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CCO to




expand to Queen’s University in Kingston

CCO Expansion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

CCO’s greatest desire is to reach out to

has extended a warm welcome to the min-

Our Heritage Our Hope . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

every student in Canada. In September

istry and looks forward to a fruitful part-

2007 we will be one step closer to reaching

nership. “I have long desired CCO's

that goal. We are pleased to announce that

expansion to Queen's, and am delighted

CCO is expanding to Queen’s University

that they will have a strong presence here

in Kingston, Ontario.

soon. The contemporary university cam-

New Moment for Church. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Bigger Plans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Campus Close-Ups . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-8 Student Initiative Creates Ongoing Legacy . . . . . . . . 9

At the invitation of the late Bishop

pus is real mission territory, and for that

Meagher, CCO is sending staff members

you need trained, enthusiastic, Catholic

Jeremy Rude and Lee Leonard, as well as

missionaries. I consider it a blessing to

an intern (yet to be announced), to begin

have their help in the work of evangeliza-

this pioneering work at Queen’s. Local uni-

tion at Queen's University.”

versity chaplain Fr. Raymond De Souza

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Impact! 07 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Passion and Calling. . . . . . . . . 11



be spending this time of formation and

Our Heritage and Our Hope


ed nearly 400 years ago. I was thrilled to


communion with our Quebecois brothers and sisters. I longed to share with them what God is doing across Canada in the

looked forward to Rise Up in Quebec

lives of university students. When we hear

with great anticipation. This was the

and see what God is doing in the Church,

first time CCO had organized an

we are filled with hope for its future. I

event in Quebec, the place

prayed that through Rise Up, Quebec

where the Catholic faith of Canada originat-

could share this hope. As a young Catholic, I am drawn to Quebec, with its rich and exciting history. The …continued on page 2


… heritage

and hope …continued from page 1

were united as young Catholics adoring our almighty God. All the efforts CCO made in preparing for translation certainly paid off. Another very special memory was the

first settlers came to this region with the goal

procession of the Blessed Sacrament. On

of building a Catholic utopia. The names of

New Year’s Eve, we followed Jesus, present in the Eucharist, through the

so many cities, towns, villages and streets commem-

“I have searched long and hard for young people

streets and city gate of Old Quebec. Nearly 500 voices

version and healing that took place over the

joined in singing Christmas

weekend. One young woman commented

hymns, proclaiming Jesus

that at Rise Up she had begun to feel “Cana-

throughout the city. Our pro-

dian” for the first time. The budding desire

cession ended at the Cathe-

of these young Quebecois is the same as

of Quebec, and their witness gives me

dral, where we gathered to celebrate Mass

ours: to see Jesus proclaimed above all else.

strength to lay down my own life for the

with the Archbishop of Quebec, Marc Car-

Although we left our friends in Quebec,

sake of the Gospel. Throughout the Rise Up

dinal Ouellet. One young woman from Que-

we continue to share a common vision for

conference, I sensed the Holy Spirit, work-

bec observed that the last time there was a

the Church. United by our baptism, we

ing, building and uniting Quebec to the rest

procession of this size on these streets, it may

want to work together to evangelize our

of our country.

have been for war. “Now, we are carrying

country. One young man thanked CCO “for

orating the saints are a clear testimony to the Catholic values of these pioneers. The blood of countless saints and martyrs runs in the soil

with the same heart as me, and I’ve found them, Praise God.” – Pascal, from Quebec

It was also exciting for me to speak French

Jesus, Prince of Peace and Uni-

in Quebec. Many of my francophone friends

ty,” she said with tears in her

expressed how thrilled they were to see us

eyes. This reflection poignantly

reach out to them in their language. This

expressed our hope: a restora-

was CCO’s first bilingual conference. The

tion of the Church in Quebec.

“Rise Up was for me the most extraordinary experience of my life. I can’t wait for Rise Up next year in Calgary!”

humbly returning to (Quebec) what we once gave to you.” It may seem that CCO brought a great gift to these young people. But I also

talks, worship and workshops were all bilin-

Through many other con-

gual. During a time

versations and experiences, I

of worship, I remem-

sensed that Rise Up was more than just an

with a ‘long lost brother’ is the greatest gift



exciting rally. It was even more than a time

of all. ◆

between two people;

of celebration and conversion. This year at

This reflection was written by Holly Cheva-

one was singing in

Rise Up we witnessed a re-igniting of the

lier about her experience of Rise Up, the annual

French, the other in

Church in Quebec. Forty young people from

CCO National Christmas Conference which was

English. How beau-

the province of Quebec attended the con-

held in Quebec City. Holly is a CCO staff mem-

tiful it was that we

ference and many shared testimonies of con-

ber at the University of Ottawa.

