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Cowra Public School NEWS Term 2, Week 4


NSW Department of Education and Communities for Cowra Public with impromptu performances.

Dear Parents This week we celebrate an amazing array of success from creative performance to sport. Last week, the outstanding Senior and Junior Choirs both won their respective divisions in the Cow ra Eisteddfod. A huge congratulation to both groups of students and the staff including Mrs Hilton, Mrs Long and Mrs Pulling who led the children. Mrs Hilton then presented with the twenty voice choir and again were flawless. The choir was awarded second place only one point less than a Year 12 acapella group from Bathurst. Our school was once again recognised for the high level of performance and student involvement in choir and it was a pleasure to see all performances. From here we moved to this week with Monday seeing two sporting games being held for the boys teams. Our school enjoyed a comfortable win in soccer led by Ms James against Wallerawang. We then tried extremely hard in football coming up against a very strong Canowindra team. Our soccer team now moves forward to a Gala Day in Orange later in the term. At the eisteddfod we had students perform in the mime sections and we commend the effort of all who participated. On Tuesday the Verse Speaking Choir again led by Mrs Hilton performed at the Cowra Eisteddfod securing the win for the school with absolute perfection of delivery. Well done to all students. In the afternoon the drama students performed at the eisteddfod making a clean sweep

P & C MEETING tonight 6.00pm in the school staffroom

Our school has also been very busy with the commencement of our new class named P2 led by Ms Parker. The students have adjusted extremely well and all Stage 2 teachers are saying already the benefit of smaller classes to make contact with children far more each day. Tomorrow the school will be hosting the District Cross Country at Edgell Park. Mrs Duncan will be coordinating the day with all Cowra Public School representative meeting at Edgell Park at 9.30. The children are to go directly to the park in the morning not to the school as it is a very tight timeframe. We wish all runners the very best of luck and hope they are able to have their best possible result. Later in the day we will be having the collection of the pies, from the Stage 3 pie drive. All pies will be able to be collected from 2pm in the sports centre. Thank you to the volunteers who are assisting on the day. Tonight we will be holding the monthly P&C meeting with some exciting events on the agenda including planning for a P&C fashion parade to be held on Saturday, 18 June at the Bunker similar to last year. This was a great event last year enjoyed by over 100 ladies in what was a lot of fun and fine fashion. The P&C is always looking for new helpers for our events and we welcome new parents to come along. Discussions will also be had on school planning of ground improvements and school structure with the new class and adjustments made. The meeting is a 6pm

School finishes at 3.15pm Students are not supervised before 8.40am

start and usually goes for approx. 1 hour. Everyone is welcome to attend and we encourage new members to join this hard working group of parents. Our school will be participating in the National Tree day in conjunction with Cowra Toyota being a major sponsor of the event. The children will be planting trees within and outside the school and this promises to be a great day of activity for all classes involved. Other exci ting new s is the announcement that Cowra Public School has been selected to be part of the 2016 School Spectacular to be held in November. This is a real honour and one that the school is excited to be part of. At Cowra Public School we pride ourselves on our PBL principles of Being on Task, Being Respectful and Being Safe. We have an outstanding student response and a firm commitment to these principles with lessons being taught to all students across the school weekly on values based around these standards. The school in no way will tolerate behaviour that detracts from our high standards and direct and immediate consequences will be given in accordance with our PBL framework. Our school is very proud of our outstanding student behaviour record and we are constantly reviewing our process ensuring that all students are aware of our expectations, that they value these expectations and understand the processes to achieve these expectations. Next week our school will be looking forward to having the Book Fair in the library with an enormous array of books on offer to students and parents during the week. The fair will be open before school, at lunch times and after

Collect your PIES from the Sports Centre from 2:00pm tomorrow, Friday 20th May

8.30am - 3.30pm

School commences at 9.10am


Wednesday saw the H123 and E2-3 classes compete at the eisteddfod and what a performance. Great coordination by all students who performed using instruments, fantastic props and singing really hit the mark. Again another win. Truly amazing!

