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The Campbell $1.00 County Observer

June 17 - 24, 2011

“If it doesn’t have to do with Campbell County, we don’t care!”

Volume 2 • Issue 13

March 30 - April 6, 2012

The sixth annual Daddy Daughter Ball

Local Foods Grass Fed Beef and Draft Horses

By Nicholas DeLaat

Come to our website for all our available products. Princess Emma Nelson and her Father Curtis Nelson Dance the night away at the Ball.

Owned by local Campbell County Rancher.

Princess Sydney and her Father Chad Gulley finish off the night together on their wonderful date!

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Call for details Anne Peterson 307.299.4662

J. Jeffery and his two princesses Savannah and Elie Jeffery enjoy the formal dinner.


July 21st and 22nd

Memorial Park, Rapid City, SD

2 Stages/20+ Bands Lineup and details at

MercyMe Little Princesses enjoying their selves on the dance floor.

Princess Teanna and her King Todd Jolovich slow dance together with the grace of royalty.

Charlton and Faith Valilas enjoying a wonderful night just set aside for the special relationship of Father and Daughter.

I remember going to work one day a couple years ago, and my lunch pail was spray painted hot pink! Of course many of the guys I worked with had all the jokes in the world to give to me which, as everything in life, I took like I usually do and countered it with more humor. Of course I couldn’t blame them for the razzing, as if one of them came in with a lunchbox painted hot pink I would be cracking all the jokes too! When the morning meeting was over and we all started drifting off to start the day’s works when one of the men came up to me and said “You have a daughter too, don’t you?” “Oh Yea, and a princess at that. And she knows it.” It has always amazed me how people change throughout their life. Men, as most people know, never really grow up, we just try to act like it. The best thing about raising two boys is that now people don’t look at me strange when I play with toys, as long as I am with one of them while fighting with swords or racing with matchbox cars. But when a man has a daughter he changes in many more ways. He starts braiding Barbie’s hair instead of burning it. He dresses up for tea parties and plays games with the understanding that there will not be “noogies” involved. Last Saturday, the Daddy-Daughter ball was a perfect example of this. You saw grown men dancing to teeny-bopper music with all the vigor of a 70’s disco dancer. You saw men dancing close to beautiful girls when only a few years ago in middle school these men would have stood around trying to act as cool as possible. You saw the special connections between the Fathers and their beloved Daughters. For my 4 year old daughter Izzabella and me, the Daddy-Daughter Ball was many experiences in one. Our first one was what radio show host Dave Ramsey calls “a teachable moment.” I parked the car in the driveway, got out, and rolled out a red carpet to the door from the car. Knocking on the door, my wife answered and I got the pleasure of watching my little princess gracefully walking down the stairs in her gorgeous purple gown. I put the corsage on her wrist while my wife showed her how to pin my boutonniere. I then walked her arm in arm and strapped her in her seat (of course while opening the door for the little lady). I looked back at her mom and stated “That is how MY daughter should be picked up on a date.” A date it was. We chatted with other people, she looked at all the hair-dos and dresses, and we had a nice dinner to start out the night consisting of salad, roast beef, potatoes, and of course…pudding. After dinner we danced the night away, but it wasn’t just for us. First of all, the DaddyDaughter dance raised $1,415.00 for St. Jude’s and more for the Miss Campbell County Pageant, which provides an opportunity for girls of Campbell County from ages 5 and up to participate and possibly one day follow their dreams of becoming Miss America. And the night was not just for raising money for the pageant either; it was really for our daughters. Hundreds of us Dads were found in our Sunday best suits slow dancing with our daughters, enjoying the time we have we have with our precious princesses before the day that some prince takes them away.

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Community Representative Sue Wallis named Wyoming Legislator of the Year 2011 The Sportsmen’s & Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance, a nationwide nonpartisan organization of animal owners and sportsmen, named Representative Sue Wallis “Legislator of the Year 2011.” Wallis, a Republican representing Campbell County, serves as a member of the House Appropriations and Agriculture and Energy Committees. The plaque awarded to Wallis recognizes her for “Outstanding Support to Sportsmen and Animal Owners.” Representative Wallis, a rancher, has the firsthand experience needed to understand the many challenges that face citizens involved in all facets of the animal industry. Wallis has been a driving force to reestablish horse processing which would not only revive a multi-billion dollar industry but end abandonment and suffering for unwanted horses in Wyoming and nation-wide. Susan Wolf, President of SAOVA, also noted the

assistance of Wallis this past session was vital to ensuring that the rights of dog breeders and sportsmen were protected under newly enacted animal cruelty provisions. As passed, the final bill protected the health and well-being of pets in Wyoming without unfairly targeting responsible dog owners and breeders. Representative Wallis thanked SAOVA for recognizing her as Legislator of the Year. “Words cannot express how honored I am to receive this prestigious award,” says Wallis, “It is only by standing together, shoulder to shoulder, with animal owners and true animal welfare advocates in livestock, sporting animal, pet animal, exhibition and performance worlds, lab research, and every other animal enterprise that we have any hope of preserving our ability to enjoy and benefit from animals in our lives. It is imperative for each of us to stand united if we want any hope

of raising our children and grandchildren in a culture that understands animal well-being and husbandry, and that preserves our private property rights to use and enjoy animals. Radical activists cannot succeed in their effort to destroy our livelihoods, cause our animals to suffer, nor push their unhealthy, unnatural vegan agenda if we do so.”

SAOVA is a nonpartisan volunteer group working to protect U.S. citizens from the legislative and political threats of radical animal rightists. SAOVA’s members hunt, fish and own livestock, dogs, cats and other pets. Visit our website at to review this program’s goals and methodology.

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paid at the right time for planting in April or May with enclosed planting instructions. The 6- to 12-inch trees are guaranteed to grow or they will be replaced free of charge. To become a member of the Foundation and receive the free trees, send a $10 contribution to TEN FREE SHADE TREES, Arbor Day Foundation, 100 Arbor Avenue, Nebraska City, NE 68410, by April 30, 2012, or visit

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February 2012

February 2011

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percent increase over February 2010. Year-to-date, the airport has served 9,237 passengers, a 1.2 percent increase over the first two months of 2011.

February 2012

About Gillette-Campbell County Airport: The Gillette-Campbell County Airport is located in Northeastern Wyoming in a major energy producing part of the country known as the Powder River Basin. Gillette is at the hub of this basin, and the Airport serves the commercial service and general aviation needs for a large portion of this corner of the state.

306 W. Third Street Unit B

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Gillette-Campbell County Airport reports February traffic

Passenger Totals

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birch, tuliptree, silver maple and red maple. The free trees are part of the nonprofit Foundation’s Trees for America campaign. “These trees will provide shade in the summer and magnificent color throughout the fall,” said John Rosenow, chief executive and founder of the Arbor Day Foundation. “By the simple act of planting trees, a person can make a positive impact on the Earth and a deep, meaningful connection to nature. When you plant a tree, you’re giving a gift for future generations.” The trees will be shipped post-

During February 2012, Gillette-Campbell County Airport welcomed 4,522 arriving and departing passengers, marking a 0.07 percent increase versus February 2011 and a 20.1

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Get 10 free trees when you join the Arbor Day Foundation

Gillette-Campbell County Airport reported February passenger traffic today and, for the second consecutive month, the airport has outpaced last year’s totals.

307-686-0588 Chad Ekberg Gillette WY

Celebrate National Arbor Day by Planting Trees

National Arbor Day is April 29 this year, and the best way to celebrate is by planting trees. The Arbor Day Foundation is making it easy for everyone to celebrate the tree planters’ holiday. Everyone who joins the Foundation in April will receive 10 free shade trees. National Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday in April, which is April 29 this year. By joining the nonprofit Arbor Day Foundation in April, you will receive the following trees: red oak, sugar maple, weeping willow, baldcypress, thornless honeylocust, pin oak, river


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The Airport sees approximately 62,000 passengers come through yearly and is currently served by Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Great Lakes Aviation to Denver, Salt Lake City, and Rock Springs, Wyoming. The Gillette-Campbell County Airport and tenants currently employ approximately 260 people in the surrounding area.

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Warden’s Corner

t h g i l t o Sp of the Week

I have been receiving many questions lately on what an individual has to do to purchase resident licenses in Wyoming. The answer is pretty simple and applies to all resident licenses a person can purchase at any license selling agent. To purchase a resident hunting or fishing license a person must be a United States citizen or legal alien and you must be domiciled and physically reside in Wyoming for one full year immediately preceding the date you apply for or purchase a resident license. Domicile means that place where a person has his true, fixed and permanent home and you also cannot make any claim of residency in any other state for any purpose. Once you establish your residency in Wyoming you cannot reside in another place for 180 days or more in a calendar year without losing your residency in Wyoming.

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About 100 people showed up at the North Shell Food Mart in Gillette Wednesday morning to volunteer to search for Ruth Martinson who has been missing since Monday afternoon.

Update: Search underway for missing Gillette Woman By Nathan Kobielusz - Basin Radio Approximately 100 volunteers from the community showed up Wednesday morning at the north Shell Food Mart in Gillette to help in the search for a 49-year old Gillette woman who has been missing since Monday afternoon. Shortly after 9 a.m. the crowd dispersed to search the backcountry roads along Echeta Road west of Gillette. Organizers also indicated some volunteers will be flying over the search area, while others will be on horseback. Before beginning their search for Ruth Martinson, however, a longtime family friend who organized Wednesday’s volunteer efforts climbed atop a pickup tailgate in the convenience store parking lot to inform the crowd about how they were planning on organizing the search efforts. Among other things, Fullenwider asked searchers to be on the lookout for Martinson’s black Toyota Tundra pickup truck with license plate 17-17542. She was last seen in that pickup after leaving a class at Gillette College Monday afternoon. “Finding her truck is a huge thing,” she tells the group. “That will give us a starting point of where to go from there.” Meanwhile, the search area covers a large, rural section of land west of Gillette that is peppered with dusty gravel roads. “Once you get out there like every ten yards the road forks and so it’s so hard to cover ground, but if you see a truck take this way then you take the next way,” Fullenwider describes to the crowd. Despite the demanding task of conducting a search over a large, sparse sec-

