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Term 2, Week 8

19 June 2014

NSW Department of Education and Communities

Dear Parents How fast a term seems to go when it is as busy as this one. This week our school has been busy in preparation for our joint assembly which was held today. All of our wonderful eisteddfod items that have been displayed to the public over the last month can now be enjoyed by our students and appreciated by parents and peers. The school is delighted to have such a diverse range of acts to display and can highlight the efforts of several students who are in a number of performance groups. Our Aussie’s of the month have also been announced today and congratulations to Sean Smith and Stephanie Dresser. Both of these students have highlighted the school’s goals of being safe, respectful and on task. Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of taking 15 students on the Adventure Day for Term 2. The word fun does not really cover the experience with all of the children indicating their enjoyment of the activities and experiences had. From climbing to a mountain peak, to traversing a cascading waterfall, followed by crawling through worm holes in caves and jumping creeks, the children truly had an adventure day. The children returned very dirty but extremely happy and tired. The purpose of the Adventure Day is to


P & C Meeting 6.00pm




End of Term 2


reward children with an outdoor experience for their outstanding attendance and their strong work ethic demonstrated at school.

to play against the best teams in the Western Region. We wish the boys the best of luck.

Next week the school is holding our NAIDOC celebrations with many activities planned. Firstly on Monday the school will be hosting the Cowra School’s official flag raising ceremony at 11am at the school. We welcome all community members to this event with a morning tea being provided after. Also on Monday the children will be experiencing Johnny Cake making. Later in the week on Thursday the NAIDOC Public Speaking Challenge will be hosted by the school with our school having two teams involved. Ms Parker and our students have been working hard in preparation and we are sure they will do well. Mr Murray will also be taking classes and speaking of the uses of traditional Aboriginal tools and weapons. On Friday the NAIDOC Sporting Challenge will be held at Mulyan Public School for some of our senior students, with the rest of the school being allowed to wear Red, Yellow and Black clothing in recognition of the celebrations. To finish the week the school will be holding a special NAIDOC Assembly starting at 11.30 with performances of singing, public speaking and dance.

Often we send away our students to represent Western Region but next week we send away Mr Garlick who is the coach of the Girls’ soccer team. We wish Mr Garlick the best of luck at the state championships.

Tuesday next week will also see our school holding the annual athletics carnival. Mrs Duncan has been speaking to the weather gods and has a guarantee of a balmy 22 degrees with not a cloud in sight. The day will involve the regular events and the children have completed several of the field events already. To add to the day we will be running a parent race over 100 metres for any parent who is willing to have a bit of fun and prove to their child that they can really run. This event will be held at 1pm to fit in with lunch to allow parents to be involved. There will be a male and a separate female race. Please ensure you dress your children with their jumper on the day as it may be cool later in the afternoon. On Wednesday Mr Murray will be taking our Peachy Shield Rugby League team to Dubbo


Students return


MS Readathon Stage 2/3


Final day to pay deposit for Stage 3 Canberra Excursion

CONTACTING THE SCHOOL Administration Office Hours:

8.30am - 3.30pm

School commences at 9.10am School finishes at 3.15pm Students are not supervised before 8.45am

To finish I would just like to say how nice it was today to celebrate at the primary morning assembly the fact that NSW has won the State of Origin. Some of the Year 3 students sitting there have never known NSW winning so it has definitely been a long time. It also meant no student who went for Queensland was on detention. Enjoy the week.

Brad Tom

Justin Saxby cut the ribbon for Cowra Public School’s new lift. Justin is pictured getting out of the lift near the library. Mr Tom is thrilled to have this new lift which will allow our students with limited ability to access our upper floor.

P & C MEETING ~ Tonight 6.00pm in school staffroom Mail: PO Box 285, Cowra Phone: 6342 2400 Fax: 6341 1357 School Counsellor 6341 3078 Email: Web: DEPT.HEALTH DENTAL CLINIC:

1300 552 208

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Cowra Public School

INFANTS ASSEMBLIES Infants assemblies will now be held every second Thursday, i.e. even weeks. The assemblies will be held in the Infants Open Space and commence at 2.00pm and finish at 2.30pm when the children will return to their classrooms. At these assemblies students will be receiving Merit Certificates and PBL awards. Every alternate Thursday (not assembly week) from 12.30pm until 1.00pm the Infants will be holding combined singing in the Infants Open Space. All parents are invited to come along and listen to the children singing.




