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2015/16 Annual Report


1 - LETTER FROM THE DEAN Juan Carlos Mercado 2 - IAS CHAIR UPDATE IAS Chair Kathlene McDonald Provides Year in Review 3 - MASTER’S PROGRAM UPDATE Report from Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken, Director of the MA Program in the Study of the Americas

15 - CWE STUDENT AFFAIRS INTRODUCES SEVERAL NEW INITIATIVES CWE Alumni Mentorship Program and Alpha Sigma Lambda Honors Society among its newest efforts 17 - SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS - THE BEST OF THE BEST CWE awards scholarships and awards to top students 18 - MILESTONE CWE Celebrates 35 Years of Excellence


t is my great pleasure to report that the Division of

This year we also continued the series, Human

Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker

Rights: A Year long Forum at the City College of

Education (CWE) has had a remarkable year in

New York. The series of lectures, conversations,

terms of academic and cultural achievements. This

film showings, exhibitions, and courses brought

is an especially important year as we celebrate the

together faculty, students and staff at CCNY and

Center’s 35 years of excellence.

the New York community to examine human rights



Launched in 1981 through the collaborative efforts

7 - QUEST UPDATE Quest: A Perfect Match for CCNY’s CWE Program

22 - VALEDICTORIAN: IRYNA KUZMICH, CWE CLASS OF 2016 Hard work and determination help Kuzmich achieve her goals as an educator

Management, and CCNY educators looking to

8 - DIVISIONAL COMMITTEE ON INCLUSIVE EXCELLENCE Three Years Later, DCIE Continues to Thrive and Reach New Milestones

23 - SALUTATORIAN: DIAMI VIRGILIO, CWE CLASS OF 2016 On the road to creating tomorrow’s tools to tell tomorrow’s stories

9 - BE YOUR BEST SELF Meet the three students selected to represent the best of the best this year by the Divisional Committee on Inclusive Excellence

24 - ALUMNI UPDATE CWE Alumni Group - 2015-2016 Annual Report

10 - HUMAN RIGHTS Human Rights Initiatives Flourish at CWE 11 - THE SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON HISTORICAL LINKS BETWEEN SPAIN AND NORTH AMERICA Past, Present and Future 12 - CONFERENCES AND FESTIVALS The Americas Poetry Festival of New York 2015 Brings 60 poets together representing 21 countries and eight different languages 13 - CONFERENCES AND FESTIVALS The 3rd Annual Americas Film Festival of New York (TAFFNY) has successful Week-long Run

through multiple lenses. The forum draws on our own faculty as well as prominent scholars and

of Teamsters Local 237, the U.S. Office of Personnel

human rights practitioners from around the world.

create a provisional night school program for

For the second time, CWE partnered with

working adults seeking bachelors degrees, CWE

Universidad de Alcala’s Instituto Franklin and the

has since graduated over 4,000 students. We’ve

Instituto Cervantes to co-organize the “Second

produced four CCNY valedictorians and one CCNY salutatorian since

International Conference on the Historical Links between USA and

25 - STAFF SPOTLIGHT Bidding Farewell to College Assistants

our inception. And CWE graduates account for as many as 15% of all

Spain: Past, Present and Future.” It was held at CWE in May 2016 with

bachelors degrees awarded by CCNY annually.

more than 100 scholars from Europe and the US in attendance. The

26 - FACULTY SPOTLIGHT From teaching to organizing conferences, Carlos Aguasaco finds innovative ways to demonstrate artistic expression

The CWE Class of 2016 had 198 graduates. Candidates received


undergraduate degrees in Interdisciplinary Arts & Science or Early Childhood Education. A total of 88 of our undergraduate students graduated with honors (GPA of 3.2 to 4.0). We have 18 Phi Beta Kappa

Worker Education (CWE) is to provide an excellent education to working adults from

labor unions, community-based organizations, city agencies, and employers in both

New York City and surrounding regions. CWE offers an interdisciplinary Bachelor of

the non-profit and private sectors who share our educational mission. With a dual

Arts degree, a Bachelor of Science degree in early childhood education, and a number

focus on excellence and access, and by reaching out to the community, CWE aims to

of certificate programs. CWE serves a population that would be otherwise underserved

be a positive force in lower Manhattan and in the New York metropolitan area.

their own disciplines in the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences.

class were 10 graduate students who earned a Master’s degree in the

of New York which we organize every year in October with more than

Study of the Americas. Special acknowledgement is made to Pedro

100 poets participating from around the world.

For the third consecutive year we launched the Americas Film Festival scholars. In providing its program, CWE seeks mutually beneficial relationships with

subject as well as to interact with other members within and outside

Also, I am pleased to add the hosting of The Americas Poetry Festival

his undergraduate requirements and has begun his master’s studies.

The primary mission of the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for

and professionals with an interest in other disciplines related to this

members and several Golden Key members. Included in our graduating

Gonzalez, the Center’s first BA/MA student who has just completed


primary aim of the Conference was to provide a forum for academics

You will find these and many more interesting stories and highlights in the pages of this report. It is an exciting time for CWE, and I am proud of our anniversary milestone. Here’s to the next 35 years.

of New York (TAFFNY), which ran from June 9-17. We expanded it this year to an entire week and showcased over 16 films from Spain, Paraguay, Panama, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia,


Canada, Peru, and the United States. Screenings took place at various venues: the Center for Worker Education, 25 Broadway; Aaron Davis

by the college, and its courses and educational programs are specifically designed for

Hall, 160 Convent Ave; Instituto Cervantes New York, 211 E. 49th St.;

students whose access to higher education may have been limited or interrupted due

Time Warner Theater, 10 Columbus Circle; NYU King Juan Carlos of

to financial limitations, work responsibilities, and family obligations.

Spain Center, 53 Washington Square South; Consulado General Y

A spirit of open inquiry, curricular innovation, and academic integrity are linchpins of

Centro de Promocion de la Republica Argentina en NY, 12 West 56th

the CWE mission. Equally important are respect for diversity among faculty, staff and

Street; and the National Museum of the American Indian—New York,

students, and a continuous search for our common ground as learners, teachers, and

One Bowling Green. TAFFNY is a cultural project of the Division of

Juan Carlos Mercado

Interdisciplinary Studies, in collaboration with the National Museum Executive Editor: Elena Romero

Layout/Design: ZuQuMedia.com

of the American Indian, Instituto Cervantes New York, the City College

Assistants to the Executive Editor: Dree-el Simmons

Photography: Carlos Aguasaco, Cel Garay/XCEL Photo, Shakila Hogue, Mohammed Hossain, and Elena Romero

and Global Leadership, and City College Center for the Arts. TAFFNY

Writers: Carlos Aguasaco, Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken, Sophia Demetriou, Kathlene McDonald, Elena Romero, Dree-el Simmons, Michael Wellner, and Danielle Zach

Division of Humanities and the Arts, the Colin Powell School for Civic was made possible with the generous support of its partners and sponsors including Telemundo and Goya.

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 1









This lunch series highlighted the need to

was a finalist and also received an


share ideas for research projects across

2015-2016, the M.A. in

honorable mention for the Human

curriculum. In the Fall, we introduced

the faculty and to make this work more

the Study of the Americas

Rights Poster Contest that is

several new interdisciplinary concentration

visible to students and the wider CWE

inaugurated the implementation

CUNY-wide, working closely with

areas, and students have been excited

community. And thus the “Showcasing

of the B.A./M.A. in the Study of

Dr. Danielle Zach, Acting Director

about the flexible, creative, and innovative

Student Research and Creative Work

the Americas. The first student,

of Human Rights Studies and

approach to coursework that they offer.

at CWE” event was born. In a weeklong

Pedro Gonzalez, has made his

Frances S. Patai Postdoctoral

We also introduced a new required course,

event organized by Alessandra Benedicty-

way quickly through the first

Fellow in Holocaust, Genocide,

Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies,

Kokken, students shared their projects from

semester of the MA, while also

and Human Rights Studies.

which lays the groundwork for students

Ursula Levelt’s Public Administration class,

completing the required credits

to do interdisciplinary research projects in

Vicki Garavuso’s and Elizabeth Mathews’s

for his undergraduate degree,

their upper-level electives. And we were

Early Childhood Education classes, John

a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts

fortunate to have Elizabeth Bullock with us

Calagione’s Anthropology class, Susanna

and Sciences.

for the year as a Fellow in Digital Media and

Rosenbaum’s Social Research class, and




his past academic year,


saw our

Pedagogy, through the College’s Title V grant. Elizabeth led a series of workshops

IAS Chair Kathlene McDonald

on digital pedagogy, introducing faculty to

Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken’s and Justin Williams’s Study of the Americas classes. The main event was “CWE Loves New

new e-learning platforms and educational software applications and

York,” in which students from Mikael Awake’s “Writing about New

other methods of integrating technology into undergraduate courses.

York” class read historical flash fiction and students from Steven

She also provided leadership on an assessment project of our online

Levine’s “Power, Race, Culture: The History of NYC” performed a play

and hybrid course offerings.

about 19th century Civil Rights activist Elizabeth Jennings, written

Also this year, we continued the Interdisciplinary Teaching and Scholarship Lunch Series, which brings together faculty and staff to participate in and strengthen CWE’s interdisciplinary scholarly

by student Lionelle Hamanaka. We brought in videographer Daniel Hirshon to capture this exciting event. To see highlights from the Showcase, check out his video on our web site!

social media, and other creative methods and formats that give students hands-on, engaged experience doing research and communicating

thought, and Justin Williams’s work on pan-Africanism in Ghana. In the Spring, faculty and staff met to discuss our own research within a Human Rights framework and to continue our discussion of creative student research projects.

2 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

Interdisiplinary Teaching and Scholoarship Lunch series celebrated the research and published books of Carlos Aguasaco, Alessandra BenedictyKokken and Justin Williams



and complete 108 undergraduate credits (instead of the normal 120

Susanna Rosenbaum’s “Latinos and Race” offers students access

undergraduate credits required for a B.A.). From this point onward, the

to the most current and intersectional theory on race. Associate

student devotes the rest of her or his curriculum to the 30-credit M.A.

Professor of Sociology Marcia Esparza joined the M.A. in the Study of

program. At the end of the student’s studies, she or he receives two

the Americas program in Fall 2015 from her home institution John Jay

degrees in less time. Also, we gained approval for the Special Topic

College (CUNY), to teach “Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights.”