tion of land, the outpouring awesome that total strang- searched. Martinson was last seen of support from the local ers in our community will community has made the just come together to sup- wearing a pink, purple and emotional task at least that port a family in need. I’m re- black Harley Davidson ally, really impressed.” sweatshirt. If you have any much easier. In the meantime, Ruth information on her whereTheresa Gales showed Mother's Contest Martinson’s daughter Jaime abouts, call the Gillette up Wednesday morning to Day Pfi efl e is asking ranchers Police Department at (307) help search for Martinson. Next week add e-mail or mail letters to: The Campbell County Observer Although Gales lives in Gil- and landowners who own 682-5155. 5105 Tarry St. lette, a friend of hers resid- property near the search 82718 area to call Basin Radio ing in Greeley, COGillette, informedWy Network’s main office at her about the search. “I’m a mother and if I was (307) 686-2242 to give pergone I’d want people to mission for members of the look for me and help find search teams to enter their me,” Gales explains. “I’m property to conduct the sure her daughters want to search. From there, Basin see her and find her alive Radio Network will give you and well, so we’re all here Ruth Martinson’s daughter to do the same thing—find Jaime’s phone number. Finally, Jaime Pfiefle has her.” Catherine Smith was an- told Basin Radio Network other one of the roughly the search teams are sup100 volunteers contribut- posed to meet back at the ing to the search. Like so north Shell Food Mart by many others, she showed Fireside Lounge at 1 p.m. up because she wanted to where they will regroup and review what areas help a family in need. “I did search and rescue have been covered and for 15 years and I’m glad to which areas remain to be see such a turnout of a lot of people concerned and Leave Your Mark on hopefully we can find this Campbell County... lady and get her back to her family,” Smith says. Many of the volunteers don’t know Ruth Martinson or her family, while others are close, personal friends. Unlimited LLC Others are coworkers of Your New Generation of Beautiful Martinson. Lisa Bears, who has worked with Martinson for the last year at the CCMH Walk-In Clinic, says she found out about Martinson’s disappearance •Hair Extentsions Ultratress II after she had to fill in for her at work Tuesday. •Xango Hair Products “I’m out here to try to find her,” Bears says. 307-682-7001 Searching for a loved one 306 W. Lakeway Rd. certainly takes an emotional toll. Nevertheless, Fullenwider was thrilled by the overwhelming support. “I am baffled by how well our community came together.” Fullenwider con(PP-1) tinues, “I don’t even know Volume 2 Issue 13 half of these people. It’s

Joke of the week Submitted by Josh Kerouski There were these two guys in a bar, which was on the 20th floor of a building. The first man said “ I bet you $100 I can jump out that window and come straight back in!” The second man says “Ok, sure.” and the barman holds the bet. The first man jumps out the window and disappears for a second before jumping straight back in. Disappointed about losing the $100, the second man says: “ I’ll bet you another $100 you can’t do it again.” So the barman holds the bet. Sure enough, the first man jumps out the window, disappears for a second, then jumps straight back in. Thinking he must have caught a freak gust of wind, the second man says “Ok, I bet you $300 I can jump out the window and come straight back in.” The first man says” Ok, sure.” The second man jumps out the window and falls to the footpath below. He is dead. Back up in the bar, the barman says to the first man “ Gee, you can be mean when you’re drunk, Superman.”

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The Campbell County Observer is published by Patriot Publishing L.L.C. in Gillette, WY every Friday. Postmaster: Send address changes to 5105 Tarry St. Gillette, WY 82718 Writers Candice De Laat - Owner/Publisher

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Keary Speer - Editor

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City’s Annual Spring Cleanup Begins Monday, April 9th The City of Gillette’s Streets Division will begin its annual spring cleanup program on Monday, April 9th. This is a chance for the public to begin spring cleaning and have the City of Gillette pick up certain types of trash and debris. Spring Cleanup is a free service provided to all public residential properties within the Gillette city limits and to private mobile home parks that are served by City of Gillette solid waste garbage collection service. This service is not provided to commercial businesses and city crews will not pick up building/construction debris. If you miss the cleanup day for your area, you are responsible for the removal of your trash and debris. City crews will not return to streets that have been completed. To simplify spring cleanup, the City of Gillette divides Gillette into six areas and works in each specific area picking up the debris piles. Spring Cleanup Start Dates: Area 1-April 9th Area 2-April 12th Area 3-April 16th Area 4-April 19th Area 5-April 23rd Area 6-April 26th Place your debris in four separate pile on the street (curbside) by 7 a.m. on your area’s scheduled day: Pile A-Metal (dishwashers, stoves, barbecue grills, lawn mowers, steel siding, metal bed frames, bicycles, steel pipe,

The Observer strives to make news reports fair and accurate. If you have a question or comment about news coverage, Contact us at

etc..) Pile B-Tree branches and wood (tree limbs & branches - 10 foot limit) Pile C-Large materials: lumber, large wood items, dressers, bookshelves, wood bed frames, plywood, wood desks, clean wood fence posts, etc.. Pile D-Bagged and bundled garbage (paper, plastics, clothing, couches, carpet, plastic swimming pools, etc.) No Household garbage. The City will not pick up: Refrigerators and freezers, TVs, computers and other electronic devices, tires, glass, vehicle parts, paint, batteries, motor oil, cooking oil, fuel containers, propane bottles, 55 gallon drums, hazardous materials, debris from commercial businesses, building construction debris. Things To Avoid: • Placing your debris curbside more than one day prior to your scheduled pick up. • Placing debris near parked vehicles & trailers, fire hydrants, water meters, cable, mail or telephone boxes. • Placing debris under or near trees or shrubs that could be damaged during pick up. • Blocking sidewalks with your debris. • Placing your roll-out trash container adjacent to, or behind, a debris pile. • Placing debris in alleys. All items must be placed in the street adjacent to the curb. For more information contact Public Information Officer Joe Lunne at 307-686-5393.

OPEN SATURDAYS! 307-670-9426

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“Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.� - Adlai E. Stevenson


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Prom dress for the needy By Candice DeLaat

Here is a charity you haven’t seen before, prom dresses for the needy. Tami Percifield, working with Celebration Station (501 S. Douglas Hwy Suite B), has put together a way for every girl to feel good at the prom. Tami is helping with the 9th grade formal dance, and Mr. Quinn, the principal at Sage Valley, said that there were many girls who couldn’t afford their formal dresses. She then thought of the idea to get one on them by this donation. “Every year many girls buy a prom or dance dress, and I thought that they could do-

nate them to these girls in need.” It worked, and now she has received over 150 dresses to give away for the 9th grade formal and prom. “I can’t believe how many people have donated.” She said. This is her first year doing this, but it is already a hit. “We have already have had several girls receive dresses. It has been really exciting, seeing these girls get excited about getting a dress. Many of them have told me that if we hadn’t given them a dress, they would not have gone.” Now, Tami is going to

She will have a group of kids over for a formal dinner for prom, as her kids are grown, and she will be donating the food, time, and place.” To donate or receive a dress, shoes, or more contact Tami Percifield at 307660-5211. Tami will also take donations for boys.

take the dresses home and set up racks where the girls can make appointments and donate or pick out their dress. She will continue to do this throughout April. All dresses left over will be given away next year. “We will give to both Sage Valley and Twin Spruce formals, and other dances in the area including Prom.” Some people have even given money so the girls whom the dresses are donated too can also get shoes and their hair done. “One mom even came in and donated a dinner too (homemade) for the cause. It has been so wonderful.

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Featured Crime

2011 Shasta 27BHLE $15,989

Crime Stoppers needs your help in solving multiple theft from autos that have occurred throughout Gillette. Fifty five vehicles have been entered and personal property was removed. Items taken during the thefts include firearms, electronic devices, fire retardant clothing, motorcycle helmets, CD’s, sunglasses, purses and money. If you have information that can solve this or any other crime please call Crime Stoppers at 686-0400 or the High School Crime Stoppers at 682-4185. You can remain anonymous and may earn up to $1,000 in reward.

2012 Rockwood 8281SS $29,989

2012 Shasta 25RKSS $19,989

2012 Zinger 25S $19,989 2011 XLR 305V10 Toy Hauler FW Loaded!!! $42,989 2012 Zinger 29RK Fifth Wheel $25,989 2002 Kountry Star 34RL 2 Slides, 4 Season $18,900

Joke of the week

Eastside RV’s Inc.

Submitted by Chad Kramer During their silver anniversary, a wife reminded her husband: Do you remember when you proposed to me? I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t talk for an hour.” The hubby replied: “Yes, honey, that was the happiest hour of my life.”

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Theft from Auto



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Public Pulse Bold Republic Weekly NO - It is NOT “Normal” By Glenn Woods

Today, I came across a news story that said, “Experts” predict a “NORMAL” fire season for Wyoming this year. I sighed, I rolled my eyes up in my head and I let out a… well, I was not pleased. I think you get the idea. I’ve spoken before about the meanings of words in this column and here I find the need to do it again. American English has become twisted and mangled for many different reasons over the year. One of those reasons comes from those who wish to change the meanings of words in order to win an argument. Let’s take a look at some of the latest examples of what I mean. Here are just a few words that are twisted and mangled, intentionally, in order to give you the wrong idea. NORMAL: Watch when the weatherman on the nightly news tells you that rain fall is above ‘normal’ and that the temperatures will be below “normal”. What he should say, instead, is ‘above recorded average.’ This, as you should be able to tell has nothing to do with what is “normal”. The word normal gives a person the idea that rainfall should always be a certain amount during a certain time of year, and that anything above or below that amount is not “normal.” That gives folks the idea that something is wrong with the Earth. If you want to know what “normal” weather is --- it is change and fluctuation. Normal is that nothing ever stays the same. Some years are wet, some are dry. Some years are hot, some are cold. The fact that the weather never stays the same on this planet is “NORMAL.” EXPERT: Simply put, if you have only studied it, but have never done it, you are not an “expert.” NATURAL: Natural comes from the word “nature.” To do something “naturally” is to do it the way nature designed it to be done. It does not matter if you believe that nature was designed by God or evolution. Using something outside of its original design is “unnatural.” Whether it is, therefore, immoral or not is a separate issue. RIGHT: I could, and just might, write a book on this. A “right” IS NOT a product or a service provided by the government. So, in other words, healthcare is NOT a “right.” Rights are NOT given to us by our government. Rights are something that people are born with, and government protects. One of my favorite arguments on this one is to ask people who think that healthcare is a

“right” where my free gun is. I mean, the Constitution says that we have the “RIGHT” to bear arms. Ok. Fine. That should mean then that the government is providing free guns for us….RIGHT? --- NO? Then the government is forcing gun manufactures to make guns for “FREE” and give them to the “less fortunate.” I’m sure they are making sure that there is a free and equal distribution of guns and ammo to make if fair. ---RIGHT? ---- NO --- They are not? -- OH!.. Well then… So, you see, that is not what a “right” is. FREE: This word is misused as often as “right” is misused. Today we have so many groups out there demanding this and that for “free.” So where does this “free” stuff come from then? Does it drop out of the heavens with no cost to anyone? Those who have been demanding “free” contraceptives through their insurance companies need to look at how much their insurance premiums have gone up. Trust me, you are still paying full price. If the government is paying for it then I’d like you to look at how much your taxes have gone up. Again, it will be paid for, by you, at some point. Nothing is “FREE!” There is no such thing as a “free” ride or a “free” lunch. --Dream on. SUBSIDIES: Oil companies DO NOT get them. Oil companies get tax breaks. A subsidy is when the government takes money and hands it over to a company that has done nothing to earn that money. A tax break is when a company earns money by selling a product, or service, and, for whatever reason, the government decides not to tax what the company earned. I can go on and I like this but I think you should by not be getting the idea that so much of what comes your way these days in the form of “news” is not “news” at all. The words that are used are being redefined to confuse or even change the meaning of the argument. To make sure that you are not confused, or tricked, might I suggest that you put down today’s modern dictionaries, the words have been changed there as well, and pick up the older dictionaries to see what the original meaning of the word was and should be. YES - I know that language evolves. But to change the meanings of words in order to win an argument no different than lying about the facts --- if you think about it.

