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5 Founding Tenets


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CCO’s 15 Year Anniversary Celebration

You’re Invited… more information on page 3!

by André Regnier


y motivation to start CCO did not only come in response to a need on university campuses; rather it came from God’s clear call. CCO is God’s vision for how His work can be fulfilled on university campuses. What is that vision? It has always been and will continue to be important that we as a movement are clear on what God has called us to do. In order to keep our focus and to stay faithful to that calling, we have developed five tenets. These tenets serve as a compass or guide for what we do and how we do things. These tenets or principles are more than just good ideas, they are prophetic words spoken to CCO by God over the years. In my last year of university, I went through the "Life in the Spirit Seminar". I was expecting to receive extraordinary gifts of the Holy Spirit, and at the time was disappointed to only receive these simple

words of prophecy: "You will be an evangelist of the youth." I now, however, realize the power of these words. It is because of these words and because CCO focuses on youth at university Our first campuses that our first tenet in tenet is CCO is to be "evangelists of the to be youth." evangelists of the youth. CCO believes there cannot be a more strategic and important group of people to focus on in order to make the greatest impact on the world. The next generation of leaders: of doctors, of lawyers, of teachers, of politicians, and of those making decisions that will lead our country into the future, will be coming from our universities. If we fail to focus on them at this critical time of discovery and development, we fail to impart the value and the power of the gospel to the future generation. Consequently, leadership in this country will continue to lack the influence and formation of Jesus Christ and His Church. University students are in a period of life where they desire to make a difference in the world. They have the energy, the free…continued on page 2



5 Founding Tenets

Catholic young people. Without this experience many young people find that their faith has little to no value. It is not that they O F C AT H O L I C C H R I S T I A N O U T R E A C H are abandoning their faith, it is that they are …continued from page 1 unaware of the importance of knowing the person of Jesus Christ. When young people dom, the enthusiasm and the idealism to have a living encounter with Christ, their make a difference. History has shown the faith comes alive. Their connection impact young people can have to the Church becomes real and life (communism, hippie movement) The second tenet is giving. They have a great desire to when they believe in something to proclaim share that faith with friends, famiand put their natural God-given Christ ly and classmates. Seeing the effect energy into making it happen. clearly and that a clear proclamation of Christ’s The vision for CCO expanded simply. gospel has on students and reflectfurther when I attended a confering on Philippians 1:18, the second ence in my last year of university. tenet became obvious: "proclaim Christ One of the speakers at this conference quotclearly and simply". ed Philippians 1:18 "all that matters is that in The first few years were an exciting time any and every way...Christ is being proclaimed! of growth for the ministry. In spite of the That is what brings me joy." These words had growth, I would find myself in the Chapel a profound impact on me. I felt as if they crying out to the Lord for all the nations of had been spoken directly to me. This scripthe World. "What can I do for the Church in ture has formed the second tenet and it is Russia, China, Africa, South America? How one of the most defining elements of the can I reach out to these people?" One day I ministry. received an answer: "One person at a time". The Holy Father says "many (Catholics) I realized that the individual student is of do not know Christ or do not know him well great value and holds great potential to enough". This is a reality on university camaccomplish great things for God’s glory. puses across the country. Since our faith is CCO knows that the greatest impact based on a personal life giving experience of young people will make will not be at uniChrist, this lack of knowledge and experiversity. They generally only spend four or ence of Christ cripples the spiritual life of

five years of their lives CCO’s third on campus. The greattenet is est impact will be felt as to focus on they go out into the one person world to work and raise at a time. a family. If we can prepare them to take leadership in sharing their faith they will take that learning experience and continue to be leaders for the rest of their lives. If the Catholic Church is going to have an impact on the world, its individual members have to be missionaries in the communities around them. That is why we believe that every CCO member is a missionary and we are all called to reach one person at a time. Coming out of the chapel, another impression I had was that we must look beyond our families, our cities and our countries and ultimately to the ends of the earth. This was the call to the disciples in Matthew 28. Their heart was for the whole world and they were aware that the salvation offered through Christ was for all people. It is true that we may not all be missionaries in a foreign country, but our heart and concern is for all people to be saved by Christ. This is Christ’s heart, so it must also be CCO’s ours, therefore CCO’s fourth fourth tenet is to "reach tenet is the whole world." CCO to “reach imparts a vision to stuthe whole dents to have an impact world”. on the world. Over the years God has done great things in our midst. Each year seems to bring new opportunities for the ministry. We are excited and encouraged by these opportunities, but it should not surprise us. Early on, the Lord often directed my attention to Ephesians 3:20:


"God is able to accomCCO’s fifth plish far more than all tenet is we ask or imagine." that of Our fifth tenet is to having have great expectation. great He is showing us what expectation. our expectations should be. Whatever we do, however small or large, we should always have an attitude of great expectation. We expect that God is going to use events and initiatives for His glory. God never fails to answer our prayers. He has taken CCO from a small group of enthusiastic young people to a national movement having international influence. Is there a more wonderful or more hopeful place to be than in the midst of young people who are working for the kingdom, expecting God to work powerfully through them? It is the hope and intention of CCO to serve the Church on university campuses as long as God calls us. It is essential that we stay focused on what God has called us to do. Sometimes it is easy for us to forget what impact we can have in people’s lives. However, these five tenets will assure us that as we continue to strive for what we have been called to do we will have a great impact. Our five tenets have shaped the movement to what it is today and with God’s guidance, it will continue to grow! We will continue to be a movement that is defined by being evangelists of youth whose mission is to proclaim Jesus’ name clearly and simply, one person at a time. CCO’s mission is to have a major impact on the world and with our attitude of great expectation it is possible. "For nothing will be impossible with God." Luke 1:37. ◆


CCO’s 15 Year Anniversary

Celebration! New Year’s Eve, December 31st, 2003 Delta Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon

Join hundreds of students from the Rise Up Conference… • to celebrate Mass with Bishop LeGatt at St. Paul’s Cathedral at 4:30 pm • enjoy a first class banquet and dance at the Delta Bessborough at 6 pm

To reserve ticke ts or for more information pl ease contact the head offic e@ (306) 652-5100 or

• rejoice in what the Lord has done in the last 15 years of CCO Banquet, program and dance tickets ............................................................$40 each Accommodations for the Delta Bessborough for Dec. 31st ..................$80 each (prices subject to change depending on availability)

With Special Guests…

Bishop Albert LeGatt

André & Angèle Regnier

Jeff Lockert

Diocese of Saskatoon

Founders of CCO

CCO President

CCO Staff

THANK YOU! Crystal: "The Internship Program was an amazing time of growth and development. To all the benefactors and supporters, I thank you! You have been a major part of my commitment to join full-time staff with CCO. This would not have been possible if the Internship Program did not have the support of so many generous benefactors." On behalf of Crystal and all of our future interns, thanks to all of you who have sponsored or are considering sponsoring an intern through our annual Christmas appeal. May the Lord bless you for your generosity!


around in a time of group prayer. Those prayers helped him realize that God answers prayers. Through this experience he learned to trust that God is active in his


life and he has developed the confidence needed to become a key leader on campus this semester. He presently sits on the CCO Ottawa student executive and the Unity Committee executive. CCO Ottawa is thankful for the growth that is taking place and looks forward to what God has in store for next semester as more and more students respond to the challenge to be leaders on their campus.

Ottawa UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA The University of Ottawa has continued to experience grace from World Youth Day.

who are leading faith studies with sixteen groups meeting weekly, ten of which were led by students.

UNIVERSITY OF CARLETON The majority of CCO’s missionaries are not its staff, but the students themselves.

As the vision for this semester unfolded in

Henry Frem is one of those students who

One such missionary is Matthew Shanahan,

the planning and preparation, the student

accepted the challenge to lead a study. He

who has been a student leader here since

executive committee decided to focus pri-

had been considering leading a faith study

the beginning of our presence at Carleton.

marily on faith studies since they are effec-

for over a year but had difficulty building

During this past summer, he befriended a

tive in providing a community of support as

up the courage to do so. This semester how-

classmate named Claire. Claire was having

well as challenging students to go deeper in

ever, Henry was not able to brush off the

a hard time adjusting to her move to Ottawa

their faith.

idea and within two days had three friends

from South Africa. Though she was raised

Confirming this decision, a tremendous

signed up! A defining moment made this

in the faith, it had been years since she had

increase was seen in both the students who

possible. Last spring, Henry was rallied

been involved in a Christian community

are committed to attending as well as those

that could support her. After meeting Matt, all this began to change. He invited her back to Mass and then to the Fall Retreat. On a whim, she registered. Nourished by the talks, the fellowship and especially the time to receive prayer, Claire returned home a different woman. Impacted by Christ’s love, she decided to learn more about Him in RCIA-asking CCO staff member Tanya Van Buggenhout to be her sponsor-and pursue the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Saskatoon For many Canadians the summer of 2002 is long gone and the events of World Youth Day (WYD) are simple memories. However, WYD blessed Canada with a special grace. For many young people WYD awak-

say: “I looked at the reverence on every face in that room and thought if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, so I began to pray and pray and pray, harder than I have ever prayed in my life and for the first time I felt the presence of Jesus, I felt His love, I felt the real presence of God.”