Capstone Seminar to be offered as repeatable, allowing the students to

Esparza’s course led to collaborations with the non-profit Historical

take it twice. This past year Assistant Professor of History Justin Williams

Memory Project (HMP) founded by Esparza, which “documents and

designed the course around the title “Dictatorship in the Americas.”

advocates for truth, historical memory, justice and public access to state

of History Justin Williams. For his part, Ellis Brooks-Rua was offered a

histories, interviews, poster presentations, projects using blogs or

of ways. In addition to the

three new courses were offered. Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Associate Professor of History Martin Woessner and Assistant Professor

including projects that involve action research, ethnographies, oral

cutting-edge and interdisciplinary

undergraduate declare “Study of the Americas” as their concentration

Redefining Race Riots and Racialized Violence” under the aegis of

faculty members shared projects they assigned to their students,

Kokken’s work on spirit possession in French, Haitian, and Vodou

The joint program requires that an

graduated having opted to write a thesis, titled “From Tulsa to Ferguson:

the Fall focused on interdisciplinary student research projects. Several

study of the Mexican superhero El Chapulin, Alessandra Benedicty-

Associate Professor Marcia Esparza and MA in the Study of the Americas 2016 graduate Selvia Sikder at a Historical Memory Project event.

the largest number of students, in total, eleven students. Hesley Keenan

research, both in and out of the classroom. The first lunch session in

research in three recently published faculty books: Carlos Aguasaco’s

rethink the Americas in the most

Since the implementation of our program in Spring 2010, we graduated

community. This year, the focus was on innovative interdisciplinary

the results. The next lunch celebrated the innovative interdisciplinary

We continue to offer courses that

violence, war, and genocide archives in Latin America” (HMP website). MA students William Collazo, Agatha Samudio, Maarja Sau, and Selvia Sikder all continued after the course to volunteer with HMP. Dr. Danielle Zach’s “Special Topic Series: Human Rights,” hosted professors in our division to teach a pro-seminar, while at the same time offered students an introduction to human rights theory.

position as Research Support Specialist in the School of Communication

Popular courses that were renewed were: Assistant Professor of

at the University of Miami. Also, Jorge Arteaga was accepted to Teach

Anthropology Susanna Rosenbaum’s “Race and Gender in the

for America in Boston. Other notable accomplishments are that Christian

Americas” and Assistant Professor of Literature Alessandra Benedicty-

Rene Gonzalez, a current student in our program participated in the City

Kokken’s “Witches, Masons, Slaves, and Revolutionaries” and

College Study Abroad Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Miho

“Inventing the Americas,” and Assistant Professor of Urban Studies

Egoshi’s paper titled “Is an Equal Encounter with ‘Others’ Possible?

and Planning Susanna Schaller’s “Gated Cities, Gated Communities,

Las Casas, a Pioneer of Human Rights,” was selected to be part of the

Gated Minds,” which marries urban studies with urban planning. Prof.

Second International Congress: On Historical Links between Spain and

Schaller’s class offered not only for a third time, but served as the pilot

North America: Past, Present, and Future, co-organized by City College

for our BA/MA course offerings.

of New York (CUNY) and Universidad de Alcalá. Finally, Maarja Sau,

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 3


Budgeting site. Councilman Lander asked what had been learned in

The Human Rights Club seeks to build a student community at The

the survey so far, and student Sally Sandoval proceeded to describe

City College among those who have a shared interest in human

the class surprise that from well-off Park Slope to struggling Red

rights issues, scholarship, and advocacy. Furthermore, the club

Hook, most were concerned with the high cost of living and rent.

seeks to promote an understanding of the emerging field of Human

Moreover, there are neighborhood-specific problems, like Red Hook’s

Rights and connect students with faculty and other professionals

lack of public transportation, and diminishing grocery stores. Dr. Lutz

to discuss current human rights concerns and to discover career

explained that the project was a collaboration of City College and the

paths and opportunities within the realm of human rights. The

Community Board 6. Eventually, the entire Community Board 6 will

Spring 2016 launch of the Human Rights Club of CCNY started

be surveyed and the results analyzed and a report will be provided to

February 10 and meets every other Wednesday from 5:00 to 6:30

the Community Board before they compile their budget for next year.

pm in Room 7-49. CWE students are invited to celebrate the club’s commencement. Contact Prof. Danielle Zach for more information at dzach@ccny.cuny.edu.

the recently released CNN documentary Fresh Dressed. Other award

Scene from The Long Wet Grass

Services Director met with Dr. Lutz to obtain more information on the goals and plans for the Community Needs Survey Project.

recipients included Tamika Mallory, a nationally recognized civil rights


activist; former Executive Director of the National Action Network,

CWE students, staff, faculty, and friends were in for a treat March 2

and Founder of Mallory Consulting, LLC; and Khary Lazarre-White,

when librarian Seamus Scanlon’s see The Long Wet Grass (part of The


Executive Director & Co-Founder, Brotherhood Sisterhood Sol.

McGowan trilogy) gave a live performance at the Center. The event,

CWE’s first literary salon ‘Trauma, Life, New York’ took place on

In May, Romero received the “Hope Appreciation” award by Love

which was open to the public, was a first the first time Scanlon’s work

Tuesday April 12th, from 6 to 8 pm.

Thyself First, a woman’s wellness program centered around self-love


The following week, Susan Charlop the Councilman’s Community

CWE Alum Haydee Toro congratulates Elena Romero on stage

and mental health advocacy. It’s second annual women’s wellness celebration took place May 14 at The Poet’s Den in East Harlem.

Thank you to all who contributed to the recent Deans Fund Campaign,

The Hope Appreciation award was presented to women who have

which ran through November 26, 2015. The CWE Campaign was

persevered through adversities, overcome hardship and have chosen

able to generate $7,650 to help support programs, future events

to live life with the goal of shining Hope to others. Additional Award

and help students in need. CWE came in first place with the Sophie

recipients included Valencia Clay, president of Ladies Inspired to

Davis School of Biomedical Education closely behind. Others who

Empower; author/founder of Look Up and Beyond Jessica Janniere;

participated, the Division of the Humanities, School of Education,

dancer Tatiana Butler; training and consultant specialist Patricia

The Grove School of Engineering, the Division of Science, and the

Taylor; actress/singer Tamala Baldwin, and. Rev. Dr. Mable Elliot.

had been showcased at the Center. Many of Scanlon’s subject matter are related to Ireland, violence, fanaticism and lost love (very Irish). “Everyone dies basically so kind of like Shakespeare that way,” he explains. “I wrote one play not connected to Ireland called Treblinka which is the epitome of violence so it fits the theme. There is an also an Irish character (prisoner) in that play.” Other plays written by Scanlon include Black is Black, My Three O’Clock, Boys Don’t Cry.

Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture. In total, $32,140 CWE launches first Literary Salon

was raised. Readers were:


Jana Leo: Conceptual artist and author of Rape New York

Congrats to Elena Romero for receiving two awards in 2016. She was


awarded “Trailblazer of the Year” award by Harlem Haberdashery in

Jonathan Santlofer: Artist and Nero Award winning author of The

March at the 3rd annual Masquerade Ball, which benefited Harlem

Death Artist (22 languages)

Hospital Center’s Pediatric Department Unit.

L to R: students Sally Sandoval, Jose Miranda, Janeth Solis, Danilda Diaz (partial), Brad Lander. Photo credit: Anna Zhelnina.

Romero was chosen as this year’s recipient due to her individual contributions and devotion to the fashion community, her academic


work, and her public education advocacy efforts as a distinct member of the Community Education Council for District 15 in Brooklyn.

On April 9, Community Needs Assessment students who were

Romero is the author of Free Stylin’: How Hip Hop Changed the Fashion Industry and her expertise in urban fashion was highlighted in

4 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

conducting pedestrian interviews in Carroll Gardens happened to CWE Librarian and Playwright Seamus Scanlon

meet City Councilman Brad Lander who was visiting a Participatory

www.jonathansantlofer.com Kevin Holohan: Irish born author of The Brother’s Lot www.akashicbooks.com/author/kevin-holohan

Seamus Scanlon: Irish born author of The McGowan Trilogy www.seamusscanlon.com

Carlos Aguasaco: Colombian born poet, film maker and publisher www.artepoetica.net/Carlos_Aguasaco.htm


CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 5



Grace Aneiza Ali: Founder and Editorial Director of OF NOTE Magazine

www.ofnotemagazine.org/aboutus/grace-aneiza-ali Natalie M Caro: Bronx based performance poet and activist

currently on display covering a wide range of topics from peace to hip hop. Authors include both full-time and part-time faculty. The bookshelf can be found adjacent to the CWE library.

“lifelong learners,” come from a rich diversity of backgrounds: teachers, business people,

held on April 12 at CWE.


“We wanted to introduce the benefits of play and how to influence

Legal Issues; Short Stories; Artists & Their Work; Foreign Affairs; Great Love Stories; Economics & Society; The Election 2016; Contemporary Opera; Great Plays; Explorations in Architecture; New




York City’s Great Department Stores; Science & Michael Wellner - Quest President


many others.

it in the household,” said Anjolie Chambers, Vice President, Early

The CWE students clearly know the benefit of a college degree:

Childhood Education Club. “We wanted to give attendees an

better job opportunities and increased earnings potential. But at

interactive experience like children have and teach them how to

Quest, members are clearly seeking something else – two things

foster it at home.”

in the fall.

these include the Supreme Court & Related

adults, generally over 65 years of age. Our

Childhood Education Club’s “Importance of Play” one-hour event

The Club plans to continue to introduce another hands-on workshop

There are a wide array of courses that we offer:

learning environment for retired or semi-retired

of young children, and aspiring ECE teachers gathered for the Early

sorting table. They got to play and learn simultaneously.

for City College’s Center for Worker

degree, QUEST’s mission is to provide a rich

About 20 parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, babysitters

play, including blocks, water, Playdough, math manipulatives and a

rules and regulations.

City and surrounding regions to earn a college


Participants were paired in groups of four at various work stations of

Lifelong Learning, is the perfect partner

opportunity for working adults from New York

Mikael Awake: Author and professor of creative writing at CWE

Stephanie Velasquez (president) and Chambers (vice president).

conforming to an outside organization’s rigid

Education. While CWE’s mission is to afford an


The event was led by ECE students Chris Nickerson (secretary),


UEST, the CCNY/CWE Community for

in fact. One is the simple joy of learning and the opportunity to Fraunces Tavern Museum visit by children of CWE employees

study subjects that they did not (for whatever reason) get to explore while they were in college. And the other reason, which is equally

Great Scientists; and many more. Our members spend four days a week with us

because of the unique sense of community that we provide. We offer so many ways for our members to get involved, from teaching classes and making presentations to serving on any of several committees that are essential to Quest’s operation. Between classes most members gather for lunch to review that morning’s classes, discuss the political issues of the day, share personal stories, and generally try to solve the world’s problems. It is all extremely congenial. We also sponsor a Distinguished Guest Lecturer series, in which


important, is the sense of community that Quest provides. Both are

CWE hosted its second annual “Bring Your Children to Work Day”

critically important.

on Thursday, April 28 to coincide with the same event that was

What makes Quest so unique is precisely this sense of community.

held on the main campus. As its inaugural event was a hit last year,

Quest’s entire operation, including deciding exactly what courses will

CWE decided to continue to plan a day full of activities to keep the

be offered each semester; scheduling the actual classes; the teaching

children entertained. CWE greeted 13 children ranging from ages 2

of each class; and almost all administrative functions are managed

to 11 with a light breakfast reception followed by a tour of Fraunces

and accomplished by our members. Our members are continually

Tavern Museum on 54 Pearl Street. The children then came back to

learning as well as teaching; indeed, preparing to teach a class may

CWE for a pizza party and movie screening of Transylvania 2 and

well be the best way to learn the subject. In fact, our greatest strength

were awarded certificates for being “college students” for the day.

may just be that we are a peer-learning institution. And because we

Particpants included Jason Chappell’s daughters Naomi Chappell,

manage all aspects of the program ourselves, we are empowered to

Michael Wellner - President

age 8 and Olivia Chappell, age 11; Robert Hernandez’s daughter

shape the Quest experience in the way that we want – rather than

June 2016

we invite non-Quest members (including some CCNY professors) to speak. Outside of class, our members meet for visits to New York area museums, art galleries, off-Broadway theaters, points of architectural interest, and more. And our travel committee arranges trips to many overseas destinations, near and far, including Ireland, England, Cuba, Canada, the Caribbean, Spain, Morocco, and more. Our 250 members are continually expanding their horizons – just like our CWE partners.