“When the needs of the people out weigh their will, the end of their existence as they know it is inevitable.” - Nicholas De Laat


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List of bills the Governor recently signed Enrolled Act SEA0057 SEA0058 SEA0060

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Title Appropriation for legislature Medicaid options study County commissioners-removal of appointed board members Ethanol tax credit Public works contracts Education accountability Title Business entities-revisions Budget hearings Banks-authorized investments Contractor residency provisions Extension of energy producing states coalition Notarial certification of business entity instrument Baseline scientific assessments Obsolete laws Charter schools-average daily membership Critical access endowment challenge program Private transfer fee obligations United States government deficits Resolution in support of ANWR energy development Reimbursement for livestock Terms for youth board agriculture members Time limits for veteran and dependent tuition and fees Business ready community program-planning Expenditure of public funds and government competition Wildlife trust challenge accountextension State employee compensation commission-membership Pioneer hunting license School finance-amendments BOCES-court ordered placement costs Judicial salaries Revisor’s Bill

Weekly Trivia Answer from Last Week Who was the officer in charge of the English during the Boston Massacre? Captain Thomas Preston

The Boston Massacre, called The Incident on King Street by the British, was an incident on March 5, 1770, in which British Army soldiers killed five civilian men. British troops had been stationed in Boston, capital of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, since 1768 in order to protect and support crown-appointed colonial officials attempting to enforce unpopular Parliamentary legislation. Amid ongoing tense relations between the population and the soldiers, a mob formed around a British sentry, who was subjected to verbal abuse and harassment. He was eventually supported by eight additional soldiers, who were subjected to verbal threats and thrown objects. They fired into the crowd, without orders, instantly killing three people and wounding others. Two more people died later of wounds sustained in the incident. The crowd eventually dispersed after Acting Governor Thomas Hutchinson promised an inquiry, but reformed the next day, prompting the withdrawal of the troops toCastle Island. Eight soldiers, one officer, and four civilians were arrested and charged with murder. Defended by Patriot lawyer John Adams, six of the soldiers were acquitted, while the other two were convicted of manslaughter and given reduced sentences. Depictions, reports, and propaganda about the event, notably the colored engraving produced by Paul Revere (shown at right), further heightened tensions throughout the Thirteen Colonies. The event is widely viewed as foreshadowing the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War five years later.


Public Pulse Decision on Field of Dreams postponed

Tracy Norris

Insurance and Financial Agent

By Paul Wallem - Basin Radio News During Monday’s Gillette City Council workshop, city council members reviewed a draft of new agenda items for their regularly scheduled city council meeting on April 2. One such item the council was set to consider in less than a week was the Field of Dreams master plan. However, consideration of the master plan was pushed back by a 5-2 decision after City Council President Kevin McGrath and Councilmen Everett Boss and Robin Kuntz raised concerns about the project. The extra time will allow council members to discuss the Field of Dreams in more depth. McGrath says when he looks at the Field of Dreams master plan he sees an indication that the city council lost their focus. “Now I agree that this is excellent work. I think the committee did an excellent job; they picked a top notch designer,” McGrath expresses. “We said we need Little League fields. We got Little League fields to the tune of $90 million on the low end. Bruce [the architect for the Field of Dreams] gave us a different figure the night he had the meeting with us. But I don’t know where we went from Little League to $90 million. That’s the problem I’m having and that’s the problem I think a lot of the community

has.” Boss agreed with McGrath, saying the city council should give more time to consider the master plan itself. As a group, Boss believes the council has not taken enough time to look at the plan. “I’m not comfortable with the plan the way it is,” Boss says. “We really have not had a discussion. We’ve had all this public input but the council has not sat down and talked about this plan amongst themselves, period.” Boss says while the public has had several months to discuss the plan for the Field of Dreams, he wants to sit down with other city council members to discuss what they think needs to be in the plan. Boss asks, “This is the public’s idea and special interest groups, but what would the council like to see?” While McGrath, Boss, Kuntz, Opseth and Jerred agreed the city council needed more time to discuss the master plan for the proposed Field of Dreams, Councilwoman Louise Carter-King and Mayor Tom Murphy opposed the majority decision to delay considering the project until after the April 2 city council meeting. Mayor Murphy says that he believes any reservations council members have

regarding certain aspects of the master plan can be handled by proposing amendments for the council to vote on during their meeting on April 2. Additionally, Murphy says approving the master plan does not obligate the city council to build certain projects at a predetermined cost. Rather, he says approving the overall master plan is not the same thing as approving the construction of each separate component of the Field of Dreams. “Our master plan for our traffic in this community I think when it was first designed was somewhere in the neighborhood of over $100 million,” the mayor cites as an example. “We have not come close to building all of the roads and arterials that are in that master plan.” The mayor says he views the master plan for the Field of Dreams similarly. “The fact of the matter is we have public input that got us to this point, and as far as anyone’s crystal ball is concerned this is what the people want.” Murphy says. “Whether it gets built in the future as funds become available and our budget cycles go year after year remains to be seen, but the plan is there.” With the vote to delay a decision on the Field of Dreams master plan, City of Gillette administrator Carter

Napier says they will set up a meeting to further discuss the project. Although a date has not been set yet, he expects the meeting to take place sometime in mid-April. The Field of Dreams consists of 320 acres of land east of the Country Club Golf Course near Garner Lake Road and Boxelder Road that the City of Gillette purchased from the State of Wyoming at auction for $2.534 million on January 18, 2011. The Field of Dreams master plan, as presented, would cost approximately $90 million. Some of the amenities included in that price tag are 13 Little League baseball fields, 4 Babe Ruth baseball fields, 8 Women’s Fast Pitch Softball fields, 4 soccer fields, 6 multi-purpose fields, a skate park, a toboggan run, a hockey ice rink, and basketball courts. On the other hand, the total does not include the costs of projects within the Field of Dreams that will be covered by other entities, such as the covered stadium, BMX track, golf course, and a facility for the Boys and Girls Club.

Campbell Co. Fire Dept.

March 21, 2012

- At 3:02 AM to the 200 block of Sierra Circle for an EMS assist. - At 12:55 PM to the 2600 block of Cheryl Avenue for an EMS assist. - At 6:52 PM to the 100 block of Rampart Drive for an EMS assist. - At 8:26 PM to the 6600 block of Robin Drive for an EMS assist.

March 24, 2012

- At 12:30 a.m. to the area of South Highway 50, near Ledoux Avenue, for a single vehicle rollover with injuries. - At 1:48 a.m. to the area of West Echeta Road for a single vehicle rollover with injuries. - At 9:46 a.m. to the area of Wigwam Blvd for a possible structure fire. CCFD was cancelled en route when it was determined to be smoke from a B-B-Q grill.

March 25, 2012

- At 4:02 PM to Highway 51 near American Rd. for a 1 vehicle rollover with injury. - At 5:45 PM to 12th St. and Gurley for a two vehicle accident, no injuries, floor dry was applied to some anti freeze. - At 6:10 PM to Robin Dr. for an EMS assist. - At 7:06 PM to Candlewood Suites for an automatic fire alarm, upon arrival light smoke was observed in the north end of the first floor. The Hotel was evacuated and ventilated, it was determined to be a cooking fire contained to the pan. The guests were allowed to re occupy, no damage to the

Hotel. - At 7:06 PM to Motel 6 for a reported gas smell in the building, further information indicated the smell was gasoline. Upon further investigation they found several chain saws being stored in the motel room.

March 26, 2012

- At 6:30 a.m. to the 2000 block of N. HWY 14-16 for a structure fire. Crews responded to find a mobile home with fire venting out of a window of the structure. CCFD personnel were able to contain the fire to three rooms. Smoke damage did occur throughout the structure. Damage estimate is not yet available. - At 10:42 a.m. to the 400 block of Hunt Avenue for an EMS assist. - At 11:02 a.m. to the 3400 block of Foothills Boulevard for an EMS assist. - At 11:12 a.m. to the 5800 block of Winland Drive for an EMS assist. - At 2:50 p.m. to the 400 block of South Butler Spaeth Road for an EMS assist. - At 4:28 p.m. to the 600 block of Bishop Road for a downed power line. - At 4:42 p.m. to Spotted Horse for a grass fire. The fire was started by a downed power line. Crews contained the fire to 1 acre. - At 11:15 pm to 4320 Olive Ave. for a motor vehicle crash into a tree in front of the house. Fire personnel secured the vehicle, provided patient care, and removed the tree from the top of the vehicle.

March 27, 2012

- At 8:43 am to the area of Quail Meadows St. for an EMS assist. - At 9:00 am to the 800 block of Gurley Ave for an EMS call. - At 11:53 am to the 900 block of Richards Ave. to investigate a natural gas odor. Nothing found on arrival. - At 12:37 pm to the intersection of Skyline Dr. and Hwy 14/16 for a 2 vehicle accident. - At 1:28 PM to the area of Coal Dust Road for a controlled burn that possibly got out of control when it was spotted that no one was around watching it. CCFD arrived on scene and found that the property owner was inside the house and everything was under control. CCFD cleared without incident. - At 18:11 pm to the 700 block of W. 6th for an EMS assist.