Your child may come home over the next few weeks and ask to discuss their home contact details. In Library classes across the school we have been looking at emergency procedures. All students have been very good at identifying 000 as the emergency number. Students were asked to type out their address and phone number to see if they could provide these details correctly in an emergency. I was concerned by the number of children who do not know their address and/or phone number. Some children know their address but not the correct spelling. Therefore I have set as homework for these students to learn what they don’t know to ensure that they are prepared with the right information in an emergency.

Students are asked to dress in red, black and yellow on Thursday, 26 June to celebrate NAIDOC Week activities.

The Primary will also be holding their assemblies every second Thursday, i.e. even weeks at 2.30pm in the school auditorium.


The assemblies will include the Year 6 Public Speaking and Merit Certificates will also be presented on the day.



Yesterday fifteen students took part in an Adventure Day in Orange. The students were accompanied by Mr Tom and Ms. Kelly.

The school will be holding combined assemblies twice a term. At these assemblies the Infants and Primary Aussies of the Month will be announced and the children will be presented with their awards. The next combined assembly will be: Term 3 Week 2 (Thursday, 24 July)


Sheridan Oborn Teacher Librarian

MUFTI DAY Thursday, 26 June

All parents are invited to the NAIDOC Week assembly to be held in the school auditorium on Thursday, 26 June from 11.30am -12.30pm. More information about the week’s activities are on page 6.

P & C Meeting Tonight 6.00pm in staffroom

The day was a reward for excellent attendance and behaviour. The students first visited Mt. Canobolas and then climbed to the summit of Mt. Towac and the Pinnacle. The group then travelled to the Borenore Caves. Pictured left is the group beside the Hopetoun Falls.


per student, with a family maximum of $60. Payment would be appreciated this term. BAND: $10 per term.

STAGE 3 EXCURSION TO CANBERRA: Deposit of $72.00 by 24th July. Total cost: $272.00

UNIVERSITY OF NSW COMPETITIONS Dates for sitting the exams English: Tuesday, 29 July Mathematics: Tuesday, 12 August

Disco When:

Thursday 26 June 2014


Cowra Public School Auditorium



5.00 - 6.30pm


6.30 - 8.00pm


$2.00 entry

Refreshments available at the Canteen

Cowra Public School

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C1 & M1 VISIT AROUND COWRA DISTRICT On a rather dull Tuesday, M1 and C1 set out to explore the historical features of the Cowra District. We began our day at the Visitors' Centre and with the help of the Historical Society began to identify some of the significant times and objects from our district. We had a bracing morning tea in the park and then set off to Cowra Cemetery where we were able to recognise some of those long standing family names from our district. At the War Cemetery it was humbling for students to see how many had lost their lives but to also recognise the bonds of friendship that have now arisen between two countries who had previously been in conflict. At the Prisoner of War Camp students took the time to draw some of the features of the area and walk through the campsite. We took advantage of the new walk and began to wind our way to Bellevue Hill looking at the scar trees as we passed. From our vantage point at Bellevue Hill we could look over the Cowra District and appreciate how significant the river is to our community. We waved to the primary students still at school! Our last stop was the Railway Station where we were able to appreciate the significant role that this form of transport had played in making our district more accessible. Students from Cowra Public School are regularly complimented on their behaviour. At the end of our day not only did our bus driver, Mr Miller, express his appreciation for the way our students had behaved but we returned to discover that the Information Centre had rung the school to compliment the students on their behaviour.

C1 wrote about their experiences I really enjoyed the hologram by Candice and Stephanie I liked looking at the graves at the Cemetery by Aiden The POW camp was the best part by Louise The Information Centre was really interesting by Chamberlain The guard house at the POW camp was amazing by Olivia I enjoyed looking at Cowra from the lookout by Annaray I liked the lookout too by Zac

Cowra Public School

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SPORT PRIMARY SPORT TERM 2 Primary sport continues with a range of activities available. Children will remain in their class groups and rotate through a variety of sporting activities. These are:  High Jump

      

Long Jump Continuous cricket Netball Soccer Golf Touch football and T-ball.