– Melanie from Quebec

received a great gift. The feeling of being reunited

His Eminence Marc Cardinal Ouellet’s encouraging words to CCO at Rise Up 2006. These took place during the close of his homily at the New Year’s Eve Mass (December 31, 2006) at the Cathedral in Quebec City

“I have been deeply impressed by your testimony, the testimony of CCO this weekend. It was wonderful seeing you coming down the street with the Blessed Sacrament, showing the world your faith and bringing the light of Christ into our midst. I hope you will take root in Quebec, so that we could have a share in your faith and in your enthusiasm.”


A New Moment for the Church Etienne De Champlain is a 22 year old French Canadian from Quebec City and student of Mechanical Engineering at Laval University. Etienne attended Rise Up for the first time this past Christmas. In this interview with CCO, he talks about his perspective of the Church and his experience at the conference.

Tell me a little about your experience of being a Catholic. All through high school, no one knew I was Catholic; we didn’t talk about it among our friends. When my spiritual director convinced me to go to the seminary after I graduated from high school, I didn’t even tell anyone. I was sort of hoping the seminary would send me home after a week anyway. But fortunately I was wrong. God really used my five years in the seminary to change me. I had a lot of fun, saw my personality develop, and grew in my love and knowledge of God and His Church. He really transformed me. Now I wanted to talk about my faith!

Why did you decide to go to Rise Up? I decided to go to Rise Up because when I look around me at Church on Sundays there are no young people. There is only one part-time chaplain and a pastoral animator to minister to the 40,000 students at Laval University. I felt like I needed to help out, but I didn’t know how. I was looking for something that would work with young people around me, a way to reach them with my faith. I went to Rise Up because I was looking for tools to be able to share the faith with others.

What was the highlight of Rise Up for you? My favorite part of Rise Up was the Eucharistic procession through the streets of Quebec. As we walked with the Blessed Sacrament toward the cathedral, a central icon of the faith, we were returning to what the founders of the Church in Canada wanted the city to be. I witnessed the start of change in Quebec, a new moment for the Church. CCO was giving back to the youth in Quebec.

How would you summarize your experience of Rise Up? Rise Up gave me a younger vision of the Church in Canada; I felt like I was at World Youth Day! The conference made me realize that there is hope for our Church. I came away with the hope that Quebec youth will one day return to the Catholic Church and rejuvenate it Eucharistic Procession down the streets of Old Quebec.

with a new spirit. I was shown the tools that CCO uses to reach young people, such as the Ultimate Relationship Booklet, faith studies, retreats and conferences. Seeing the fruit of CCO’s work with students made me realize that it is possible to evangelize on campus. CCO was succeeding and I could see myself bringing their ministry to my own campus. Rise Up gave me energy and enthusiasm to step in and start working.

The National Post featured an article about CCO’s Rise Up conference. Check out to read it.


Student Initiative

Creates Ongoing Legacy “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

have a personal relationship with each one

Henry Adams, famous American historian

completely. “As I look to the future,” she

CCO is affecting eternity by reaching out

There is always a strong response to the

said at the end of the course, “I want to find

to future teachers. Catholic Studies is a pre-

Discovery course. This semester, 140 stu-

myself a good Catholic spouse and begin a

requisite class for all education students in

dents chose to attend. Many of these stu-

Catholic family.”

Ontario who wish to teach in the Catholic

dents, though they are preparing to teach in

A third participant had also been absent

school system. A few years ago, a CCO stu-

Catholic schools, do not attend Mass regu-

from Mass for a long time but was interest-

dent in teacher’s college at the University

larly and do not find faith relevant in their

ed in learning about the faith. At the con-

of Ottawa invited some of her classmates to

lives. The CCO course has significant impact

clusion of a pivotal lesson, she opened her

take a CCO faith study. This inspired anoth-

in their lives.

heart to God and encountered Jesus in a real

By the last day, her perspective had changed

er CCO student to do the same the follow-

One of the course participants had not

and personal way. In the following weeks,

ing year. Through these courageous initia-

been to Mass in many years. She had made

her joy was apparent. While student teach-

tives, CCO developed a relationship with

decisions in her life which she felt restrict-

ing she was asked to coordinate the Advent

some professors in the faculty of education.

ed her from going back to the Church. As

Liturgy for her host school. Though only

With the support of these professors, CCO

she put it, she had fallen away and couldn’t

months before she had not been attending

began to invite students to a weekly “Dis-

see why the Church would want her back.