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Call for Information

Public Pulse State of Wyoming legislation recap... This year we faced the first session in which everyone came to the realization that we may have several years of declining revenue. The Appropriations Committee in conjunction with the Governor’s office gave warning to all the agencies that they should prepare a 2%, 5% and 8% cut to their interim budget and then for their biennium budget for 2015-16. We made no cuts this year, but held the line on the cost and size of government. Now all the agencies are prepared to meet with us next January and proposed their suggestions as to where to cut and how it will affect their agency. We will have to make the decision at that time, what to cut, if any cuts will be needed. For the next two years the State of Wyoming’s budget will be approximately $3.2 billion in general funds, down from $3.6 billion in 2008. This does not count

school funding (approximately $1.6B), school construction and major maintenance (approx. $400M), nor the federal government’s portion (approx. $1B). The total that it takes to run your State is closer to $6B for two years. And we put an additional $17M into savings, this is above what is statutorily or constitutionally demanded. This brings the Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account (LSRA); which is our rainy day savings account, up to $1.4B. One of the Campbell County’s issues was resolved when the bill to acquire the LX Bar Ranch passed and was signed by the Governor (thanks to our County Commissioners, Mickey Shober in particular). This bill allocated $250k for the acquisition and mothballing expenses of a beautiful 100 year old ranch in NE Campbell County. It will now be part

of the State’s park system and someday it will be open to all. We also dealt with further definitions of what a resident contractor is and who can work on a project that is funded with only State money (senate file107). With this legislation and the earlier attempts, we strive to keep Wyoming taxpayer’s money, spent on employing residents and resident businesses. Money was allocated to Campbell County to build a new alternative school this year and a new grade school started within the next 18 months. This is in addition to the grade school (Buffalo Ridge) that will open this August. There was over 250 bills passed this session, many having to do with the more routine business of the State and of course the budget; the main focus of this session. Redistricting was the second most im-

portant piece of legislation this session, and since it is only done every ten years, arguably the one that carries the most impact. I will let others who have dealt with it for the last year, describe it in more detail. One of the better known and a highly controversial bill, that was passed this session, dealt with wolves in Wyoming. Finally our State now can control the wolf population through hunting. Prior to the passage of this bill the Federal government managed the wolves and would not accept Wyoming’s management plan. Now that our Governor and the interior department have come to an agreement and your State Legislature passed the necessary statute changes, there should be a hunting season this year. It also allows the wolf to be considered a predator in approximately 80% of the state, and can be shot on

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sight. But, before you start shooting wolves, make sure the courts have not stopped this agreement; otherwise you may find yourself caught in an illegal act. Thanks for this opportunity to mention just a few of the pieces of legislation that we successfully completed this year. Michael Von Flatern Wyoming State Senator SD-24

Monday, April 2

-City Council Pre-Meeting, 6 p.m., 3rd Floor Conference Room, City Hall -City Council Meeting, 7 p.m., Council Chambers, City Hall

Tuesday, April 3

Dear Editor, I would like to talk a little about the Gillette community. I love the people, the schools are great, you couldn’t ask to live in a better community. Except the drivers. The people here are wonderful unless they are behind the wheel. I don’t know if you want to print this, but I would like to give advice to the seventeen good drivers in Gillette. 1. Wait at least 10 seconds before taking off at a green light. Everyone from Police to teenagers to the elderly will keep coming after the light turns red. 2. Remember that in Gillette the passing lane is really the cruising lane. We don’t go by normal rules. 3. Looking both ways at a stop sign is only an option. 4. It is ok to pull out in front of people, most likely they will be ticketed too. 5. Many gestures shall be given to people who drive under the speed limit to people who drive over. 6. If you are going to drive under the speed limit, do it to an extreme so that everyone can waste time. 7. Hope this clears it up for everyone. Janet Shnider From Editor Keary Speer: I do sense a little sarcasm in your letter about Gillette drivers! However, I am inclined to agree with you. It is easy to say that there are bad drivers everywhere you go and, of course, that is true. But, in my experience, there are a few grey areas here! I learned at an early driving age that, while in the left turn lane, you pull forward into the intersection. This way, when the light goes yellow, you can make your turn and keep left lane traffic moving, even if it is at a slow pace! It must not be something taught here because I have gotten many funny looks about it. It’s driving 101! I have even had friends who grew up here say, “What are you doing?!” I don’t know why there seems to be a gap in driving but it would be nice if we could all be on the same page. I am assuming you write this immediately after a bad experience and just wanted to get it off your chest but the point is valid. I also think a little consistency in the speed limits around here wouldn’t hurt! Thanks for writing in! Dear Editor, I noticed recently that our school age, well most of them, were running outside. I am torn on this subject. Yes, I do believe that our children need more exercise, but should it be at school? Exercise is great for children and a must for health, growth, and an overall better quality of life. But we are taking our children out of precious learning time. This exercise should be getting done at home. The unfortunate part is, is that over half the children in this class REALLY needed it. This means that the exercise is not being done at home, they must be watching t.v. or playing video/computer games, which means the parents let them. For the kids in good shape, they have to suffer the lack of learning time to compensate for the physical activity the other kids need and the school has to make up for. GET YOUR KIDS OFF THE COUCH DO YOUR JOB, it is not the schools job to do everything. Sarah Baxter From Editor Keary Speer: Dear Sarah, Exercise has absolutely always been a part of school. Kids have gym class and recess and it has always

been that way. What do you think extra-curricular activities are for? The kids you saw could have been training for cross country which is legitimate. All kids have always been made to run the mile or do the Presidential challenge. It is about creating a value in fitness. There is not enough time in the day for parents to force their kids to exercise. When they get home from school its homework, dinner, bed. They NEED a little time to themselves for TV. This is a necessary part of school that has always been there and should absolutely stay the same. Kids get their exercise from soccer, track, basketball, swimming, general play and so much more. No one needs to force them to exercise, they are just having fun and we should support it. And, like you said, for a lot of kids, if they don’t do it at school then no one will make them and they will (and do) have chronic health problems. Of all the battles to pick, why choose kids’ activity levels? This is something that the schools are actually doing RIGHT. Why not complain about the quality of their school lunches or something that could be changed for the better. From Editor Nicholas De Laat I have to take a little different approach here. I agree that many things that the schools do are a waste of time for my child, but I choose a different path. I combine home schooling with public schools. My child has to read every day for 1 hour, talk to me about one science, history, and geography subject, and do extra math. Because of things like “no child left behind” and the schools making up for what the parents used to do (but don’t anymore), we have to step up and teach our kids ourselves. The schools are not doing anything wrong, they have to mold a group of kids, not an individual. This will usually mean that the fastest slow up and the slowest try. But it is what we do at home as parents that will make the difference. Education, discipline, honor, and integrity are things not learned in movies, but from leaders. I would also like to say that growing up, P.E. was always my favorite class. Not all kids are active, but I believe that P.E. is a great class for teaching various sports, exercises, health, and conditioning to our future and these are things that are an important part of education. Dear Editor, It is absolutely awful what Wyoming does to the land in Campbell County. I took a tour around with my classmates from University of California and bared witness to the beautiful land being stripped away for burning the dirtiest form of energy known to man. Wyoming has wind and sun, why not utilize it? Between your coal mines and the ugly oil fields, you could have had such beautiful land if you weren’t so naive and greedy. Hundreds of thousands of people around the country, talking to their neighbors, community leaders, media outlets, and most importantly, decision-makers, have successfully stopped over 150 coal plants to date! But with 500 coal-fired power plants still operating, spewing out deadly pollution, we have our work cut out for us as we create the citizen movement that will shut down coal and create a clean energy future, and we could really take off if “Coal Country” joins us in the effort. How is your cancer rate per capita? How is your health? How is your quality of life? Please join the national movement for anti-coal

to stop these things from happening. Your help Wyoming will be the key to succeeding. Jessica Krousman From Editor Nicholas De Laat: I am very sorry, but you wrote into the wrong paper! Rarely will I rip on someone writing in a letter to the editor, but you have asked for it. COAL, OIL, AND GAS IS GOOD! I can write columns why, but let’s stick to the basics. 1. It has created many jobs, and if you count the trickle-down effect coal, oil, and gas are the bases of employment of about three quarters of the world’s workforce and businesses. 2. No businesses or energy actually works unless it makes a profit. Wind and solar do not, and even take government subsidies to construct and operate. 3. They do not burn as dirty as you think, not even close. The last number I heard was that 99.6% of all that “Smoke” coming out of the stacks is clean water vaper. 4. The quality of life in our community is better than any community I have lived in or seen in the entire country, and I am proud of that. You should see how much various groups raise for cancer, and no the coal mines and power plants are not causing it. 5. If you shut down coal, you put the country and therefore the world in an apocalyptic depression. How will you feed the needy when you don’t have the electricity to produce the food…or clothing…or anything for that matter? I realize you go to a well named University, but here is a piece of advice. First of all, college professors don’t really know as much as you think, or they would be doing instead of teaching. They also teach you ideas and sometimes reality and common sense are things you have to learn on your own. I admire your passion, and am very happy you are getting involved in something. Please keep that up throughout your life, but please do much more research on the depth of the water before you jump off the bridge.

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-Mayor’s Art Council Meeting, 5 p.m., 3rd Floor Conference Room, City Hall -The Town of Wright Plan-

Letters to the Editor


ning & Zoning Commission at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers -Planning Commission Meeting, 7 p.m., Council Chambers, City Hall -Campbell County Commissioners meeting, 9am

Wednesday April 4

-Joint Powers Lodging Tax Board Meeting 5pm

Joke of the week Submitted by Mike Streller 3 guys were riding in a car: a hardware technician, a systems analyst, and a programmer. The systems analyst is driving and when they come to a steep hill he finds that the brakes have failed and the car is accelerating out of control. So, the driver pumps the emergency brake, downshifts the gears, and rubs the wheels’ rims against the curb. He finally wrestles the car to a stop. The three climb out and assess the situation. Hardware tech: “Let’s try and fix it. I’ll crawl under the car and take a look. “ Systems analyst: “No. I think we should get someone qualified to fix it, a specialist in brakes.” Programmer: “Why don’t we just get back in and see if it happens again?”