Adrianna Hernandez, age 7; Prof. Elizabeth Bullock’s son Jasper Johnson, age 4; Prof. Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken’s twin sons Dario Kokken, age 20 months and Raffaele Kokken, age 20 months; Nina Woods’ twin daughters Sabrina Woods, age 2 and Sienna Woods, age 2 as well as Mya Woods, age 7; Trisha Baboolal’s son Connor Jaggernath, age 3; and Elena Romero’s daughters Gabriela


Durham, age 9, Gionna Durham, age 5, and Grace Durham, age 3.

CWE has added a new bookshelf to its corridors to help display the books published by its distinguished faculty. About 40 books are

6 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

L-R: Quest Acting Workshop presents “ A Touch of O’Neil”, Quest visit to The Center for Architecture, Quest Life Drawing class

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 7






y name is Justin Williams, Assistant Professor of History here

creating programming featuring historian Rosemari Mealy for Black

at the Center for Worker Education and current Chair for the

History Month, anthropologist Audra Simpson for Native American

Divisional Committee on Inclusive Excellence. Since President

Heritage Month, poet Gil Fagiani for National Italian American Heritage

Lisa Coico’s initiative created our divisional wing, our priority has been

Month and comedians Samantha Ruddy, Calvin Cato and Veronica

to bring the Council’s mission statement to life at CWE by nurturing,

Elizabeth for LGBT History Month. It is very important to us that

supporting and celebrating our diverse student body.

students are exposed to new ideas or have a chance to see their own

In the last year, we have done this by creating the ongoing “Be Your Best Self” campaign which places a public spotlight on students and

One of the great gifts of City College’s Center for Worker Education is

alumni from different backgrounds who are achieving great things,

the incredible range of backgrounds and life experiences represented

improving their lives and contributing to their communities. We

by our student body. With the generous support of Dean Juan Carlos

unveil each new crop of posters at new student orientation to show

Mercado, Department Chair Kathlene McDonald and hard work of

our students the promise and possibility involved with embarking on

committee members Deborah Edwards-Anderson, Elena Romero and

their journey here at City College. In short, CWE students do, can do

Vicki Garavuso, we relish the opportunity to continuing and expanding

and will do great things! The “Be Your Best Self” campaign simply

our efforts to nurture an environment defined by inclusive excellence.

highlights samples of these stories. I am particularly proud of this committee’s work to enhance the diversity of campus events. This academic year alone, we have done this by

Photo by Elena Romero

perspectives reflected in college activities.

Justin Williams Assistant Professor, History Chair, Divisional Committee for Inclusive Excellence

-Mission Statement, President’s Council on Inclusion and Excellence

Arturo Castaneda, a New York realtor (Hunter College alum). Hayden was very insightful and informative in sharing his

place at CWE on April 15 when

experiences. He clearly exhibited his passion for education

men of color discussed their

and activism in support of the trans-movement. Unlike Hayden

experiences dating transgender

who has come to the final realization that his preference is for

women. The talk was the brain-

Trans-women, Castaneda showed that he is in a much different

child of CCNY/CWE student,

and earlier stage of his self-sexual identity, as a man that is still



exploring his own sexuality and identity. Both men were candid in

major and double minor student.

their answers to the well thought-out questions of the moderator.

She organized the event and

Simmons did a masterful job in guiding the conversation with


served as moderator. Panelists Jonathan Hayden, Arturo Castaneda, and Dree-el Simmons

included Jonathan Hayden, an educator from Washington, D.C. (Howard University alum) and

The Center for a Better Tomorrow

Student Assistants and two Federal Work-study students.

Founder and Executive Director

She supervises a Library Coordinator, three College Assistants, three

Class of 2009 - B.A. Interdisciplinary Arts &

Her first job at a library was at the BMCC library as a work-study

Science the Arts

Concentration: Literature, Communication &

Projects: fundraising for mobile soup kitchen in Franklin Square

Community and hosting fatherhood and parenting workshops throughout Baltimore.

Resides in: Baltimore, Maryland Maurice Good is the founder and executive director of The Center for

student. It was the first time she learned about the Library of Congress

classification system. In 1999, she was hired as a CUNY Office

Assistant at CCNY. She was assigned to work in the architecture library. Sanchez-Rodriguez attended CWE part-time, graduated and went on to earn a Master’s degree at the Graduate School of Library

and Information Science (GSLIS) at Queens College. In August 2014, she accepted a substitute librarian position at CWE. She was promoted a year later to her current position.

A Better Tomorrow (TCABT), located in Baltimore, Maryland. Good has

Simone Glover

worked in various leadership capacities with the international youth


development model, YouthBuild, in East Harlem, the South Bronx and

powerful, detailed and difficult questions, while creating a sense of comfort and acceptance for both the panelists and the audience alike. The event was sponsored by the Committee on Inclusive Excellence and CWE Student Government.



Crown Heights Brooklyn, New York. During his tenure as program




Program Manager, Brooklyn Hospital Center

director of the SoBRO Transformation Academy in the South Bronx,

Class of 2016 - B.A. Interdisciplinary Arts &

he managed fiscal budgets exceeding 3.5 million dollars in city and


Concentration: Media, Literary & Visual Arts

Good always knew he would return home to help his community. That

Recent Awards: Sylvia Liss Scholarship Award Winner: June 2015

media. So he cashed in his retirement accounts and moved back to

of the Student Government of CWE, and Student Brand Ambassador

Good’s childhood community of Franklin Square, which is plagued by

Resides in: Brooklyn, NY

time came after witnessing the unrest of Sandtown as reported in the

Activities: President of the Pre-law Club at CWE, Committee Member

Baltimore to found TCABT. The new program site will be located in

for Kaplan for LSAT/GMAT prep.

crime and violence. Good’s vision for TCABT is to create a haven of

Simone Glover is an entrepreneur and mother of one son who was

services for all generations of community stakeholders to benefit from and then serve others.

Good is a graduate student on leave from the Hunter College Master

A ground-breaking panel took


faculty meetings, and monitoring the physical conditions of the library.

federal grants.

“The President’s Council on Inclusion and Excellence serves to enhance the City College of New York’s ability to incorporate the full diversity of backgrounds, traditions, and experiences of faculty, staff, and students in realizing the goal of an inclusive community that values excellence in scholarship, creative arts, teaching and learning, and student development. To accomplish this, the Council analyzes current trends and concerns related to inclusion in all areas of the College and, based on these analyses, provides need-based recommendations to the President that promote inclusive excellence. These recommendations focus on encouraging inclusiveness in hiring; fairness in faculty retention, tenure, and promotion; and provision of equal opportunity for all faculty and staff to rise, on their merits, to leadership positions. The council also makes recommendations that promote an understanding of how inclusion and participation of the diverse groups within the College community fosters excellence. It further works to encourage a culturally rich and cohesive environment that nourishes student retention and academic success.”


Maurice Good

of Science program in Urban Affairs. He has a passion for service and

often volunteers at soup kitchens, with seniors, homeless shelters,

mentoring young adults and facilitating workshops and seminars to formerly incarcerated individuals.

Nilda Sanchez-Rodriguez

Professor and Chief Architecture Librarian

Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture The City College of New York

Class of 2004 - B.A. Interdisciplinary Arts & Science

Resides in: Bronx, NY

just accepted to medical school in Grenada. Glover has worked in the

healthcare field for over 20 years and is interested in making a career transition to law and business.

“I wanted to finish at CCNY and when I met with an advisor at the

uptown campus, he suggested I look into CWE,” recalls Glover. And she is happy she did.

As a leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, progressive business acumen, and over 15 years of managerial experience, Glover has

used the skills gained to form the first ever Pre-law club at CWE.

Simone is a prospective law student with a strong interest in sports and entertainment law. She plans to apply to law and business school

to obtain a JD/MBA dual degree. She is interested in focusing her

studies in intellectual property law and business practices. Glover launched her own company SIM•1 Communications in 2006, a brand

Nilda Sanchez-Rodriguez never dreamed of becoming a librarian, even

management firm. Her clients are currently small business owners


Her plans are to bring the company in full operational mode after she

after five years of working at the City College of New York, Architecture

looking to build their brands.

As Chief of the City College Architecture Library, she currently oversees

receives her credentials from graduate school. She will complement

collection building, developing relationships with the Bernard and Anne

official registered trademark certificate.

its management. Sanchez-Rodriguez is responsible for staffing,

her legal study with experience gained while obtaining her company’s

Spitzer School of Architecture (SSA) faculty, attending Architecture

8 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 9





he Center for Worker Education’s human rights initiatives continued

and will continue to collaborate with the uptown campus in efforts to

to flourish this academic year on four fronts: the Human Rights

launch this exciting new program.

Forum (HRF), the Human Rights Seminar (HRS), the Human Rights

Studies Program (HRSP) and related academic coursework, and the Human Rights Club (HRC). Each of these constitutes a key prong of a multifaceted approach to positioning CWE as a leading contributor to the growing number of institutions concerned with the preservation and advancement of human rights.