Mass, she now enthusiastically organized

covery” faith study as a supplement to their

Through the Discovery faith study, she real-

the Advent Liturgy for an entire school.

Catholic Studies class. Students who com-

ized that God wants everyone, no matter

God is evidently using CCO to shape the

plete the course receive a certificate signed

how far fallen, to come back to Him. She

faith of future teachers. This is a gift not only

by the Archbishop of the diocese.

was invited to go to confession and to return

for the teachers themselves, but for the stu-

to the Church. “This is too

dents under their guidance. CCO is cur-

good to be true!,” was her

rently looking at the possibility of bringing

heartfelt response.

this course to education students at other

A F F E C T I N G Eternity 353 Number of Teacher College students who have taken the CCO program from 2004-2007

353 x 25 8825 8825 x

of us, she began to open herself up to Him.



future teachers will teach approximately students each year

Another student began the

universities. By reaching out to teachers,

course with many preconcep-

CCO strives to awaken faith in countless

tions of the Church and objec-

young people, affecting eternity through

tions to Catholic teaching,

those who guide the future. ◆

especially in the area of marriage

elementary and high school children influenced by teachers’ faith each year

and family. As she

elementary and high school children influenced per year by teachers

God’s desire to

years (average duration of teaching career) young Canadian students influenced by these teachers who have taken the CCO course




God had

Bigger Plans By LAUR A MERLINI, CCO student from Halifax


t’s easy to rely on yourself all the time.

kept on going to mass, just in case God

heart that I was loved. I walked back into

That way no one can let you down. I

turned up. At some point I started getting

the chapel and I just couldn’t believe it - the

used to live my life believing that. I

involved in CCO events. My first impres-

same God that had just forgiven me was

grew to rely on no one; I foolishly believed

sion of the people I met through CCO was

now truly present in the Eucharist in front

that I could be the maker of my own happi-

“Wow. These are some really nice, happy

of me! It was an incredible feeling.


people. How do I get to where they are?” I

I started the new year of school knowing

I’ve always been Catholic; I’ve always

started to learn a lot about the faith I had

that I had to change in my life. I had to put

gone to church and there was never really

lost, but that knowledge did not make it to

my trust in God. I’d finally recognized

any cause to question my faith. Life was rel-

my heart right away.

God’s love for me and that as a loving

atively quiet and simple. I knew God was

The following September, I registered for

Father, he only wants the best for me. I

there, but I never took the trouble to

the CCO Fall Retreat. I was determined to

know He has big plans for me and that I can

acknowledge Him or His love for me.

make my second year much better than my

trust Him. I know and accept that He will

Upon entering high school, I quickly

first. One night, there was Eucharistic ado-

take care of me, that he will never let me

realized that I had to make things happen

ration and confession. I spent a bit of time in

down. I’m excited to find out what God has

for myself in order to achieve the things I

adoration, said my piece to God and decid-

in mind for me! ◆

wanted. I refused to rely on anyone, not

ed there was really no need to stick around

only because I was afraid of being let

in the chapel any longer. So I headed for the

down, but because I felt accomplished by

beach. After sitting on the beach for a bit, I

being independent and by figuring things

suddenly felt the need to go to confession.

out for myself. I came to trust no one but

I guess God had bigger plans for me than

myself and began to question my faith.


My first year of university was a disaster.

Confession was a scary thought, since

I disliked my classes and I had no taste for

I had no idea what I was supposed to

the atmosphere and typical university

say or do. I was nervous, but somehow

lifestyle. Worst of all, I didn’t seem to have

I managed to stammer my way

any control over my life. I was miserable,

through it. The whole experience

but couldn’t bring myself to admit the obvi-

wasn’t nearly as scary as I had

ous: the big choices I had made all by myself

expected. On my way back to the

weren’t panning out.

chapel, the concept that I had been

I continued going to mass every week,

forgiven finally hit me. God

not because I had strong belief anymore, but

loved me so much that He

because I was desperate. I knew that I was

would take the time to for-

miserable and I knew that part of it was

give me all my failings. For

because I didn’t have God in my life. So I

the first time I knew in my




students, most of which


were new. We plan to continue this breakfast once a month to coincide

gation ever! Empowered and equipped, stu-

with the day CCO’s wor-

dents entered the second semester with a

ship team leads music at

new zeal to see their campus won by Christ.