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Who’s Brand is this in Campbell County? Answer from last week Steve Malli

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Public Pulse What’s Going On? Friday, March 30 -Badger Horse @ Jakes Tavern -AVA: Little Tikes, 10 a.m. -AA- Mid-day Serenity, 12 noon, 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Happy Hour, 5:30 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -Artist Reception- Chris Amend, 6 p.m., Camplex Heritage Center -Gillette Energy Rotary’s 10th Annual Beer & Wine Festival, 7 p.m., Camplex Wyoming Center -AA-Hopefuls(BB), 8 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Last Call Group, 10 p.m., 2910 S Douglas Hwy. Saturday, March 31 -Badger Horse @ Jakes Tavern -AA- Discussion, 8:30 a.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -Teen Dungeons & Dragons, 10 a.m., CCPL -RCM Barrel Race, 10 a.m., Camplex East Pavilion, 680-5105 -Saturday Pics for Pets Fundraiser, 11 a.m.- 4 p.m., Joe’s Pet Depot, 682-3278 -AA- Mid-day Serenity, 12 noon, 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -Teen Open-Play Video Gaming, 1 p.m., CCPL -Easter Egg Hunt, 1 p.m., Bicentennial Park, 6828527 -Benefit Auction & Spaghetti Supper for Mike Harry, 5 p.m., Rockpile Community Center, 680-4211 -AA-Happy Hour, 5:30 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Hopefuls(BB), 8 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Last Call Group, 10 p.m., 2910 S Douglas Hwy. Sunday, April 1 APRIL FOOLS DAY -WBA Meeting @ Jakes Tavern -Black’s Pig, Lamb & Goat Sale, Camplex Barn 3, 689-4441 -AA-Morning Spiritual, 10:15 a.m., 2910 S Douglas Hwy. -Marlin’s Auto & Motorcycle Auction, 10:30 a.m.- 4 p.m., Camplex Central Pa-

vilion, 689-4441 -AA- Mid-day Serenity, 12 noon, 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -Senior Center- Carry In Game Day, 12 noon -AA-Happy Hour, 5:30 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Hopefuls(BB), 8 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. Monday, April 2 -AA- Mid-day Serenity, 12 noon, 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -Adult Reading Discussion, 5 p.m., CCPL -AA-Happy Hour, 5:30 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Hopefuls(BB), 8 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. Tuesday, April 3 -HealthCHECK Testing, 7-11 a.m., CCMH Lab, 6881222 -CCSD Gate Discovery Day, 9:15 a.m., Camplex Central Pavilion, 682-7293 -Storytime, 3-5 yr. olds, 10:30 a.m., CCPL -AA- Mid-day Serenity, 12 noon, 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AVA- Preschool Art, 2 p.m. -AVA- Grade School Pottery, 4 p.m. -Teen Card Game Club, 4 p.m., CCPL -AA-Happy Hour, 5:30 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Beginners, 6:45 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -Prairie Wind Kindergarten Music Program, 7 p.m., CCHS Auditorium -AA-Hopefuls(BB), 8 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. Wednesday, April 04 -Children’s Immunization Clinic, 8-11:30 a.m., Public Health -CCSD Gate Discovery Day, 9:15-12:00pm, Camplex Central Pavilion -Storytime, 3-5 yr. olds, 10:30 a.m., CCP Library -Storytime, All Ages, 11 a.m., Wright Library -Chamber Luncheon: Business Forum on Local Issues featuring -AA- Mid-day Serenity, 12 noon, 2910 S. Douglas

Joke of the week

Hwy. -AA-Happy Hour, 5:30 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Hopefuls(BB), 8 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -Grade School Drawing, AVA art center, 4pm-5pm -Mommie and Me class, AVA art center, 1pm-2pm -9:00-12:30 VITA Tax Assistance (by appt), Senior Center -Senior Center, 9:00-Yoga -Senior Center, 9:00-Ceramics -Senior Center, 9:30-Healthy Cooking -Senior Center, 1:00-Cards, Tai Ch Thursday, April 05 -HealthCHECK Testing, 7-11 a.m., CCMH Lab, 6881222 -Toddler Time, 18 months3 yr., 9:30 a.m., CCPL -Storytime, 3-5 yr. olds, 10:30 a.m., CCPL -AA- Mid-day Serenity, 12 noon, 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AVA- Homeschool Art, 2 p.m. -Senior Center: Tin Lizzie Bus, 2 p.m. -AVA- Grade School Kids Club, 4 p.m. -AA-Happy Hour, 5:30 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -Families & Jammies, Birth- 6th Grade, 6:30 p.m., CCPL -Teen Anime Club, 7 p.m., CCPL -AA-Hopefuls(BB), 8 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -Senior Center, 9:00amThe Lodge Bus -Senior Center 10:00amOil Painting -Senior Center 10:00amExercise Class -Senior Center 1:00pmCards, Bing

-AA-Last Call Group, 10 p.m., 2910 S Douglas Hwy. -Senior Center 1st National Bank Birthday Dinner -Senior Center 9:00amQuilting, Yoga -Senior Center 9:00amCeramics -Senior Center 9:30amWalking -Senior Center 10:00amSenior Singers -Senior Center 1:00pmCards, Dance Clas -Judd Hoos-Jakes Tavern Saturday, April 07 -AA- Discussion, 8:30 a.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -Judd Hoos-Jakes Tavern -KOOL 105.3 Bouince Fest, 1pm-6pm-Central Pavilion, Camplex -AVA art center, artists sweep-4H Dog Show, 9 a.m.- 4 p.m., Camplex Barn 3 -Teen Dungeons & Dragons, 10 a.m., CCPL -AA- Mid-day Serenity, 12 noon, 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -Teen Open-Play Video Gaming, 1 p.m., CCPL -AA-Happy Hour, 5:30 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Hopefuls(BB), 8 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Last Call Group, 10 p.m., 2910 S Douglas Hwy. Sunday, April 08 -Senior Center- CLOSED -Wyoming Bikers Association Meeting-Jakes Tavern -AA-Morning Spiritual, 10:15 a.m., 2910 S Douglas Hwy. -AA- Mid-day Serenity, 12 noon, 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Happy Hour, 5:30 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Hopefuls(BB), 8 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy.

Friday, April 06 -AVA: Little Tikes, 10 a.m. -AA- Mid-day Serenity, 12 noon, 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -AA-Happy Hour, 5:30 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy. -Kids Night Out, 6-9 p.m., Rec. Center -AA-Hopefuls(BB), 8 p.m., 2910 S. Douglas Hwy.

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Thomas Williams, former Atlanta Falcon DT (94-95) holds a copy of the Campbell County Observer while celebrating St. Patty’s day in Deadwood, SD.

Submitted by Dave Kerarnsey A man about to have a heart transplant was offered the choice of either a 26 year-old marathon runners heart or the heart of a 62 yearold IRS agent. He picked the agent’s heart because he said it had never been used.

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Weekly Trivia Answer from Last Week On what date is the U.S. Army’s Birthday? June 14, 1775

When the American Revolution broke out, the rebellious colonies did not possess an army in the modern sense. Rather, the revolutionaries fielded an amateur force of colonial troops, cobbled together from various New England militia companies. They had no unified chain of command, and although Artemas Ward of Massachusetts exercised authority by informal agreement, officers from other colonies were not obligated to obey his orders. The American volunteers were led, equipped, armed, paid for, and supported by the colonies from which they were raised. In the spring of 1775, this “army” was about to confront British troops near Boston, Massachusetts. The revolutionaries had to re-organize their forces quickly if they were to stand a chance against Britain’s seasoned professionals. Recognizing the need to enlist the support of all of the American seaboard colonies, the Massachusetts Provincial Congress appealed to the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia to assume authority for the New England army. Reportedly, at John Adams’ request, Congress voted to “adopt” the Boston troops on June 14, although there is no written record of this decision. Also on this day, Congress resolved to form a committee “to bring in a draft of rules and regulations for the government of the Army,” and voted $2,000,000 to support the forces around Boston, and those at New York City. Moreover, Congress authorized the formation of ten companies of expert riflemen from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, which were directed to march to Boston to support the New England militia. George Washington received his appointment as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army the next day, and formally took command at Boston on July 3, 1775.