During this term students will be completing preliminary rounds of competition in Shot-put and Discus during PE with the final 8 competitors in each age group completing the events at the Athletics Carnival in Week 9. Long Jump and High Jump will be completed during sport time and lunchtimes where necessary.

ATHLETICS CARNIVAL Tuesday, 24 June The Athletics Carnival is scheduled for next Tuesday (24 June) and nominations for 800m and 200m races have been taken today. It is expected that all students will participate in their 100m Age Races and they are automatically entered into this event. As always parent helpers are required at the carnival and any assistance you or your family members can provide is very much appreciated. Helpers will be required to assist with ribbons, novelty events and Discus and Shot Put. If you can assist in any way, please contact me at school. More information on page 5. Shavaughn Duncan PE/Sport

GIRLS’ TOUCH FOOTBALL On Monday, 16 June the Girls’ Touch Football team went down to River Park to play Canowindra Public School in the first round of PSSA Knockout competition. First half: Natasha Planicka scored the first and second try of the game. Maddy Mulligan scored with only 30 seconds left in the first half. Second Half: Jayarna Pattinson scored with a dive over the try line after running the full field. Chloe Wolfenden got an intercept and was chased down the field but got over the try line with a spectacular last try of the game. Unfortunately Canowindra Public scored only once. On behalf of the Girl's Touch Football team everyone would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Oborn for training us. We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks also to Mr Murray for being the referee. The team was: Captain: Jayarna Pattinson, Vice Captain: Natasha Planicka, Crystal Holmes, Eliza Mulligan, Bella Scammell, Chloe Wolfenden, Maddy Mulligan, Nashwa Bakini, Ella Meuwissie, Ella Roberts. By Jayarna Pattinson-McGrath and Crystal Holmes

COWRA PUBLIC SCHOOL OPEN RUGBY LEAGUE DAVID PEACHEY SHIELD FINALS Cowra Public School ‘Peachey Shield’ rugby league team is to compete in the Western Region finals at Dubbo on Wednesday, 25 June 2014. The venue is the Apex Oval. Games will commence at 9.30am with the finals scheduled around 2.00pm that afternoon. Players will need to bring their own football gear including mouthguards. A canteen will run on the day. TRAVEL to and from Dubbo will be by private car, so it is up to players and their parents to organise transport. To assist with costs involved, players travelling in a car other than that driven by their parent, are asked to pay $10 to the driver of the car. Players will need to leave Cowra no later than 6.00am and upon arrival, locate Mr Albert Murray. As we will be arriving back to Cowra after normal school time, it is expected that children not travelling with their families organise pickup arrangements. If you wish your son to avail himself of this opportunity please complete the permission note that has been sent home and return the note to the school.

Girls’ Touch Football Team Back row (left to right) Natasha Planicka, Jayarna PattinsonMcGrath, Ella Roberts, Madeleine Mulligan, Crystal Holmes, Isabella Scammell Front row: Chloe Wolfenden, Nashwa Bakini, Ella Meeuwisse, Eliza Mulligan

Albert Murray Coach

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Cowra Public School


800m Races Boys and Girls Junior; 11 years; Senior




100m Age races

Shot Put

8 years

Shot Put (Top 5 in each age group)

9 years

Discus (Top 5 in each age group)

10 years


11 years

Novelty Events (Divided into 6 groups and rotate through)

12/13 years

Egg & Spoon

200m Races

Sack Races 3 Legged Races Tug of War Stilt Races

11.30am 11.45am



Shot put

100m Age races


8 years


9 years

Novelty Events

10 years 11 years 12/13 years 200m races




100m finals


Ball games




Pack Up & Back to school

All primary students are expected and encouraged to attend the Athletics Carnival. Please remember the weather is getting quite chilly, especially in the mornings so make sure your child has plenty of warm clothes and something waterproof to sit on. Also please make sure your child has sufficient food and water for the day. Lunches can be ordered from the canteen and they will be delivered to the park. NO recess orders. As always parental/family support is very much appreciated and if you are able to assist with timekeeping/place judging, please complete and return the form below. House