The faculty of the division also participated in a Human Rights Speaker Series for undergraduate and graduate students in Spring 2016, which connected their work to the field of Human Rights through various disciplinary perspectives. They produced a rich series of ten special lectures/events that spanned the disciplines of History, Politics, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, and Comparative Literature; the interdisciplinary field of Latin



or a second year the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at CWE,

Antonio Zarzalejos & Antonio Muñoz Molina, this dialogue was entitled “At

the Cervantes Institute of New York, and the Instituto Franklin of

the Dawn of a New Era.” Finally, on May 6th, Professor Stephanie Golob

the Universidad de Alcala joined efforts organizing this international

delivered a conference called “Democracy’s Future in Spain and North

congress. The event ran from May 4th to 7th and included thirty panels,

America.” Her thoughtful and contrastive analysis as political scientist

with more than one hundred papers, presented by specialists in different

elicited a vibrant dialogue.

disciplines and areas of study. All the presentations had an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to the historical links between Spain and North America. About a hundred and twenty five scholars from Europe,

The HRF—which is a collaborative endeavor between CWE, The Colin

American Studies; and the professional fields of Education and Social

Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership, and the Division of

Work. These lectures/events incorporated academic research projects

Humanities and Arts—creates a space for discussion concerning twenty-

and activist initiatives, including through the mediums of film, theater, and

event making it simply a great success.

first century human rights challenges among faculty, students, staff from

poetry. The substantive foci were pressing concerns that spanned a wide

The congress included three special events. On opening night Alberto

different departments (and even campuses), and renowned scholars and

range of issue areas, including: elections; armed conflict; neoliberalism

Manguel delivered a conference entitled “Borges, author of Bartleby de

practitioners within CUNY and beyond. This academic year, the HRF held

and socioeconomic rights; digital technology; immigration and citizenship;

La Mancha”. His transversal reading of modern fiction mesmerized the

four events that spanned the topics of terrorism and torture, elections in

colonialism and neocolonialism; humanitarianism; and children’s,

audience with its erudite ingenuity and philosophical analysis. On May 5th,

volatile states, and indigenous rights activism and state suppression. The

women’s, disable persons’, and indigenous rights.

Dean Juan Carlos Mercado moderated a vivid discussion between José

Fall launch event focused on the broader question of the future of human rights in the post-9/11 era and featured human rights pioneers drawn from the academic, legal, and policy worlds. Past HRF events can be found on the forum website: www.humanrightsccny.org. The Human Rights Forum also annually sponsors a Human Rights Student Poster Competition that is CUNY-wide. Among the three dozen entrants, many of whom are graphic arts majors, there were four students who participated from the Center for Worker Education. CWE Master’s in the Americas student Maarja Sau was singled out for honorable mention for her powerful message regarding the ongoing and widespread rights violations of refugees. The poster competition artwork can also be found on the HRF website. The three divisions also convened the HRS—a high-level scholar and practitioner workshop that meets once monthly to provide critical feedback on academic works in progress. The HRS has thus far hosted renowned guest speakers from universities around the country. It gathers CCNY faculty from departments spanning the three divisions along with faculty members from other CUNY colleges. It also draws participation from Columbia University, New York Law School, and New York University. The seminar acts as an intellectual space that fosters cutting-edge scholarship and collaboration across universities in New York City and beyond.

The Human Rights Club is a student initiative that receives faculty support Fellow Danielle Zach and Professor Justin Williams. The HRC made great

Rosenbaum (members of the organizing committee), worked closely with Dean Mercado selecting the papers and creating the thematic panels. Additionally, CWE professors Danielle Zach and Elizabeth Matthews presented papers on political science and education at the Conference. The third version of this congress is scheduled to take place in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, during May 2017. Detailed information and a PDF copy of the program can be accessed at historicallinks.com


from Acting Director of Human Rights Studies and Patai Postdoctoral

ANLE – Academia Norteamericana de

PCL International Perth Australia

Universidad de Vigo

la Lengua Española

Rutgers University

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Asociación Huelva – Nueva York

School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

de Madrid

Benemérita Universidad Autónoma

State University of New York

Universidade da Coruña

de Puebla

Stony Brook University

Universitat Rovira i Virgili


Televisión Iberoamericana

University of Chicago

Dartmouth College

The Graduate Center of CUNY

University of Delaware

Embassy of Spain-FECYT

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

University of Maryland

Florida International University

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

University of Massachusetts

Harvard University

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

University of Miami

Howard University

Universidad de Granada

University of Nevada

Instituto Franklin – UAH

Universidad de Huelva

University of North Florida

Manhattan College

Universidad de Magallanes

University of Pennsylvania

Morgan State University

Universidad de Navarra

University of Richmond

engaging in archival research on the International Brigades and related


Universidad de Salamanca

University of Texas

US-based anti-fascist organizations of the 1930s, including at City College.

Otoño Cultural Iberoamericano

Universidad de Sevilla

Vassar College

strides this year in meeting and organizing initiatives.

FRANCES S. PATAI PROGRAM ON HOLOCAUST, GENOCIDE, AND HUMAN RIGHTS STUDIES In addition to the tri-divisional effort to position City College within the human rights community, the Center for Worker Education (CWE) has developed its Frances S. Patai Program on Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies. The Patai program is an internal CWE effort that reinforces the broad-based inter-divisional goal of bolstering City College as a human rights hub in New York City. The Patai program, whose founder engaged in research on women, transnational activism, and the Spanish Civil War, sponsored a postdoctoral fellow who was responsible for teaching Human Rights-based coursework, arranging events, and

This academic year she taught three Patai courses: Comparative Racism in “Post-racial” Society, the Human Rights Speaker Series, and Women, War, and Peace. The Patai fellow also collaborated with the Historical Memory Project to organize an event on indigenous activism and rights

The CWE made substantial progress toward the realization of a Human

challenges in the twenty-first century. She also published a book chapter

Rights Studies Program, a new major that will provide a robust scholarly

on the Lincoln Battalion and furthered her research on its participants,

and pragmatic foundation for students who wish to engage in the Human

which fits into her larger research agenda on transnational radical activism.

Rights field whether in an academic or activist capacity. The Division of

Further information about the Patai Program can be found at:

Interdisciplinary Studies has approved the proposed HRSP curriculum


10 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

Africa and the Americas gathered at CWE and Instituto Cervantes for this

CWE professors Carlos Aguasaco, Danielle Zach and Susanna

About 125 Scholars from Europe, Africa and The Americas gather at CWE and Instituto Cervantes Photos by Carlos Aguasaco

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 11






he second edition of The Americas Poetry Festival of New York

these venues were packed with members of the public interested in

Historias del canal (Panama Canal Stories) was screened with wide

took place on October 14, 15 and 16, 2015. This multilingual

contemporary poetry.

attendance. On Monday June 13th, at the Time Warner Theater the

event brought together a total of sixty poets representing

twenty-one different countries and readings in eight different languages. This edition was especially dedicated to honoring the memory of poet William Beltrán (a.k.a. William Akcoo, 1973-2011) one of the most independent and unique poetic voices of our times. As in 2014, the Festival had as its main venue and sponsor the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education. The other four venues were the Walt Whitman Birthplace State Historic Site and Interpretive Center (Huntington, Long Island), the Americas Society / Council of the Americas AS/COA, the Consulate General and Promotion Center of Argentina, and the Instituto Cervantes of NY. All

The event wrapped with a reception sponsored by Time Warner. On

Professor Abeer Abdel Hafez, Chair of the Spanish Department at

Tuesday June 14th, the Aaron Davis Hall served as venue to screen

Cairo University, gave a talk on “Contemporary Egyptian and Latin-

the Spanish-Cuban documentary Playing Lecuona. With a packed

American female poets”. Mexican editor and critic Margarita Monroy

auditorium, the Consulate of Argentina screened on June 15th the

discussed the tunAstral movement.

Paraguayan-Argentinean, Guarani Spoken film, Guaraní. On Thursday

As in 2014, the works of the featured poets appeared in both the

June 16th, The King Juan Carlos of Spain Center at NYU was

festival’s website www.poetryny.com and the Multilingual Anthology

completely filled for the screening of three featured documentaries:

2015 published by Artepoetica Press and coedited by Professors

Una vida, dos países (One Life, Two Countries), Eu Vi (I was There)

Carlos Aguasaco and Yrene Santos, organizers of the event. The third

and Bienvenidos (Welcome); screenwriter Guillermo Fesser and

edition of TAPFNY will take place on October 12, 13 and 14, 2016.

Etnairis Ribera [Puerto Rico] Jana Putrle Srdic [Slovenia] Paulo Ferraz [Brazil]

Gustavo Tisocco [Argentina] Ahmad Al-Shahawy [Egypt] María Negroni [Argentina] Michael Broder [USA]

Siomara España [Ecuador]

Gabriel Chávez Casazola [Bolivia] Jaime Manrique [Colombia/USA] Tina Escaja [Spain]

Juan Armando Rojas Joo [Mexico] Mercedes Roffe [Argentina]

Mónica González Velázquez [Mexico] Alex Lima [Ecuador]

Ana Luisa Martínez [Dominican R.]

Augusta Eunice Castillo [Dominican R.] Carlos Velásquez [Colombia]

Carolina Zamudio [Argentina] Daniel Shapiro [USA]

Denise León [Argentina]

Juana M. Ramos [El Salvador] Julio Marzán [Puerto Rico]

Carlos Satizábal [Colombia] Daniel Baruc [Dominican R.

Edgar Smith [Dominican R.]

Francisco Álvarez Koki [Spain Jorge Paolantonio [Argentina]

Lilia Gutiérrez Riveros [Colombia]

12 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

Ciénaga, entre el mar y la tierra (La Cienaga, between Sea and Land).

a roundtable on the relationship between poetry and technology. Also,


Lena Retamoso [Peru]

Festival screened to a full house the Colombian award winning film La

Besides a series of multilingual poetry readings, the festival included

director Tatyana Kleyn were present for Q&As. Finally, on Friday June 17th, a full house attended the Closing Night Ceremony and Awards

Linda Morales Caballero [Peru]

Presentation, followed by the U.S. premiere of Fire Song (Canada),

Luis Luna [Spain]

the directorial debut of Adam Garnet. The director and actors Harley

Margarita Drago [Argentina]

Legarde and Andrew Martin attended the event and held a dialogue

Marianela Medrano [Dominican R.]

with Jason Ryle.

Marina Oroza [Spain

Marta López-Luaces [Spain]

Matías Escalera Cordero [Spain] Maureen H. Altman [USA/Peru] Michele Karas [USA]

Michelle Yasmine Valladares [India/Kuwait/ USA]

Miguel Falquez-Certain [Colombia/USA] Miriam Mejía [Dominican R.]


The Americas Film Festival Short Films competition, dedicated to the or the third consecutive year, our Division organized the Americas Film Festival of New York (www.taffny.com). This year, the Festival ran from June 9th to 17th screening a total of ten feature films

and forty short films in competition for The Americas Award. TAFFNY is an ever-growing event. In 2015 it ran for five days but this year it ran

Monica Carrillo Zegarra [Peru]

for nine. Additionally, the General Consulate of Argentina and the Time

Tonia Leon [USA]

celebrating the peoples and the cultures of the Americas. The other

Nancy Mercado [USA/Puerto Rico]

Warner Theater became new venues for this event that screens films

Norma Feliz Peralta [Dominican R.]

five venues were: Auditorium Center for Worker Education, Instituto

Patricia Ariza [Colombia]

Roberto Fernández-Iglesias [Mexico/Panama] Rossalinna Benjamin [Dominican R.]