CONTACTING THE SCHOOL Administration Office Hours:

19 May 2016

Mail: PO Box 285, Cowra Phone: 6342 2400 Fax: 6341 1357 School Counsellor 6341 3078 Email: Web: DEPT.HEALTH DENTAL CLINIC:

1300 552 208

school for purchases. Feel free to come in and have a look. Our school will be also holding a simultaneous book reading on Wednesday that will see all all students taking the opportunity to read at the one time as part of a state initiative. On Tuesday our dancers come into their own with the first eisteddfod piece. Our school is incredibly strong in dance with close to 80 students involved including a very dynamic boys dance group. We wish all students the best of luck for this event. Lastly I would like to share a comment made to our teachers who were returning our Junior Choir from the Eisteddfod on Monday. As the children walked along the main street in two perfect lines a group of ladies stopped the teachers and enquired which school the children were from, to which they were told Cowra Public School. They then commented they were amazed at how lovely the children’s manners were and that their presentation was impeccable. The ladies then stated ‘You must be very proud of them’. This is a comment often relayed to our school whenever our children represent the school and one I am very proud of. Enjoy the week.


Pie Drive delivery


District Cross Country

23-27 BOOK WEEK 24

Dance Groups - Eisteddfod


Simultaneous Book Reading


CWA Public Speaking Bathurst


ICAS Science


Band Eisteddfod


Infants Assembly 2.00pm


Primary Assembly 2.30pm


St 3 Goldfields Excursion


(Saturday) Women in Wool—Fashion Parade


ONLINE PAYMENTS It is now possible for parents to make online payments to the school for amounts owing for students, via a secure payment page hosted by Westpac. Payments can be made using credit or debit card. The payment page is accessed from the front page of the schools website by selecting $ Make a payment. Items that can be paid include voluntary school contributions, band and excursions. Please ensure the payment details section is completed so the school is fully aware of what it is you are paying for. When you access the $Make a payment you must enter:

 the students name and date of birth.

These details are entered each time you make a payment as student information is not held within the payment system. This is a secure payment system hosted by Westpac to ensure that your credit/debit card details are captured in a secure manner, these details are not passed back to the school. You have the ability to check and change any details of the payment before the payment is processed. Receipts can be emailed and/or printed. Details of the payments are passed daily to the school where they will be receipted against your child’s account. As a receipt has been issued from the payment page a further receipt will not be issued by the school. EFTPOS will be available shortly.

CHANGES TO BUS TRAVEL APPLICATIONS From the 12th May, parents will have to complete online applications for bus travel. (The old blue forms have been replaced with an online system by Transport NSW.)

The new application process can be completed and printed at: Once parents have completed an application form for each child, they print the form/s, sign them and hand to the bus driver, take to the depot or hand into the school office. This process needs to be completed when children enter Kindergarten, move into Year 3 or change address.

If applicants do not have access to the internet or a printer they need to phone: 131 500 - option 5 - option 1, to complete their application.


Term 2 Commenced Wednesday, 27 April Concludes Friday, 1 July

This Term the school will be holding two combined (K-6) assemblies. The first Commenced on Thursday, 19 May at 2.00pm in the auditorium.

Term 3 Commences Tuesday, 19 July Concludes Friday, 23 September

The next combined assembly will be on Thursday, 16 June at 2.00pm in the auditorium.

Term 4 Commences Monday, 10 October Concludes Friday, 16 December for students

Everyone is welcome to attend. Primary and Infants Aussies of the Month will be presented at these assemblies and Merit Certificates will also be awarded on these days.