Mass. The men’s min-

Many Rise Up attendees were moved to

istry in Halifax has also

lead their own faith studies and/or join

been flourishing this

Impact! 07 in Vancouver. This is an answer

semester. After success-

to our prayers for a rising-up of new lead-

ful mission and follow-

ers on our campus. We recently hosted a

up weeks, we now have

community breakfast attended by over 50

approximately 20 new

We had almost 60 Maritimers join us in Quebec City for Rise Up, our largest dele-

men attending Discovery faith studies on a

which gave students an opportunity to

weekly basis. This is good news for the

share their experience of CCO. Many

future of the Church here in Halifax!

talked about how CCO is an anchor in their


life, bringing them closer to Jesus Christ


by handing out Wagon Wheel cookies in

and new friends. We started this semester

Our campus has seen many new people

exchange for filling out a sixty second sur-

come out to our events this year. Before

vey. This event drew many new people to

Christmas, we held a formal potluck,

our faith studies. Many students are also

Members of CCO Halifax.


popular that we

new events to help build a greater commu-

ran dual routes

nity among students. For the leaders we

for the first time!

started a “Movement Leadership training”

The food and fel-

afternoon. The other new event, called “The

lowship was, as

Block”, is for all our students, led by the stu-



dents. The Block consists of skits, testi-


monies, praise and worship, and a guest

Adoration, and

speaker. At the first Block we brought in a




married couple to speak about chastity and

continues to be a

purity. The next Block will be entitled “God:

powerful event

fact or fiction”?


Our chaplain priest has become more

Each month we

involved with the students, offering a “The-

are blessed to

ology Thursday” and joining the students

have Father Marc Mireau join us for a night

and CCO staff at lunch time. At the SFU

continuing into the Growth and Obedience

of Adoration and Reconciliation hosted at

chapel, mass is currently “standing room

studies. In February CCO Regina worked

a different parish within the city. With many


in collaboration with three other local

great events planned for this semester, and

Our campus staff team is also strong and

groups to put on the third annual Young

students anxiously preparing for Impact!

healthy! Every morning we begin our day

Adults Conference. Many rose to the chal-

07, we can’t wait to see what God has in

with a reflection on the gospel and inter-

lenge to embrace the fullness of their

store for us.

cession for our campus. We have seen the


Students from CCO Regina.

Catholic faith. Our new CCO Regina tshirts say it all - “Seeing Lives Change





fruit of this prayer through the response of our students!

This semester at SFU we introduced two

UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN With many students fresh off Rise Up in Quebec and ready for a new year, we started the semester with our 60-second survey. We handed out cotton candy in the tunnels at the U of S while outside brewed what has been affectionately named the “The Blizzard of 2007.” Despite harsh weather conditions we managed to meet with many new students and get our faith studies up and running. January ended with our progressive supper. This event has become so

Girls’ Night Out CCO Vancouver








Students leading students is not new for

Over 65 of our students attended Rise Up

Carleton University has become a place

CCO, but it is a first at Douglas College. As

in Quebec City. Everyone who attended

of high activity this semester. CCO has been

of this year, Douglas has a core leadership

was eager to come back and share their faith

active with lots of faith studies and a bi-

team of five students. These students meet

with fellow students. Our Mission week

weekly event on campus called “Be

every week for formation and planning.

began the week after Rise Up. We met

Catholic on Thursday.” We’ve had great

Over the spring break they hosted their first

countless people interested in CCO and

attendance and students are beginning to

event, a brunch for 30 students, which was

many signed up for faith studies. Our

grasp their mission to reach out to others,

a successful time of community building.

teacher’s college studies are also very big

starting with their peers. This semester we

Students are also leading twenty per cent of

this semester. Offered in both French and

have seen a further increase in the number

our campus faith studies!