Sophie Maríñez [France/Dominican R./USA] Tomás Modesto Galán [Dominican R.] Silvia Ma. Siller Argüello [Mexico] Rolando Pérez [Cuba]

Seamus Scanlon [Ireland]

Cervantes, NMAI in New York, King Juan Carlos of Spain Center, and

filmmakers and numerous film schools. TAFFNY’s artistic director, Diana Vargas selected 40 of them for the official competition. The jury, composed by Marcela Alvarez, Isabel Estrada, Elizabeth Weatherford, Steve Reilly, Carmen Vidal and Ramiro Sandoval, selected four winners and three special mentions: Hombre Eléctrico (Electric Man) by Alvaro Muñoz (Chile) won The Americas Award for Best Short Fiction; Best Animation was CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

The Festival began on Thursday June 9th at Instituto Cervantes with the New York premiere box office hit El ruiseñor y la noche: Chavela Vargas canta a Lorca (The Nightingale and The Night. Chavela Vargas Sings Lorca) directed by Rubén Rojo who was present for a Q&A. As in previous years, the evening wrapped up with a cocktail reception

Yolanda Hernández [Dominican R.]

the Festival featured the Chilean documentary Habeas Corpus. The

José Miguel de la Rosa [Dominican R.]

at the courtyard. On Friday, June 10th, again at Instituto Cervantes,

Isabel Espinal [USA/Dominican R.]

Director Sebastian Moreno and CUNY Professor Marcia Esparza

Maryam Alikhani [Iran/USA]

200 submissions from 16 countries including works from independent

CCNY’s Aaron Davis Hall.

Ralph Nazareth [India]

Juliet P. Howard [USA]

promotion of short films by emerging filmmakers, received more than

held a conversation about human rights and film; a short reception followed. On June 11th and 14th, at CWE the Panamanian film

A TAFFNY reception at Time Warner

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 13




CWE ALUMNI MENTORING PROGRAM AND ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA HONORS SOCIETY AMONG ITS NEWEST EFFORTS demanding student schedule. Consequently, in response to tight schedules and conflicting priorities, Student Affairs had to change how we delivered our career counseling services. This year, approximately twenty percent of our counseling was provided via email and by phone. We have also experienced an increase in student traffic in our

TAFFNY award

The Americas Film Festival Short Films competition was held at NMAI

Photo by Cel Garay - XCel Photo

Walk-In Clinics. Deborah Edwards-Anderson congratulates a student on receiving Latin Honors





Student Affairs continues its

Grad Salute winner

he Office of Student Affairs is committed to advancing its

efforts to engage more students

mission to provide supportive student services that empower

by building community through

students to achieve their educational, career and life goals.

its programing and outreach. Our Senior Year programming includes:

Working in collaboration with key student services staff from both

Senior Orientation, Graduate Salute, and Latin Honors. These events

CWE and the main campus, I am pleased to announce that we have

not only provide information about policies and procedures regarding

El Jardín de las Delicias by Alejandro “Male” Garcia (Mexico) and

had a remarkable year.

graduation but more importantly, serve as milestone events in the

Rutina de un sueño (Routine of a Dream) by Miguel Potes, Milton

We continue to advance our strategic priorities by: expanding

Colmenares got Special Jury mentions.

outreach; developing community; and creating a professional network

As in the previous editions, all the activities and screenings in the

and mindset for the CWE student.

Festival were free and open to the public. Films spoken in languages

Our academic year 2015-2016 goals clearly reflected these

other than English were always subtitled.


Thanks to the work of Dean Juan Carlos Mercado and Professor


Carlos Aguasaco, the festival was well attended and received broad

Counseling Activity: The office had a modest 9% increase in

TV coverage by Telemundo (NBC-Channel 47). Directors Rubén Rojo,

appointments from 193 last year to 210 appointments this academic

Sebastián Moreno, and Tatyana Kleyn were interviewed by Telemundo

year. This can, in part, be attributed to a more challenging and

awarded to Brazilian film Brasileiras by Anna Carolina Moraes; Best Documentary went to Colombian film Romelia by Cristian Rincón; Best Experimental Short film went to In the Waves by Ying FangChen (U.S.A); while Sirenas directed by Maryulis Alonso (Cuba),

academic life of our graduating class. Our Graduate & Professional

in their live TV show Acceso Total. Other media coverage included El Diario La Prensa and Cinema Tropical. TAFFNY 2016 was made possible thanks to the support of Telemundo, Goya, Time Warner, Consulate General and Promotion Center of the Historical Memory Project, Cinco Jotas, NYU’s King Juan Carlos of

Schools Fair brought 16 graduate and law schools to campus and

Spain Center, the Smithsonian National Museum of the American

provided an opportunity for over 70 students, staff and faculty to

Indian, Instituto Cervantes, the CCNY Division of Humanities and the

meet recruiters and learn about the large array of masters programs.

Arts, the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership, QUEST,

In addition to the fair, the office also provided graduate school

the Consulate General of México in New York, the Consulate of Chile in New York, and the City College Fund.

14 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

The week-long festival was well attended and received broad TV coverage Photos by John Barragan

Inductees of Alpha Sigma Lambda Honors Society Sigma Alpha Kappa Chapter

admissions prep information sessions. This past year, 12 Info Sessions CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 15

Photos by Elena Romero

The first meeting of the CWE Alumni Mentoring Program

Argentine Republic in New York, Inés Rosales, Castillo de Canela,





were offered in addition to one-on-one assistance. Latin Honors this

insights on a range of skills such as: guidance on approaching faculty

year recognized 101 graduating students who earned a GPA of 3.2 and

& staff; networking; building self-confidence; balancing commitments;

above. Our Education and Human Rights Clubs are flourishing under

time management etc. Ten students requested mentors.

the guidance of committed faculty advisors. These events are now an

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honors Society: The Student Affairs Office

integral part of campus life.


n Tuesday, May 31, 2016, CWE hosted its annual Scholarships

Demetriou and Justin Williams), the ceremony greeted over 20 award

and Awards Ceremony. Produced by the CWE Scholarship and

recipients and their guests. Scholarships and awards were distributed

Award Committee (Mary Lutz, Chair, Seamus Scanlon, Sophia

as follows:

established a chapter of ASL- the premier nationally recognized honor

Ada Shepard Creative Writing Award


Lavoya Hofer

Leonard Spano Award for Excellence in History

society for full-time and part-time adult learners. CWE’s Sigma Alpha

CWE Alumni Mentoring Program: The CWE Student Affairs office

Kappa Chapter was established to provide a forum for the exchange of

Albert A. Blum Award in Labor Studies

Samantha Bowser

CWE Alumni Group Student Award

Miriam Torres

spearheaded the creation of a mentoring program to facilitate new and returning students’ transition to academic life. The pilot project was implemented in the spring semester. The pilot program was a collaborative effort with the CWE Alumni Group which brought together

ideas on activities and programs for non-traditional students; enhance and motivate students to excel; and create a spirit of camaraderie

of the program. Our goals focused on: making CWE personal by

achievements of 8 students: Ariella Huff Carle, Richard Pitts, Misuk

connecting mentees to campus and community; developing mentee

Choe, Clara Diaz, Elaine Calvoni, LaVoya Woods-Dionne, Iryna

self-advocacy through self-awareness and dialogue; and offering

Kuzmich and Natasha Wong.

Ada Shepard Creative Writing Award Lavoya Hofer

Lamin Bojang, Lavoya Hofer

Anna Li, Michael Vittoria

Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence Iryna Kuzmich, Diami Virgilio

Edward Rivera Prize for Autobiography Elena Titakis Memorial Award


Pablo Sanchez

Eugene Bellin Scholarship Tassiana LaRochelle

CWE graduates revved up their creativity this year as CWE introduced its

Frances S. Patai Essay Award

first annual Design Your Cap: Mortar Board Contest. Students were given dozen submissions were received with the winners announced at the CWE

& Community Service

The Dean and William Matzkin Award

Miriam Torres

until May 31 to design and submit their cap for consideration. Close to two

QUEST Award for Leadership, Scholarship

Stephanie Cruz, Donna Rossel

among local and national members. The Induction Ceremony was held on May 17th to acknowledge the

Matthew K. Amberg Award

Crystal Garcia

the image of lifelong learning; provide scholarship opportunities; inspire

a great group of 10 mentors who were totally committed to the mission

and Social Science

CWE Alumni Group Student Award Donna Rossel

Lionelle Hamanaka

Robert Hartmann Scholarship Kyana Herrera

Samuel Wallach ’29 Award for Educators Anjoli Chambers

Sol Chaiken Award

Sarah Garcia, Pedro Gonzalez Sylvia Liss Award

Sharada O’Loughlin Boncamper Anthony Tirado “Mi Gente” Scholarship Stephanie Cruz

Divisional Graduation Ceremony on June 1, 2016. Crystal Garcia (Labor Studies concentration) had the winning design. Her cap was a tribute to her 13-year-old son Nico. She utilized a powerful quote and his name to decorate her mortar board. She also incorporated roses to symbolize her grandmother, who passed a year and a half ago. Garcia, a single mom from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, purchased her materials from Michael’s and found her inspiring quote on Instagram. “I wanted to have a quote but also incorporate something with my son’s name. The quote really resonated with me.” Garcia received a gift certificate as her prize. The decorated cap designs submitted were so great that CWE also selected Kareen Santana (Human Services concentration), as a runner up. She The Dean and William Matzkin Award Anna Li, Michael Vittoria

submitted her self-portrait based on her graduation photo. Santana received a graduation picture frame as her prize.

L-R: Crystal Garcia and Kareen Santana. Below: Garcia’s winning cap design Dr. Danielle Zach

16 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

Photos by Cel Garay, Xcel Photo

Elena Titakis Memorial Award Pablo Sanchez

Edward Rivera Prize for Autobiography Miriam Torres

The Dean and William Matzkin Award Michael Vittoria

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 17



CWE moved to 25 Broadway in 2007

WE was founded 35 years ago

1981 with the approval of the Faculty Council of the College of Arts and

Permanent approval from the Faculty Council followed in 1985. CWE

with working adults in mind. This

Sciences as an adult degree program. It operated in two locations—

moved its offices from Federal Plaza to the 7th floor of 99 Hudson

holds true especially today.