Regina & Other Links The most interesting thing about the many campuses across Canada is not the differences between each university, but the

ened within them the need to explore their

shared desire that Catholic university stu-

spiritual roots, a desire that had previously

dents have to make Christ known on their

grown dormant.

campuses. Their eagerness to learn to evan-

At the U of S, the spirit of WYD is still alive!

gelize more effectively prompted a strong

At the beginning of every semester students

focus on training this semester, and as the

have the opportunity to sign up and indicate

students have put their skills to use, they

how they’d like to be involved in CCO. Typ-

The retreat was a great launching point to

ical to university culture, often sporting

a semester of growth. With the VINE project

At the University of Regina, student lead-

events or socials are a key source of initial

bringing our staff count to seven and with

ers befriended a shy young man in his first

interest. However, this year there was evi-

the blessing of Archbishop Exner, we were

semester. At his first CCO event, he saw the

dence of a heightened spiritual awareness.

not only able to continue to grow at SFU, but

Ultimate Relationship booklet shared.

Many students were enquiring about spiri-

also to expand to Douglas College in New

Hearing the gospel presented so clearly and

tual events, and asking how they could get

Westminster. Douglas College is a campus

simply had a deep impact on this young

involved in a Faith Study! In fact, one young

with no other Christian clubs or chaplains,

man. He became very excited about grow-

woman decided to take a Faith Study even

so CCO has been literally breaking the spir-

ing in his faith, and before long, this shy

though she was not Catholic and had not

itual ground on that campus. After just a

first-year student was sharing his faith with

been baptized. She soon made new friends

month, over twenty students had already

his peers. He even accepted an invitation

and God really worked in her heart. In fact,

expressed interest in being the charter mem-

to publicly share about his deepening rela-

she recently joined the RCIA program in

bers of CCO at Douglas College.

tionship with Christ at another CCO event

are growing in boldness and faith.

order to be baptized and received into the

The growth continues - CCO Vancouver

Church at Easter, and one of the young

now has over 27 faith study groups meeting

One young woman had spent some time

women from her Faith Study is her spon-

each week! Our goal is to have forty groups

overseas and, like many people, that was her

by the spring!

idea of what it meant to be a missionary.


on campus!

No doubt the ministry is having a positive

After serving on her executive and as a faith

effect at SFU, as witnessed by the reported

study leader, she found that not only did her

The semester started with a bang at the

comments of an SFU faculty member who

peers grow in their faith, but that she grew

Fall Retreat! Our guest speaker, Fr. Tim

said, “CCO is changing the landscape of the

in hers. Recently, she shared how her heart

Devine of the Companions of the Cross,


has changed when she exclaimed, “Canada is

Vancouver challenged us by his words and witness to

We are looking forward to further growth

a mission field!” The evangelization of this

greater depths of faith. Many students

at both SFU and Douglas College in the

young woman sums up the growth that has

embraced that challenge and experienced

spring semester, as well as another expan-

taken place in all of the student leaders. They

the Lord in powerful ways that weekend.

sion to Capilano College in North Vancou-

are learning and living proof that “every

One such student, Erin Hall, had this to

ver in January.

member is a missionary.” ◆


How do you love someone you don’t know? by Myriam and Pascal Laliberte



Yet, I still didn’t want to go, but felt I

I began praying for God to give me a

uring the summer of 2002, I was


couldn’t refuse. After all, I should be will-

Christian boyfriend, hoping to eventual-

invited to take part in a seven-

ing to give 2 months of my life to God!

ly have a Christian husband: someone

week mission with CCO called

The first week with the Impact Team

with whom I could share everything,

Impact Canada. I didn’t want to go, espe-

was very difficult for me. I was forced to

especially my faith. I asked God to pre-

cially because I had just started a new rela-

face everything with which I was strug-

pare him for me, and me for him... and

tionship with a boyfriend.

gling spiritually: mass, confession, chasti-

here I was dating a NON-Christian.

Nonetheless, I asked God to let me

Myriam with the girls on Impact.

fulfill my heart’s desire. At the age of ten,

ly seven weeks to go on mission!

But Pascal was very open. And thank

ty, and fellowship, to name a few.

know if He wanted me to go and He told

I remember, during World Youth Day

God there was a telephone in our dorm.

me very clearly in two obvious ways.

in Toronto, some of my friends were say-

We talked every night and he wanted to

That summer, regardless of the numerous

ing how much they missed daily mass

know everything I was learning and

resumes I handed out, I didn’t receive a

and I just couldn’t grasp what they meant.

going through, so I shared it with him. I

single call for a job interview. Secondly, I

Regardless of these struggles, my expe-

told him about my troubles, about every-

was asked to be a member of Opera Lyra,

rience on Impact Canada made me grow,

thing I was learning, and what God was

but the funny thing is, the summer

mostly in the understanding of the

doing in my life. I shared with him the

rehearsals ended on July 1st and started

Catholic Church. How can you love

documentation I received and he read all

back again on August 17th, leaving exact-

something you don’t know? I learned so

of it.

much about mass, personal prayer and

I remember one night we were walking

confession. Maybe I still don’t LOVE

together after a powerful CCO event and

confession, but I can honestly

I asked Pascal if I could share with him the Ultimate Relationship booklet I had

say that I do like it. The greatest gift

with me. He agreed. I told him about

God gave me

God’s immense love, about our sinful


nature, about Jesus who wants to be our

Impact was to

friend. We then sat on a bench and prayed



together for the first time. Beneath the

But at one point, as “fortunes” and

stars, with a warm breeze, it was quite

“coincidences” kept coming, I opened my



eyes and saw how my life had been such


a blessing all along, and it couldn’t have

suspect, it

been all up to mere chance.