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Sports Report Gillette Roughriders 2012 schedule Tue 4/10/12 5pm - 7pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Rapid City Central HS Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sat 4/14/12 TBA Cheyenne Snowball Series vs. Gillette Roughriders Powers Field, Cheyenne WY Sun 4/15/12 TBA Cheyenne Snowball Series vs. Gillette Roughriders Powers Field, Cheyenne WY Wed 4/18/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Rapid City Stevens HS vs. Gillette Roughriders McKeague Field Sat 4/21/12 TBA Gillette Roughriders vs. Gillette Snowball Series Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sun 4/22/12 TBA Gillette Roughriders vs. Gillette Snowball Series Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Wed 4/25/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Rapid City Central HS vs. Gillette Roughriders McKeague Field Sat 4/28/12 TBA Casper Snowball Series vs. Gillette Roughriders Mike Lansing Field, Casper WY Sun 4/29/12 TBA Casper Snowball Series vs. Gillette Roughriders Mike Lansing Field, Casper WY Wed 5/2/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Rapid City Stevens HS Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Thu 5/3/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Sturgis Titans vs. Gillette Roughriders Strong Field, Sturgis SD Fri 5/4/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Spearfish Spartans vs. Gillette Roughriders Black Hills Power Field, Spearfish SD Fri 5/4/12 7:30pm - 9:30pm Spearfish Spartans vs. Gillette Roughriders Black Hills Power Field, Spearfish SD Sun 5/6/12 1pm - 3pm Rapid City 320 vs. Gillette Roughriders Pete Lein Field, Rapid City SD Post 320 Sun 5/6/12 3pm - 5pm Rapid City 320 vs. Gillette Roughriders Pete Lein Field, Rapid City SD Post 320 Wed 5/9/12 5pm - 7pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Miles City Outlaws Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Fri 5/11/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Rapid City Post 22 Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sat 5/12/12 2pm - 4pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Billings Scarlets Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sat 5/12/12 4pm - 6pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Billings Scarlets Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sun 5/13/12 11am - 1pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Billings Scarlets Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Wed 5/16/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Rapid City Post 22 vs. Gillette Roughriders Fitzgerald Stadium, Rapid City SD Post 22 Fri 5/18/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Spearfish Spartans Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Fri 5/18/12 7:30pm - 9:30pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Spearfish Spartans Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sat 5/19/12 1:30pm - 3:30pm North Platte, NE vs. Gillette Roughriders Scottsbluff NE Sat 5/19/12 3:30pm - 5:30pm Scottsbluff Zyphers vs. Gillette Roughriders Scottsbluff NE Wed 5/23/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Rapid City Post 22 vs. Gillette Roughriders Fitzgerald Stadium, Rapid City SD Post 22 Fri 5/25/12 TBA Gillette Roughriders vs. Spring Classic Tourney Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sat 5/26/12 TBA Gillette Roughriders vs. Spring Classic Tourney Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sun 5/27/12 TBA Gillette Roughriders vs. Spring Classic Tourney Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Mon 5/28/12 TBA Gillette Roughriders vs. Spring Classic Tourney Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Wed 5/30/12 5pm - 7pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Miles City Outlaws Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Wed 5/30/12 7pm - 9pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Miles City Outlaws Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Fri 6/1/12 6pm - 8pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Alumni Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sat 6/2/12 TBA Denver Playball vs. Gillette Roughriders Denver, CO Sat 6/2/12 TBA Denver Playball vs. Gillette Roughriders Denver CO Sun 6/3/12 TBA Denver Playball vs. Gillette Roughriders Denver CO Sun 6/3/12 TBA Denver Playball vs. Gillette Roughriders Denver CO Wed 6/6/12 6pm - 8pm Casper Oilers vs. Gillette Roughriders Mike Lansing Field, Casper WY Fri 6/8/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Sheridan Troopers vs. Gillette Roughriders Thornrider Stadium, Sheridan WY Fri 6/8/12 7:30pm - 9:30pm Sheridan Troopers vs. Gillette Roughriders Thornrider Stadium, Sheridan WY Sat 6/9/12 3pm - 5pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Wheatland LoBos Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sat 6/9/12 5pm - 7pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Wheatland LoBos Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sun 6/10/12 1pm - 3pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Rapid City 320 Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sun 6/10/12 3pm - 5pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Rapid City 320 Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Tue 6/12/12 7pm - 9pm Sioux Falls Post 307 vs. Gillette Roughriders Sioux Falls, SD Wed 6/13/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Roncalli vs. Gillette Roughriders Roosenblat Area Fields, Omaha NE Thu 6/14/12 TBA Cornhusker Classic vs. Gillette Roughriders Roosenblat Area Fields, Omaha NE Fri 6/15/12 TBA Cornhusker Classic vs. Gillette Roughriders Roosenblat Area Fields, Omaha NE Sat 6/16/12 TBA Cornhusker Classic vs. Gillette Roughriders Roosenblat Area Fields, Omaha NE Sun 6/17/12 TBA Cornhusker Classic vs. Gillette Roughriders Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Wed 6/20/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Sturgis Titans Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Fri 6/22/12 TBA UAS BILLINGS TOURNAMENT vs. Gillette Roughriders Dehler Park, Billings MT Sat 6/23/12 TBA UAS BILLINGS TOURNAMENT vs. Gillette Roughriders Dehler Park, Billings MT Sun 6/24/12 TBA UAS BILLINGS TOURNAMENT vs. Gillette Roughriders Dehler Park, Billings MT Mon 6/25/12 TBA UAS BILLINGS TOURNAMENT vs. Gillette Roughriders Dehler Park, Billings MT Tue 6/26/12 TBA UAS BILLINGS TOURNAMENT vs. Gillette Roughriders Billings MT Wed 6/27/12 7pm - 9pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Durango Post 76 Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Thu 6/28/12 TBA Gillette Roughriders vs. Hladky Memorial Tourney Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Fri 6/29/12 TBA Gillette Roughriders vs. Hladky Memorial Tourney Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sat 6/30/12 TBA Gillette Roughriders vs. Hladky Memorial Tourney Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Sun 7/1/12 TBA Gillette Roughriders vs. Hladky Memorial Tourney Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Wed 7/4/12 TBA River City Classic Tournament Boise vs. Gillette Roughriders Boise, ID Thu 7/5/12 TBA River City Classic Tournament Boise vs. Gillette Roughriders Boise, ID Fri 7/6/12 TBA River City Classic Tournament Boise vs. Gillette Roughriders Boise, ID Sat 7/7/12 TBA River City Classic Tournament Boise vs. Gillette Roughriders Boise, ID Wed 7/11/12 6pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Casper Oilers Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Mon 7/16/12 5:30pm - 7:30pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Sheridan Troopers Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Mon 7/16/12 7:30pm - 9:30pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Sheridan Troopers Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Tue 7/17/12 TBA Wheatland LoBos vs. Gillette Roughriders Wheatland, WY Tue 7/17/12 TBA Wheatland LoBos vs. Gillette Roughriders Wheatland, WY Thu 7/19/12 TBA Pev Evans Tourney vs. Gillette Roughriders Fitzgerald Stadium, Rapid City SD Post 22 Fri 7/20/12 TBA Pev Evans Tourney vs. Gillette Roughriders Fitzgerald Stadium, Rapid City SD Post 22 Sat 7/21/12 TBA Pev Evans Tourney vs. Gillette Roughriders Fitzgerald Stadium, Rapid City SD Post 22 Sun 7/22/12 TBA Pev Evans Tourney vs. Gillette Roughriders Fitzgerald Stadium, Rapid City SD Post 22 Tue 7/24/12 6pm - 8pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Cheyenne Post 6 Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Wed 7/25/12 6pm - 8pm Gillette Roughriders vs. Sweetwater Co. Mustangs Roughrider Stadium, Gillette WY Fri 7/27/12 6pm - 8pm Sweetwater Co. Mustangs vs. Gillette Roughriders Rock Springs WY Sat 7/28/12 6pm - 8pm Cheyenne Post 6 vs. Gillette Roughriders Powers Field, Cheyenne WY Wed 8/1/12 TBA State Tournament Casper WY vs. Gillette Roughriders Mike Lansing Field, Casper WY Thu 8/2/12 TBA State Tournament Casper WY vs. Gillette Roughriders Mike Lansing Field, Casper WY Fri 8/3/12 TBA State Tournament Casper WY vs. Gillette Roughriders Mike Lansing Field, Casper WY Sat 8/4/12 TBA State Tournament Casper WY vs. Gillette Roughriders Mike Lansing Field, Casper WY Thu 8/9/12 TBA Northwest Regional Tourney Billings vs. Gillette Roughriders Dehler Park, Billings MT Fri 8/10/12 TBA Northwest Regional Tourney Billings vs. Gillette Roughriders Dehler Park, Billings MT Sat 8/11/12 TBA Northwest Regional Tourney Billings vs. Gillette Roughriders Dehler Park, Billings MT Sun 8/12/12 TBA Northwest Regional Tourney Billings vs. Gillette Roughriders Dehler Park, Billings MT Thu 8/16/12 TBA Legion World Series Shelby NC vs. Gillette Roughriders Shelby NC Fri 8/17/12 TBA Legion World Series Shelby NC vs. Gillette Roughriders Shelby NC Sat 8/18/12 TBA Legion World Series Shelby NC vs. Gillette Roughriders Shelby NC Sun 8/19/12 TBA Legion World Series Shelby NC vs. Gillette Roughriders Shelby NC

Gillette Thunder Speedway 2012 race schedule

What’s Going On In Sports? Friday, March 30

-Gillette College Rodeo @ Colorado State University -CCHS GSOC (JV/V) @ Cheyenne Central, 3 p.m. -CCHS BSOC (JV/V) @ Cheyenne Central, 4 p.m. -CCHS Spring Play 1, 7 p.m., CCHS North Campus Auditorium

Saturday, March 31

-Gillette College Rodeo @ Colorado State University -Wright High School Track Susan Windham Invite @Gillette 10-3pm -CCHS BSOC (JV/V) @ Cheyenne East, 10 a.m. -CCHS GSOC (JV/V) @ Cheyenne East, 3 p.m. -CCHS Spring Play 1, 7 p.m., CCHS North Campus Auditorium

Sunday, April 1

-Gillette College Rodeo @ Colorado State University

Tuesday, April 3rd

-Wright High School PreEaster Invite @ Home 3pm7pm -CCHS Girls Soccer vs. Riverton-3:00pm

Friday, April 06

-CCHS BSOC (JV/V) vs. Laramie, 3 p.m., CCHS South Campus -CCHS GSOC (JV/V) @ Laramie, 3 p.m. -CCHS Track Meet in Spearfish -WJSH Spring Musical, 7 p.m., Town Hall -(Beginning of Spring Break)

Saturday, April 07

-Jr. High Solo/ Ensemble Festival, 8 a.m., TSJH -CCHS BSOC (JV/V) vs. Cheyenne South, 10 a.m., CCHS South Campus -CCHS GSOC (JV/V) @ Cheyenne South, 10 a.m. -WJSH Spring Musical, 7 p.m., Town Hall

-CCHS Boys Soccer at Riverton-1:30pm

Campbell County Observer 5k walk/run This April, the Campbell County Observer is proudly celebrating its one year anniversary of publication! To mark this occasion, we are throwing a 5k walk/run fundraiser to be held on April 7 at 8:30 am at the Gillette College Campus. The funds from this event will go toward a scholarship fund which will be awarded to a local high school student who plans to attend Gillette College. In an effort to uphold our belief in the local business and local economy, we decided to support a local student attending our local college. The scholarship recipient will be determined at a later date following a writing contest (details to come). Come and get a jumpstart on burning off those

Easter candy calories by running with us. We will be raffling off many prizes which have been donated by various local businesses. Registration for the event begins at 8:30 and the run starts at 9:00. The cost to participate is $10, $20 with a t-shirt, or $50 for a t-shirt and a six month newspaper subscription. Also, at the event, we will begin collecting business cards for our “Business Card Raffle.” If you, or someone you know, has any kind of business then bring one of your business cards to put in our raffle box. Each week, one card will be drawn from the box and whoever the lucky winner is that week will be interviewed and featured in our business section.

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Car Show at the Camplex Central Pavilion..............................April 21 Test and Tune..............................................................................April 28 Regular Race *..............................................................................May 5 Car Quest Thunder Stock Bash..................................................May 12 Regular Race*...............................................................................May 19 Regular Race..................................................................................May 26 DirtCar Late Models*...................................................................June 2 Pepsi Challenge race for Midwest Modifieds.............................June 9 Regular Race*................................................................................June 16 Late Model Chip Night Black Jack Special.................................June 23 Regular Race..................................................................................June 30 Demolition Derby, Thunder Stocks & Midwest Modified........June 31 Mac’s Gunworks IMCA 38 Special*............................................July 7 Harold Allen Memorial Twin 20’s Midwest Mod. Special........July 14 Regular Race...................................................................................July 21 NAPA Night DirtCar Late Models*.............................................July 28 Regular Race*................................................................................August 4 Closed..............................................................................................August 11 Regular Race..................................................................................August 18 Budweiser Season Championships*............................................August 25

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East/West Clash

Limited Late Models,Mod-4, Thunder Stocks IMCA Mods....................................................................................August 31 Limited Late Models, Mod-4, Midwest Mods., Late models, IMCA Mods*..........................................................September 1 Thunder Stocks, Limited Late Models, Mod-4, Midwest Mods, Late Models, IMCA Mods*..............................September 2

“You always get a special kick on opening day, no matter how many you go through. You look forward to it like a birthday party when you’re a kid. You think something wonderful is going to happen.” - Joe DiMaggio


Sports Report

Photo by Nathan Kobielusz - Basin Radio

State champs (above, left to right) Taylor Jeffries, Trent Olson, Trevor Jeffries, Warren Carr, and Mason Miller

Nick Vittori stopped 43 of 47 shots Friday.

