets extérieurs

Si vous avez un robinet extérieur, fermez l'eau à ce robinet du tuyau d'arrêt intérieur, puis vidangez la conduite en ouvrant à nouveau le robinet extérieur. Coupe-vent

Si vous avez des fenêtres qui créent des courants d'air, contactez le département d'entretien au 613-234-4065, poste 707 pour demander une trousse d'isolation des fenêtres gratuite. La pellicule de plastique facile à installer scelle la fenêtre et aide à vous garder au chaud et à réduire les coûts de chauffage. Remplacement des filtres de fournaise

Si vous avez une fournaise dans votre unité, le filtre doit être changé une fois par mois durant l'hiver. Un filtre bloqué fait fonctionner le moteur de la fournaise plus fort menant à des factures de chauffage plus élevées. Le filtre se trouve normalement où l'air frais entre dans la fournaise. Pour la plupart des fournaises, le filtre glisse pour entrer et sortir. Si vous demeurez à 170 rue Booth ou chez Beaver Barracks, le personnel de CCOC changera les filtres specialisés de votre ventilo-conducteur.

Fabric Flea Market Fabric, yarn, lace, buttons, patterns and needlework supplies. Proceeds support Cambridge Street Public School. Date: Place:

Saturday, October 19 Glebe Community Centre 175 Third Avenue at Lyon

Time: 10 am to 2 pm Admission: $2 Info: 613-722-6874

Donations: sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery or lace making materials, as well as notions (buttons, zippers, ribbon, trim, etc) are welcome at the school - 250 Cambridge Street N. (near Gladstone & Bronson) weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm until October 18.

Hallowe'en in CCOC Buildings CCOC has decorations to lend to tenants interested in decorating the lobby. We also have some funding for tenant gatherings to celebrate seasonal events. If you're interested in decorating your lobby or organizing a tenant gathering or treat giving, contact Karen at 613-234-4065, ext. 241.

Centretown Parents' Cooperative Daycare - 94 James St. The daycare has a limited number of toddler spaces (18 - 30 months) available. For more information, call 613-235-7473, ext. 3. yy

licensed though Ministry of Education


located in an Edwardian style building in the heart of Centretown


experienced qualified teachers


hot lunches provided


limited number of subsidies available Visit them on Facebook.

CCOC Committee Meeting Schedule

STANDING COMMITTEES Membership & Communications Development Committee Property Management Committee Rental Committee Finance Committee Board

OCTOBER October 2 October 8 October 10 October 15 October 16 October 30

NOVEMBER no meeting November 12 November 14 November 19 November 20 November 27

TIME (PM) 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:30

Where: Board Room at 415 Gilmour Street (ring 808). Call 613-234-4065, ext. 0 to confirm. Note:

CCOC will pay taxi fare and family care for committee members attending meetings.

NewsNotes - October 2013  

Inside...fight for affordable internet rates, Thanksgiving office closure, get ready for winter, fabric fleamarket, Hallowe'en decorations...

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