Although he wasn’t quite ready at that time to accept all of these truths, I felt that

Of you

God was working. I realized daily that

My first step was to believe in God, but

God didn’t send me on Impact just for me,

I had yet to have a real personal encounter


but for my parents, for the girls in my faith

that would change my life.


study with whom I now have so much to share...and for Pascal! Now, I’ll stop talking about him and let him share his side of the story...


Then came my relationship with Myr-

my rela-


iam. She embodied everything I longed


for in a life-long partner. That summer, I

am, and

encouraged Myriam to go on Impact,

through it all we firmly decided to build

thinking that it was for her sake. But lit-

our Love on Christ, to continually strive

tle did I know that it was also for my own

for a chaste relationship, and to spend the

sake that she had to go.

rest of our lives together.


While on Impact, she introduced me

And, this summer on August 22nd, she

Myriam mentioned, “How can you

not to a distant God who had His hand

became my bride, and we had the most

on my life, but a person with whom I

wonderful wedding before our Lord,

Let me tell you a little about myself. I

could have a relationship, one that would

finally taking our first steps on the road

grew up, like many others my age, as a

impact my life. That person, of course,

God traced for both of us, as one.

non-believer. I knew all the arguments

was Jesus. As I followed in some of Myr-

We realize, now, that our relationship

for why faith was important and I also

iam’s footsteps, I fell into the footsteps of

will be a strong testimony in this culture,

knew how to disprove them.

my Saviour, experiencing powerful

which doesn’t value a sacramental mar-

encounters with the Holy Spirit, and


love something you don’t know”...

However, I did have a lot of respect for those who had faith, especially the clergy.

began learning about our Lord.

With that realization, we know now

From there, my whole life radically

that God has a wonderful plan for us both,

wrap my over-rational brain around it: I

changed: how I viewed the Church, my

and He’s calling us to great things for His

couldn’t see how it applied to my life, to

relationship with God, my lifestyle, my

glory. And as we look forward, we know



that we’ve just begun!

Due to our increase in staffing, we are in need of quality computer equipment. In particular, we are looking for donations of monitors, laptops, and/or desktops (Pentium II or better). All donations of equipment will be issued tax receipts according to their value. Please contact the CCO office if you can help in this area. (306) 652-5100 or



But again, I just couldn’t see how I could


CCO Staff wishes you a very

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May the Lord bless you and keep you!

Back row (L-R): Kris Dmytrenko, Jeff Graham, Jeff Lockert, Michael Hall, Tom Hickey, Brett Powell. Middle Row: Kelly Boyko, Christine Robbins, Crystal Kline, Nicole DeRoo, Amy Peloso, Caitlin Currie, Renee Lockert, Erin Hickey, Jackie O’Donnell, PJ Lewis, Jeremy Lobo, Andre Regnier. Front Row: Angele Regnier, Andrea Powell, Michelle Perrault, Tanya Van Buggenhout, Magda Czyz, Denise Toeckes, Amber Zolc, Sr. Mary Jane Beavis

CCO’S SUMMER MISSION On the 15th Anniversary of CCO’s founding, CCO announced that this upcoming summer we will be heading out EAST! Our summer mission project is scheduled to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia this year. Much like Impact ’99, it will be an in-house mission project with the participants having jobs during the day and leadership training in the evenings. IMPACT! ’04 is a response to the commission given to the youth of Canada at World Youth Day in Toronto by Pope John Paul II, "... a new generation of builders is needed... to build, brick by brick, the city of God within the city of must be those ‘builders’!"

For more information go to: www. cco. ca/impact2004

Catholic Christian Outreach is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge young adults to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith, with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world.

C a t h o l i c C h r i s t i a n O u t r e a c h C a n a d a • B o x 74 21 S a s k a t o o n , S K S 7 K 4 J 3 C a n a d a Telephone: (306) 652-5100 • Fax: (306) 652-5177 Email: • Web Site:



Publication Mail Agreement No.

IMPACT! ’04 is expected to change the lives of those involved by deepening their relationship with Christ, and developing their skills as a leaders and apostles so that they can become one of the "builders" that our Holy Father has called for!

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