English, they draw nearly 150 students. In

of young students (1st and 2nd year) with

Seven Douglas students made their way

our second semester kick off event, “Fresh

huge potential for leadership and hearts

to Quebec for Rise Up this year. Each of

Start”, Michael Hall gave a great talk on

fixed on Jesus. A strong foundation is being

them shared what God had done in their

beginning the new year. He also shared the

built up for years to come. Faith life on cam-

lives with a number of other students at our

Ultimate Relationship with the 75 students

pus was shaken up, and lit up in the nation-

first event in January. Their excitement real-

in attendance. The following week, André

al media, when the student association put

ly set the tone for our semester. God is mov-

Regnier (CCO Co-founder) spoke on hope.

severe restrictions on pro-life activities on

ing powerfully at Douglas College and stu-

It is a blessing to have so many students

campus. This is not CCO’s area of work, but

dent’s lives are being transformed! ◆

involved in our studies, and to see them

the controversy generated a lot of concern

increasing their leadership and outreach.

from students. This has had an effect which

VINERS Andre Doucette, Melissa Westgeest, Lee Leonard, Aleisha Currie

we are capitalizing on: students are becoming aware that their faith and their voice are important. Many students have decided to use Catholic Christian Outreach to grow in that faith and take the message of the gospel to all corners of Carleton. ◆


In the summer of 2008, CCO will join thousands of people from all over the world for the 49th International Eucharistic Congress. This historic event will take place in Quebec City from June 15th to 22nd. The Congress will be centered on the Eucharist, with opportunities for adoration, catechetical sessions, and the celebration of Mass. It will be another transformative event for Canada, comparable to World Youth Day in 2002.

We encourage you, our friends and supporters, to join us in Quebec in 2008. The beautifully hand crafted ‘Ark of the New Covenant’ is now traveling from diocese to diocese across the country to promote the Eucharistic Congress. To see the Ark’s itinerary or for general information on the Congress, visit

Ark of the New Covenant.

You can help campus programs ▼

Yes! I want to support the work of Catholic Christian Outreach

▼ ■

CCO would like to invite you to join us in the New Evangelization through monthly financial support. Monthly donations provide CCO missionaries with stable finances, allowing them to focus more time on campus evangelization. Please consider giving – we cannot do it without you! ▼

I want to support on a monthly basis in the amount of: ■







Other: $_________________

I hereby authorize Catholic Christian Outreach to arrange automatic deductions from my bank account or credit card on the: ■

1st or the

16th of each month for payments of my monthly support:

Commencing __________________________ Designated to be used for: ________________________ MONTH


Signed ________________________________ Date __________________________________________ SIGNATURE


for ming future leaders today

Pre-Authorized Bank Payments

(Please enclose a sample cheque marked “VOID”. The sample cheque will provide us with the information necessary to begin automatic deductions.)

Card #

12 post-dated cheques, which I have enclosed.

Billing Address:

(Please make cheques payable to Catholic Christian Outreach.)



Expiry Date:

/ (Information required for authorization)


I M PA C T ! 0 7

ver, making this city a prime mission field. In fact, the Archdiocese of Vancouver, seeing the need for initial conversion in this culturally diverse area, recently established an Office of Evangelization, the first of its kind in Canada. What a great time to be in Vancouver! Through study and hands on experience,

est Coast here we come! Eight


students on mission will be trained in the

years ago, CCO began a pro-

work of evangelization. They will have

gram called IMPACT! Canada.

opportunities to be courageous in sharing

IMPACT! is a summer mission project that

the Gospel through their summer jobs, com-

combines summer work experience and

munity events, young adult outreach

missionary service. Previous host cities

events, small group faith studies, and parish

have been Ottawa and Halifax. Sixty stu-

outreaches. Fifteen parishes throughout the

dents from across Canada have been accept-

Vancouver Lower Mainland will be reached

ed to IMPACT! 07 and will be in Vancouver

on a weekly basis as IMPACTers participate

from May to August.

“Impact Canada was a blessing for the youth from across Canada who came to our Archdiocese in the summer of 2004. It proved to be a blessing also for the Church of Halifax; we are still reaping the fruits of this wonderful CCO program!” Terrence Prendergast, S.J. Archbishop of Halifax

in Sunday masses and lead weekly faith

ness, missionaries call others to encounter

IMPACT! Vancouver - Apostles to the

studies. Many more parishes will be

Christ and renew their commitment to the

Nations - is a response to the commission

touched through weekend retreats and

faith. As Apostles to the Nations,

of Christ to the apostles to be ‘witnesses to

evangelistic outreaches such as door to door

IMPACTers strive to bring renewed faith

the ends of the earth’. (Acts 1:8). Like the

ministry and parish barbecues.

and hope to our country.

apostles before them, students will bring

The IMPACT mission encourages young

Information about IMPACT can be

Christ to others through their words and

people to share the Gospel message with

found at or by email:

ministry. Following in the footsteps of saints

courage and conviction. Through their wit-

like Francis Xavier and Isaac Jogues, they will share the Gospel with those who have not heard of Jesus Christ. The Gospel message is still unknown to many in Vancou-

IMPACT! Vancouver 2007 Project Leaders : Jackie O’Donnell, Eric Chow and John Hickey Additional project staff are: Holly Chevalier, Amber Zolc, Matthew Farnand, Christy Gaudet, Eric Myatt, and staff spouses; Vanessa Chow, Heather Hickey and Angie Myatt.