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COWRA PUBLIC SCHOOL’S EISTEDDFOD ITEMS Still to perform .. ..  Dance groups - Tuesday, 24th May  Band - Wednesday, 1st June

DRAMA EISTEDDFOD PERFORMANCE Congratulations to the following students who excelled in the Drama section of the Cowra Eisteddfod. 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd HC HC HC

H123 & E2-3 EISTEDDFOD ~ 1ST PLACE On Wednesday, 18 May E2-3 and H123 represented Cowra Public School at the Cowra Eisteddfod. Both classes were very excited about their item “It’s My Car”. There were seven acts presented and our classes were the last to perform. We were very excited to be announced as the winners of this section. We received two trophies and the adjudicator was very impressed with our singing and percussion. H123 and E2-3 Classes

Beryl Brown and Bridie O’Connor Charlie Brown and Charlie Sturgiss Niamh Webster and Kayla Hall Jake Roberts and Benson Sullivan Iya Clarke and Tameeka Murray Lorissa Wood and Candice Meeuwisse Joshua Anslow and Connor McMahon

This was the first time students at Cowra Public School have entered into the Drama Section. Well done to all the students who took part and thank you to Ms Beecher who spent a lot of time ensuring the students were well versed in their performances.

SMALL VOICE VOCAL CHOIR ~ COMMENDABLE SECOND Congratulations to the Primary Small Voice Choir who gained a second place in the Cowra Eisteddfod last Friday. This choir competed in the Open Section against High School and Adult Choirs. This was a very big achievement for our choir to come second. The choir recited two poem “Humpty Dumpty” and Alleluyah Canon”. For the first recital the adjudicator commented on how the piece was an engaging choice with neat rhythms while the pitch was secure and the dynamics were observed. The choir had a clear sound, as all participants were tuned and using matching tone. In the second piece the canon was established clearly and the vowels were clear and precise. Regato phrases were well sustained and the rhythmic vitality was retained and the joyful mood was projected. Lovely work. Congratulations again to Mrs Hilton for her dedication and commitment in training the choir.

H123 & E2-3 ready to perform at the Cowra Eisteddfod

PRIMARY VERSE SPEAKING ~ 1ST PLACE Congratulations to our Stage 3 Verse Speaking Choir who came first in the Cowra Eisteddfod on Tuesday. The adjudicator commented on how well the voices blended. The atmosphere was established and held and the piece had a lovely ending. The choir was well positioned and the choir used their voices effectively and projections was excellent. Well done again Mrs Hilton. The Choir’s is pictured below

INFANTS CHOIR ~ IST PLACE COWRA EISTEDDFOD Congratulations to the Infants Choir who won their section in the Cowra Eisteddfod last Friday. The choir sang two songs, “I Can’t Spell Hippopotamus” and “Carra Barra Wirra Canna”. For “I Can’t Spell Hippopotamus” the adjudicator commented on how well the children were focused and how good their singing was, singing beautifully together. The words were clear, with lovely diction. Actions were tasteful and added to the presentation. Pitch was secure. For “Carra Barra Wirra Canna” the adjudicator said this piece was a lovely contrast. The ensemble was neat and the tuning was reliable and diction was clear. The song was presented musically and created a lovely atmosphere. Thank you Mrs Long and Mrs Pulling for your hard word and dedication in training the choir. Well done.

PRIMARY CHOIR ~ 1ST PLACE COWRA EISTEDDFOD Congratulations to the Primary Choir was also gained 1st place in the Cowra Eisteddfod. The choir sang two songs, “Firefly” and “Electricity”. The adjudicator’s comments for the first song were: “The choir was very composed, with everyone looking at the conductor”. The voices blended beautifully and the parts were balanced. Rhythms were very crisp. The diction was excellent. The energy and enjoyment were palpable. Well done. For the second song the adjudicator commented on the smooth vocal lines being well sustained. Tuning was well managed in the falling phrases. The musical phrases were well shaped and dynamics were used to build to the climax of the music. The diction and ensemble were commendable. Well done choir and a huge thank you to Mrs Hilton for her time and effort in training the choir.



The Cowra Public School Dance Groups are very excited to be competing at the Eisteddfod on Tuesday, 24 May 2016 in the 9:00am session.