2014 ATHLETICS CARNIVAL - PARENTAL ASSISTANCE REPLY SLIP I would love to help with the Athletics Carnival! Name: _________________________________

Contact number: __________________________

Child’s Name __________________________________ I can assist all day


from ____________ to _____________

Signed: ___________________________________

Cowra Public School NAIDOC Celebrations “Serving Country: Centenary & Beyond”

Week 9 Monday  Flag Raising Ceremony (CPS Flag Pole)  Community Morning Tea (Windradyne Room )  Johnny Cake Tasting (local Elders)

11.00 am 11.15 am 11.30 am - 3.15 pm

Tuesday  Primary Athletics Carnival Wednesday  Peachey Shield Rugby League Gala Day in Dubbo Thursday  NAIDOC Public Speaking Competition in CPS Library (all day)  Traditional Artefacts talk and didgeridoo demonstrations in Windradyne Room Friday  NAIDOC Sporting Challenge - CPS v’s Mulyan PS - Stage 3 Koori Kids and friends at MPS all day  Red, Black and Yellow Day (Students come dressed in these colours for the day)  CPS NAIDOC Assembly 11.30-12.30 pm in auditorium ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

Welcome to country (Janama Lambshead in Language) Infants choir (Inanay) Primary NAIDOC Public Speakers Competition Presentations (winners of each stage plus highly commended). Students to present their winning work ☺ A2 Wiradjuri songs (heads, shoulders, knees and toes/Wirrinya) ☺ Warren Williams Dance Group 

Primary Tabloid Sports afternoon (at River Park and incorporating some traditional games)

Cowra Public School

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Venue: Cowra Multipurpose Room Cost: $10 per person Bookings: Cowra Council

Monday 30 June Photography Experience with Brooke

Bring a drink and snack. Create a Xmas card or any card you like! Annie will provide fun and creative ways to design your card

Time & Age Groups: 10.30 am – 12noon 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Wednesday 9 July Cowra Community Cinema Hosted by Cowra Youth Council

8 to 11 years 12 to 18 years

Venue: Cowra Multipurpose Room Cost: $10 per person Bookings: Cowra Council

Time: 2.00 pm – “The Lego Movie” (G) 8.30 pm – “Paranormal Activity 5: The Marked Ones” (MA)

Bring a drink and snack Also bring a phone, iPod or camera to this fun learning experience with Brooke. Participants will see their photos come alive in a new way.

Venue: Cowra Civic Centre Theatrette Cost: “The Lego Movie” – $6.00, Family $18 ”Paranormal Activity 5” - $8.00 Tickets: @ the Door

Thursday 3 July & Friday 4 July “Create a Neuron” Art Project with Kim & Pamela Time & Age Group: 9.30 am – 12.30 pm

11 years +

Venue: Cowra Multipurpose Room Cost: Free Bookings: Cowra Council Morning tea provided at 10.30 am Cowra Art Group will host this unique two day creative workshop Learn to knit, crochet, knot or weave as part of an extraordinary National Science Week program Tuesday 8 July - Card Craft with Annie Time & Age Groups: 10.30 am – 12noon

Popcorn, drinks and snacks for sale Thursday, 10 July “Create a Neuron” Art Project with Kim & Pamela Time & Age Groups: 9.30 am – 12.30 pm

11 years +

Venue: Cowra Multipurpose Room Cost: Free Bookings: Cowra Council Morning tea provided at 10.30 am If you missed the first week or need to finish off your project, Cowra Art Group will host an extra workshop Learn to knit, crochet, knot or weave as part of an extraordinary National Science Week Program For further enquiries please phone 6340 2064

6 to 10 years

COERVER® COACHING JULY SCHOOL HOLIDAY CLINIC 2014 Cowra, New South Wales Applications are now open for the Coerver Coaching July School Holiday Clinic 2014, to be conducted in Cowra, New South Wales. To register for the Coerver Coaching July School Holiday Clinic please visit the website to find the application form for the Clinic. For players registered with the Cowra Soccer Club please visit the website for online bookings. For non-registered Cowra Soccer Club Players there are online bookings. The Coerver Coaching July School Holiday Clinic in Cowra will commence on Wednesday 9 - Friday 11 July 2014 at Edgell Park, Cowra. The Coerver Coaching July School Holiday Clinic in Cowra is extremely popular to avoid disappointment book early to secure your position. We look forward to seeing you the at the Coerver Coaching July School Holiday Clinic in Cowra. Coerver Coaching ACT e. w. w.

SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK - HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES Sydney’s largest school holiday program returns this winter, with over 50 fun-filled activities to keep your kids active, outdoors and entertained. A range of activities are free or under $20, making it affordable to discover Sydney’s most exciting playground this holidays!

       

Archery – Kids on Target & Little Archers All Day Holiday Recreational Program Art, Cooking, Writing Workshops Cheerleading & Gymnastics Circus Kkills & Flying Trapeze Fizzics Science Workshops Solarus in Space show - FREE Sport & Adventure Camps Sports Star and Sing Star- FREE ....and lots more

Full details at

Cowra Public School

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COMMUNITY continued PCYC COWRA Junior Disco The next Junior Disco will be held at PCYC’s Young Road complex on Friday 27 June from 6pm to 8pm. Entry is $5.00 per person and supervision is provided by PCYC Police, Staff and Volunteers. The canteen will be in operation as well as a sausage sizzle with a sausage sandwich costing $2.00. Indoor Touch Footy for ages 7 to 14 PCYC is looking to run some indoor touch footy for the 7 to 14 age group on Tuesday afternoons commencing at 4pm. At this stage there will be a muster day held at PCYC’s Young Road building on Tuesday 17 June at 4pm to gauge how much interest there is in running a competition. If enough people show interest, PCYC will proceed with establishing a regular competition in Term 3. Games will be “5 a side” using the basketball court area as the field, cost will be $2.00 per child each week. If you are interested in playing please come to the muster day to put your name down. Archery PCYC runs Archery for ages 7 and older on Monday afternoons. The first archery session begins at 4pm and is aimed at beginners and the younger age groups, with a second session beginning at 5pm for the older and more experienced archers. Cost for Archery is $6.00 per session and all equipment is provided.

ROTARY FUNDRAISER FOR COWRA SCIENCE STUDENT- BRODY HANNAN Gala Cabaret Night- Saturday 21st June at the Cowra Services Club This night of entertainment will showcase many of Cowra’s local talents and combined with a 2 course dinner Its an event not to be missed Cost is $ 50 per head Get a table together for a great night. Proceeds go towards local high school student Brody Hannan representing Australia at the International Science Forum in London and Europe Tickets can be purchased at Browse Awhile Books or speak to Tony- 6342-4099

YOGA Starting Term Three Monday the 14th of July: Kids Yoga 5-7yrs @ PCYC (Young Rd) Thurs: 3:30-4:20pm Cost $70 per term or $9 casual Kids Yoga 9-12yrs @ PCYC (Young Rd) Mon: 3:30-4:30pm Cost $70 per term or $9 casual

Laser Tag Laser Tag is on Wednesday nights commencing at 5.30pm at the Young Road complex. The session runs for an hour and costs $5.00 per person.

Teen Yoga @ Yoveda Tues: 4-5pm Cost $95 per term or $12 casual

Laser Tag is a whole lot of fun while developing teamwork and cooperation within teams. Planning and strategy also play a big part for the most successful teams.

Yoga School Holiday Workshops: Friday 11th July 5-8yrs: 9:45-10:55am: 9-12yrs: 2-3pm: Teens: 3:30-4:30pm Cost $15

PCYC Membership You must be a PCYC member to participate in any of the PCYC activities. Annual membership is $5.00 for under 18’s and $10 for ages 18 and older.

PO Box 900, Cowra NSW 2794 Phone: 6342 1021

T/A Lic 2TA5695 Fax: 6342 4597

Email: Web:

DISNEY ON ICE: 11 July 2014 - WICKED: 11 October 2014, Capitol Sydney - Expression of Interest Theatre, Sydney - Expression of Interest COWRA TRAVEL IN CONJUNCTION WITH GO SEE TOURING: Norfolk Island: 9-17 October 2014, Includes 13 activities/tours - Expression of Interest

“Cowra Travel Takes you There”

Book now! Contact Catherine Wilkinson 0439 444 295

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