Passion and Calling b y PAT R I C K F L E T C H E R , C C O A l u m n u s


lectual gifts. But through theology, God is using both my passion for him and my academic gifts. As I look around the world, I see a need for well-formed professors of theology to instruct the priests, lay ministers, and teachers of tomorrow. God is calling me to serve him by teaching others about him. Since

y name is Patrick Fletcher. I live

the sacrament of reconciliation. It was also

leaving the seminary five years ago, I have

with my wife, Corinne and our

during this time that I began to develop a

continued my studies at Newman Theo-

daughter, Brigitte in Washing-

strong love and passion for the Catholic

logical College, the University of Alberta,

Church herself.

the Pontifical Gregorian University (in

ton, DC where I'm currently working on my

Rome), and now the Catholic University of

PhD in systematic theology at the Catholic

In 1997, I attended a CCO conference in

University of America. The path to becom-

Edmonton. One of the speakers was André

ing a professor of theology, however, actu-

Regnier. He challenged us to live our lives

My vocation to teach theology is a union

ally began over ten years ago with my

and use our gifts for a higher purpose:

of passion and my God-given gifts.

involvement in CCO.

Christ. As I listened to his words, I became

Through my involvement with CCO, that

I was raised in Saskatoon, SK in a faith-

convinced of God's call for me to serve him

passion for Christ was ignited and fueled,

filled Catholic family. In the summer of

through full-time work (until then my plan

impelling me to a calling that puts my gifts

1993, while still a high school student, I

had been to become a biology professor).

directly at the service of my Lord. ◆

attended World Youth Day in Denver, Col-

Two years after university and after

orado with a group from my local parish.

exploring various ministry options, I found

Little did I know, some CCO students, along

myself in St. Joseph Seminary in Edmon-

with André Regnier, would be on our bus.

ton. At this time I began

Of course, at the time what most impressed

studying theology and

me about André was his acrobatic ability to

immediately fell in love

walk along a diving board on his hands and

with it. Although I real-

then flip himself into the swimming pool. I

ized that the priesthood

didn't realize that the ministry he began

was not my calling, I had

would later have a deep impact on me.

finally discovered an area

During my four years at the U of S (1994-

in which my heart and my

98), I was quite intensely involved with

head could unite. I was

CCO, participating in all the regular activi-

passionate about my faith,

ties (meetings, faith studies, masses), as well

but had assumed that

as leading music ministry and faith studies.

serving God full time

This was a time of deep growth in my spir-

could only mean ministry.

itual life. Through the lived witness of staff

Although I have always

members and other students, I was chal-

been academically gifted,

lenged to develop a consistent personal

I had thought that God

prayer time, and to frequent daily mass and

had no use for my intel-


Patrick writes once a month for CCO. Check out to read his theological reflections. Patrick, Corinne, and daughter Brigitte Fletcher. ▲




expands …continued from page 1

Jeremy Rude is originally from Vancouver, and has been serving with CCO in Saskatoon for the past three years.

Father De Souza, Archbishop Emeritus Spence, and CCO President, Jeff Lockert at the celebration welcoming CCO to Queen's University.

“Although leaving the many people of Saskatoon will be difficult,” he comment-

picturesque place for young students to

ed, “I am eagerly anticipating the expan-

learn and a great place for CCO to be offer-

sion of CCO to Queen's University. I will

ing all students the opportunity to have a

be taking with me great experiences from

renewed relationship with Christ.”

the U of S that have helped form me to be

A number of Queen’s students are famil-

a leader in my new mission field.” Christy

iar with CCO and have attended various

Gaudet will be named the new Saskatoon

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CCO expansion to Queen’s. ◆

It was founded on January 27th 1826, by the division of the Archdiocese of Quebec, and became an Archdiocese on December 28th 1889. The campus is also historic and boasts of beautiful architecture. It is a

C ATHOLIC CH R I STIAN O U T R E A C H C A N A D A Catholic Christian Outreach is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge young adults to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith, with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:

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Grapevine Winter 2007  
Grapevine Winter 2007  

CCO's Grapevine is a national newsletter, published 3 times per year and sent to its supporters across Canada.