Group 1: Tuesday, 21st/Wednesday, 22nd June Group 2: Wednesday, 22nd/Thursday, 23rd June

The students will be rehearsing during lunchtimes in addition to their Monday and Tuesday sessions. ABC Group:  Black long-sleeved top  Black leggings (girls)  Black shorts (boys)

Students will travel by bus, departing from outside Cowra Public School at 6.00am Tuesday, 21st OR 5:45am Wednesday, 22nd (depending on the trip they are allocated). The bus will return at 8:30pm after their overnight stay. Students will be advised of their excursion group well prior to departure. Closer to the date, a note outlining “what to pack” will be sent home.

Boys Group  Black long pants  White long-sleeved top Girls “ Beach Group”  Bright/fluoro clothes (shorts/skirt, swimwear/rash vest, leggings.  Hair in ponytail with bright tie

Following an overwhelmingly positive response to our expression of interest in the above mentioned excursion, organisation has now been finalised with bookings made and confirmed.


Please advise Mrs Cobcroft urgently if you are not able to provide any of the required clothing items.

BATHURST GOLDFIELD EXCURSION As part of our H.S.I.E. unit on ‘Gold’ Stage 3 has planned an excursion to Bathurst Goldfields on Friday, 10 June. The cost will be $25 per student. The cost of this excursion is being heavily subsidised by the money raised by the Stage 3 Lap-a-thon. We will leave the school at 9:15 a.m. sharp and return in time for afternoon buses. Children must be at school by 8:45 a.m.

Please note: MORNING TEA, LUNCH and AFTERNOON TEA is required to be packed from home on the first day for both groups—all meals on day 2 will be provided. The cost of the excursion is $124 per student and must be fully paid by Friday, 10th June. To ensure your child has a place allocated a deposit of $64 should have been paid by Friday, 13th May. Payment of any amount may be made at any time to ensure you have paid a minimum of $64 by 13th May and the full amount by 10th June. This excursion has been heavily subsidised by the ‘Unlocking Heritage’ organisation & Cowra Public School. Any students who do not show that they can be relied upon to act safely and responsibly may be excluded from the excursion. STAGE 2 TEACHERS Kathryn Macnamara (Assistant Principal) Debbie Cobcroft, Albert Murray and Prue James

Winter sports uniform (track pants, school sloppy joe and jacket) is to be worn. Remember Bathurst can be cold! Children will need to bring both recess and lunch (no glass bottles or containers please) in named disposable bags/containers. No spending money will be required. Travel to and from Bathurst will be by bus. Permission notes and money need to be returned to the school by Wednesday, 25 May.



$40 per child (Family Max. $80)

PIE DRIVE: Thank you for making this year’s pie drive an outstanding success with 995 pies ordered!

Please collect your orders from the Sport & Fitness Centre from 2:00pm, tomorrow, Friday 20th May.

BAND : $25 a term Term 2 now due These funds are used to purchase musical instruments.

STAGE 2 EXCURSION TO HYDE PARK BARRACKS $124.00 Total Deposit of $64.00 by Friday, 13 May 2016. STAGE 3 BATHURST GOLDFIELDS EXCURSION $25.00 paid by Wednesday, 25 May 2016.



If you want you child to listen to stories. Try this Ap. Free . Use your town library card number to activate the Ap.

Also free with the use of your library card. Real time tutoring for upper primary students to highschool age. Between the hours of 3pm to 11 pm. Tutors are subject experts , teachers and university students. Options to pay for a version offering additional services are also. available.