26 Federal Plaza and at 216 W14th Street, the office of Teamsters

Street that same year in order to accommodate its increasing

At the City College Center for Worker

Local 237.

student population, maintaining its office with the Teamsters union. It



When the Center began in fall 1981, it took over a student body of

receive an excellent education with the

about 200 members of Local 237 of the Teamsters Union who had

convenience of a Lower Manhattan

enrolled in a similar program under the auspices of Empire State

The Center for Worker Education Early Childhood Education (ECE)

campus. “CWE provides a tremendous

College (SUNY). Because the vast majority of interested people had

degree program (Bachelor of Science was established in 1985 by CWE

opportunity for adults to finish their

been out of school for more than five years, CCNY waived its regular

students, faculty and daycare workers as a result of their lobbying efforts



admission requirements. Instead, admission was based on indications

to create a formalized early childhood program that met the needs of

Saturdays,” says Dean Juan Carlos

of ability to do college level work. Those needing remediation were

the education workforce. The CWE administration collaborated with

Mercado. “Students can earn four

placed in appropriate skills improvement classes but were also

the City College of New York’s School of Education to form a bachelors

credits in just one evening. Best of all, it’s

permitted to register for some other courses.

program that enhanced the professional development of men and







affordable because we’re part of CUNY.”

women interested in early childhood instruction in both daycare and

enrolled in one or more courses. The initial students, much like those

In 2004, the ECE program became part of the National Council

students pursuing either a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, B.S.

today, came from different backgrounds, ranging in age from 20 to

for Association of Teacher Education (NCATE). The program meets

in Early Childhood Education, an M.A. in the Study of the Americas, or

65 and had a variety of prior educational experiences and expressed

New York State initial teacher certification in early childhood

a B.A./M.A. in the Study of the Americas. Among the many things that

different motivations and expectations. The program gave people a

education— birth through second grade as well as New York City

make CWE special is that students receive individualized academic

chance to fit college into their busy lives.

licensing requirements.

The first graduating class in 1983 was very small, 17 students in fact,


was featured in the New York Times. Six out of 17 graduated with

Today, The Center offers a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts & Science

In 35 years, CWE has graduated over 4,000 students. It has produced

honors. One of those graduates is CWE’s own Deborah Edwards-

and a B.S. in Early Childhood Education. We offer concentrations in

four CCNY valedictorians and one CCNY salutatorian since its

Anderson, Program Manager of the Early Childhood Education at

Literary, Media and Visual Arts. History, Politics and Society; Urban

inception. CWE graduates account for as many as 15% of the

CWE. She has been working at the Center for 33 years-recruited the

Studies and Public Administration; Social Welfare; Global Labor

baccalaureate degrees awarded by CCNY annually.

day after she graduated. Edwards-Anderson speaks highly of her

Studies; and Disabilities Studies; Childhood Studies.


educational experience at CWE. Among the things she was most fond

In September 1979, City College began offering an extension program

of then like now is the Life Experience Program at CWE. “It offered me

for public employees at 26 Federal Plaza in lower Manhattan at the invitation of the New York Federal Executive Board. It offered remedial, freshman and sophomore level courses from 5:00 to 9:00 PM, Monday

an opportunity to synthesize the different aspects of my experience that sometimes seemed at war: political activist, self-taught researcher of African American history, student of African diaspora expressive

The Center has been located at 25 Broadway since 2007. It’s directly across from the famous 7,000-pound bronze sculpture “Charging Bull”

“The experience of writing a long autobiographical essay gave me a

building. CWE’s 44,000 sq. ft. space has a total of 15 classrooms to

Early CWE students were primarily members of Local 237 as well as

space to reflect on how I’d lived my life, what had been the motivations

accommodate its 600 bachelor’s degree students. The average age

for my actions, and how my beliefs had transformed over time. Being

student is 30 and about half are public employees. Year after year,

required to ground those personal reflections in several academic

CWE has graduated stellar students, which account for about 1/3 of

disciplines was challenging—and invaluable—because I had to locate

our total student population. On average, we graduate close to 200

myself within larger contexts. I also discovered many kindred spirits.

students every year. In 2013, CWE graduated 212 students; in 2014,

When I read my autobiography some twenty-something years later, I

193 students; in 2015, 203 students; and this year, 2016 we graduated

still feel pride and satisfaction because of the energy and effort that I

198 students. On average, about 50% of every graduating class is

invested in that process.”

awarded Latin Honors.

New York State residents and $55 for out-of-state residents. The Center for Worker Education was authorized by the Board of Trustees at its June 1981 meeting, and began operating in September

18 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence



1997 20th Year in operation



1910s and 20s, CWE occupies the 7th floor of the 23-story office





CWE partners with the Universidad de Alcala’s Instituto Franklin and the Instituto Cervantes to co-organize the First International Conference on the Historical Links between USA and Spain: Past, Present and Future

CWE celebrates its 25th Year Anniversary

2009 CWE

Dean Juan Carlos Mercado is the founder of The Americas Film Festival (TAFFNY)

NCATE review of ECE


2006 Renamed the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education

Proposal to increase enrollment to 1000 Students


2003 New Faculty. City Council Funding, Division Status; External review

10th Year in operation


once a ticket office for the Cunard Passenger Cruise Ship Line in the

Management Regional Training Center.

way. The average age student was 38. The cost per credit was $35 for



6th floor added at 99 Hudson; all classes taught there

External & Internal Review; CLAS program approval



Inside the historic Cunard Building (NYPL Landmark), which was

culture and spiritual traditions,’ she fondly remembers.

age, life experience and their desire to understand in a more powerful

ECE Program approval; move of half of program to 99 Hudson St.

also commonly known, as the Wall Street Bull in Lower Manhattan.

through Thursday, in space provided by the Office of Personnel

members of the Transit Police and D.C. 1707. It took into account their


pre-school settings.

floor of the historic Cunard Building, CWE is home to close to 600


1981 CWE

adding the 6th floor, where it had been situated until December 2006.

lower division courses offered at the center. Altogether, 252 people

are met. The tactic has shown proven success.

CLAS approval; program at 14 St. & Federal Plaza

consolidated its location to one central building –99 Hudson— in 1995,

Located at 25 Broadway on the seventh

advisement to ensure that both their academic and professional goals

Photo by Cel Garay, Xcel Photo

In the five succeeding semesters there were 75 registrations in the 34


Master’s Program in the Study of the Americas makes its debut


2013 CWE


Human Rights-A Yearlong Forum at City College lecture series makes its debut


2015 CWE


CWE celebrates 35 years of excellence

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 19



he Year 2016 marked a very special milestone for both the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education and The City College of New York. CWE’s 6th annual graduation ceremony on June 1, 2016 marked CWE’s 35th Anniversary. The graduating class of 2016 represented 198 undergraduates in Interdisciplinary Arts & Science as well as Early Childhood Education. In

addition, CWE had 10 graduate students earning a Master’s degree in the Study of the Americas. A total of 101 of our undergraduate students graduated with honors. Latin honors are used to indicate the level of distinction with which an undergraduate academic degree is earned. GPA’s are ranked as follows: at least 3.2 for Cum Laude; 3.5 and above for Magna Cum Laude and 3.8 and above for Summa Cum Laude. We had 18 Phi Beta Kappa members and several Golden Key members. The City College of New York had the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama as keynote speaker at its 170th Commencement Ceremony on June 3, 2016. Her speech would be her last as First Lady. She also received an honorary degree. She gave a powerful message of diversity to students and what makes our country great. Both ceremonies were equally memorable.

The CWE graduating Class of 2016 had 198 undergraduate in Interdisciplinary Arts & Science and Early Childhood Education.

20 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

Photos by Mohammed Hossain and Shakila Hogue

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 21





Education programs in New York, led her to enroll at CWE. “The CWE

of expecting to get it over with, but instead I wound up really being

nourished my commitment to be a teacher, a lifetime learner and

enriched, challenged and discovering more about myself, the world

explorer,” she says. “It is an essential part of who I am.”

and my place in it.”

She has always wanted to be a teacher. When she looks back at her

His principal academic interests include the impact of information and

childhood, many of her happy memories go back to school: from

communications technologies on culture and governance, which he

calligraphic writing on the blackboard for her classmates in primary

intends to study at the graduate level. Virgilio is planning to continue to

school to organizing days of self-government in high school with

graduate school to study Human-Computer Interaction after obtaining

senior pupils and teaching pupils of the middle school. She enjoyed

a bachelor’s degree at City College. He has always had a passion for

playing a teacher as if she always knew that it would be a profession

telling stories and believes it’s critical to be able to understand and

she would pursue.

create tomorrow’s tools to tell tomorrow’s stories. Virgilio hopes to continue his academic pursuit by achieving his Ph.D, and ultimately,

At CWE, Kuzmich was elected president of the newly formed

entering academia as an educator.

Education club. She also works in the New York Private School system as an assistant teacher and a substitute teacher; which has been

In addition to the honor of being named CWE Salutatorian, Virgilio

tremendous practical career experience for her.

also received various awards and honors including the Dean’s Award, recognition as Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Virgilio is a

In fall 2016, Kuzmich will begin her graduate work in Special Education

published author and winner of the Ada Shepherd Memorial Prize for

at Brooklyn College as well as begin her career with the New York City

Creative Writing, the Edwin Rivera Prize in Memoir and the CUNY/

Department of Education (NYCDOE) as a full-time teacher. Ultimately,

Labor Arts Making Work Visible award for fiction. He was also a

she plans to pursue a Ph.D in Leadership and Administration, in order

recipient of the Maria Bowen Chapin Family Foundation award while

to become a principal and/or open her own school one day.

a student at CWE.

diversity of students in the education system in New York. Her time at CWE has taught her to embrace and respect her own cultural heritage, as well as that of others. However, when asked, Kuzmich gladly shared her personal motto of “Carpe Diem” (seize the day), and explained, “only through hard work and a belief in yourself, will you be able to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.” Iryna Kuzmich will begin graduate work in special education this fall.

Diami Virgilio is planning to study Human Computer Interaction.


ver the past fifteen years, Diami Virgilio has devoted himself to serving communities, first as an Assistant Team Leader in the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community and then in the

New York City non-profit sector. He has worked directly with hundreds of youth in the intervening years, providing counseling and conflict resolution services. In recent years, he had focused on program design

s any college student knows, being successful in school

and quality control, working to secure funding and build data systems

requires dedication, determination, and a whole lot of hard

for community based organizations, but in 2015 he returned to direct

work. As an adult student, there is the added pressure of

service to coordinate a school violence prevention program he created

work and adult life to contend with; however, it is possible to achieve

at three schools in the South Bronx.

academic excellence. Iryna Kuzmich, CWE Valedictorian for the Class

Virgilio started his academic career at CWE in the fall of 2012. It

of 2016, is proof of this by graduating with a 4.0 GPA.

was a referral from a co-worker that lead him to discover CWE and

Kuzmich, an immigrant from the Eastern European country of Belarus,

its unique academic environment geared towards working adults

has made her home in New York for the past six years.


returning to, or attending college for the first time. At CWE, students

emigrating to the U.S., Kuzmich studied German and English at

have the opportunity to select from a variety of programs based on

Minsk State Linguistic University in Belarus. She earned her Associate

their interests, personal, and career goals, to earn an Interdisciplinary

degree in Liberal Arts at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn

B.A. or B.S. degree. Virgilio chose to earn his B.A. with a concentration

in 2013. Kuzmich has always had a tremendous passion for education

in Literature, Communications and the Arts. “It was an unexpected

and the educational environment, which was the impetus of her desire

major transformation for me,” says Virgilio when asked about his

to be an educator; and, her research into the best Early Childhood

22 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

Iryna Kuzmich at the CWE Divisimal graduation Photo by Mohammed Hossain

experience at CWE. “When I first came back to school, I was just kind

Valedictorian Iryna Kuzmich with Diami Virgilio at CCNY Commencement Ceremony

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 23

Photo by Elena Romero


Photo courtesy of CCNY

As an immigrant, Kuzmich has a special understanding of the cultural






he CWE Alumni Group’s work is never done. This year marks its


21st Anniversary. It was very busy planning events, developing

This year the alumni group gave student awards to two returning CWE

programs, volunteering for community service, and raising

funds for CWE students. Here is a summary of the alumni events for academic year 2015-2016:

students. Each student received $300.


our College Assistants will be graduating this semester and

me to grow, mature and learn to

leaving CWE. Sujan Niraula, Esmeralda Gonzalez, Shantia

perfect my interpersonal skills,”

Blackwell and Sean Rahman will be transitioning into their

she recalled. “I have learned

perspective careers.



