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September 2012 Your Showcase

One Note Create, Keep, Showcase This booklet has been produced to provide you with some help in producing your personalized “one note” showcase. Whatever you produce can be included as evidence of your achievements this year. Web links, Word documents, videos, photographs and much more can be organized into one document and shared by whoever you choose. Choose a style for each section or the whole thing that suits you. It does not have to be RETRO CHIC like this one, you might prefer to go TECHNO or SCI FI ? Upload your “stuff” and show the world!

Your work, Your Pride, Your achievements

The content of this “one note” showcase belongs to RAJ TEMPLETON

Photographs Use photographs to showcase what you have done

Add a link to your C.V

Why not take some photographs of a workshop project

You can record and link to video

at various stages of completion, add them to your “one note” and then link one of them to a written document about the item on the internet?

Anything you produce in office you can include in “one note”.

How about some photographs of a group project linked to some meeting notes or a video of a group presentation?

Why not just make up a scrapbook of your best workshop work to show others what you can do?

A photographic record of trips out or simply a collection of images you like.

Share with who you Choose

Use your “ one note “ to show prospective employers or to enhance your chances of progression to future college courses.

Sept 2012



Sept 2012

Your Showcase

One Note Create, Keep, Showcase

What have you done today? Got some research to do? - One note is brilliant at organizing web links and researched information. Check it out with someone who knows and start showing off today. Make life easier and let others see how good you are!!!!

An eclectic mix of your work WWW.WEBADDRESS.COM Link to web addresses and keep “stuff” handy Use your brain

Sept 2012



Showcase your achievements by including electronic copies of certificates that you have gained throughout the year.

Just ask us to produce an electronic copy for you.

Health & Safety

Phase tests

Functional Skills

End of Unit




 

Work Experience & representing the College..

Inter-college competitions Royal Norfolk Show Work experience World Skills

Working with Others

Voluntary Work


Students Union Class reps

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Sort it out!

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one note example

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