Average amount of words in books

4 to 5 year olds


Books per week? ( minimum) 2

5 to 6 year olds



7 to 8 year olds



Shorter chapter novels 7 to 10 year olds chapter novels 8 to 12 year olds Young adults chapter novels 12+ year olds





50,000 +

½ book a week

~ CPS BOOK FAIR ~ Monday, 23 May - Thursday, 26 May The 2016 Cowra Public School Book Fair will be held next week from Monday, 23 May - Thursday, 26. The fair will be open before school, at lunch time and after school. The school receives a commission from the book fair based on sales which we will use to purchase further resources for the library. Your support is greatly appreciated. Students have taken home a brochure indicating some of the items available at the book fair. Students have also had time to preview items the week before the sale starts. I suggest students, that you start saving your pocket money, do extra chores and be extra nice to your parents for the rest of this week!! Sheridan Oborn, Trisha Long - Teacher Librarians


  

CPS CROSS COUNTRY All students need to go directly to Edgell Park DO NOT GO TO SCHOOL FIRST. Check in with Miss James on arrival by 9.30am. We will walk the course at 9.30am and the events will run as follows:  12/13 year boys 12/13 year girls

  

11 year boys

11 year girls

10 year boys

10 year boys

8/9 year boys

8/9 year boys

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th

8/9 Year Boys McKay Sullivan Oliver Krause Brody Fiene Nathan Cheng Jett Cummings Henry Fagan Ryan Matijak

8/9 Year Girls Ella Kilby Jemima Scammell Chloe Muddle Taamara Paki Alice Mulligan Felicity Fagan

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

10 Year Boys Bison Zounis Jaykob Rowan Ryan Kennewell Boston-Petty O’Brien Sasha Paki Benson Sullivan

10 Year Girls Janet Cheng Coco Chambers Nicola Anslow Niamh Webster Bella Cummings Hallie Wolfenden

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

11 Year Boys Jake Roberts Tom Carter Joshua Anslow Tallis Bell Hayden Gailey Damian Bell

11 Year Girls Taylah Rowan Imogen Chambers Lcuy Scammell Chloe Horne Krystal White Gracie Roberts

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

12/13 year Boys Myles Miller Mac Webster Brayden Harris Blake Thomas Gary Cheng Jayden J Brown

12/13 year Girls Ella Meeuwisse Amelia Clements Paige Lowe-Tarbert Krystal Moriarty Abby Wilson Cailin Mckay

Students wear sports uniform and bring hat, sunscreen, food and water and warm clothing. A canteen will be available. Students will be walked back to school at the completion of all events unless they have been collected by their parents. Runners who finish in the first six places will qualify for the Regional Cross Country Carnival which take place on Wednesday, 15 June at Guerie. It is the students responsibility to organise their own transport to Guerie. Placegetters will receive a copy of the details of the Regional Cross Country at the District event tomorrow.

Congratulations to our District team members and good luck tomorrow.

PSSA BOYS’ SOCCER On Monday, 16 May the Cowra Public School Boys’ Soccer team played Wallerawang Public School in the PSSA Knockout Soccer competition. Cowra Public set the ball rolling with a goal early in the first half by Brody Fiene followed in quick succession by Jay Brown and Mitchell Graham. Wallerawang was unable to break through Cowra’s rock solid defence or the superman keeper, Elijah Carter. Cowra piled on the pressure and by half time were up 4-0. In the second half things were not better for the Wallerawang boys with three more goals added to Cowra’s score. Jay and Brody scored again and followed up by Nicholas Fisher. Cowra played very well, putting Wallerawang’s defence under lots of pressure. A demonstration of this was seven straight corners in front of Wallerawang’s goal. Unfortunately neither side was able to do anything with the ball. Cowra eventually walked off the field very satisfied with a 7-0 win. Thank you Wallerawang for a great game and thank you Miss James for coaching the team and thank you Brody and his mum for the lollies. By Kimball Sullivan and Mac Webster



Winter sport will commence on Friday, 27th May.

Cowra Public School encountered a very physical and highly skilled Canowindra Public School in the first round of the PSSA Westmont Shield Rugby League on Monday. Played under perfect conditions the Canowindra boys got off to a flying start scoring a converted try in the first five minutes of the match. This gave them plenty of confidence and by half time they were leading CPS twenty four points to four. Cowra Public’s only try came from a determined run by our captain, Joel Edgerton.