The CWE Alumni Group hosted its annual Graduate Reception during

Niraula plans to work as a physics teacher in a New York high

the CWE Graduate Salute. The reception is a way of congratulating the

school. Blackwell is looking to be a public school teacher. Gonzalez

The Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Bake Sales helped to raise funds

graduates, and it is used as an opportunity to recruit new members.

is planning to attend law school, and Rahman will be completing

for the Student Awards that the alumni group gives every year to

This year the group successfully recruited 81 new graduates.

a B.A. degree in history over the summer and will start graduate


returning CWE students. Both events were well attended and the

school in the fall at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education

students and faculty enjoyed the homemade pastries that were

and Human Development.

baked by our members.

Each of the college assistants has played


a vital role at the Center. Niraula started

Our Alvin Ailey Dance Theater night was unforgettable. The dance

in 2008. In eight years, he has served a

company introduced a few new dance pieces and the performances

number of roles including as a college

and music were stellar. Along with the new dance pieces the company


performed its signature piece, “Revelations” accompanied by a choir

assistant to Dean. Originally from Nepal,

and a live orchestra. The night was indeed unforgettable. This event

he currently resides in Astoria. He will be

also helped to raise funds for the Student Awards.

earning a Master’s in Science Education


from the City College of New York. “I wasn’t

CWE alumni group members volunteered to distribute free lunches

Bake Sale at CWE




group’s fifth year participating in this event.

desk staff with the exception of Rahman,


who served as an admissions assistant working

The CWE Alumni Group collaborated with Sophia Demetiou, director





Admissions Coordinator. Rahman has been

of Student Affairs at CWE, and CWE graduates to form the Alumni

Gonzalez is an English Literature major with a concentration in Creative Writing at the main campus. After graduating, Gonzalez plans are to prepare for the LSAT exams and enroll in a paralegal certificate program. She’d like to attend CUNY Law School and obtain a J.D. in either Criminal Defense Law or Immigration Rights. Blackwell has also worked at the Center for three years. She will be earning her BsEd in Childhood Education with a co-concentration in Sociology from CCNY in June. Outside of academics, she has served as the President of a local multi-cultural sorority (Sigma Ro Phi) founded at the City College based on the principles of feminism, breast cancer awareness, and child abuse awareness. “We work well with each other,” said the BedStuy resident. “We have each other’s back. Being here so long, we know the place-from bill payment to graduation.”

Assistant for the past six years. He is the

students, and goals of the program are to help them to transition

recipient of their 21st century scholarship. Theater Night: Alvin Ailey

While completing his degree part-time, Rahman was also working in Student Services for SUNY Fashion

the CWE student orientation on January 19, 2016 and will continue in

Institute of Technology, as well as organizing and teaching ESL classes

the Fall 2016 semester.

at the Institute for Immigrant Concerns. He hopes to use his degree in

CCNY ALUMNI SOCIAL CWE alumni group members attended the CCNY Alumni Social with fellow affiliate group alumni. The social took place at By The

Congratulations to College Assistant Mohammed Khan

high school English Language Learners.

who has landed a one-year paid internship with Con Edison

the first people seen. Among their many tasks include addressing

a collaboration of all the affiliate groups under the CCNY Alumni

student needs, assisting advisors and faculty support.

Association umbrella. Many new alums attended and it was a lovely evening mingling and networking. It is anticipated that this event will

Gonzalez, who lives in the Bronx, started working at CWE in 2013.

be an annual alumni event.

She found out about the position through the CUNY Portal. “Working Serving the community at St. Andrews Episcopal Church


education to teach civics and social justice activism to New York City

College Assistants are the first place people go to for information and

Hudson Restaurant & Lounge located in Harlem. The event was

24 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence


working at the Center as an Admissions

Mentoring Program. The Program is designed for first time CWE

develop personally and professionally. The Program was launched at


sure what it was going to be like when I came here,” he remembered.

The college assistants are mainly the front

smoothly into the college, clarify their goals, and expectations, and to

enjoyed working in a diverse and


150 lunches were distributed as well as donated clothing. This is the


made wonderful friends and I’ve

I stayed so long.”

Clothing Drive” event at St. Andrews Episcopal Church. Close to


and persevere. At CWE I have

“It transitioned to be a home-like environment. It’s one of the reasons

to Harlem residents at the annual “Christmas Day Free Lunch and


this summer. An Electrical Engineering major at the City College of New York, Khan has worked with CWE the past two years. Khan hopes to graduate in June 2017 and take on new adventures.

at CWE has been very rewarding in the sense that it has allowed

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 25






he Center for Worker Education is a unique, diverse, and

In 2013, he founded Artepoetica Press a small publishing house

Carlos Aguasaco, Ph.D.

Julián Carrillo, Radio Universidad Autónoma de México. Mexico City,

creative division of City College. Therefore, it stands to reason

specialized in works and themes related to Iberia and the Americas.


Mexico. February 24, 2016.

that the faculty and staff would be comprised of unique,

As of today, Artepoetica Press has published 38 titles including four

Aguasaco, Carlos. Diente de plomo: Poemas en prosa escritos como

diverse and creative people; like full-time faculty member, Associate

academic book under its imprint Escribana Books. (Artepoetica.com

Poetry Reading. Prize winning shorts from Colombia, Denmark and Ireland.

Professor Carlos Aguasaco, Ph.D. who specializes in Latin American

and EscribanaBooks.com)

Cultural Studies and Spanish language. Aguasaco teaches Spanish language classes at CWE, along with courses in Latin American Popular Culture; and courses in the Master’s program in the Study of the Americas at CWE.

This year, he coordinated the organization of: The Second International Congress on Historical Links between Spain and North America (Mexico, USA and Canada). May 4-7. This conference included thirty panels and​103 presenters from Europe, Mexico, USA,

Because of his dream of being a writer and his passion for poetry,

and Canada: four keynote speakers: the venues were: Center for

Aguasaco organizes The Americas Poetry Festival at CWE. One

Worker Education and Instituto Cervantes. For further details please

book of his own original poetry, entitled New York City Subway

visit: http://www.historicallinks.com/

Poems, has been translated and published into several languages and countries around the world; the newest being Arabic, that will be released in 2017. As a result of his interests in popular culture and the creative arts, Aguasaco also coordinates an annual film festival, The Americas Film Festival of New York (TAFFNY), now in its 3rd year. This film festival features short films and feature length films, with submissions from the entire continent of the Americas (North, Central, and South). In addition to these festivals and because of his book published in 2014 about El Chapulin Colorado (famous

With his creative perspective and unique relationship with popular culture, technology and the creative arts, Aguasaco, like CWE itself, is an educator of unique standing within the diversity offered at CWE. As a native of Colombia, Aguasaco earned his Bachelor’s degree there at the National University of Colombia in Bogota. Later, he received his Master’s degree from City College in New York. In 2010, Aguasaco earned his Ph.D. from SUNY Stony Brook University, in Hispanic Languages and Literature.

reacción a la narcoviolencia y crímenes contra la mujer en México. Mexico City: MiCielo Ediciones, 2016. Books Edited: Multilingual Anthology. The Americas Poetry Festival of New York. Co. Ed. New York: Artepoetica, 2015. Poems: Aguasaco, Carlos. “Los nombres de Juárez”. Outrage: A Protest Anthology For Injustice in a Post 9/11 World. Eds. Rossy Evelin Lima and Christopher Carmona. Alamo, Texas, Slough Press, 2015. 11-12. Conferences: “Poetry and Human Rights in Latin America”. CCNY Human Rights Forum. Spring 2016 Human Rights Seminar. Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education, New York, March 16, 2016. “El viejo y el man”. Festiba 2016. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Brownsvile, Texas. March 3, 2016. “Nuevas tecnologías y nuevas poéticas experimentales”. Las otras palabras: diálogo con las poéticas experimentales. XXXVII Feria Internacional del Palacio de Minería. Mexico City, Mexico. February 24, 2016.

Mexican superhero popularized in the 70s, on television in Spanish

“Poesía y tecnología: pasado, presente y futuro de una relación simbiótica”.

language countries), Aguasaco has been invited to Michigan, Spain,

Foro Internacional: tradición y ruptura en la poesía contemporánea. Museo

Ecuador, Brazil and Mexico, to present his conference Don Quixote,

de las Casas Reales, Santo Domingo, RD. October 11, 2015.

Batman and El Chapulin Colorado, which discusses the modern idea

“Nuevas tecnologías y bibliodiversidad en los Estados Unidos: el caso

of superheroes and traces them back to the 15th century.

de la edición de libros en español.” Feria PUCE del libro 2015. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito. October 2, 2015. “Don Quijote, Batman y El Chapulín Colorado.” Feria PUCE del libro 2015. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito. September 30, 2015. Carlos Aguasaco, Diana Vargas and Juan Carlos Mercado at TAFFNY Premiere

“Poesía y tecnología: pasado, presente y futuro de una relación simbiótica.” Feria PUCE del libro 2015. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito. September 29, 2015. “Las armas del Chapulín Colorado: una lectura simbólica y social del superhéroe”. 11 festival Internacional de Chihuahua. Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. August 13, 2015. Poetry Readings: Feria Internacional del libro de Bogotá, Colombia. Recinto Corferias. April 30, 2016. Poetry Reading. Casa de Poesía Silva. Bogotá, Colombia. April 27, 2016.