Gillette’s Season on the Line after loss By Ted Ripko - Basin Radio Sports After losing their best of seven series 4 games to 2 to Missoula on Friday night the Gillette Wild had to take on Billings in a best of three series to qualify for the 2012 National Tournament in Rochester, MN. In game 1 on Saturday in Billings the Wild fell 3-1 as Stanislav Izvekov scored Gillette’s first goal since game five against Missoula ending a scoring drought of 115 minutes and 19 seconds. Going into game two against the Bulls, trailing 1 game to nothing, the Wild were in a must win mind set if they wanted to extend their season. Coach Tom Winkler reminded his team that they had to have short memories going into game 2, “We’ve got to have a short memory…we don’t have time to over analyze it. We don’t have time to beat ourselves up about it. We’ve got to shake it off and get ready to play.” The Wild seemed to buy into that philosophy as they jumped out to a 2-0 lead on 1st period on goals by Tyler Cavan and Casey Moneer, unfortunately that lead vanished on a power play and shorthanded goal in the second period. The Bulls scored the eventual game winner with just over 3 minutes remaining in the second period. Billings then added an insurance goal in the third period to end the Wild’s season with a 4-2 win. “We played well enough to win, but some of the mistakes we made…were critical timing errors…we made mistakes we hadn’t been making for quite a while,” said Coach Winkler about the two losses to Billings. Izvekov led the Wild in goals scored in the playoffs with 6, which was by far the most for Gillette. Taylor Motsinger and Trent Dillinger were 2nd on the team with 3 playoff goals each. Casey Moneer led all Wild players in playoff points with 11, including 10 assists. Moneer’s 11 points are the most by any player so far in the America West Hockey League playoffs. After closing out their season Wild Head Coach and General Manager Tom Winkler has had time to look back and reflect on what could’ve been and he feels like his team just got caught up in the moment in game 6 against Missoula, “We finally got caught in the moment, kind of realizing this could be it if we don’t win this game. I think we had the death grip on the stick and I think we made some mistakes…we didn’t play with the confidence we had in the first 5 games (with Missoula). We looked nervous, we looked panicked, we just didn’t execute.” Coach Winkler remembers fondly about a couple of things throughout he season that he can call his fondest memories, “Getting our first big win over Helena at home was monumental for the team, beating them in their barn was huge…the fact that we made minimal changes with our roster, I think that says a lot about the kids and the character that we have.” Even though Gillette closed out their season with 3 consecutive losses Coach Winkler was proud of his team, “I was re-

ally proud of our guys after the last game… It took a while for us to get out of the rink. I think it was really truly, honestly because they were disappointed that they weren’t going to get to play together anymore. As Coaches when you have a tight knit team and tight knit group of kids and you see that type of reaction…that’s when you realize that they get it…and that the guys really did do a great job (this season).” Coach Winkler will look back at this year’s squad and remember just what a great group of guys he had, “This was a tremendous, tremendous group…these kids really represented us so well…they did all that we asked them to as far as youth hockey development and helping us grow the sport with learn to skate and learn to play programs.” In Junior Hockey it’s tough to hold onto a good core of your players because some players have played out their eligibility and others are looking for new opportunities, but Coach Winkler is excited because he believes the Wild will have a good group of returners for Gillette’s 2nd season, “We have an idea of probably 10 to 12 kids who want to come back, which is huge. That’s a great nucleus to start building a team around for next year.” Winkler added, “We’ve got a lot of interest from new players and we’ve got to get out and see some of these kids and start the recruiting process. It’s going be nice to have a full summer to build a team.” Last season if you remember Winkler and the Gillette Wild had 6 weeks to put together a team and Coach was still proud with how things turned out with such little time to prepare, “6 weeks to put a team together and we were still able to get to the playoffs and were just 2 games away from going to nationals… it’s something to very proud of about this hockey team.” Coach Winkler has also stepped up within the America West Hockey League as the Director of the Competition Committee and he would like to see steps forward by the league in areas like player safety, including injury prevention, “Just like the NHL (National Hockey League) we’ve got to deal with injury prevention. We’ve had a lot of concussions in the league (this season)… we’ve lost probably 40 to 50 man games with our 7 or 8 that we had this year…It’s a very serious issue that we have to look at (in the off season).” Winkler added, “hitting from behind was a huge problem in the league this year. So those are some of the areas we are going to look at.” For complete season stats and playoff stats just go to http://gillettewildhockey. I would like to send a very special thank you to Tom Winkler for taking time out of his very busy schedule each week to talk with me about the good and the bad all season long and keeping me in the loop about what was happening with the Wild all season long.

Taylor Jeffries (left) with his Govenor’s Award

Six Peak Wrestlers crowned state champions Submitted by Jannie Miller On March 23 and 24, the Peak Wrestlers traveled to Casper to compete in the Wyoming State Folkstyle Wrestling Championships. As a team Peak placed second overall in the small team classification and fourth overall out of all teams competing from Wyoming. Peak Wrestling crowned six wrestlers as state champions: Mason Miller in the Intermediate 65 lb division, Warren Carr in the Intermediate 80 lb division, Trevor Jeffries in the Schoolboy 84 lb division, Taylor Jeffries in the Schoolboy 120lb division, Trenton Smith in the Cadet 100 lb division, and Trent Olson in the Cadet 106lb division. Earning a second place finish was Hunter Schultz in the Intermediate 70 lb division, Josh Macy in the Novice 75 lb division, Britten Grey in the Novice 105 lb division, Brady Vogel in the Schoolboy 105 lb division, and Drayson Hladky in the Schoolboy 128 lb division. Other results include: Lane Barbour - 3rd place - Schoolboy 144 lb


Dalton Macy - 4th place - Schoolboy 91

Wyatt Rising - 5th place - Cadet 106 lb Tanner Macy - 6th place - Bantam 60 lb Rayce Mason - 6th place - Intermediate 50 lb Wrestling but not placing were Cooper Cook, Brady Carlson, Tristan Wornkey, Tanner Cook, Sage Grey, Logan Reed, and Hunter Rawlings Taylor Jeffries was also honored with receiving the prestigious Governor’s award for excellence of Folkstyle Wrestling for the 2011 season. The Governor’s Award is given to the outstanding wrestler for each age division and style from the past season. This award is given to age divisions in which there is a USA sanctioned national tournament. Selections criteria are based on placement at USA sanctioned events with emphasis toward the highest levels of competition. Several of the Peak Wrestlers will be traveling to Iowa next weekend for the 2012 Asics USAW Folkstyle National tourney.

Boys and girls from Gillette at National Hockey Tourney A group of local high school hockey players including Austin Tennant, Dalton McCann, Tyler Reble, Brandon Castleberry, Dylan Martinez and Sean Kelley opened up USA Hockey Tier II Midget AA National Tournament Tuesday in Lansing, Michigan. Team WY opened up round robin play against the North Carolina Hurricanes and then they took on team Oklahoma at 6pm Thursday and on Friday they’ll take on the West Virginia Nailers at 2 p.m. Elimination

play begins on Saturday. Gillette’s Lindsay Sullivan, Bree Johnson and Macy Sullivan will all be suiting up for Team Wyoming’s 19 and under state hockey team at the 2012 Tier II Girls National Championship in Frisco, TX that began Wednesday with a round robin match-up with the Mid-Fairfield Connecticut Stars. Thursday they took on the Cape Cod Sharks and tomorrow they’ll battle Keweenaw Storm before elimination play begins on Saturday.

Joke of the week Submitted by Sarah Baxter Why it’s better to be a Woman! - We got off the Titanic first. - Our boyfriend’s clothes make us look elfin & gorgeous. Guys look like complete idiots in ours. - We can be groupies. Male groupies are stalkers. - We can cry and get off speeding fines. - We’ve never lusted after a cartoon character or the central female figure in a computer game. - Taxis stop for us. - Men die earlier, so we get to cash in on the life insurance. - We don’t look like a frog in a blender when dancing. - Free drinks, Free dinners, Free movies ... (you get the point). - It’s possible to live our whole lives without ever taking a group shower. - We can congratulate our team-mate without ever touching her butt. - If we’re dumb, some people will find it cute. - We don’t have to memorize Caddyshack or Fletch to fit in. - We have the ability to dress ourselves. - There are times when chocolate really can solve all your problems. - We can fully assess a person just by looking at their shoes. - We have enough sense to realize that the easiest way to get out of being lost is to ask for directions.

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Large Private RV/Camper Lot for rent. Big yard, trees. All utilities available. $400 per month, $400 deposit. 1 year lease. Call (307) 6601007. 5th wheel camper for sale. Call Skip (307) 680-0073

Work Wanted Skidsteer with Operator. For all your Snow Removal and Dirt needs. Call Ken at 307680-5947 Weekly house cleaning-$50.00 per week. Windows, floors, dusting, bathrooms, etc. Call 670-2037.

Tri-level house for sale 4 bed 2 bath $209,000 (307) 6701925. Gorgeous land home package set up in Wright. 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, hickory cabinets throughout, front porch, central air, and much more. Financing available. For a personal showing call (307) 687-0333 40+ Acres 2 miles south of Wright 1999 Atlantic Oak Modular. $250,000 OBO Call 307 - 680 – 2374 FSBO 2,688 SF home on corner lot with fenced back yard. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, upgraded kitchen, finished walkout basement, oversized garage. $259,000. 307-680-9180.

Apartments for Rent 1-5 bedroom units available for rent. Please contact Real Estate Systems of Gillette Inc at 307-682-0964 for all the updated details. Spacious & new, 1, 2, &3 bdrm affordable apartments available now! Call 6858066. Washer and dryer in every unit. Private sunny patio or balcony. Special move-in rate, 1 bdrm: $694, 2 bdrm: $777, 3 bdrm: $888. Move in now and deduct $ 200 off first month while special lasts. Call Konnie or Celeste at Highland Properties 685-8066.

Autos, Trucks and Vans 1986 Toyota Tercel 4x4. $1050.00. Call 307-2995918 Chopper - Custom built frame, s&s engine, carb, etc. 80ci. Evolution engine. Wide glide front end. Low. Torn apart down to frame. Have all parts, could be built in two days with under $200.00. Asking $5,500 or best offer. Price:$5,500obo. Contact: 307-670-2037 1993 Chevy 1500 4x4 350 Engine, runs great. 5 spd. manual, transmission needs rebuilt. Transfer case in great condition. No other problems other than transmission. Asking $2,000 or best offer. Price: $2,000obo. Contact: 307-670-2037 2004 Yukon Denali XL,6.0 Motor, Loaded $14,000 OBO 660-9351 1982 Chevy Ventura Van. 350 Engine, 400 Turbo newly rebuilt transmission. Interior in GREAT shape, has a working electric wet bar and built in cooler in back. Carb. needs re-jetted, other than that there are no problems. Must see. Asking $3,500 or best offer. Price:$3,500obo. Contact: 307-670-8980

Camping/Fishing Minnows, crawlers, leeches, fishing tackle, boating and camping supplies. Fully furnished cabin rentals, 50 Amp Full Hookup RV sites 5 minutes from Keyhole Reservoir in Pine Haven. Empire Guesthouse & RV Park 307756-3454.

Home Appliances/ Furnshings Microfiber couch with 2 recliners combined. Green. $100 Call 299-4967. Booth Table. L-shaped. With Chairs. Seats 6. $500.00 Call 299-4967 Three antique pressedbacked oak chairs. Excellent condition. $85 each. 6820042 Storage Unit Sale!!!!! Home stereo, car speakers, 2 dressers, mattress and box spring sets $20, chests, coffee table, chairs, end tables and much more. Call (307) 682-7864

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No phone calls please!