Listed below are the sports being offered to the students and any cost involved. During the cooler months sport will be played on Friday afternoons from 2:00 until 3:00 p.m. Any cost involved must be paid to the school office before classes on Fridays. Netball:

Col Stinson Oval - cost $2 (bus)

Gymnastics: PCYC Binni Creek Road - cost $5 (bus & activity) Soccer: River Park - no cost Golf: Cowra Golf Club - cost—$8 (bus & activity) Mixed Indoor Games: PCYC Young Road - cost $5 (bus & activity)

The second half continued the same as the first with Canowindra proving way too strong. The final score blowing out to Canowindra Public, forty four to Cowra Public, four. Even though we found the Tigers ways too strong the CPs boys never stopped trying. Great games were had by Joel, Jake Roberts, Joshua Anslow and Daniel Hatch. These four really gave it their best throughout the whole game. A special mention must go to Janieva Pollard who mixed it with the boys causing some damage with her powerful runs.

Touch Football & Skills Development: River Park - no cost

All the players would like to thank Callum Clyburn, Jessie Murray and Kobe Murray from Cowra High who refereed and touch judged the game.

Walking for Fun & Fitness:

Thanks men.

Cowra surrounds - no cost

All students in the Primary received a Sport Preference note and should have been returned to Mrs Duncan. If you have note returned your sports notes Mrs Duncan will put you into a sport where there is room. Parents are reminded that whilst every effort is made to minimise the risk of injury there remains some degree of risk inherent in participation in what can be a body contact sport, such as soccer, netball, futsal, touch football etc. The school recommends that participants wear appropriative protective equipment such as shin pads, mouth guards.

Shavaughn Duncan

The team Trey Pollard Mathew Kacarovski Nikolai Paki Gary Cheng Joshua Anslow Tyreece Simpson Joel Edgerton Janieva Pollard

Craig Johnson David Simms Jake Roberts Christopher Gibb Daniel Hatch Myles Miller Mitchell Blair

Albert Murray Coach



PSSA GIRLS’ SOCCER Cowra Public School Girls’ Soccer team is playing in the second round of the PSSA Soccer Knockout competition at Orange High School on Wednesday, 25 May 2016. Miss Prue James will accompany the team. Shirts will be supplied but children must supply all other requirements. Players must wear protective gear. Shin pads are compulsory and mouth guards recommended. A drink bottle is also needed. TRAVEL to and from Orange will be by private car, leaving Cowra Public School at 9.00am. The game will be played at 11.00am. The team will be leaving the Vaux Street carpark at 9.00am and will return to school at approximately 2.00pm. Prue James Coach

P & C MEETING tonight 6.00pm in the school staffroom


FIRE & RESCUE NSW OPEN DAY 2016 Fire & Rescue NSW is hosting its annual Fire Station Day on Saturday, 21 May 2016 between 10.00am-2.00pm. Children and their parents are invited to watch fire safety demonstrations, hop aboard our station’s fire truck, hold a fire hose, pick up a Brigade Kids Fire Safety Activity booklet and LEGO City Minifigures and chat with Firefighters about what they do. This is a fantastic opportunity for children and their parents to meet their local firefighters and with winter just around the corner, which is the worst time of the year for house fires, this is a great opportunity to learn as much as you can about home fire safety. Visit to find your nearest 2016 Open Day participating station and join us on Saturday, 21 May 2016.

PO Box 900, Cowra NSW 2794 T/A Lic 2TA5695 Phone: 6342 1021 Fax: 6342 4597 Email: Web:

SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN: Saturday, 6 August 2016, Lyric Theatre, Sydney: $190.00

MY FAIR LADY: Saturday, 8 October 2016, Sydney Opera House, Sydney: $240.00

NORFOLK ISLAND: Sunday, 13 November - Monday, 21 November 2016; Expression of Interest

“Cowra Travel Takes you There”

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