Carlos Aguasaco at his tenure and promotion reception

26 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

Staff and faculty congratulate Aguasaco

Retrospectiva. Radio Poemario: trance poético experimental en vivo. Sala

Cornelia Street Café. New York, December 11, 2015. Poetry Reading. Borough of Manhattan Community College. New York, November 13, 2015. Poetry Reading. Auditorio Manuel del Cabral, Biblioteca Pedro Mir, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. RD. October 9, 2015. Roundtables: Poetas de Nueva York. “Nueva York en español: Intersecciones hispánicas en EEUU.” XXXVI Asamblea general y congreso internacional de ALDEEU. Instituto Cervantes, New York. June 3, 2016. Do Publishers Have a Responsibility to People of Color? Bronx Book Fair. Bronx Library Center. May 8, 2016. Press Coverage: Interviewed in CUNY TV’s Nueva York. Channel 75. Interview aired on November 5, 2015, and June 9 2016. “Video Poema 10”. RTVE (Radio Televisión Española). Palabra Voyeur. September 30, 2015. Events organized at the College: The Americas Film Festival of New York 2016–TAFFNY. June 9-17, 2016. For details please visit www.taffny.com The Second International Congress on Historical Links between Spain and North America (Mexico, USA and Canada). May 4-7. For details please visit: http://www.historicallinks.com/ The Americas Poetry Festival of New York 2015. October 14, 15 and 16. For details please visit: www.poetryny.com

Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken, Ph.D. Edited Journals/Books: Benedicty-Kokken, Alessandra, Kaiama L. Glover, Mark Schuller, Jhon Picard Byron, eds. The Haiti Exception: Anthropology and the Predicament of Narrative. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, Volume 7 (Forthcoming Summer 2016). http://liverpooluniversitypress.co.uk/products/74464 Glover Kaiama L. and Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken, eds. Revisiting Marie Vieux Chauvet: Paradoxes of the Postcolonial Feminine. Yale French Studies. 128. Fall 2015. Book Chapters: Benedicty-Kokken, Alessandra. “On ‘being Jewish’, on ‘studying Haiti’… Herskovits, Métraux, Race, and Human Rights.” In Benedicty-Kokken, Alessandra, Kaiama L. Glover, Mark Schuller, Jhon Picard Byron, eds. The CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence - 27



ACADEMIC YEAR 2015-2016 Haiti Exception: Anthropology and the Predicament of Narrative. Liverpool:

Romero, Elena. Panelist, New York University (NYU) in collaboration with

Liverpool University Press, Volume 7 (Forthcoming Summer 2016): 52-73.

Harvard University’s Hutchins Center for African and African American

Benedicty-Kokken, Alessandra. “Lovers, Conversations, and the ‘Critical Use of Memory’: Raoul Peck’s Fatal Assistance (2013) and Alain Resnais’ Hiroshima, mon amour (1959).” Raoul Peck: Power, Politics and the Cinematic Imagination. In Toni Pressley-Sanon and Sophie Saint-Just, eds. (Fall 2015): 171-194. Invited Articles: Benedicty-Kokken, Alessandra. “Ananda Devi and Dany Laferrière: The Culture Industry, Poverty Discourse, and Postcolonial Literatures in French.” Frame: Tijdschrift 28.2 “The Postcolonial Cultural Industry.” (Fall/ Winter 2015): 31-50. Articles: Benedicty-Kokken, Alessandra. “‘The Origins of Totalitarianism’: from

Histories Conference, May 31, 2015, in Florence, Italy. Presentation on unpublished work, “The Butt Remix: Hip Hop and the Commodification of



Kyanna Herrera

Assistant to the Dean

Ext. 247


Davi Saroop

Administrative Services Coordinator

Ext. 238


Nina Woods

Office Manager

Ext. 216


unpublished work, “The Butt Remix: Hip Hop and the Commodification of

Robert Hernandez

Computer Technician

Ext. 262


the Black Booty.”


Panel Discussion:

Carlos Aguasaco

Associate Professor, Latin American Studies

Ext. 224


Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken

Assistant Professor, Caribbean and Francophone Literatures

Ext. 207


Marlene Clark

Associate Professor, English

Ext. 210


Elizabeth Bullock

Sociology/Digital Pedigree

Ext. 360


David Eastzer

Assistant Professor, Science

Ext. 230


Vicki Garavuso

Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education

Ext. 240


Mary Lutz

Lecturer, Human Services

Ext. 204


Elizabeth Matthews

Lecturer, Early Childhood Education

Ext. 260


Kathlene McDonald

Associate Professor, English & IAS Department Chair

Ext. 207


Susanna Rosenbaum

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Ext. 208


Seamus Scanlon

Assistant Professor, Librarian

Ext. 228


Susanna Schaller

Assistant Professor, Public Administration

Ext. 267


Gay Wilgus

Acting Program Director, Early Childhood Education

Ext. 259/207


Justin C. Williams

Assistant Professor, History

Ext. 248


Martin Woessner

Associate Professor, Social Science Patai Program

Ext. 259


Danielle Zach

Frances S. Patai Postdoctoral Fellow Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies

Ext. 307


Romero, Elena. Panelist, Black Portraiture{s} II: Imaging the Black Body and Re-Staging Histories Conference, February 19, 2016, Tischman Auditorium, New York University School of Law. Presentation on

Romero, Elena. Panelist. “FashionModa Pro.” July 13, 2016. Probus, 4857 Broadway, New York, New York.

Romero, Elena. 2016 Trailblazer of the Year Award recipient. Issued by

Chauvet: Paradoxes of the Postcolonial Feminine. Yale French Studies. 128

Harlem Haberdashery. Harlem Hospital, March 5, 2016. Earned a Certificate of Achievement from the Council for Adult and

Benedicty-Kokken, Alessandra. “Living in Haiti: Space and the Urban

Experiential Learning for Prior Learning Assessment. Online courses taken

Environment in Kettly Mars’s L’heure hybride and Aux frontières de la soif.

with DePaul University, Chicago. Completed April 10, 2016.

Dictionary Entries: Benedicty, Alessandra. Contributor to Dictionary of Caribbean and AfroLatin American Biography for entries for “Jacques Stéphen Alexis” and “Kettly Mars.” New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2016). Book Reviews in Peer-Reviewed Journals: Benedicty, Alessandra. Review of The Republic Unsettled: Muslim French and the Contradictions of Secularism, by Mayanthi Fernando, Society of Francophone Postcolonial Studies Bulletin: A Biannual Publication. (Autumn 2015, 6.2): 23-24.

Deborah Edwards-Anderson, MA Edwards-Anderson, Deborah. “From Reconciliation to Resurgence: Dakota Commemorations of the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862” was published in the Middle West Review “Indigenous Midwests” special issue (Volume 2,


Kaiama L. and Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken, eds. Revisiting Marie Vieux

Munro. Francosphères 4.1 (September 2015): 106-120.

O. (212) 925-6625 /ext. 241 F. (212) 925-0963 25 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10004

Juan Carlos Mercado

the Black Booty.”

Awards and Certificates:

“Haiti in a Globalized Frame.” Co-edited by Charles Forsdick and Martin


Research’s Black Portraiture{s} II: Imaging the Black Body and Re-Staging

Resistance to Human Rights in Marie Chauvet’s Les Rapaces.” Glover,

(Spring 2015): 57-73.


2016 Hope Appreciation Award recipient at Second Annual Women’s Wellness event by Love Thyself First. May 14, 2016 at The Poets Den in East Harlem. Earned a Master’s Certificate of Achievement from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning for Prior Learning Assessment. Online courses taken with DePaul University, Chicago. Completed July 17, 2016.

Patricia Sutherland-Cohen Discussions Sutherland-Cohen,






Interdisciplinary & Cross-CUNY Campus Projects for the “Disability Studies as Theory & Practice” conference @ The Graduate Center, Skylight Room. November 2015. Sutherland-Cohen, Patricia. Facilitated CUNY LEADS students from NYC schools. Entitled: “Out of School & On with Life” panelists shared their school, family and adult career experiences. March 18, 2016.


Student Highlights

Bonita Bonet-Haskins

Financial Aid Assistant

Ext. 241


Students attended the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Americans with

John Calagione

Senior Academic Coordinator

Ext. 236


Disabilities Act becoming law last fall by meeting with other advocates &

Elena Romero, MS

Trisha Baboolal

Academic Advisor/Recruitment

Ext. 243


viewing multi-media displays through presentations on America’s Disability


Rights Museum on Wheels (events in October in Times Square & John Jay

Jason Chappell

Admissions Coordinator

Ext. 257


Romero, Elena. Expert featured in the CNN documentary Fresh Dressed.


Deborah Edwards-Anderson

Ext. 235


Air date September 3, 2015 on CNN.

Advisor/Early Childhood Education Coordinator

Michele Sweeting-DeCaro, Ph.D. Candidate

Sophia Demetriou

Office of Student Affairs

Ext. 201



Received Teaching Award: Outstanding Faculty Member 2015.

Warren Orange

Financial Aid Coordinator/Advisor

Ext. 239


Elena Romero

Advisor/Communications Coordinator

Ext. 258


Number 2, Spring 2016)

Mary Lutz, Ph.D. Received Outstanding Teaching Award, Faculty Member 2015.

28 - CWE - Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

DIVISION OF INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES AT THE CENTER FOR WORKER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONAL FRIENDS AND AFFILIATES The City College Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education wishes to acknowledge the many organizations who advocate for higher education for their members, staff and constituents and to thank them for supporting and promoting CWE’s programs for the working people of New York City. 1199/SEIU United Healthcare Workers

Hostos Community College

Alliance for Downtown New York

Instituto Cervantes New York at Amster Yard

American Express

John F. Kennedy Jr. Institute for Worker Education at CUNY

Borough of Manhattan Community College

Joseph Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies

Brooklyn College Graduate CWE

Kingsborough Community College

Brooklyn New School

LaGuardia Community College

CCNY Office of Admissions

Manhattan Country School


Manhattan School for Children

City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation

New York Federal Executive Board

Communication Workers, Local 1180

NYC Center Labor Council

Consulado de Mexico en Nueva York

NYC Department of Health and Human Services

Consulado General de Peru Nueva York

NYC Housing Authority

Consulate General and Promotion Center of Argentine Republic New York

NYC Transit Authority Professional Staff/Congress/CUNY

Consulate General of Spain New York

Quest: Community for Lifelong Learning

Council of Supervisory Associates


CUNY Office Of Admission Services

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Day Care Local 205, CD 1707

Spain Culture New York

District Council 37, Local 1549

Teamsters, Local 237

Downtown Lower Manhattan Association


Ella Baker School

Time Warner

Fire Department of the City of New York

The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York

First Presbyterian Church Nursery School

Transport Workers Union, Local 100

GFDD Funglode

U.S. Customs and Border Protection


United Federation of Teachers


Volunteers of America

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CWE Annual Report 2015-2016  

This is the CCNY-CWE Annual Report for 2015-2016.

CWE Annual Report 2015-2016  

This is the CCNY-CWE Annual Report for 2015-2016.

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