Custom Harley Soft tail. Being built, need to sell now. Almost finished. Chopper, built in Sturgis, SD. Asking $5,500 and will help you build it. HAVE ALL PARTS! Call 257-2306 ‘76 Electra-Glide would consider trade on Pan or Knuck if ya know of anyone, ‘81 sent it to LA-S&S, 11.5to1 and dual-plugged to run regular-gas, had burn-out time at Hog-Jam! Ben 680.7464. 1981 Harley Davidson FXBSturgis, 1st dual-belt drive to commemorate Hill-Climb @ Sturgis, Jack-Pine Gypsies rally started in ‘41, 50th anniversary model. 12K on straight-up original paint, new Moetzler’s driven-by beefed Shovel, 102hp at wheel. Perfect in every aspect, serious inquiries only, loan is $15K and value of over 25K. Ben 680.7464, 3-other older bikes and this has to go to the right person! 2008 Hyundai Sonata LMTD, 40,000 mi. $13,500, Call 307-660-2532.

Heavy Equipment/ Trailers 6x10 trailer. Great shape, fits your biggest Harley. $1,400 obo. 299-4967. 1981 Circle J 4-horse Horse Trailer. New floor, paint and wiring. $2500 OBO Call 307 - 680 – 2374 1981 Circle J 4-horse Horse Trailer. New floor, paint and wiring done in shop class 2 years ago. No rust only used once since redone. $2500 or OBO Call 307 - 680 – 2374

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Our Roots “The extravagant expenditure of public money is an evil not to be measured by the value of that money to the people who are taxed for it.” - President Chester A. Arthur

Joke of the week “Supplemental Rules for Bowling” Submitted by Greg Christian

Remember those who came before us -

Native American Tribes By Mike Borda

When referring to American history, it is common to think back as far as the American Revolution. Some people extend this back to pre-Revolution America, when we were part of the British Empire. Moreover, for the few who go back further, we remember the earliest European colonization of the continent. It is important for us to remember, however, that this is not where American history started. To understand the formation of our country, we must remember the Native Americans who first settled this land and shaped the environment. Before Columbus, the American continent was settled by many different tribes, each covering their own regions. The following are some of those tribes, and their regions: Pacific Northwest: Nez Perce, Chinook, Shoshone

Southwest: Navajo, Hopi, Apache Great Plains: Sioux, Lakota, Cheyenne Texas: Comanche Midwest: Shawnee, Potawatomi Southeast: Chocktaw, Cherokee, Seminole Northeast: Iroquois These are just a few of the many tribes that populated the place we now call our country. In fact, over the course of history there have been hundreds, possibly thousands, of different tribes that have called these lands home. However, it is important to remember that these were not always separate tribes, populating their own individual regions. Starting around 1000 CE, the Mississippian nation spread from the upper Midwest all the way to the south of the continent. They congregated in

massive cities, with some even holding populations of up to 20,000 residents. Like the Mississippian people, the Iroquois of the 16th century also embraced a large nation over individual cells. Five main tribal groups combined to form what was known as the Iroquois Confederacy. The Iroquois stretched through the northeast, and were among the first to meet the European settlers. While we all think of American history beginning with the Europeans, we must always remember that there were those that came before us. These Native American tribes were the first stewards of our land, and the lessons they have to teach us are immeasurable. America is more than just four hundred years of history. Thousands of years of people, lives, and stories make our nation great and we owe it to them to keep those memories alive.

If you holler “overs!” before the ball passes the arrows, you get to throw the ball over, unless of course, you get a strike. In which case, you can renege on the “overs”. When your team is about 10 marks down in the 8th or 9th frame, you can invoke the rule “First Team Through Bowling Wins the Game”, and your team still has a chance. After a member of the opposing team bowls 4 strikes in a row, he/she must bowl the next 4 frames blindfolded. If he/she continues to strike, his/her shoelaces will be tied together for 2 frames. When you leave the 10-pin and you know you can’t make the spare, but another member of your team can, invoke the “Designated Bowler” rule. After you have 4 splits in one game, you may say “Kings X” and take those 4 frames over. However, if you split on the 2nd time around, you accept it. After all, “Fair is Fair”. If your ball goes in the gutter and jumps back onto the lane, knocking dow pins, by golly, you get them! That’s much harder than to knock them down the conventional way. Good bowling should be recognized. A ball should be declared dead when you bowl 3 games without a strike. It shall be the owners privilege to decide on the disposition of said dead ball - Burial at Sea, Dropped from an airplane over a live volcano, or a simple burial in the city dump. For a small fee, a league officer can be bribed to deliver a short eulogy.

Big Game Hunting with Sir George By Jeff Morrison Northeast Wyoming has long been known for its abundant wildlife. Hunters throughout history have journeyed into the area in search of a variety of big game, fowl and fish; for food and sport. Among the list of thousands who have hunted the region are some legendary figures of the old west, including: William F. Cody, Crazy Horse, Jim Bridger, Charlie Reynolds, and George Armstrong Custer. But of all the avid hunters and anglers who roamed the high plains, only one could boast of coming close to single-handedly forever altering the eco-system in one hunting expedition – Sir St. George Gore, 8th Baronet of Manor Gore, Ireland. Sir George was born in 1811, and had a burning passion for two things: Hunting and Fishing. Being a baronet, with a provided annual income of $200,000, allowed him the luxury of pursuing his favorite pass-times on a fulltime basis. A chance encounter with Sir William Drummond Stewart, a former mountain man turned 7th Baronet of Murthly, sparked Sir George’s interest in mounting an expedition to the American frontier. Gore enlisted the aid of his good, and insanely wealthy friend, William Wentworth-Fitzwilliam (known at the time as Viscount Milton, but later becoming the 6th Earl Fitzwilliam) to help plan a “grand hunting company for the plains.” In the late spring of 1854, Gore and Fitzwilliam arrived at Fort Laramie, ready to hunt. They led a caravan of 30 wagons, over 100 horses, 24 mules, 20 oxen, three milk cows and a large pack of sporting dogs and 40 men, including a fly-tying expert and a taxidermist. Sir George hired three mountain men as guides: Henry and Joseph Chatillon, and fifty year-old Jim Bridger, who had been recommended to Gore by William Stewart. Sir George did not believe in “roughing it”, and sixteen wagons were needed just to haul his personal gear. His fishing equipment, alone, took up two wagons, and another wagon contained his arsenal of 75 muzzle-loading hunting rifles, 12 or more shotguns, and countless pistols. His camping gear included a steel bathtub, fine china, silver and crystal dining-ware, a fur-lined commode, and a brass

bed that was assembled for his sleeping comfort every night. In his mid-40s at the time, Gore was, as described by one army officer, “of medium-height, but rather stout, bald with short side whiskers.” The officer assessed his skills as an outdoorsman with the observation that Gore was, “a good walker, but a poor horseman, a good shot from a rest, but rather indifferent offhand.” A typical day hunting would start after Sir George roused himself from bed around 10 or 11 in the morning, had his bath and lavish breakfast. He would then proceed to a pre-arranged hunting stand where he stalked his game in proper European fashion – which is to say that the game was driven past his stand so he and Fitzwilliam could shoot them in comfort. Although Buffalo seemed to be his target of choice (most likely because they were the easiest to find and drive), Sir George shot anything and everything he could take aim at. Naturally, the baronet never loaded his own weapon, but passed them off to his loaders who were kept busy handing him fresh firearms so that the killing spree could continue unabated. During the summer of 1854, Sir George and party moved southwest into the South Platte, Arkansas and Yampa valleys, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. They took trophy heads and choice bits of meat from the animals killed, but left most of the carcasses to rot where they fell. So devastating was the impact to the local game that the Yampa Utes begged Gore to leave their hunting grounds, fearing starvation in the upcoming winter. Gore reluctantly agreed and returned to Fort Laramie to spend the winter. At this point, Fitzwilliam left to return to England, leaving Sir George without a companion of intellectual equality with whom he could converse in the evenings, and discuss literature and other philosophical matters. So the baronet turned to Jim Bridger to fill the void. Since Bridger was not well-read (being illiterate), Gore read out-loud from Shakespeare and other classics he happened to have lying around camp. By all accounts,

the baronet and the mountain man became good friends. In the spring of 1855, the expedition left Fort Laramie and wreaked a swath of devastation north, through the Cheyenne, Belle Fourche, and Powder River valleys, to the mouth of Pumpkin Creek on the Tongue River, south of present-day Miles City. Here, they established Fort Gore, and when they weren’t killing everything with four feet between the Big Horn and Powder River, they traded with the Crow Indians. But Sir George was steadily wearing out his welcome on the frontier. Although the Army refused to put a stop to the killing spree, complaints about the Gore expedition came in from all quarters, Indians, Indian agents, traders and all. Even the Crow, who were trading regularly with the party, were feeling the impact of Sir George’s wanton hunting rampage. By the fall of 1856, even the baronet knew it was time to go home. He travelled to Fort Union, from where he shipped his hunting trophies back to Ireland, and proceeded to arrange the sale of his equipment. The post trader, knowing that Gore had no one else to buy his used gear, re-

fused what Sir George thought was a reasonable price and offered the baronet a fraction of what it was all worth. Sir George flew into a rage. As told later by one of his men, “He accordingly burned his wagons and all the Indian goods and supplies not needed, in front of the fort, guarding the flames from the plunder of whites and Indians.” Nearly everything was fed to the bonfire, the dinner-ware, furlined commode, brass bed, and all. Only the extensive arsenal and livestock were spared. Rather than depart by boat from Fort Union, the party went south, in the direction of Fort Laramie, perhaps to sell the livestock for a better price, and of course, do a bit of hunting on the way. But, in the vicinity of Sundance Mountain, a party of Sioux Indians managed to do what the army would not. They stole the party’s livestock, most of the firearms and even their clothes, effectively ending Sir George’s hunting trip. The baronet’s demand to mount an expedition to punish the vile savages fell on deaf ears at Fort Laramie. Sir George eventually returned to Britain where he died childless in 1878, but with lots

of trophy heads for is successor to admire in Gore Manor. His legacy in America was to have a mountain range, a pass and a canyon in Colorado named after him. The grand hunting trip of the plains had cost somewhere between a quarter to half a million dollars – a staggering fortune in the mid-1800s! For his services, Jim Bridger was paid $750. He never saw Sir George again, but thanks to the baronet, he had acquired a taste for the finer things in life. It’s said that he later bought a volume of Shakespeare from a passing emigrant train in exchange for a yoke of oxen, and then hired a boy to read it to him for $40. Gore’s two-year hunting trip was an ecological disaster by anyone’s standards. By his own admission he killed an estimated 1,600 elk, 105 bears, and somewhere between 2,000 to 6,000 bison, all by himself. No estimates have been made as to how many deer, antelope, wolves and fish were exterminated, but one can only imagine the numbers were equally as high. Not until commercial buffalo hunting arrived on the high plains in the late 1870s was this feat of destruction ever equaled.

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